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I have a Proview rx-326 LCD tv that gets no picture or sound. If i unplug the power cord then plug back in, tv will start normally. After if has been turned off for a while, then the problem reoccurs and I have to unplug it again. Now, i sometimes have to unplug and plug it in a coupld of time for this to work.

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My Samsung Plasma 42 in. TV turns itself off after a couple of minutes of being on and then makes a clicking sound like its trying to turn on again but it doesn't turn back on. It just makes this clicking sound. If I unplug it, sometimes it will function normally again and sometimes the same problem occurs. We thought it might be the power strip so we plugged it into a different outlet. At first, this seemed to work. Then, the cable box and the sound system started turning off spontaneously

Try checking the standby mode. . . ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Proview rx-326 LCD tv that gets no picture or sound. If i unplug the power cord then plug back in, tv will start normally. After if has been turned off for a while, then the problem reoccurs and I have to unplug it again. Now, i sometimes have to unplug and plug it in a coupld of time for this to work.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I am presently working on a Samsung HLN437W. The unit will turn on and all controls on the set or remote work, after a short while all the controls freeze up and do not work. The only way to turn off the unit is to pull the plug. Sometimes it seems to work properly but if you shut it off with the controls and leave it plug in after awhile you cannot turn it back on, you have to unplug it for awhile before plugging it back in. Peter Ache [email protected]

Ok, if this were me I would suggest a thermal issue, some component(s)? are heating up, and the system is then hanging up? This can be in one of many places, however the most likely candidate is the switched mode power supply, either this is, or it ... Samsung HLN437W 43" Rear Projection HDTV

Whenever i plug my sony bravia KLV-32U300A, it click twice and doesn't turn on,power sign goes completely off. I have to unplug from the power source, wait 5 mins and try again, it rarely turns on, but does so if you try it after 4/5 hrs. Once the tv on it works fine. how can i rectify this problem? is it from the power board problem or the main system board problem? Pls help me thank you.

Hi,\012\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very\012common caused of this fault is the leaky\012electrolytic capacitor ... Sony Bravia KLV-32U300A 32 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

Hi,i have an lg 62dc1d-ab rear pro tv and it wont turn on sometimes and when it does the picture starts to look shaky from top to bottom it tries to turn on with the green light flashing then the middle red flashes and no go the top one stays red and same over and over unplug and sometimes it works what could be the problem ?

... Projection Televisions

I have a Sony Bravia KDL52W5100. When I turn on the tv sometimes everything is fine but other times there is no pic only rainbow stripes. I have to turn off and on the tv several times or unplug the tv to get a picture. I have tried rebooting the entire system it worked fine for couple of hours then the problem came back. Sometimes while I am watching a show the screen will gradually change into the rainbow stripe. Do I need to replace my screen and is it worth it?

Check all the flat cable connections from T'Con board to panel, for loose connections. Re-seat them all. ... Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL-52W5100 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

My Zenith tv/vcr combo turns on, sounds like the vcr is working on something and turns itself off seconds later. I've unplugged it, left it for several days and plugged it back in and the problem persist. I've looked through the manual online and there is no solution for this problem. Any suggestions?

... Zenith TVBR1322 13 in. Combo

My Sony Wega KDP-51WS550 Turn it on, has audio but no picture then turns itself off shortly after. The timer/standby light blinks 5 times. This happened a while back and we just unplugged it and didn't use it for a while. Before we moved we plugged it in and turned it on again and it worked, now it's doing the turn off thing again. Any ideas as to the problem?

... Sony Grand WEGA KDP-51WS550 51" Rear Projection HDTV

Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U TV won't show picture when turned on using remote. But if you start from an unplugged state, plug it in and start it, it works. The problem is when you turn it off using the remote, and you want to turn it back on again, it will only show you a black screen.

Fault to the main power supply regulator section. Either it will be a separate board, or the part of main board. Check and replace damaged component/s at its main power regulator [SMPS] section circuit. Contact any service technician. If you wish ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

Intermittent problem with JVC AV-27020 CRT TV. Power indicator light blinking with no picture or sound. When I unplug it, open the back cover and randomly touch and feel the components inside, plug it back in and turn it on, it works for a few days. Then again same problem. Please help. Thanks.

... JVC AV-27020 TV

My LG LCD TV will turn off by itself. I will unplug it and leave it for about 1o Min, plug it back in and it will work fine.The TV will sometimes work for days before this proble reoccur

Hello,You need to check the output voltages of the power supply to see which one goes off. It may be due to short circuits some where, if otherwise Your power supply board is dead, you know basic electronics' and soldering? Most of ... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

My panasonic flat panel tv with model no. TH-L32c20x has a power problem.. i push the manual button on tv side,the red light is on..then second is the remote power,the green light come and blinking 20 times,then turn to red light blinking slowly, the power not goes in, i unplug and plug again,try the same way its not working..

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

My TZ50V61 powers down usually shortly after turning on.When this happen the red light in the power button flashes on and off.I then unplug and plug back in and it will work ok. I have to do this more than once sometimes. I also tap and push power button several times.Seems like it stays on then or is it that it has warmed up and is not powering down.What do you suggest????

