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I have a videocon integra lcd which remote was broken but here in silchar assam i do not get the same and also i dont know the model no so kindly suggest me where to buy it or how to order it And kindly let me know how to get the modelno of tv Thnx No

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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I have a videocon integra lcd which remote was broken but here in silchar assam i do not get the same and also i dont know the model no so kindly suggest me where to buy it or how to order it And kindly let me know how to get the modelno of tv Thnx No

... Flat Panel Televisions

NEC PXT42SPKR Hi, I am trying to find a power cord for an NEC tv model number PXT42SPKR. I don't know how old the tv is, my husband moved house before we were married and now can't find the power cable for it. Is it possible to buy a generic cable of the right voltage if you can no longer get an original cable, and if so what voltage cable and what type of pin would it be?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic PV-C1321 I have old VHS tapes (2001) that do not play/record on newer VHS to DVD models, so pulled out old Panasonic VHS/TV Combo in the hopes that I could hook it up externally in order to transfer the material to DVD. BUT I don't see any Output jacks, no Audio/Video (R/W/B) cables, nada. Is there some kind of adapter I need to get for Panasonic to Play OUT so I can transfer material IN to DVD Recorder?

... Panasonic PV-C1321 13 in. TV/VCR Combo

The power went off in our neighborhood and took the tv down along with it. It has now locked us out and it says we need a password to get back in but we do not have one. I thought the model was a VS-55609 but it actually is a VS5003R. We are using a universal remote as the original is no longer operable and I do not see any kind of keypad on the tv. What do you suggest?

You must obtain an original remote, there is no other way of unlocking it. Here it ishttp://remotes.com/store/mitsubishi/vs5003r.htmlThe procedure is done strictly with it. This is it, according to the official repair manual\012\012\012 ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

The reduce volume key on my GE remote to my GE (model 20GT360) TV doesn't work. Can I buy a new remote or get a universal remote? I don't know the code.

If you are certain that your remote is defective, consider buying a GE universal remote as a replacement. The instructions that come with the replacement remote will tell you how to get it working with your TV ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Panasonic Plazma TV, TH-46pz80u is the Model Number and the LED light blinks 8 times. I just need to know which certain board to replace. I have already opened the back of the tv to inspect where each board is mounted. I am having trouble getting the details just for my model type. I am aware that alot of the tv's share the same boards. I just need a little more guidance and I would like to get the troubleshooting spec manuals to refer to for this repair.

Hello,The power supply board is dead, do you know basic electronics' and soldering? Most of the times, the power supply board just have dead leakages gases capacitors.These capacitors always bulges up on it top,or puff up on it top.Replac ... Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ80U Plasma TV

What is the value of ZD1, ZD2, and ZD3? i know they are 22v or 27v but what else do i need to know to order from digi-key? i have the service manuel with the schematic on page 29 of the power supply. also what about the regular diodes? 27" Akai model number: lct2715 power supply: HY342-5991-09C already ordered the caps. Have all the values if some one needs them. also the ZD3 is missing? any idea why it would be missing?

... Akai LCT2715 27 in. LCD Television

I can only get one av on my TEAC CRT TV model No. CT-M711S and when i connect my set top box I cannot get it to work - i guess it needs a different av but I have tried and tride with the remote to find it but can't. When the av comes on screen there is a red arrow below it pointing down. I have tried the set top box that came with it, which is a TEACDigital Terrerestrial Receiver Model No. SDB440. Also I have tried my previous set top box that I know works for sure because I had it working

... Projection Televisions

Hi I have a TEAC HDR2700T digital personal video recorder. Its fantastic. I have two questions. Q1) If you press PIP you get the PIP displayed in the top right on my model, yet the manual shows lower right. Does anyone know which button to press to move the PIP location ? There is nothing is the manual regarding the PIP position. Q2) We purchased the TEAC knowing the USB limitations which only supports MP3 and picture files. Does anyone know whether TEAC intend (or have) to provide

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a digistar flat screen TV model LC23U7D while I can get the TV on with blue screen and menue and set the setting I can not get a channel do I need a code of some kind? Thank you for any help

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello I need one technical question regarding one product that I buy from you. It's weather station Auriol model Z31055A/Z31055B. From time to time I have problem that I don't know to fix. Som

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I won a tv.It is an HD tv.I have the serial number,model number and stock number,,but I can't really tell what kind of tv it is.I ned to know to pogramme the universal remote that came with my Shaw TV. The 'sign' on the front of the tv,says ONN and the 'O' looks like an apple,an o with a stem. Model # LX193TW STOCK # ONN19LCDV SERIAL # DC14F030200DW9CTO144 Can you help me please?

