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Hi, i have an LG 37LC2D. I turn on the tv and the picture is there, them about 30your min to an hour later the picture goes away and all I get is a glowing screen I can't go into the menu or anything. I can only turn it on or off. It won't come back on till the next day. What fo I need or need to do?

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It may need some space to dissipate heat. try having a fan blowing on it to see if that helps
Your lamp on its way out

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Hi, i have an LG 37LC2D. I turn on the tv and the picture is there, them about 30your min to an hour later the picture goes away and all I get is a glowing screen I can't go into the menu or anything. I can only turn it on or off. It won't come back on till the next day. What fo I need or need to do?

It may need some space to dissipate heat. try having a fan blowing on it to see if that helps ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung DLP TV (model HLT5076S). When you turn it on there is no picture for several minutes (5-10 minutes) and then there is no sound once the picture comes on. You need to turn the TV back off & then restart it to get both picture and sound. Sometimes you need to do this several times before the TV turns on, you hear a click, and then you get picture & sound. It seems like it is waiting for something to warm up? The problem is not the bulb (fairly new) or with the electrical outl

This is because the CRT that is the cathode tube ray oscillator is taking time to warm up ... Samsung HL-T5076S 50 in. TV

The audio and picture on my vizio vt470m are scrambling and then the whole tv locks up and turns itself off. tried fixing with the "unplug everything, hold power button for 30 sec, and turn back on fix" that the vizio customer service people suggested but that is no longer working. this problem first appeared about two months ago and was fine until a few days ago. now the tv is turning istelf off and back on and there is no picture or sound. what do i need to do to fix it? or should i just

You could have Bad Capacitors on the Power supply board they will be vented or swollow on Top\0121000uf 16v 2200uf 10v 3300uf 10v.\012PTS they rebuilt boards 1-800-844-7871 ... Vizio VT470M 47 in. TV

I have a Samsung HL-T6187S. When I turn it on the cable box comes on and the TV powers up, but no picture, only sound. Sometimes I can let it run for awhile and then turn off and back on and the picture will work. It also turns off and back on by itself about every few hours. What do I need to do?

... Samsung HL-T6187S Television

I have a 22 inch AOC Envision LCD TV. When I first turn it on, only the top half of the screen displays picture while the bottom half is a gray/black color. If I wait about ten minutes or if I tap on the back of the TV, the picture is completely restored and I can watch everything just fine. However, it is pretty annoying to wait for the picture to come back. Since the picture does come back after a while and looks fine, I don't think I have a broken backlight or anything like that. Also, becaus

There is some loose solder terminals at the vertical scan output section at printed circuit board. If you are handy in electronic circuit boards, loacate the vertical output section, resolder all the suspected solder terminals there. This must sure ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

When I turn on my WS65611 rear projector TV the picture comes on perfect but after a minute it starts going static then the picture will come back on then it goes stactic. This continues for as long as the TV is on. When I get the menu to appear on the screen, the picture will stay perfect,, however the menu screen is in front of the picture.

A few things you could and should try, try something on a different input if you are using the coax connection just to know if problem exists that way, could be a bad tuner but that can be got around, also if on all inputs the set does have a hard r ... Mitsubishi WS-65611 65" Rear Projection Television

I have a 9 yr old D52W20 RCA tv. It turns on and is fine for about 35 minutes. Then it turns off and then right back on again. it takes about 15 seconds from the time it turns off for the picture to reappear. It will stay on anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds before turning off and back on again. I had a repairman come in and he said it was not the capacitors but said he needed more information. At that time the unit would be fine for a couple of hours before it would start acting up. Any thoughts

Try resoldering the flyback transofrmer the pins tend to develope solder cracks and can cause that symptom. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have Samsug LN-S2651D TV. Recently the screen turned green (no picture). Sound works fine. Cable remote will cycle through channel changes OK. Cable 'TIVO' appears to work OK. TV Menu's seem to work OK. Picture menu: Mode=Custom; Size=19:9; Digital NR=On; DNle Demo=Off; Film Mode=Off; Blue Screen=Off. How can I get the picture back?

