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Brought a new jvc LT-32DA30J tv and for two days worked well. However I come home today and turned the tv on and it came up with a message in a box saying "no channels" found. So I tried to retune the tv still nothing, done first installation still nothing even moved the ariel to different positions and still nothing. Please can you advice me what to do

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Brought a new jvc LT-32DA30J tv and for two days worked well. However I come home today and turned the tv on and it came up with a message in a box saying "no channels" found. So I tried to retune the tv still nothing, done first installation still nothing even moved the ariel to different positions and still nothing. Please can you advice me what to do

... Flat Panel Televisions

LG LED 42LE5300. We just bought this TV last week. When we first installed it, we noticed uniform horizontal tiny lines on the picture. We tried to change the cable box, use high res. HDMI, even tried playing blue ray disc on it, but still had the lines. We were going to return it, but one evening, we turned it on, & it was clear, w/ no lines. We thought that was it, a few days later, the lines are back. What can we do to fix it? Or do we just need to replace the TV? We're very disappoint

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I have a digitrex flatscreen tv model ctf2671 with inbuilt freeview. The first retune necessary for the digital switchover went fine earlier this month. Now a second retune is needed but the tuning functions stopped working. it initially starts scanning but after about 1/10 is done nothing happens, the progress bar doesn't move any further. It means I have lost many channels. HELP !!!

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I unplugged the tv to move it to another location in the room and when all was done, the remote control did not work the tv. I changed the batteries and it made no difference, I tried the remote right in front of the tv and nothing. I unplugged the tv for two hours and then plugged it in again and still nothing with the remote control. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM AND CAN IT BE FIXED?????

Simple test to check if the problem is in the remote or the tv: take your phone and your remote to a dark room, activate its camera then point the remote at it and press a button and keep it pressed. If the remote is good then the screen will be lit ... Proscan 42LA45H 42 in. LCD TV

I am trying to retune today 4th April I select menu, then set up, installation, first time installation,

You have a life right your will will or should find the answers you need so just take your time and figure it out if you truely want to you will ... Flat Panel Televisions

LG 26LX1D. Has worked for 2 years. Recently moved but the day I left I was still watching the TV and then wrapped it in a thinks blanket for protection and placed it ontop of several winter coats for more protection, screen side up. Nothing placed on top of it. No jars or crazy stops. Whn I plugged it in with the first cord at my new destination, no red LED that usually comes on to show that power is getting there. Tried 2 more cords, 5 outlets and two surge protectors. Finally I get a faint con

It's possiable the powerboard is just not filling those cap's to capacity, this would explain why the green light does not come on, also what can be possiable is a relay in the power board that is not passing the 110v. I am uncertain of cause.. Howev ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have tried to retune my acoustic Solutions freeview tv/dvd player (model astvd-31199-s2-id-hd), and it is now unresponsive. I pressed 'tv menu', selected 'settings' and 'auto retune'. It seemed to work, I.e., it produced a progress bar which over a few minutes completed. Tv then went black, and standby led began flashing. The tv will now do nothing else. Unresponsive to pressing remote buttons or tv buttons, won't even switch to an alternative mode (I.e., dvd mode). Tried unpluging and even re

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have recently bought a sharp aquos lc 40 le811e tv set,im havin problems tuning it i have a new antenna installed and when i try and auto tune it says there is no signal,i have also tried 2 differant types of portable antenna made for digital tv and still nothin works,cos of this i have to continue using my digi box although the tv has built in freeview,also cos of this i cant use most of the features on the tv set,i have tried so many times to tune it but still nothing works,could u tell me w

Does it have a built in digital tuner? unplug wait 5 minutes hold power button while you plug it in you should get into a secret menu usd by techs look and see if you have a digital tuner hope that way works for that set ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

Database empty Sharp Aquos LC-42XD1EA showing database empty, even after constantly retuning. Analogue signal supplied by powered distribution system in house loft, and all televisions supplied by this (including other flat screens) work fine. Tried it on other ariel leads in different rooms with same result. Tried Factory Reset function, and still no change. It will play from DVD recorder, and have tried connecting to old freeview box (it gets signal and displays picture but is very gray). Any

... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

Technika lcd40-920 My tv has switched its self off and wont switch back on again although the standby button is still on (was flashing but now on with no flashing) ive tryed turing it on with the remote and using the touch buttons on the side and turning the mains off for 10mins to see if it resets or something but still nothing. Please help. I really dont want to have to buy ANOTHER TV! GRR! Ive done my research and what ive seen is people saying its the board with the hdmi etc and theres no po

Thissounds like a very common issue.If set is hard to turn on (takes several tries)but will eventually turn on hereis what my guess would be.Every set has a standby p ... Flat Panel Televisions

Im trying to hook up my first gen 60g ps3 to my sharp lcd monitor, pn-455. im using hdmi for my ps3 - dvi for the monitor. all i get is a black screen. i've tried doing a hard reset and still nothing. if i use the component cables for the monitor it works but the picture is not 1080i. if i hook up the monitor to my laptop with the same hdmi-dvi it works with my laptop. why doesnt it work with the ps3?