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Hello, I have a sharp lcd tv model-LC 32AF10N, and have the problem of not able to get the sound, since I am using the HDMI cable. but I can get the picture .. Can anyone help me to know why? please.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I recently received a 42 in Vizio LCD Tv with Model number Gv42I. To get to the main point. There is no picture but there is sound to it, and it powers on with the change of the orange light to the white. But that's it. So i was wondering if anyone has the same problem and has a solution or know what it could be? I know nothing about tvs. So if you could help out that would be totally awesome!

Good very early morning from meYou are right I think about there being no garantee. So you will have to put the picture on the screen yourself. I will give you the advice I got in a similar situation and things got better.1. Adjust the ... Vizio 42 in. LCD TV

Magnavox Model MWC13D5 AC 120V 60Hz 70W I can't get cable on it. . No channels. I've done setup Changed channels to view Cable is screwed in and works on my other TV Do I need some kind of converter? If so what do I need to get??

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Id like to know what kind of wall mount works for the niko tv model opt 311w please. I have been given this by a friend and I dont know which is the right size. Thank you

... Niko OTP-3211W 32 in. LCD Television

I have my 32LG70 LCD tv since 2009 and it has been perfect, but this morning i was watching it and it just shut off by itself. Everything else is still on, tried switching outlets, reset, but theres no lights or anything to indicate its getting power. Typical day nothing out of the ordinary that would cause this. I called LG the tv is out of warranty and its discontinued. I really dont want to pay an arm and a leg for repair id rather get a new one but im open to suggestions. I don't know anythi

Try to pull out some cable connected on it just leave the power cord and cable connection then try to power it on again. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Hi there,, i have a fine 27in akai tv, i have owned it for some 4 years now, model number is LCT 2701AD, with the factory remote MODEL KC02-A2...but somehow i inadvertantly with the afore- mentioned remote, set the tv picture up so it rolls on the left and right sides, and it distorts/stretches figures on both sides as things get close to each side, i never got an operation manual with this tv..so i dont know how to bring the picture back to the normal way it was before i got stupid..thanks for

... Akai LCT2701AD Television

I have a Westinghouse SK-32H240S and my base for the tv is broken. i dont know where i can get one! i want to order a new one but dont know from what store. thanks

You are out of luck. I have the same issue. Went to Westinghouse and they don't support this TV anymore. The only other place I could find that sells these parts was Partselect.com, however, the stopped selling this part as well. So it's on the w ... Westinghouse SK-32H240S Television

SAVV LOH-5120 The disc drive does not accept discs, ejecting them after failing to recognise them. I have tried cleaning the lense but to no avail. Is there anything I can do or do I need to get a replacement unit. If so, does anyone know where I can get replacement disc drive from for this unit and model. Thanks Simon

Seems that the head is not working, there is no laser scanning and the possibility that the laser head can be defective.Now certain cleaner disks will not be tracked to run for cleaning as it is not read. Hence it will reject. So it is ... Flat Panel Televisions

I turn the tv on and I get the sound from the channel being watched via Comcast box however there is a screaching noise that is over top of the program sound. If you turn the volume up the screach gets louder too. This was an open box display model but I don't recall *** making this noise at the store. Any ideas or suggestions? Also, any ideas on how to change the sound type from mono to surround? I'm thinking i might just have to return it.

Return it this tv have intermittent problems with it tv Tuner signal board.That the board,where the incomming broadcasting signal cable plug into it.U should able just pick one option Mono or Stereo sorround sound on Audio Setting setting selection s ... LG 32LD350 32 in. LCD TV

My videocon colour tv is dead. Create noise in EHT. Last time i Changed the EHT For same Problem.I dont know model no. Model is 10 Year old.

Hello\015\012Ten years old Videocon TVs are fitted with Toshiba kit. Just desolder out the LOT from the board and go for a new one, with that old LOT as a sample with you. It is very difficult to give you the exact LOT number, as you haven't ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sansui 26 tv 1080p led don't know the model it has a small power cord which i no long have i need to know where i can buy one

Without the model number will make it hard for us to do the research. How about posting the picture of the AC inlet jack?\012\012\012Basic LCD monitor and TV troubleshooting guide:\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I bought a FX universal remotecontrol, model YA9-000165. I can't get my philips DCR2020 satelite receiver on to the remote. Do you know a code or another way to get it work?? Greetz A

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi cs-35505 tv. This model is an oldie, from '96, but still works... kind of. The remote is not really functional, even with new batteries and the internal speakers got turned off. I cannot get them to turn back on. I have an older Toshiba that actually has a switch on it to turn on and off the internal speakers, but have found no such thing on the Mitsubishi. How do I get the internal speakers back on? When I try to adjust the volume it says "speakers off". The tv is not muted;

If you feel the remote is bad, you will need to find a new remote. The best option here is to find the MCM Electronics website. They will have a brand replacement. Thanks for asking and show a few hands of support! ... Mitsubishi CS-35405 TV

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