... Samsung LN-S2651D 26 in. LCD Television

My KDL 52w 5100 picture goes to various colors wih some lines not discerable picture. I loose the TV's Bravai Logo and the abilty to see the Menues. I have updated the software ( per Sony) and when I perform a factoy reset ( which can take 4 or 5 tries to tke effect ) I can get the picture back after I re- do the TV's initail set up... The TV will work for Hours...when the TV is turned off ( like over night ) it reverts back to the varius colors. Sony was not much help... Any sugge

... Sony KDL-52W5100 TV

RCA f32450 - picture is really dark, press menu to correct but menu is black. Sometimes if coax is disconnected the static is bright enough to see the menu to correct the color but when the tv is turned off then back on picture is dark again . HELP !

That is the master Screen control--good job finding it! ... RCA Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a 55hds69 2 weeks ago turned on black screen good sound,played around turning it off and on,picture came back. doing it again ,blue light blinks 9 times and stays on steady good sond no picture need hlp

... Hitachi 55HDS69 55 in. Plasma Television

I have a Sampo flatscreen tv model LME-17S3 with manufacture date 2003 Serial no. 33211105782 When i turn it on, the picture lasts only a few seconds then goes black. The sound is fine. It repeats this every time I turn it off then back on with the picture lasting only a second or two. What do I need to do to repair this? I would prefer fixing it on my own. Is it worth it to repair it at all? Thank you. - Ruben

Hello Sir Ruben,Before we start our session I would like to thank you for using our site (FIXYA) and choosing my service out of many experts here..If your question is,,It is worth to repair?the answer is yes..That problem is v ... Sampo LME-17S3 17 in. LCD Television

Picture I was litening to music threw direct box,vacumming,different outlet then tv. turned it off,& used converter box buttons to change channel. got no pic no sound. pushed more buttons,turned it off, then on hit reset, pulled card out put it back,then turned around to get remote, and saw my 82 yr. old dad holding remote as far out as he could,as if he was trying to get around me! I asked him what button he pushed & he said none. now we have sound no pic. it turns on deep blue screen no menu

I assumes that there is a confused memory IC inside, due to improper data inputs. Try a hard reset to this set. Unplug it from AC mains wall socket, and re-plug it back after 10 minutes of so. This must make it a hard reset. If it do not help you ... Samsung 50 in. Plasma TV

My tv backout picture and sound remain audible, when i turn it off for a while it comes back on with picture and will remain on for a few seconds and then picture will blackout again. what do i need to replace or fix?

You will most likely need to get the set diagnosed. Sounds like you have a backlight problem. Backlight problems could be cause by a fault in the power supply, main board, inverter board, bad CCFL lamp, or a short in a HV(high voltage) cables. I woul ... Samsung LN-T4042H 40 in. LCD HDTV

Sizzling,smoke,sparks ...horray. Tv starting making a sizzling sound. Turned it off then back on later to see if i could figure out area of tv the noise was coming from and make sure it wasnt just a speaker getting fuzzy. Bright flash came from top left of back of tv and smoke came out. Ive had the tv for 2 years, im 3 weeks over my warranty (of course right?) Now there is no sound or picture. Easy fix? Worth fixing or get a new one? Oh also took the back off to see if anything was noticably bur

Thats the Inverter board. Your model used several different types which are not interchangeable. You can get the correct Inverter Board for your model by contacting the guys over at ... LG 32LD450 32 In. LCD HDTV

Samsung tv's The picture started going cloudy and grey so we turned the tv off for half an hour .When we turned it back on it was ok for 20 minutes and then it went grey and cloudy again. You could still make out the programme images behind the cloudy screen but when we turned off and on the cloudyness happened quicker. I was told by my local tv shop that the repair and part needed to fix the problem would be around 400 pounds and that it would make more sense to buy a new set.What is your opi

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Hi I have an LG 62DC1D-AB rear projection TV that has troubles during power up and intermitantly for about an hour after turning on. When the TV is turned on it might work for a while then the picture disappears except for about 4 inches at the bottom of the screen. The TV is then locked and you cannot do anything with the remote at all. If i turn the power off then back on, all that will happen is the yellow led at the front will flash. This can stay like that for five minutes to an hour. It o

