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Acoustic Solutions 32in LCD32761HDF TV Headphone socket entry in the audio menu not hightlighted so cannot use my headphones!! Also aspect ratio settings in HD channels are not right. i.e. 720 on the V box leaves black lines on the tv display and 1080 wide makes objects look too tall! What are the settings for Virgin V Box (HDMI) and your TV? andd how do I change them in the picture menu? Carole

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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Acoustic Solutions 32in LCD32761HDF TV Headphone socket entry in the audio menu not hightlighted so cannot use my headphones!! Also aspect ratio settings in HD channels are not right. i.e. 720 on the V box leaves black lines on the tv display and 1080 wide makes objects look too tall! What are the settings for Virgin V Box (HDMI) and your TV? andd how do I change them in the picture menu? Carole

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung UN40C7000. The picture all of a sudden looks zoomed in on all channels and it looks zoomed in on Bluray as well. I had Charter out to make sure the cable box settings were correct & Geek Squad has also been out. No one can seem to figure out the problem. Help!

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Pioneer plasma PDP-5060HD. The upper picture is now dark with a green line in the middle of the set horizontally. The lower picture looks fine. I suspect it is the upper scan B drive but when I try to remove it there is a long cable connecting the drive to the display. I'm I able to replace this part assuming I can find another. The part number is AWW-1027

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a JVC AV-56WP 30 Rear projection TV. The screen/image is very dark and blurry with lots of lines. It looks like I have the cable box hooked up but the TV is on the wrong channel (ie 3 when its supposed to be on 4). It flashes and I can barely make out the picture. It seems to start randomly and disappears randomly as well. It flashes a normal picture periodically but only for a second. What can I do to fix this? I don't want to spend much money.

... JVC AV-56WP30 56" Rear Projection Television

I'm looking for the manual for a Rank Arena HD Set top box (HD328SE) as I got the display model and it didn't come with instructions =( I cant hook up the kids' TV and they're ****** a

Check this link to download the manual to your device. ... Flat Panel Televisions

The picture on the set is still crystal clear after looking much closer the set seems to have rolling horizontel lines and this gives every vertical line and edge a nothced appearance. The best way i know to describe it is the picture is clear but it is like looking through heat waves coming up off of hot blacktop.

... Mitsubishi WS-65613 65" Rear Projection HDTV

When making an initial set up for motorola set box VIP 1003, the red light comes on, 3rd on the screen and the whole set up process begins over. Blinking yellow light circle turnes green and after the first two get green the third becomes red. Does it mean that the hardware has a fault, or there's something in "system function" menu that can be adjusted to resolve the halt on the software downloading for my set box?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My Philips 32PFL4505D 32-inch LCD HDTV displays a large amount of overscan when displaying 1080p picture. I have to set resolution to 1000p/1776x1000 in order to see the edges of my image. This makes some video games completely unplayable. There must be some way (maybe through the service menu, which I can't figure out how to access) to make the pixels display at a 1:1 ratio.

... Philips 32PFL4505DF7 32 in. LCD TV

I have a panasonic BTT 590 surround sound system with a panasonic gt50 plasma and the two is link with viera link. But when I turn system on the sound level is always on "0" had a look in manual but can't find anything or setting. Does any one know why this is. The TV speaks is set to "0" try to set higher but same result.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Was watching TV and trying to adjust the picture quality of my Model VS 6041 TV. The tv has an AT&T UVERSE set top box which has been working fine for 3 years. The TV Remote is looking for an antenna A or B rather then the set top box. Since I dont have a manual, I dont know what I did wrong. All I need is a manual

... Mitsubishi Flat Panel Televisions

My zenith lcd tv has horizontal black lines whih form a band about 3 inches wide across the screen, sometimes the band looks more like a dark shadow than lines other times the right side of the screen looks like a dark shadow from top to bottom but fades as it reaches the center of the screen .is this a fixable problem

... Zenith Flat Panel Televisions

I have a woolworths digital set top box but do not have a manual. Switchover is 30 March. Are there any instructions you can give regarding the retuning of the box as there does not seem to be a 'first time installation' setting on the menu, or maybe I am looking in the wrong place? Thank you

Tryhttp://www.woolworths.co.uk/web/en/contact.pagefor information on tuning etc. or replacement if only a few days old.Hope that hel ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have connected my VHD box to my LG RZ-32Lz55 TV using an HDMI cable in the DVI socket in the TV When I change the settings on my VHD box to "Hidef HDMI" and then 720 wide the picture disappers for 30 seconds then then the settings revert back to "widescreen" when the picture returns Does this mean I am not getting HD tv ...and can you help

The tv is capable of displaying 720p and 1080i HD pictures. But that box was designed to accept for use only HDCP capable connectors - the DVI from your tv isn't one so the image is automatically downgraded to SD wide.\012\012\012To get an HD ... LG RZ32LZ55 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

My thanks to Guest however as mentioned I have no problems using the SET-TOP BOX remote with my TV! I want to use my NEC remote as a stand alone; as I still have ANALOG reception? So disconnecting my SET-TOP and using my coax cable direct from wall socket to my TV I should be able to receive the ANALOG channels? and that's not happening; so when I use my NEC remote and go to menue the AUTO TUNE BOX DOES NOT DISPLAY! and that is the problem!

