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Samsung ps43d450 make a bang and then turned off I unplugged it left for a minute and plugged back in all I hear is a clicking noise and the led flashes 3 times and then repeats I thought it was the power board so I put it in the tv down stairs as I have two the same but the power board worked fine so now I am stuck as I have no clue wot is wrong.

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Samsung ps43d450 make a bang and then turned off I unplugged it left for a minute and plugged back in all I hear is a clicking noise and the led flashes 3 times and then repeats I thought it was the power board so I put it in the tv down stairs as I have two the same but the power board worked fine so now I am stuck as I have no clue wot is wrong.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hey i have a 42 inch phillips plasma tv that blinks a red light 7 times but i have two of these tv's and took out the power supply on the working one and put in the broken one and it still blinks red light 7 times i also put the power board from the broken one to the one that does work and it still worked. so my question is what else could it be?

There three common boards (Powers supply, Y-SUSTAIN, Z-SUSTAIN) that go out, since you have two TV to try out, you should check the Z and Y sustain boards.\012What is the model number?\012Try looking here for free service manuals:\0 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I bought this N2635W it wasnt turning on. (So I thought it was the power supply) I bought a new power supply, and still didnt turn on.( So I thought it is the main control board) I bought a usded controler board, then it just turned by itself and there was only a white screen. No sound no controls responding. ( So i thought it needs a new one). I bought a new controller board from viewsonic,. Now it responds to the power button, I can turn it on and off., but still theres only a white screen

The tv Tuner signal board is the cause and the problems.That the board,where the incomming broadcasting signal cable wire plug into it.Tries websites like Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com to buy a refurbish tv Tuner signal board for the replacement. ... ViewSonic N2635w 26 in. LCD Television

My zenith plasma 42w46x tv. doesnt show pic. the sound is there but no pic. I opened it up and founf out the the board on the right side of the tv(looking at it from the back) has two fuses, one of them is blown out, and when i replace it, when the tv is turned onit make a slight buzzing noise and the the power is turned off. but if i dont put no fuse in the box it turns on with the screen black.

Hi.The board you are talking about is called Z-sus. Its role is to sustain power to the plasma panel. If the Z-sus board fuses keep blowing, then the board is usually shorted, and the repair is done replacing the board.In some case ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Vizio VP42 HDTV (inside says LG PDP42X3U400). One day I turned on the TV and heard a pop. I took off the back of the TV and inspected the main power supply board (P/N 6709900019A). Capictor C802 had totally blown up. The tv would not power on at all. I removed U801 and when plugging in the AC cord I heard two relays turn on and then back off after 1 to 2 seconds. I gave up troubleshooting that board and bought a new power supply board. When I installed this board and plug in the

If Va and Vs are missing even when the Y-sus board is disconnected from power board then the new board is defective - return it. On the original one the board is shut down (the relays are disconnected) because there is still a short on one of its out ... Flat Panel Televisions

I got a Sony Bravia KDL-40WL135. Blank screen. There's two LED lights: red standby and green power light. When I turn on the TV, green led comes on, then after about 30 seconds red led blinks once, then green resumes. The green led stays solid. I think that's a SONY error code, I tried to look it up but can't find anything useful. I have replaced the power supply, AU board, backlight inverter, logical board, and the second power supply board. Any suggestions? I haven't checked the t-con bo

Http://www.smpcshop.com/KDL-40WL135-KDL-46WL135-p-8895.html\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Above is a link for a service manual.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung ln-t4053h that had a bad caps. I replaced the caps and the tv turned on fine and i put a flashlight to the screen and the screen turns on but the backlight is on 10 and it looks like its not on at all so that leads me to believe the backlight inverter. As I was testing this the power board slipped and touched a metal part in the back of the tv, sparked, and now the tv wont turn on at all. I figure that i shorted out the power board. If I replace the power board will me tv turn o

... Samsung LN-T4053H 40 in. LCD Television

I have a Vizio Model SV47XVT1A LCD, it powers up but no picture or sound. I put a new power supply board and it does the same thing. Could it be the back light inverter board?

... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic TH-42PZ85U . No Picture 2 Fast Flashes on Red Lamp Next to Power Button stop then 2 Flashes Again-Over and Over Service Manual Says D Board,states A board has to be removed First to Get To D Board. Question is can I just replace D Board Put Unit Back Together and Power on or is there RE-Programming Involved??? Thanks Frank

This is a protection circuit that prevents the tv from coming on (to stop damage of the components) ....you need to check your voltages off the power supply and make sure they all read well (EX: 24v12v5v etc). Also look for popped capacitors th ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

Philips 42model num:pf5331/10, plasma tv, wide screen flat tv, the red light keeps blinking, one long then two short blinks, took back off the tv, pluged in power leed, power goes to power board, then clicks twice and will not start, yes i think its the power board, looked at all capacitors they look good, i have had the tv since 2006 if you can help me, my email is [email protected] thanks terry edwards

Hi raftxxxPlease everyone that comes across my info take a few seconds of your time to rate my solution which you can select at the bottom of my answer Was this solution helpful? YES or NO :)... As i have taken time to answer your questio ... Philips 42PF5421 42 in. LCD Television

Note that I now live in the Philippines and I need two parts ASAP for my Toshiba 40E200U1 40"inch LCD. (parts and service is very difficult here!) The part numbers are: 1. A6069H (SK031) IC 2. 120 K Resistor Note that I have a friend here who can install these two components so as to avoid replacing the entire power suppy circuit board. Please advise if you can assist. If necessary, please provide a quote for the entire circuit board if the two parts a

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I have an Envision G22LWK monitor and it won't start for more than a few seconds. It flickers and turns off after a second or two. I have taken the monitor apart in an effort to identify the problem hardware, and when I disconnect one of the power terminals from the backlight it stops flickering when I turn it on. This is the JT229ZP6MR power board and the connector I remove connects on the bottom left corner of the board. The plug is labeled "P904" Albeit the flicker stopping, the moni

... Flat Panel Televisions

There are two green lights blinking at the bottom of the tv. where the power light is..i believe it's the opc lights. the tv shuts of it self and the two lil green light blink...we put the tv power button back on and it works fine for like 5 min then shuts off again with the green lights blinking.

