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Today my haier Plasma TV (42HP25BAT) did a terrible click sound and post which the screen of TV went purple with out blue color and less brightness than normal. When there is no signal to TV , it displays blue but there are some black spots on the corner. Could you please help me as soon as possible ?

Answers :

Purple? Would that be magenta? That's what you get when you lose the green color. Lower brightness may be due a shift in one of the power supply voltages. I'm not familiar with the layout of this model, but the first thing I'd do is inspect the power supply to see if something exploded - possibly an electrolytic capacitor.

Another possibility is a high-voltage component on the plasma driver board. Check anything mounted on a heat sink (metal plate or slab with fins).

Are the black spots just in one corner of the display? Do they show up the same no matter what the program material is? If so, I'd be concerned that you had an arc inside the display itself and it is damaged. The arc could have taken out the green drive. It is possible that it's a problem in the video circuit, but usually that would show up as a bad row or column. (If it is indeed a fault due to arcing in the display, you may able to see a difference between the bad areas and the rest of the screen with a magnifying glass and bright light when the set is turned off.)

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Today my haier Plasma TV (42HP25BAT) did a terrible click sound and post which the screen of TV went purple with out blue color and less brightness than normal. When there is no signal to TV , it displays blue but there are some black spots on the corner. Could you please help me as soon as possible ?

Purple? Would that be magenta? That's what you get when you lose the green color. Lower brightness may be due a shift in one of the power supply voltages. I'm not familiar with the layout of this model, but the first thing I'd do is inspect the power ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Polaroid TLX-04240B It comes on and Displays the Polaroid logo, then it goes to a black screen with the HDMI1 input box on the top right hand corner. THis box eventually disappears, leaving me with a black screen. The menus seem to work. But the signal only dispalys a black screen. When no source is connected, it will display the blue screen stating no signal. Apparently it is getting the HDMI signal but unable to display it? I have taken it apart and inspected the capaci

Buy another HDMI cable.Try another HDMI cable with another HDMI hub on the tv port.If u still have the same problems,mean the whole main tv Tuner signal board have problems and the caused.Tries websites like Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com to buy a whole new ... Polaroid TDA-03211C 32 in. LCD HDTV

In my tv is 10 years old and by the 2007 we replaced with new board(Only the CRT is the old one). Last day I was switched on my tv only sound only came and no picture. I can able to see the menu setting in TV live volume increase and decrease, Chanel nos etc. When I remove the external cable connection the display comes like blue screen(looks like the CRT is ok). When I inserted the cable the blue screen goes off and became black color during that time the audio of the tv is good. Pls help to s

Hello\015\012Your TV is fitted with Toshiba kit I understands from your description. There is a sub-brightness contorl on board [a small preset resistor, which can be adjusted with a small screwdriver] fitted near to the LOT and towards its le ... Flat Panel Televisions

Have PHILIPS Model #42PFL5332D/37. The front blue light comes on but no display no sound. ( I took off the black cover and two of the circuit cards in the back has a green blinking extremely small LED on two separate cards labeled AK. This might be normal ) I live in a remote area of the Bahamas so I need to fix it myself. PHILIPS customer service was UNWILLING to assist helping me with any information to troubleshoot it.

... Philips 42PFL5332D 42 in. LCD Television

My LG led has had several problems, it started out with the left half of the screen flipping as if viewed from a mirror with the right part of the screen normal. After that, it displayed vertical colored lines (blue, yellow, black, white, etc) which went away and now it shows a vertical bar about 4 inches across that looks darker than the rest of the picture. I also noticed images burning in everywhere except that bar. I know it's a lot of issues but any help would be appreciated.

This problems are a very tipical of the coded pixels on the LCD screen panel passes through the board that call the T-CON decoder board to causing this problems.Vertical colors lines display on the LCD screen panel happen by itself.Yes.The T-CON deco ... LG 32LE5300 Widescreen 32 in. HDTV

Sylvania 6637LCT : The right half of the screen is displaying bright blue in all areas that are supposed to be black or near-black. Tried cycling power, changing channels/inputs/aspect ratio. Please

... Sylvania 6637LCT 37 in. LCD Television

Vizio 37 hdtv problem, blue screen w/ no signal displayed then shuts down in about 20 seconds

... Vizio VX37L Television

When I turn on my dynex tv the blue led lights are on but nothing else is, no sound, no screen it's just black. Then when I try to turn it off the blue led light stays blue and you can't do anything the only way is unplugging the tv but the whole process keeps on going I NEED HELP

... Flat Panel Televisions

No Video Signal - Black screen with Blue Bar that reads "No Video Signal". Eversince we got a new HD reciver to view our new Toshiba 40" tv in HD, we have been having this issue! Lately it has been during startup, so when the tv sits overnight and I turn it on in the morning, the No Video Signal is on the screen. Leave it for about 5 minutes and the channels will then come on, or I have used the remote to go through the different inputs, and go back to the one the HDMI cable is in and it may

One of the things an HDMI connection does is allow the TV and equipment to talk back and forth to each other. When you turn the TV off it ends this connection but when you turn it back on, it doesn't communicate correctly. The analog inputs don't do ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi we have lost all channels of our hisence tv just blue screen saying no signal please help had channels yesterday

Nothing to worry, You change to AV mode to TV mode and wise verse,If nothing happen then call the service center, It only two months old. ... Hisense LCD1504 15 in. Television

My hitachi plasma tv model P50S601 only flashes a picture for a second before going black. Once it goes black, the blue power button flashes and can't be turn off by the remote or by manually pressing it on the tv. The only way to stop it is to unplug the electric cord. Thanking you in advance for any help you might be able to give me

These tv's are know for this. I have a topic about it telling you how to test and repair these at http://www.homet ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a westinghouse LTV -27w2 27in HDTV-ready LCD TV,It will not come on,TV came on once had blue screen,then went off,it will not come back on,has a black screen now,blue light came on then turned yellow, Help me please?