... NEC Flat Panel Televisions

I have a shart lc70le640 tv i loses my video feed from my cable box after i turn off my box when i turn my box back thge tv will have audio but will display the what type of tv that i have( HD or STANDERD which is wjat it will do when you set up the tv

Are you by some chance turning the set off (plugged into box for power) by turning the box off? ... Flat Panel Televisions

Make computer display fit tv screen mitsubishi wd 65738

If you are only going to use the set with the laptop here is a link to the service manual with electrical adjustments for height, width and other things---"enter at your own risk.' ... Mitsubishi WD-65738 DLP TV

Television picture has no picture it just displays a multi colored set of lines almost like a plaidlook u can kind of makeout nfaces like they are in the background before this it would get a six inch black line that would move from left to about the center and back

HelloThe T'Con board {Timing Control Board] has damaged. It should be repalced. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-46W3000 Television

Close cap The close cap on my phillips will trun off in the setting but still display it on the screen and I truned off the close on my cable box as well. why is it still displaying it on my screen

Try first if neither clears it to take the box out of line--direct cable to the set to see if still there with no box---this way you know if in set or box. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Set: RZ-17LZ40 it is not possible to display a full 16/9 picture when i use the ARC button i have only the choice 4:3 wide 14:9 In the wide mode i still have in the upper and lower part of the picture black video (input is a 16/9 videosignal) is there something wrong with this TV or can it adjusted? Thanks for any replay

... LG RZ-17LZ40 17 in. LCD Television

My JVC GM-V42UG has an intemittant line in the screen about 2 inches wide going from top to bottom. This happened when the unit waas 6 years old. At that ime, I took it to a shop and they replaced the power supply and charged me $600. It took 4+ weeks to get it fixed. The set is not worth another $600 investment. And so, I thought if it a baord swap out and inexpensive, I would install it first before buying a new set. I am an EE and used to do all my own repairs 20 years ago so soldering

The power supply board should be too easy for you to replace considering your credentials. All I need is the part number for me to find you a replacement. You will need to remove the back cover of the tv and locate the board into which the power cord ... JVC GM-V42UG 42 in. Plasma EDTV

Get lines on my television that go away after it warms up. The lines divide the screen into three parts and it looks like it is trying to display the picture on all three sections.

Try reseating the cables to the inverter boards. When this sort of problem starts happening the panel is usually at fault. In that case there will not be any way to repair this problem. Take good high resolution digital pictures and see if perhaps S ... Samsung LN-T4071F 40 in. LCD HDTV

My set is showing a picture, but it's has line going from top to bottom. When I press the menu box l, the menu box is clear. Does that mean I have to replace the lamp?? Or is it something else. How much can it cost?

Does it do that with every channel? If so then it is the controller board of the cable itself. Try a different connection method. Your lamp is fine. Or it could be your y board. Don't know cost for sure seeing that there is no exact solution yet. ... Panasonic PT-52LCX65 44" HDTV

Sharp LC-26P50E. Can't tune the channels and those that have auto tuned through the freeview box revert to channel 11 automatically after about 3 minutes. Channel display box in top right hand corner of screen constantly alternates between 'mono', 'nicam' etc. Also cannot find the instruction manual for free on-line.

... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

I turn the tv on and I get the sound from the channel being watched via Comcast box however there is a screaching noise that is over top of the program sound. If you turn the volume up the screach gets louder too. This was an open box display model but I don't recall *** making this noise at the store. Any ideas or suggestions? Also, any ideas on how to change the sound type from mono to surround? I'm thinking i might just have to return it.

Return it this tv have intermittent problems with it tv Tuner signal board.That the board,where the incomming broadcasting signal cable plug into it.U should able just pick one option Mono or Stereo sorround sound on Audio Setting setting selection s ... LG 32LD350 32 in. LCD TV

Hi, I have a Sharp Aquos LC-19DV28UT given to me as a gift. I connect the cable from the cable box to the TV, give the remote the proper code, and the TV turns on OK. But then the picture flashes for a brief second, then the picture goes away. The sound is still there. Whenever I try to display any type of menu, it does not display. I tried the TV on 2 different cable connections that work with the current TV, and same problem. I have a feeling there's some setting I need to adjust, but c

... Sharp LC19DV28UT 19 in LCD TVDVD Combo

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