The tv main logic board known as a tv Tuner signal board it is the causes and the problems.The tv main logic board,the tv Tuner signal board it is shorted and not taking in and sustance power from the tv power supply board anymore that why tv Power a ... Sharp Aquos LC-52SE94U 52 in. LCD HDTV

I cleaned out my Samsung hl-s6187w and put everything back together and now it doesn't turn on. It makes a beeping noise like fast morse code and keeps cycling the power trying to turn on. The ballast gets about 270v from the power board, but the lamp never comes on. Could it be the ballast or the dmd board causing the problem? I can hear the color wheel spool up, but the beeping isn't consistent to be the color wheel.

Tv projection lamp inside the tv less than 2 years or so?Yes than the tv projection Lamp is good.You have this tv like 3 or 4 years already?The tv colors wheel even have been replace at leat once?No the tv probally require replacing the colors wheel ... Samsung HL-S6187W 61 in. HDTV

My hitachi ultra vision digital hdtv 53 inch turns on but the screen will not light up ,i checked the power board with magnifying lens and found some cracking solder joints . I repaired them, plug in the power board and the tv worked for about two day, then the problem happen again. what do you think it is?

Just removing and re-inserting a circuit board can make it look like you have temporarily fixed something as it disturbs soldered joints but as the board heats up, the fractured joints open back up.\012\012Some factured solder joints cann ... Hitachi 53FDX20B 53" Rear Projection Television

Mitsubishi WS-55809 tv has a 2-3 error code, what do I need to check. I previously had a 2-2 error code and replace the two pico fuses and the two convergences. When I put it back together it powered up and could see it was working on the screen and after about a minute or two, two lights lite up with the exception of the red and then set shut down and just has a clicking noise. Could you please tell me what to check next?

... Mitsubishi WS-55809 55" Rear Projection Television

I have ordered a power board for my 32AV520R form eBay. The seller said that it was removed from a similar TV and indicated the PK101V0981. After the purchase I looked at the ID of the board in my TV and it is PK101V10701. They look very similar, that's why i placed the order, but now I wonder whether I bought the wrong item from eBay. Does anybody know whether these two boards are interchangeable?

... Toshiba 32AV502R LCD TV

Hitachi hdtv - replaced SDR upper board a year ago and tv was ok. Replaced the SDR- lower board and two swollen capacitors on the power supply board. Now the tv works with picture and sound, but I have a 4" band of green snow accross the upper section of the bottom of the screen, and green and blue lines on the upper section at the top of the screem. Tried a million times to reseat all the ribbon cables. Any ideas?

... Hitachi P50H401 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Bought a power supply board for my tv put it in and same results 4 blinking lights part # etx2mm747afk

What is the brand name to your TV. These blinking codes are fault indications. If you wish to know more about these blinking codes, check http://electronicshelponli ... Flat Panel Televisions

Polaroid 37 in lcd....was installing power board and left out the plastic shield.Went to hook up cable wire and spark!! two capacitors bubbled and replaced them.Now tha red power light blinks continuo

Likely got other things on the board---maybe try another board and with more care this time? ... Polaroid FLM-3734B 37 in. LCD HDTV

Vizio VT470M no picture, no sound, no backlight. Power supply board looks good all voltages appear correct (24V, 5V, and 3.7V) and no "bulged" capacitors . When I unplug unit for two hours, the screen comes on normally backlight comes back up and picture is normal, but changing the channel causes it to go dead again. Bringing up menu with remote is really sluggish and when attempting factory reset, it goes black. Vizio light on the front of the TV comes on and off when pressing power button,

Im having similar problem and with my limited knowledge of lcd tvs and the voltages ALL being good except the pwr on or sw on voltage from the main board to the power supply which tells it to switch everything on Im guessing that something is going w ... Vizio VT470M 47 in. TV

Fuse blow Two times fuse blow after power turned ON (at the power and inverter board)

It happens sometimes...Due to voltage fluctuations..Dont worry/..:PKeep changing ... Philips 32PFL3403D/27 32 in. LCD TV

LE42EC04A My wife left a show on before we left for a movie, we have owned the TV for about two years. Never been dropped and never had any situations with the Television. When we got back the TV wasn't working at all and our babysitter said it just turned off...When you turn the TV on using the power switch the LED's on the front display near the volume/channel controls isn't defaulting to RED (OFF). The LED is staying solid (BLUE) and always on. We know the power control board (168P-P47T4K-20)

... Hitachi 42HDT51 42 in. Plasma SLC1551AW

Samsung dlp hls4666wx TV. After a power surge, my TV shuts off after about 4 minutes. The stand by, TV, timer lights flash...manual says it's the bulb or fan. Only, I bought a new bulb, and noticed both fans are working. Still does it. It makes a small pop them hiss or buzz sound when it offers the bulb down. The power supply and ballast look ok (circuit boards). Perfect picture and sound before shutting down. I've heard there are 3 fans but only see two. Could it be another fan I don't see? Or

... Projection Televisions

I have Polaroid FLM-4234BH 42in. It just turned off one day. So I checked out the power supply board. Two Caps. were blown. I replaced them but it still wont turn on. Should I replace the whole board or is it something else. thx

... Polaroid FLM-4234BH 42 in. LCD HDTV

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