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Mag tv I have a mag tv 32 ' model 3200 that was working perfect then comcast ran some line test and it hasn't turned on since...The light changes from red to blue for the power the screen comes on shows mag then a pop in the speakers and goes right off with a line going through the middle across the screen. I know when a tv cuts off it is going into protection mode. I took the back off and did a look around in the back nothing looks to be burnt, no connectors was loose. Some dust clean

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Take a look at photos to see if similar but different in physical size with a plus mark on one side and a minus mark on other side

Note that on rather large ones it is normal for the black plastic on top to appear lifted--on regular caps with silver tops it is not.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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Mag tv I have a mag tv 32 ' model 3200 that was working perfect then comcast ran some line test and it hasn't turned on since...The light changes from red to blue for the power the screen comes on shows mag then a pop in the speakers and goes right off with a line going through the middle across the screen. I know when a tv cuts off it is going into protection mode. I took the back off and did a look around in the back nothing looks to be burnt, no connectors was loose. Some dust clean

Take a look at photos to see if similar but different in physical size with a plus mark on one side and a minus mark on other side ... Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba 50A62 50-Inch Projection TV displays black lines across screen running from top-to-bottom and the resolution goes off the screen. When I apply force to the top of the television and or back of the television where the connections are made from my DVD Player, Xbox 360, etc. the lines go away for awhile and then come back. I read somewhere that, to fix this, I would need to do something to the area that makes the connection between the projection and the actual input. I am horrible with

Wadasdasdasdasdasdaw ... Toshiba 50A62 50" Rear Projection Television

My LG42LF11 televisions screen tuns black on one half when u turn off and back on...hitting it brings it back but every time u do that we get a permanent vertical line...so if left on screen dosent go halfway out...lines are permanent

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, I bought an LG 47LH50 HDTV exactly 1 1/2 years ago. Black horizontal lines suddenly appeared one night after getting home from work. Over the past two weeks I've seen it go from 3 lines, to 4 and now I have at least 5 horizontal lines...some more prominent than others. They are darker on the right and fade as they go across the screen to the left....almost like dead rows of pixels that come back to life as you go left. They do not fliker or move. For my first HDTV I have to say I

Hi, I purchased the same model in November 2009. About 2 weeks ago a single horizontal line appeared. Each day another appeared until today when the video went out. Now it displays bands of vertical colored lines like a pastel colored rainbow. Did ... LG 47LH50 47 in. HDTV LCD

My sony Bravia kdl-46v5500 screen has colored lines on the left side then half the screen flicks black then the same left half side of the screen stays black then will go back to normal and then go black again sometimes it will be fine for awhile

These sets use for the most part two boards--each drives the screen on one side---also possible as suggested here the problem is inside the panel or where it connects to these boards--if inside the panel (the entire front screen unit) it is fatal as ... Sony BRAVIA KDL46V5500 46 in TV

Hi, I have a Phillips Magnavox 60''. I replaced the CRT coolant, it was so blurry, that fixed the blurry problem. The proyectors were really dirty or fungy. But after I installed everythign back in the TV and turned it on this green curved lines appeared on the screen. The first 5 secs. looks great then the screen starts going green and these green curved lines appear on top and after another 10 sec it gets better again, it's like cycling. The green lines are about 2 in. separate from top to bo

Did you install new tubes? CRT fungus is usually a terminal problem. The inner surface of the tubes corrodes and you will need to clean the tubes to resolve it. Or atleast you will need to replace the coolant. ... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

Lc37d4u has multicolored vertical lines over 75% of screen with dark grey/blackish blobs near the bottom, sound is good but the lines are in front of the picture. It was this way when be obtained it, the outer screen is not cracked in any way but don't know if it was hit or what. Someone said if we take the front off, sometimes the pixels go back into place. Anyone know anything about this. I can post a pic if nec

... Sharp LC-37D4U 37 in. LCD Television

I have a split screen with a line going down the middle. Both screens are showing the same picture. How do I get it back to full picture?

... JVC AV-27D302 27" TV

On my HD1080 Mitsubishi projection flat screen the picture is bowed on top and bottem and it look as if the projectors themselves are offset, but the picture is clearer as you come toward the center. If I smack the side the picture will sometimes come back into focus. But the picture will soon after go back out of focus and sharp swiggly lines streak across horizonally. How can I fix this problem and how much might it cost.

You have poor contacts and or dry joints. Resoldering on the convergeance panel and powersupply/line timebase board will probably fix it.It should take less than an hour in labour terms. ... Mitsubishi WS-65809 65" Rear Projection Television

The tv was moved, turned @ a different angle in the room but at the same spot & turn it back on & its black at the bottom part of screen with one red line going up the screen, still shows all

Try to play dvd. if it is worked fine there you have cable box connection problem. ... Protron PLTV-37 37 in. LCD Television

I have a split screen on my JVC TV, it has a line going down the middle, How do I get it back to one screen?

