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Hi I have a power problem, with my Sony RDR-HX717 DVD Recorder. I have no power at all in the display or anywhere else in my recorder. I suspect it could be the fuse, on the power supply board, which is a Newton Power NPS-51AP. The fuse is a T4AH-250V. My question is - what is the best way to replace this fuse, as it is in a closed fuse socket, which is not easy to open? Thx for any help. Fritz Diedrichsen

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Hi I have a power problem, with my Sony RDR-HX717 DVD Recorder. I have no power at all in the display or anywhere else in my recorder. I suspect it could be the fuse, on the power supply board, which is a Newton Power NPS-51AP. The fuse is a T4AH-250V. My question is - what is the best way to replace this fuse, as it is in a closed fuse socket, which is not easy to open? Thx for any help. Fritz Diedrichsen

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Syntax Olevia 20HVK, we had a brown out and the tv went out. I opened the tv and found a blown fuse in the power supply, I replaced the fuse and the fuse blew again. should i just replace the power supply? what should i do?

You have shorted power transistor or mosfet on power supply that need to be replace however this need a soldering skills and electronic background if you don't have skills its better if you replace the whole power supply board. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Replaced convergence fuse , resoldered flyback terminals..originally when tv went out it would not come back on..the power green light would blink a couple times then nothing..but finally TV came on..and showed convergence problem...after replacing suggested convergence fuse by tvrepair.com tried powering on the tv and the green power light blinks a couple times and shuts tv down...u can here a click ..but no picture. any suggestions?

Persistence pays off! What you found is very common and yes these sets are not real well made--good for you! ... Projection Televisions

TV hit by lightning. Will Best Buy replace without questions?

Ask and see but I would not mention the lightening---if its 3 months old the LG warranty should cover the repair or replacement.They will not know at all it was lightening unless you tell them."This thing just stopped working" they w ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

After reading several forums when my LG 42PC3D died, I went in thinking I had the answer. It would turn on, but then off immediately. The Y-sus board had a blown fuse. I didn't want to risk frying anything else, so I replaced the board rather than just replacing the fuse. When I disconnected the board, it would turn on and stay on. Now, with the new board, it powers up as soon as I plug it in (doesn't actually turn on, just powers up) but won't do anything. The screen is backlit with just

Y and X-sus boards should be replaced at the same time due to they way they communicate with eachother. I suspect that the x-sus is also faulty.Thank you! ... LG 42PC3D 42 in. Plasma Television

I have a vizio 50p HDTV20A and with out warning it just shut off. I tried to replace blown fuse on the power supplyboard ,as soon as I went to change the input on the screen the fuse blew again.

Some components in the board are defective/shorting. This may need attention by a qualified service technician. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Fixya tv I have a Samsung LCD TV. Model Number LN40B530P7FXZA. In January this year my TV picture went out and only had sound. I replace the power supply board and all was well. Well the same thing happen again but this time one of the fuses on the board has blown. I replaced the fuse and as soon as I plugged in the power cord it blew. I did this twice. Should I get another board or is it something else? Thanks.

It sounds that there should be a dead short circuit in the power supply board's circuit. If you are not familiar with\012electronics, do not attempt to repair. \012Whether you suffer fatal electric\012shock. Instead, conta ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

How do I find the power board in a 1997 big screen Sony TV to check the fuse? How do I check the fuse? I live in a house built in the 1890's, and last year there were 2 different tornados ,within 2 weeks of each other, that blew over trees on top of my power line twice in 1 month. My TV hasn't turned on since then. Is it the fuse I need to be checking? Should I replace the power cord, maybe just the cord is fried? It wasn't Although it was manufactured in 1997, it is still a very large, nice t

Here i like all responses to you post.Gazebo, Patio Heaters, ... Sony Standard (CRT) Televisions

My Vizio P42 plasma has no picture but has sound. I removed the back panel and removed fuse FS1 on the Y sys board as well as fuses FS1 & FS2 on the Z sys board and they passed the continuity test. I also did continuity on surface mount fuse FS3 on the Y sys board without removing it from the board and continuity was ok and the same with FS3 on the Z sus board. I know that testing a fuse on the board is not the best way but it seems that it is the only way to do it on the surface mount fuses.

... Vizio P2 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

Blown fuse on TV, 2.5AL250V fuse on 42" Regza tv. I replace the fuse 3 times. Once i plug the tv in. The fuse blows. Do i need to replace the power board.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I am not sure what fuse to put in it, when I got it it had a 500 MA Ceramic 5x 20 250v Fuse blown; but when I replace it with the same it automatically pops. The board of the power supply has written on it that at F1 should be a 8.0 AH/250V Fuse. What fuse is it supposed to have, so I can replace it? Thank you Corey

On the body of the fuse or on the circuit board there will be a suffix T or F next to the value.T stands for Time delay or slowblow. If its marked F it means fast acting fuse.Now after replacing the correct fuse if it still pops you have ... Flat Panel Televisions


\015\012Hello, this is possible but not so recommended, you can put a new fuse and if he was burned, so it is likely that there is one or more elements shortened in the power supply. And caused the burning fuse. Do you have an opportunity to ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 2006 Hitachi Plasma 42HDS69 that will not turn on. When you power up the TV, the fuse blew. Replaced fuse, powered up the TV, could hear relay click in and fuse blew at the same time. Is this repairable? How should I proceed?

