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Remote for my Sony TV will increase sound volume but will not reduce it, The control on the set itself works satisfactorily adjusting both up and down.Will a new remote solve the problem or is there likely to be a prolem within the TV

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The remote control need cleaning. If you wish to know more about how to clean and repair a remote control, check this link. Pull up older posts there. One among have details.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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Remote for my Sony TV will increase sound volume but will not reduce it, The control on the set itself works satisfactorily adjusting both up and down.Will a new remote solve the problem or is there likely to be a prolem within the TV

The remote control need cleaning. If you wish to know more about how to clean and repair a remote control, check this link. Pull up older posts there. One among ... Flat Panel Televisions

I think the sensor has gone bad in my TV? ordered a new remote but it did not fix the problem. i have to manually turn the tv on an off. You can change the TV chanels with the cable TV remote and adjust the sounds. how can the TV sensor not work with the TV's remote but the Cable remote will work on chanels and sound? what could be the problem?.

... Sansui 32" TV

My hitachi L47X02PXW television has been in for white lines across the screen; all inputs except the HDMI burned out and now my backlight won't come on (I can faintly see the menu box when I hit the menu key on the remote). What is going on??!!! 3 problems in under a year...thank god my warranty is still in effect, but not for much longer. Does Hitachi have some sort of Lemon Law that I could get a new unit ?? Could this backlight problem be something easily fixed like resetting the unit som

... Flat Panel Televisions

Our remote died to our Vizio ....checked batteries, etc...have been having problems for a while...bought a new universal Vizio remote...keyed in all the numbers....last four work...but still is not working..took it back to Walmart..he got it working in some Tv's down there...keyed in the 1000 and said it would work in our Tv...still doesn;t...manually adjusting the channels and volume, etc is difficult...is it our TV or what? The Tv is about 3 - 4 years old and works fine otherwise

... Flat Panel Televisions

Remote control not working properly and new universal remotes do not access the power source would like a new remote control unit

... Sharp 32SF560 32" TV

Hatachi 42s69 tv is on stand by red light, it will not respond to any remote or tv button or key hot solve this problem to I need a new tv

... Hitachi 32LD8700 32 in. LCD Television

Iam a tv mechanic i have got a sansui tv which has no blue colour on it. i check all related parts and found IC TDA9370PS/N3/A/1839. So i replace the IC with the same number and code. but when i power on the TV there was low light without raster. The remote control handset was also not functioning but television key was functioning. I had also done some factory adjustment. so i would like to know how could i rectify the problem

... Philips Portable Televisions

I have lost red color on tv. hooked up to xbox 360 for over 2 years with no problen playing games and movies. The picture is perfect except for recent color problem. This happened gradually and corrected with remote picture adjustment for one month. I think this is fixable but repairmen respond in gibberish/latin say it's expensive to fix or want to sell me a new one.

Hi, well whenever this happens unfortunately it is a rather serious issue. Also the fact that it was gradual, also adds to the issue, as whenever it happens this way, the "Support" components are also stressed to the point of near failure also, (Res ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have accidentally panel Lock my TV, lost my remote, my TV is AIFA brand as the function is exactly like LG 42", the screen is totally blank, how can u solve this problem. flat screen...

... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

I need a replacement for the lost remote control for model #VIZIO E320V 100-240V, 1.5A 50160 Hz A universal remote I bought from Wal-Mart did not work for the TV functions, such as navigating from one icon to another (Input, picture, screen width, etc.) The remote that came with the set worked perfectly, and would like to have another one like it that was made for this particular TV. I really like my new TV set. a

Here's the LINK. ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have a brand new remote control, and new batteries! Still unable to get the remote control to operate tv. The tv is shows a small square box that contains the letters (LOCK)! My model of television is a Insignia Color TV; NS-20LCD! My satelite remote turns the tv on, but will not change the channels, or show picture! How can I fix this problem?

Press "0000" on remote ... Insignia Flat Panel Televisions

Vizio GV47L...when i turn on the tv, the screen stays black. The vizio light turns white and it makes the click noise like normal but after a minute of it doing nothing the light turns back to amber. I can turn it on and off using my remote. I read other problems where people had to unplug there tv to turn it off. Mine will turn off. Would the problem be the power supply or the motherboard. The slave inverter was making a squeeling noise and i replaced it like 2 months ago.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Problem on Tv with universal board. A television with universal board go standby within 20minutes and if i use remote or program button to power it again it goes again stndby within 2minutes. What is the problem. Can i fix it?