Hi.If the picture gets squeezed in a narrow band, then the problem is the alignment circuit. The two power amp ICs in the convergence board must be replaced.If you see only part of the picture, then it is no common fault. Prob ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Mitsu rear-projection WS-B55 was purchased in '03 or so. Now the screen is sometimes turning red. I can do a system reset, and the color goes back to normal. Then it eventually (maybe days later) goes back to red. You can still see the picture, it's just all in reds. Maybe a lamp going out? We never have replaced anything on it.

No,pictures go all red?Pictures have colors shaded shadows or 3D pictures look alike?Yes,than the tv it is developing a problem known as a convergence problems it dying.The tv convergence board have problems,must be resoldering those 2 or replaced 2 ... Mitsubishi WS-55809 55" Rear Projection Television

Samsung TV LN40B500P3f - No Picture ; just audio Hello, Our Samsung LN40B500P3f TV display is black; audio works fine. If I turn TV off and then back on the picture does display for a few seconds but then screen goes black and stays that way. Any suggestions as to what needs to be replaced?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I have a Sharp Aquos LC-19DV28UT given to me as a gift. I connect the cable from the cable box to the TV, give the remote the proper code, and the TV turns on OK. But then the picture flashes for a brief second, then the picture goes away. The sound is still there. Whenever I try to display any type of menu, it does not display. I tried the TV on 2 different cable connections that work with the current TV, and same problem. I have a feeling there's some setting I need to adjust, but c

... Sharp LC19DV28UT 19 in LCD TVDVD Combo

My LG 32LC7D TV takes 20 - 30 minutes for the picture and sound to appear. I have done all the basics to investigate to no avail. I do know that if I turn it off and then straight back on after this 20 - 30 minute waiting period it does turn on immediately. I suspect it needs to warm up somehow and I am thinking it won't be cheap to fix. Any help is appreciated.

I would start with the power supply, check the condition of the capacitors. Look for any with bulged tops. ... LG 32LC7D Television

I have a Panasonic HD Projection Monitor. The manual I got with it lists PT-47WX52C, PT-53WX52C, and PT-56WX52C ,PT-47WX42C on the cover as the models. I adjusted the color on the set a while back and now the picture is too large the edges of the image are off the screen, like sports tickers, etc. I can't find anything in the manual to resize the picture to fit within the borders of the screen.... what do I need to do? Thanks

First is to see if the issue is the same when you play a DVD via the rear jacks---and are you using a cable or sat box for signal on this set? ... Panasonic Projection Televisions

I have a 3 yr. old Panasonic model # TH-50PZ80U flat screen T.V. a month ago , after watching T.V for short while , then turning off, then turning back ON screen would be black, no sound or picture, red little light on front bottom blinks 10 times stops for a few seconds then repeats the 10 times blink & so on, until unplugged. The T.V will start to work if left unplugged for 1 hr. or so. Whats the problem ? What part would it need ? Appreciate the help. Kirstin Tidwell in L.B. , CA

The full fault guide explaining this and the solution can be downloaded athttp://www.mauritron2.com/downloads/Panasonic/while for the service manual googlemauritron.com ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

My HLN617W dlp will turn on with no picture (sound is OK), then will seem to turn off, then back on again without me doing anything. After this ritual being repeated, the timer and lamp lights will start to blink followed by lamp only blinking then tv powers off... any ideas?

Hi,\015\012 Check the lamp. possibility of lamp get damaged. check the lamp if possible try to replase it. you problem will be solved.\015\012ok ... Samsung HLN617W 61" Rear Projection HDTV

Hello, and I have a Metz LC26TL tv(26 inch digital lcd tv). the picture keeps backing out while the sound keeps going, then I need to turn it back off and on until it happens again. what can I do!

For a 26 inch set unless something easy like caps in the power supply it may be smarter to replace the set. ... Flat Panel Televisions

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