Blown fuse signals a massive short in the power source of the tv - it will have to be replaced. But before doing that you must find out why the source got fried and if other parts of the tv need replacing - the other components will have to be checke ... Hitachi 42HDS69 42 in. Plasma Television

Failed Repair Job. A friend of mine called a loocal repair shop to fix their LG50PC3D 9 x 10V 3300uf 105c Capacitors on the Power Board were swollen 1 x 50v 680uf 105c Capacitor on the Power board was swollen. He replaced them with the following. 8 x 16v 3300uf 105c 1 x 25v 3300uf 105c 1 x 50v 1000uf 105c The replacement of the capacitors didn't help and he simply left the tv unrepaired. My question is, can you get away replaced the 10v 3300uf with 25v 3300uf? and the 50v 680uf with a 50v 10

Replacing the 10V caps with 25V caps is perfectly fine. In fact, if it was manufactured like that, those caps may not have blown.Replacing a 680uF with a 1000uF could be problematic depending on it's function.680uF is pretty specific when ... LG 50PC3D 50 in. Plasma Television

I replaced the STK chips and one pico fuse that was blown on the input power board (the fuses and resistors near the STK chips are fine). I turn the power on, no screen and I get sound for 1 second, then it turns itself off. The power LED blinks 4 times, long pause then repeats. What should I look at next.

A blink of 4 times is an error code that there is no vertical deflection. There may still be a problem with the + or - 15 volt supplies. This error is generate when the vertical deflection pulse is missing. there might be a problem with ic 8003 ... Sony KP-51WS500 51" Rear Projection Television

Toshiba model 42hp66 Plasma flat screen Problem No picture or sound. Pushing on button 2 clicks are heard A slight hum is heard at the Z SUS board. Green power light is on (power light is red when unit is off) Slight clicking sound from Y SUS board. Now that I replaced the open Fuse. (Fuse 4AH250VP Found open on Y SUS board as looking at rear the Fuse on the left). Still no operation?

Do you still have the clicking noise? The tv turns on but no response issue is associated with the main A/V board 99% of the times if there is no clicking sound ... Toshiba 42HP66 42 in. LCD Television

I have a Sanyo DP50747.. a friend of mine, who repairs electronics has looked at it and said that the power supply needs to be replaced. I was wondering if there's any way to repair a power supply? OR if there's any way I could use a power suppy from a different Sanyo model?

Check the fuse as described at the following web page:\015\012http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Repairing-Sa ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I bought a Vizio L32 HDTV10A that didn't power-up. There were charred components on the power board (an 8-pin IC with heatsink and 2 resistors). I replaced the power board, and the power LED then turned on (yellow) when power was applied. When the ON button is pressed, the power LED turns green for roughly 8 seconds and then the power LED turns yellow again. Nothing else happens. I checked many components (fuses, capacitor ESR, diodes, etc) on the main board and the master and slave inver

... Flat Panel Televisions

Power will not tour on Samsung T220HD model. I replaced a bulging capacitor on the power supply board and still will not turn on. I also tested the fuse with an ohmmeter and the fuse was good. any ideas what to try next?

... Samsung T220HD 22 in. LCD TV

Power on constant red light but screen not turning on. Changed fuse checked components nothing burnt replaced fuse check power going to inverter board but still screen not turned on.

Have you checked the fuse? ... SNK Skyworth SLC1963A 19 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

Re:Power supply circuit in a Toshiba 32AF45 - cannot power up. Have replaced:fuse, Capacitor 250v1uf, Q502, R541, and D523. Blows fuse immediately when turned on and I don't know what to check next. Thanks for any assistance!

... Toshiba 32AF45 32" TV

I have a apex 32-inch tv model (AT3208S), This tv was connect to a converter box, the other day electric power went out in our area for about 8 mins or less, once the power was back on the tv screen was blue and have remain this way. I have disconnect, scan, unhook, chg to 3/4. I went to Best Buy, came home a connect, with the same problem. I called Best Buy Tec support, they tried different things, reset, unplug, disconnect ect, same problem the tv screen still blue. The tv is working and the c

OK, I have one of these TVs, and here's a thought: There's nothing wrong with the TV nor with the cable converter box. Please bear with me. Since I don't know how much you may know about TVs in general and this one in particular, I'm going to assu ... Flat Panel Televisions

There is a fuse on the power supply board it says to only replace with ame fuse i understand that do i have to soder it out and in or is it more easily replaced.

Hi there, if in case on your TV that the fuse is needed to solder out before it can be removed, yes you need to solder it out. But if it has this fuse terminals that you only need to tap it out better if thats the case. Some TV has this fuse terminal ... Flat Panel Televisions

Protron PLTV-3250 Stopped working. Replaced fuse no results. Is it worth replacing the power supply?

HelloThe oscillator section of the power supply is not working. It will be very difficult repair these kind of power supply boards. Replacement as card basis only could be done. ... Protron PLTV-32 Television

I have had a Viewsonic N2752W since December 2009 that shutdown after 11 hours of operation and fails to restart. The power supply has no fuses blown and the capacitors in the AC/DC power supply that were bulging have been replaced. There are no changes in status and the television has no signs of any power when the power button is pressed. What are your thoughts?

... Flat Panel Televisions

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