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Dear all, I operated tv remote usually and working properly for 4 monthS. but now I got some problem in my tv. there is no response for my remote key and in tv screen it shows something like "A1116". For every boot up, tv shows this key code and says something like wide, height. pls somebody can help me. Best Regards, by ramesh , [email protected]

... Tvone TV-207 Television

I have a Hitachi L42VP01U that ive owned for about one year. The screen currently comes on with the remote but shows black for 30 seconds then shows vertical white/grey/black lines like barcodes throughout the monitor for 30 minutes - sometimes 4 hours, then when the montior eventually responds to the remote the following message is always shown: 'Please ensure aerial is plugged in - do you want to start automatic search?' New to electronics and would like to try to repair myself if possible - e

... Flat Panel Televisions

We bought devant LED 46inches in Sm baguio about a month ago and the remote control is not working already,we brought it to Sm service center but they say its un repairable! just like that! they dnt have the effort to provide us a new one. where can we avail or buy new remote control for our one month old devant LED 46inches

... Flat Panel Televisions

The original remote control for Teletech TV is blocked. Grandma pressed something and suddenly the remote got stucked on a channel. She thought it is ok to turn off the TV, cause the remote was not answering to any commands. But after she turn the TV back on (pluged-in) the remote was useless. I bought a new remote, compatible with the original one, and the TV is working fine. I guess the remote is somehow blocked. Is there any combination of keys I can use to un-block it? Like get ity back to t

Click here to know more about it. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have an apex ld3249 tv with remote. The remote died a couple of days ago. I have had the tv for 6 weeks. A universal remote will not work. A new Apex remote is $60. Is this going to be an ongoing problem with this tv? Should the remote be covered under the 1 year warantee? If so how do I get it replaced?

Hello\015\012There is no warrantee for the remote control for any company's set. A universal remote should work with your Apex tv. I'll give you the model and codes for the remote that suit to your apex TV. Buy one and match it to your TV. ... Apex Digital Combination Televisions

RCA L42FHD37YX8 we are having a problem with using the remote with the tv. The volume will not adjust when using the remote.(both the universal cable remote and the original tv remote) We have replac

U have to open the remote and clean the board and the rubber contacts with a ear cotton and alcohol and then try it. ... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

Aiwa-SX2150 no sound. Sound menu is not display. Technician asking original Remote control to solve the problem, which is not available. Suggest the solution.

... Aiwa Standard (CRT) Televisions

The remote control for my 32" vizio tv has quit. I changed batteries and even tried a new remote but it is like the tv and remote are not communicating. I think it is the tv and not the remote but i am no expert.

Simple test to find out if the remote is truly dead: take your phone and activate the photo camera, go in a dark room, point the remote at the camera and press a button - if the remote is good the screen should light up brightly and flicker. If the s ... Flat Panel Televisions

I was watching T.V. and when I went to change the channel, the remote control wouldn't respond. I changed the batteries (generic) & the new ones didn't make the remote work either. I hit the power button on the T.V. and it did turn the T.V. on & off & changed the channels. I think the bulb or the eye on the remote is the problem. I can't remember ever seeing the bulb actually lit up. It is dark, so it seems it would be red. It's an old T>V> & remote, but has always worked. HELP PLEASE.

You won't be able to see the light from remote's LED (Light Emitting Diode) because it is IR (Infra Red) which is invisible to the human eye.\015\012\015\012Try re-entering the code for your tv to see if it works.\015\012\015\ ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a small Sharp TV-VCR combo model # 13VT-L200. It only has a multi brand remote and so far works with the TV fine. the menu comes up with the remote but the remote and the TV control buttons don't move the selection choice at all. So no adjustments at all. I have viewed other postings that are similar on manual download and fix-it websites that remain unanswered. Do you know a way to fix this problem I am having? Thank you, Tom Sullivan

Possible that the remote is faulty , sometimes the carbon tracks would have worn off, you will need a repair kit to write the tracks. Also to check the remote IC for all functions from the inputs. \012\012 ... Sharp 13VT-L200 13 in. Combo

Panasonic Viera TC-L32C12 LCD TV The tv screen is dark. Sometimes a channel flashes on and off, sometimes with sound, usually with no sound. The remote will turn the tv on and off, but do nothing else. I wanted to rescan the channels, hoping that was the problem, but I can't get the remote to work with the tv. I tried new batteries in the remote and reconnected the antenna.

... Panasonic Viera TC-L32C12 32 in. LCD TV

Lost remote for crt tv are hitachi remotes bespoke for the model or generic. Special need son is causing upset over the problem. He does not like universal remotes and is saying it will cost 40 pounds to replace. No money for this, hope some one can help as replacement prices apear to vary greatly. I am not sure of the model as he is 180 miles away but can find out if it is necessary.

Have a look on ebay for a replacement remote controller for your model number. ... Hitachi Flat Panel Televisions

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