... Toshiba TZ55V61 55" Rear Projection Television

I have a Trinitron Wega 32HS510 that sometimes will not turn on. It sounds like it is going to turn on but shuts down immediately. The red light fast blinks either 6 or 7 times over and over again - usually 7 times. I have tried the recommended power reset (hold the up arrow button down while turning on TV), but that hasn't worked. Unplugging the power sometimes works...for a while. Later, the symptoms return. Any inexpensive ideas? I love the 170 pound TV but not enough to spend as much

... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32HS510 32" TV

Sony KDL32LL150 will not turn on unless I unplug for 30 seconds. When it does not it makes a double click. If it is turned off it will double click and not turn on. I unplug it, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

... Sony KDL32LL150 315 in HDTV TV

Ok so... I was on my computer one day and... i heard a loud noise im another room. So I went to go check it out an come to find out my sister, knocked my playstation3 down on the ground. Now every time I turn it on, the screen stays black... nothing comes up. It wont even turn off by it self, you nave to unplug it just to turn it off. It rarely works, if you unplug an plug it back in over an over again. If im lucky, i can get it to work then... can some one please help? Please!! Thank you.

It suffered some kind of damage inside--someone who knows how is going to have to take it apart to see if it can be fixed ... Projection Televisions

Hi I have a Panasonic LCD 32" and the following happens 1. I turn on TV and after 10-20 min it goes black screen and few second later it turns off 2. Red light blinks at one second intervals 3. I unplug it and plug back it and it will work for 5-10 min longer then same symptom 4. I plug back in and go to menu and reset to default and it resets and then works much longer Any suggestions?

It may have unstable power supply due to bad DC filter caps, very common problem in ALL LCD TV's and monitors. You will need to do in-dpeth troubleshooting the problem.\012Basic LCD monitor and TV troubleshooting guide:\012 ... Panasonic Viera TX-32LX70 32 in. LCD TV

Hi I have an Akai 42 in. LCD TV Model# LCT42Z5TAP,when I try to turn on the TV the green LED light comes on but the screen does not ,then i try to turn it off but it does not comes off the green LED light remains,so i have to unplug the TV in order to turn it off then turn it back on the problem remains the same as before, so I leave it on for 10 mins unplug it again then turn it back on and only then it comes on and works proper.It seem the Tv now needs to be warmed up for 10 mins or more for

... Akai 42 in. LCD TV

Hi, My name is Anali and I recently purchased a Westinghouse TV from Target. I had it plugged into the wall and working one evening. The next day when I went to turn it on again the red button would turn on but the screen would not. I unplugged it for the day, moved it to a different wall socket, and it worked. Next day I turned I tried to turn it back on again, to it doing the red light when I hit power, but a black screen.

Hi Anali. That sounds like the powersupply is bad. The tv has a one year manufactuers warranty. Take it back to Target and exchange for another one. Hope this helps. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an LG 37LC2D TV. I was connected to Direct TV with no problems, then we had DISH with no problem...now we are connected to Time Warner and I am having all the problems described re : picture flashing on and off..unable to get tv menu to come up..sometimes will work for a few hours or just a few minutes...sometimes the screen is just black.Is there some kind of re-programing I could do with the original LG remote control? Any hints? Even when I unplug everything and just try to use the T

Hi,Sounds like the TW box is the problem try swopping the box with a new one.Good luck ... LG 37LC2D Television

I have a weird problem with my samsung 933sn monitor. It was working great for two years, but now it works only in DynamicContrast mode,every other setting gets me a very dark screen, i have connected It to my laptop, same thing. My graphic card is ok, it is just weird. The screen gets so dark, i use my flashlight to open OSD menu and somehow i get it to DynamicContrast mode,turn it off, then turn it on, it works. When i unplug it from power source and from computer, I get

... Samsung SyncMaster 933SN 18.5in. Widescreen LCD Monitor

Samsung le37a686 we have this model tv it wont turn on anymore using the remote we have to have several attempts then end up unplugging it from the wall then plugging back in then trying again it makes a high pitch noise and sometimes when we turn it off it turns itself back on several times and we have to take the plug out from the wall , the tv is 4 years old

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

3-yr old Samsung HL-S46765;symptoms indicated lamp diing; finally TV would not turn on;un-plugged tv, removed lamp to verify code and make (Phillips);put in new lamp; TV turned on for about 30 seconds;all indicator lights went out;tv shut off; all indicators lights blinking (lamp problem). unplugged tv, removed lamp housing; put back in; plugged in.; waited; tried to turn tv on - tries, then indicator lights start blinking

Thank you for posting your question on Fixya. In such a case the first thing to check would be to see if the lamp is coming on momentarily before it shuts off. For this please remove the back cover of the tv and fire it up. Please check the status of ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

INTERMITTANT failure of the I/R sensor? sometimes remote will work properly, othertimes remote will not work nor will manuel chanel up/down on/off buttons on set itself. i had a service agreement and brought it to the only service in my state, 90 min drive each way, they could not find a problem, as soon as i plugged it in it failed to work, now service contract has expired. still continues to be an intermittant problem. What parts might i consider replacing?

I don't think it's the remote nor the I/R sensor that's bad. It might be a processor problem on the control board - need to troubleshoot further. Since it is intermittent, I believe it's a cold solder connection on the board. You can inspect the boar ... Venturer PLV31220S1 22 in. LCD TV

I have a Hitachi Ultravision TV Model #50ux53k v7h002332. The remote is working and also changed the Batteries. The Tv is not reacting to the remote like it should. It randomly will not turn on or off and sometimes the volume and channel control does the same. I will have to get very close to the tv for it to work, and then it still sometimes will not work. what migh be the Problem?

If you have to hold the remote very close it is likely a bad remote receiver in the front control panel; the only other reason would be a dirty lens there or at the top of the remote.Let me know if all manual front buttons work normal. ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

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