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My samsung tv picture is off centre with a grey line to the left of the picture can only get a full screen in wide zoom setting which still gives an incorrect picture, i dont use any extra equipment,

\015 The picture and sound are perfect just lost in what to try. thanks...\015

Answers :

A lot of sets do have a way to center or even increase the width of the picture but all require to know the exact model to see if they offer this option or not.

If its a ps42a457p I doubt it has that unless it is in the customer menu somewhere.

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My samsung tv picture is off centre with a grey line to the left of the picture can only get a full screen in wide zoom setting which still gives an incorrect picture, i dont use any extra equipment,

A lot of sets do have a way to center or even increase the width of the picture but all require to know the exact model to see if they offer this option or not.If its a ps42a457p I doubt it has that unless it is in the customer menu somewhere ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi im trying to connect my hp g56 to my panasonic th-42px8b i am using a vga to hdmi cable?!!! i have changed all the settings on my laptop but still not getting a picture on the screen is there anything i can do? look forward to any help you give

... Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ80U Plasma TV

The picture on the set is still crystal clear after looking much closer the set seems to have rolling horizontel lines and this gives every vertical line and edge a nothced appearance. The best way i know to describe it is the picture is clear but it is like looking through heat waves coming up off of hot blacktop.

... Mitsubishi WS-65613 65" Rear Projection HDTV

My wt-46809 Still has a good picture. It receives its signal from an HD converter box from Time Warner Cable. The other inputs on the tv however don't seem to work. I can't use my DVD or hook up any game systems through the various inputs. In addition, while the HD channels (1000 and up) work, channels 1-999 don't project a picture (only audio). I've never added any HD retrofit to the set, so I'm not sure if true HD is being projected or if the picture is just very good digitally clear SD.

\012TV needs servicing PLEASE TRY THE BELOW FIRST THEN DO A FULL SYSTEM RESET\012\012\012CERTIFIED TV EXPERT HERE, follow this information I provided 3 long solutions to this issue/s Solution 1 Before we start taking things apart, lets try your ... Mitsubishi WT-46809 46" Rear Projection Television

Hi, I have a Sharp Aquos LC-19DV28UT given to me as a gift. I connect the cable from the cable box to the TV, give the remote the proper code, and the TV turns on OK. But then the picture flashes for a brief second, then the picture goes away. The sound is still there. Whenever I try to display any type of menu, it does not display. I tried the TV on 2 different cable connections that work with the current TV, and same problem. I have a feeling there's some setting I need to adjust, but c

... Sharp LC19DV28UT 19 in LCD TVDVD Combo

I just got a sony LCD TV model KLV-22BX350 and i'm using an indoor antenna but the picture still blurred, why? Is there any settings to get a clearer picture or is it the problem with antenna?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Set: RZ-17LZ40 it is not possible to display a full 16/9 picture when i use the ARC button i have only the choice 4:3 wide 14:9 In the wide mode i still have in the upper and lower part of the picture black video (input is a 16/9 videosignal) is there something wrong with this TV or can it adjusted? Thanks for any replay

... LG RZ-17LZ40 17 in. LCD Television

Rechannel tv GVA PDP3208- stuck on 1 channel only. I tried to follow solution: menu>picture>mode(enhanced setting only)>power up(max)>exit and then go back and use auto install, but still one channel coming out even if I switch to other channels.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Blaupunkt IS 70-33VT PIP TV. It has worked perfectly since 1994 and the picture and channell changing are still good, but the sound only works when the volume control is being increased. The local tech says parts for older sets are impossible to obtain and they are not worth the effort. I would really like to prove him wrong and believe I have enough ability to replace a component if I can discover which one. Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I'm in Iraq. We use the MMDS system for broadcasting AFN programming. One of our military has a Shownic, flatpix. I tested his incoming signal and both audio and video are fine on our test equipment. On the TV though, he is only getting picture and a snowy one at best. The audio is nothing but noise. I've attempted to change settings to "M" but there is no option for this and the options available do not do anything to correct the issue. I also attempting MFT'ing and when I did obtain "snow

... Flat Panel Televisions

I just bought a used Loewe TV model number ACO938PB. I can;t get the picture to fill the screen. I've changed the settings inside the TV and the 6X9 format works best, but there are still bars of black on the sides. I checked with At&T (my cable oprovider) and their zoom feature doesn't help either. Please help.

I had a similar problem, and I fixed it with my new Sony flat screen by going into the zoom mode and then menu on the tv remote. You can then access settings such as horizontal and vertical and change them so that your screen can adjust. The only ... Loewe Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic viera TX-32LXD85 used to connect fine to HumaxT2hdr and Lenovo laptop via hdmi cables. Now when you switch on either units the tv switches to hdmi signal/port but no picture appears on screen. tried switching cables turning on/off in different order and resetting tv to shipping setting. Still no change.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I own a 50PL9126D/37 50 in DLP TV I bought used and the picture is dark so I took it apart because I was told it could be dusty or could be the lamp. After I cleaned the inside screen VERY carefully with a microfiber cloth I reassembled the set and now the power button or blue doesn't come on nor does the remote work anymore. Plus the TV is still dark, which I figure must be the lamp. I can turn the TV on by plugging it in and hitting one of the side buttons (different one every time) and then u

Dlp tvs have dark pictures,first thing u must be alway change the tv projection lamp.Specially,if u bought used,because u don't know how long the projection lamp been inside that tv already.After u change the projection lamp,still have problems or he ... Philips 50PL9126D/37B 50" DLP TV

Model: 52725 we hooked an xbox to this thing and it wont give us a clean picture, rather black and white fuzzies and has green lines shooting across the screen, sometimes purple going across the screen diagnally. It was much worse until we used the hdmi connection in the back of the tv but its still driving everyone nuts. I havent a clue how to fix this, is it even fixable? Please help. S.B.