... JVC Flat Panel Televisions

I have a GE 31GT740 31" TV That turns itself off and then back on every few seconds. There is now a broken (dashed) white line that goes from the very top center of the screen to the right side. The TV will stay on until a comercial comes on and then begin shutting off and back on several times. On cable channels that have no comercials, it will stay on for an entire movie and then begin again when the comercials start. When playing a DVD it will cut on and off at the beginning, when previews, e

I would be concerned with the vertical IC. This IC has pins that have separated from the board itself. You will note the area under the vertical IC is almost black. It will do no good to resolder this. You will need to replace the vertical IC with a ... GE 31GT740 31" TV

I have a MITSUBISHI PROJECTION TELEVISION model WS-65809. it power up with a curved red lines across the screen. When the power cord is unplugged for about 24hrs the picture comes on clear for a while and go back to the same curved red lines after a while. I opened the front cover and realized that the green and blue Tube is not as bright as the red tube, Please help.

When the power up the components get heat up\012but some times the heat may be abnormal due to fauly parts or associate parts, and the cct will \012malfunction.\012\012Once you check the voltage of all power points and out put ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

I have a LG 50" 780P plasma tv. Approx 4 years old. Model- 50PQ30. The screen picture is cut in half the top half is normal but the bottom half is all distorted and has white horizontal lines going across the bottom half of the screen. What could this be? Is it worth getting it fixed?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Model: 52725 we hooked an xbox to this thing and it wont give us a clean picture, rather black and white fuzzies and has green lines shooting across the screen, sometimes purple going across the screen diagnally. It was much worse until we used the hdmi connection in the back of the tv but its still driving everyone nuts. I havent a clue how to fix this, is it even fixable? Please help. S.B.

There are small surface mounted capacitors on the dm Board and the fmt board that have gone bad. They need to be replaced. Most tv techs will charge about $400 to do this. ... Mitsubishi WD-52725 52". Rear Projection HDTV

I bought a akai tv pdp5016h, it was used. when i got it home the picture came on but there was lines in it. and it keeps going to the word akai on the screen and the back to the picture almost like it is resetting itself. Help please

... Akai PDP-5016H 50 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I have a 2005 RCA 32v430t, we had a power outage, when i turned my tv back on the picture was only 3/4 of the screen, white lines running left to right, after about 30-40 sec. the picture would go out, but the sound stayed, do u know what is wrong and can it be fixed by me? ty

... RCA 32V430T 32" TV

Just purchased Samsung LCD TV # LN32D430G3DXZA what are the recomended picture setting , pic mode contrast , brightness,etc ...rather then just going off the factory defaultsAlso adjusting the picture, we have re-set it but it is coming back to the screen that people appear BIG and have crooked legs, and the heads are partialy cut-off

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi VS-60111 TV and the colors are messing up. When I go into the Convergence screen, the blue line is warped and will not let me move it back itno place. What do I need to do?

This is a very common failure on these projection sets and a fairly simple DIY fix. All projection sets including Samsung, RCA, Sony, Phi ... Mitsubishi VS-60111 60" Rear Projection Television

I have vertical lines...7 on them on my tv screen...4 inches apart from each other. At one point when you tapped it ...it would go away...but not anymore. I googled it myself and found 3 things it could be. Called a guy and described it over the phone to him. He told me he would call back after he looked it up on the computer.( I could do that. )

... Samsung LN-T4071F 40 in. LCD HDTV

The sound cuts in and out. there are three red lines running vertical on the screen. the place I bought the tv is out of business. where do I go from here? I saids made jan 2008.

... Mitsubishi LT-52244 TV

Intermittent picture Our Philips 37 inch FLAT TV has some strange issues. Routinely the TV will go totally dark, there will be a click and it seems to turn off, and then 20-30 seconds later it turns back on. The green light stays on therefore I am not positive that it actually turns off but there's a clicking sound. In addition, you will be watching and all of a sudden colored lines come onto the screen completely distorting the picture. I have limited experience with electronics but som

It sounds that, the T'Con board to your TV has the fault. Check ... LG 37LC7D 37 in. LCD HDTV

My mitsubishi 60 in turns off by its self some times 5 min after you turn it on sometimes 5 hours and sometimes 5 days. you can tell when its about to turn off by line that flash on the screen. then they go away.1min later it shuts off.wait 10 min and you can turn it back on.help please.

... Mitsubishi VS-60607 TV

My 42PFL3704D philips tv the volume will just go up to a maxium of 100 byitself,and you cant turn it down with the remote,and you cant turn the volume down with the side button so I have to turn it off,and when I turn it off with the side button and turn it back on again with the side button it will come back on,play for about 30 minutes and the volume will go back up to100 again,and if I can get the volume down,then the setup screen comes up and I have to go through the setup screen and it will

... Philips 42PFL7422D 42 in. LCD TV

My rca r52wm24 Tv turns on but after about 20 minutes the screen goes black but I still have sound. Sometimes the picture will come back up and work fine after 10-30 minutes but it will go to black screen again. Then sometimes the picture will be fine for around 20 min utes agin flash to black then flash right back to normal. rnWhennthe screen does go to black it slowley fades out takes about 10 seconds to go black

Hi mcpheeters16,\015\012\015\012First to isolate the loose connection from fault, check the cable connectors from the lamp and the ballast board. Pull-out the cables and then re-insert. Also check the ballast board from bad solder joints (crack ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

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