... Sharp PN-455 45 in. LCD Television

TV has worked just great since purchased in 04. Sat down this morning, grabbed the remote and nothing happened. I replaced the batteries in the remote, tried it again and nothing. I tried the manual power button on the front of the TV and still nothing. I tested the power outlet and it works fine. As I plug the TV in, I hear a soft click as if it is trying to power on but still nothing happens. I pushed the reset and it makes a soft click but still no picture or sound. Could you possibly help

Hi. This is an all too often occurrence. The TV's manufactured in the earlt to mid 1990s relied on an inferior set of capacitors in the power supply and mainboard components. They should have lasted about 25 to 30 years, but most are on ... Hitachi 57F500 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Got a Toshiba LCD TV BV702 40inch with no sound, tried all the usual stuff unplugging reconnecting etc, even done a upgrade on the software but nothing is working it's only 8 months old. Please he

... Toshiba 57H83 57" Rear Projection HDTV

We bought a new Bush 42 Inch 3D TV about 4 weeks ago and came home today to discover it would not switch on. To begin with the red light was on but the remote control was not doing anything. When we turned the TV off at the socket and then turned it back on again the red light did not even come on and we still cannot watch TV. Nothing happens when we push any of the buttons. We have tried the TV at different outlets and have changed the fuse in the plug. Is there some way we can remedy this?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My topfield e300 freeveiw decoder keeps sayn bad signal do u know why or is there a manual for this, i try to auto scan, blind scan and have even done a factory reset n still the same outcome :(

... Flat Panel Televisions

Mitsubishi WS55711 TV. 'm OK with a a soldering iron and have done similar repairs in the past but I'm far from an expert. I had a convergence problem and have installed a new convergence chip and replaced two bad resistors. First time I reconnected the set came on but the convergence screens didn't show the grids. I discovered I missed connecting a wire and tried again. Got the grid but had two problems: 1) I could align all but the top and bottom right corners which remained prett

Since you said replaced a chip, I presume it was the one STK-393-110 which is used in some models--most of their sets use two chips------I know these sets very well.I have a offer for you---if you have Yahoo IM we can chat there and ... Projection Televisions


You may need to replace the bulb ... JVC HD-56G787 Television

I have a Sony Bravia LCD tv an it won't turn on at all the standby light is not even there I've tried turning on an off and leaving unplugged for an hour still nothing.? Help,

You either have a problem with your power supply board or main board. I would start with having the power supply fuse checked as well as the power supply board! ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40S2000 40 in. LCD HDTV

I have an lg 32ld350. I plugged in headphones into it as to not annoy anyone with the tv and when i was done i unplugged them and now i have no sound unless i use headphones. Even with them unplugged it tells me that it's still connected when i try and reset the audio in the menu. All audio settings in the menu are grayed out and it won't let me do anything. Please help.

Turn off ur tv.Tries take the head phone steal jack plug it in and unplug it out do this like three or four times.Tries the tv menu audio resetting again.The audio should return.Don't used ur tv head phone again the input jack socket it have problems ... LG 42PX5D 42 in. Plasma HDTV

The model is Sanyo LCD-37XR9DA. After about an hour's viewing, the screen went completely white, all washed put. The activity of the program could be seen as off-coloured ghostly images. the sound is OK. The set was turned off for about an hour but, when switched back on, the screen was white, even before the Sanyo logo appeared during the "warm-up". The TV still responds to the remote, but nothing I've tried will restore the screen to "normal".

You have a malfunctioning main a/v board. This problem is caused due to malfunctioning video processing circuit. Replacing the main A/V board should resolve your problem. Let me know if you wish to do it yourself so that I can find you a replacement ... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

My Toshiba Regza AV55 has stopped working completely. After turning it on at the mains there was no power to the tv, i've tried it in various power points and even changed the fuse but there is still not power, no red standby light, nothing. It was working fine an hour before this and has had no other issues until now. Thanks

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I bought an Element TV Model ELDFT421 less than 6 months ago. All of a sudden, while watching TV today, the TV just cut off. I've tried unplugging and plugging the TV again and again, but the TV won't cut on. I've even put plugged the TV into another socket, but still nothing. Please help.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Rechannel tv GVA PDP3208- stuck on 1 channel only. I tried to follow solution: menu>picture>mode(enhanced setting only)>power up(max)>exit and then go back and use auto install, but still one channel coming out even if I switch to other channels.

... Flat Panel Televisions

No power turned it off last night, was working fine. Tried to turn it on this morning, nothing, changed batteries in remote still nothing so tried to turn it on at the panel, still nothing. It is only a little over a year old. Emerson, 40inch, hdtv lcd 1080p

Replace the power supply board inside tv ... Emerson Flat Panel Televisions

Have just moved house .....have retuned tv ....but cant get any BBC channels

Automatic scan cannot detect the BBC channels, possibly because they are too weak in your new location. It should be possible to add channels manually by using your remote. The setup function of your TV may give you the option of adding channels manu ... Grundig Flat Panel Televisions

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