There are small surface mounted capacitors on the dm Board and the fmt board that have gone bad. They need to be replaced. Most tv techs will charge about $400 to do this. ... Mitsubishi WD-52725 52". Rear Projection HDTV

Hi good day! My television set is still doing good. My problem is the remote control. I tried purchasing a universal remote control but the brand name (Minami) was not in the list. I tried using the codes found under Other brands, but still the universal control I bought was not set. Can anybody tell me about the 3-digit code to be used in setting up the universal remote control for Minami Television set?

Try 003 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have purchased an HX46800 after using an XBR40 full HD for 3 years. The picture on the new set doesn't seem as sharp as the older LCD set except when the source is 1080. It is very unforgiving for even 576 picture source and the picture becomes less than sharp, especailly on long shots - sometimes looking almost blurry. The older set seemed to accomodate most HD sources with a sharper picture. Is this common or do I have a dud? tks Mike Goss

... Sony Bravia KDL40HX800 40 in. LCD 3D HDTV

I have recently bought a sharp aquos lc 40 le811e tv set,im havin problems tuning it i have a new antenna installed and when i try and auto tune it says there is no signal,i have also tried 2 differant types of portable antenna made for digital tv and still nothin works,cos of this i have to continue using my digi box although the tv has built in freeview,also cos of this i cant use most of the features on the tv set,i have tried so many times to tune it but still nothing works,could u tell me w

Does it have a built in digital tuner? unplug wait 5 minutes hold power button while you plug it in you should get into a secret menu usd by techs look and see if you have a digital tuner hope that way works for that set ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

When I turned on TV after about 1 week of not using it, it took a long time to start up. Then, I noticed a flickering in the picture. I checked all the Picture settings and noticed that I must turn Backlight all the way off or on lowest setting 1 to stop the flickering. The higher the Backlight setting, the faster the flickering becomes. However, the picture is too dark on Backlight Off or 1 and increasing Brightness to 100 does not solve the problem.

... Samsung LA40A330 40 in. LCD TV

My 42 - inch LG Plasma picture is too large for the display, the top and bottom of the picture is cut off slightly. I adjusted the aspect ratio using the picture menu. The 16:9 aspect ration does not help and the "just scan" setting is only slightly better. All other settings cut off move of the top and bottom of the picture. How do I "zoom out" so the picture can fit?

On the remote control there is a zoom button. Your picture is zoomed in x2. You need to set it to normal. ... LG 42PC3D 42 in. Plasma Television

I have a 37 inch lcd hd tv made by Curtis model 3717A. I bought the set about 18 months ago. When I attempt to turn the set on either manually or by remote, the on/off light begins flashing but there is no picture. After leaving the set unplugged for several hours I was able to turn the set back on. Since that time I stopped using the tv's on/off, instead just using the cable box. My cat stepped on the power strip yeserday and now the tv will not power back up. Help.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Lost picture Lately,after about an hr1/2 the picture suddenly disappears. I still have sound but the screen goes black.. no warning, just picture gone. new batteries in the remote. I shut the system down (set top box&tv) then turn it back on and so far the picture's been coming back. I've had the set since '05.I'd appreciate your input. Thanks.

Try unplugging everything and then plugging it back in. When my xbox had the "ring of fire" my brother asked me to fix it and I just unplugged and re plugged it worked and came back to life. (be careful that you either have the instuction menu for se ... Protron PLTV3250 32 in. LCD Television

My thanks to Guest however as mentioned I have no problems using the SET-TOP BOX remote with my TV! I want to use my NEC remote as a stand alone; as I still have ANALOG reception? So disconnecting my SET-TOP and using my coax cable direct from wall socket to my TV I should be able to receive the ANALOG channels? and that's not happening; so when I use my NEC remote and go to menue the AUTO TUNE BOX DOES NOT DISPLAY! and that is the problem!

... NEC Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Vizio VF550M problem. I was watching a show and the picture faded to black. The audio was still playing but no picture. I turned the TV off and on again but I still have no picture. It used to flicker a couple of times but now it doesn't. I can see the backlight come on when I power it up. Any ideas what could be causing it? Thanks in advance

... Vizio VF550M 55 in. LCD HDTV

The t.v. was running fine until the usb orange button on the remote got pushed and now it's saying to run channel auto scan which I did. It did not correct problem. Still no picture. I went to set up Wizard and tried both the air and cable settings to see if I ran auto scan that way and still no luck

What happens when u hit the usb button again? ... Sceptre X405BV-FHD3 40 in. LCD HDTV

I hooked up my ONYX DVD player using the front connect but am getting nothing but snow, no volume, no picture. I just moved the set to this location but earlier had a tv with picture and sound, so now what's up. I am not trying to get tv, just want to use it for dvd.

... Symphonic ST420FF 20" TV

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