That could be either the Power supply or the main board. I would think the main board is most likely because of the Blue screen you mentioned. ... Westinghouse LTV-27W2 27 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Hi, I update my NetCast software from 2.0 to 3.0. After restarting my LG, screen becomes black, no meniu , no signal. I can't turn my tv on..I tried all the way to restore operation, but the TV screen remains black... Help please

... LG 55LX9500 55 in. 3D HD-Ready LCD TV

I have a compaq w185q lcd monitor for pc.I have got a tv card with it so i can also watch tv with it.But today while watching tv on it i changed its input signal to something like 1600x..the screen suddenly black out with error message input signal out of range change to 1300 x..like this.and to change the setting i clicked menu from remote but menu doesnt appear so i couldnt reset it.it works fine when i switch to pc side but on tv side i get this error message.what to do please help!

... Flat Panel Televisions

I'm using a Sewell SW-23000 PC to TV converter to connect my Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 PC to a Zenith B25A24Z TV. This converter converts a VGA signal to an RCA one. A scrambled signal comes through on my Zenith when the PC is on and it changes when the computer monitor picture changes, but remains scrambled. Changing the PC display settings doesn't help - I tried several different resolutions. My PC's video card is an Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset. Do I need a new video card? (that wasn't suppo

Hi,you can try to use different TV if you have an LCD tv try connecting it to your converter just to isolate the faulty.replace the RCA cord use a new one the RCA cord might have a problem.If your TV has two video input try to plug the a/v cord to a ... Zenith B25A24Z 25" TV

My tv telefunken model TTV-215 (C) displays 'AV 1' at the right corner on a black background. the TV/AV button both on the TV and remote control are not respondind hence i cant make any changes. please help me what should i do? does it mean its locked or what? but no lock sign is displayed on the tv.

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have sharp lc32d44e-bk tv and a blue box with the letter k has appeared and i cant get any signal or volume now.i do have the original remote for the tv but don't know how to get rid of the blue box and reset the tv any help would be welcomed and it keeps switching itself off

... Sharp Aquos LC-42D62U 42 in. LCD HDTV

I have a JVC LT-32A1 lcd tv that was working fine until yesterday. It will turn on for a second flash the blue screen and then go black. The blue power light stays on like normal. I do not think it is a power issue. Please help!!

... JVC Flat Panel Televisions

Hello i have a 56hm66 , the tv was work fine sometimes the lighting would dim just a little then brighten back up it would do this several times then stop. well i turned tv off came back several hours later, blue light black screen no sound, switched through inputs and ant 1 got blue pink green screeen. thanks for your help

Hi.From your description the TV looks faulty and should be tested by a technician.Problems that can be seen are a fault concerning source inputs and a problem related with voltage to the lamp.The first think that s ... Toshiba 56HM66 56" Projection HDTV

The unit is around 3 years old. When the power button is pressed, the red LED turns blue and stays on, but the screen is black. If the INPUT button is pressed, a blue box appears in the upper right corner of the screen for a second, then disappears. Does anyone know what could cause this? I am not afraid to tackle electronic projects and have the correct tools...I just have no TV/LCD experience. Any help is greatly appreciated

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both.Any caps in these sections that look bulged at the top, or bulged/leaking at the bottom need to be replaced.If you ... Proscan 42LA45H 42 in. LCD TV

My Sony Bravia KDL 40WL 135 TV has been flashing strange colors for awhile; today screen is black with a thin blue line across the bottom. No sound. Any help appreciated.

The vertical output section circuit has the fault. Contact any experienced service technician. This is not a user repairable fault. ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

HI, I have a samsung 933HD which is being a pain it sometimes turns on and the blue light displays but no responce when pressing the power button but other times it turns on but off after a few seconds and then other times it works fine untill I put it on stand by again I have replaced all the capacitors on it apart from the large 450v 100uf I was going to replace all the resistors but hit a snag - there is one with only 2 bands on either side a black and a yellow and on the board next to it

... Samsung 933HD 19 in. LCD TV

I have a Sony Bravia 40", A Sony Blue-ray DVD and am hooked up to my service for hd, and cable. I have HDMI inputs but the TV displays a no signal inpit for any of them. I believe it's the tv...but Q: has there been a report on this problem? Thanks Henry

Check to make sure the input is connected to correct input on the back.Go into the menu and set the input signal to the same input you have on the back of the set.For TV or cable, in the menu SCAN ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

Have a vizio SV370XVT. 13 month old daughter was playing with the remote, and now none of the HDMI including directTV satellite and playstation are working. I can plug in computer to RGB and this works. Help! The result is blue screen that says NO SIGNAL!, even though clearly the satellite and playstation appear to be working.

Hello there,Push\012 the input button on the remote control if you can not find it on the \012remote Control there should be a input button on the front of the TV .Using the TV remote control or the DirectTv remote if programe ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Daewoo dtq-20u9sc tv. Out of the blue, channels are no longer available when selecting the input options (only av1, av2, av3, and cbykc...). I tried to go the the tuning menu, but no options are available there either (only says "Tuning"). Any help is appreciated, as I can no longer get my digital cable signal to show on the tv.

Same with mine. did it fix? ... Daewoo DTQ-20U9SC TV

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