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Hello, i've just brought a samsung 46" series 8 led. and my aerial connection wont fit into the connection on the back. Is there a special slimline connection i have to buy its got a note on the back of t.v stating 14mm max connection width.. if you could let me know what ariel connection to buy that would be great thanks...

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Yes the Tv should have come with the tv. Sometimes its stuck inside the packaging. If you cant find it you have to order it from Samsung. I would go to where you purchased tv and see if they have any spares. Hope That Helps.

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Hello, i've just brought a samsung 46" series 8 led. and my aerial connection wont fit into the connection on the back. Is there a special slimline connection i have to buy its got a note on the back of t.v stating 14mm max connection width.. if you could let me know what ariel connection to buy that would be great thanks...

Yes the Tv should have come with the tv. Sometimes its stuck inside the packaging. If you cant find it you have to order it from Samsung. I would go to where you purchased tv and see if they have any spares. Hope That Helps. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a technisat hdfv desk top box. I have been trying to connect in via the hdmi connection. I keep getting the message mode not supported. It works fine via the scart connection. I have tried changing the hdmi cable but still get the same message. I know the hdmi connection on the tv is ok as I can run a blue ray from it. Took it back to the dealer they tried and got same message. They thought it could be a fault with hdmi on the box. The unit was exchanged. Tried again but still get the sam

You might want to see if a firmware upgrade exists for this issue in the Samsung set you have. ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions


I think from your mobile virus had entered in tv reset the tv ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

When switching from tv to fox my tv displays, hdcp support not being detected from your tv, this disappears and the sound and picture are fine but then without warning the warning comes up again and we lose the picture and are left with a no signal warning on the screen, this can last for hours or sometimes a few seconds and the connection seems to to made again. this happens all the time, ive checked all the connections on the back of the tv, the reciever and the fox box which by the way i got

... LG 50PK550 50 HDTV Plasma TV

We have just opened up our new Sony dvd player, which we bought a year ago but never got round to setting it up. We have connected it up only to find that it turns on, takes the DVD, but only displays 'loading' and thats it. Any advice as to how we could get the DVD player up and running would be gratefully received as we cannot take it back as it was a gift from someone. Thank you, Bethan

I don't suppose there is a transit screw underneath it holding the mechanism?Worth a thought perhaps. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My son has a luxor lux-22-822-COB he has today got a x box 360 and has connected it through the scart adapter at the back. After playing the games for about 2 hours he had a warning come up on the screen saying " warning shut down" this has never happened before he has had the tv for about 3/4 months now......I have looked in the manuel and cant find anything about this

... Mitsubishi LT-3780 37 in. LCD Television

Toshiba 40RL953 smart tv I tried loading the Wi Fi function through a menu it stated loading then went back to the TV program and I couldn't get it do do anything I switched it of and on the remote then worked ok I could change channels and access functions, I then tried to use my xbox which is connected via hdmi and its now locked up the power lights on but nothing works.

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I just bought an LCD 1933A TV. I don't have cable so I connected an indoor antenna to it as instructed ( Radio Shack indoor amplified HDTV antenna 15-254). I turned the TV on and no matter what I did with the antenna, I got a "NO SIGNAL" and then a 30 second automatic turn off. (I live 3 miles from the Empire State Building). What's wrong, or what am I missing or doing wrong?

Few things,\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012You will have to go into your menu settings and be sure to select "Air" instead of Cable for your antenna connection\015\012Then run auto scan channel setup t ... Curtis Flat Panel Televisions

42PZ77U Panny Plasma tv. I just sent the SC board for repair, but in putting it back in the SU board(s) TNPA4383 that are connected together by a little plastic ribbon type cable, one side pulled out and a little tab popped up. I put the end back into the connector and pushed the tab back down and it clicked. Is this how that little ribbon piece fits in? Don't want to turn it on now as I'm afraid of that little connection might be fubar. Any clue? Thanks.

This is how the connect, just make sure that they are connected tightly and that you didn't bend any of the pins and you should be good to go. A bad ribbon cable connection on the bottom will result in a vertical black bar though the screen, if the r ... Panasonic TH-42PZ77U TV

32v434t My RCA 32v434t will come on after 10 min of trying if its got a dark background such as blue or Black like the space between commercials and it will stay on unless the picture turns a bright color such as Yellow or White, I had it at the shop 4 or 5 yrs ago after the HV transformer blew they removed the old one put in a new and we got it back home it would come on for bout 15 min didn't matter the color and I took it back and they fixed it had a transformer set wrong, I brought it ho

... RCA 32V430T 32" TV

I bought a 40 inch Westinghouse led TV. It keeps going back to set up mode. when I am watching something and I try to turn up the volume the TV goes back to set up mode (doest always happen... i would say every three times i do, it does) where I have to scroll down to "connect a game, Blu-Ray, DVD or other player then select my input". its very frustrating. I thought it might be a quirk in the remote so I tried getting a universal remote but it wont connect to the tv at all. I have tried severa

... Westinghouse Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung LE40R7 colors got distorted (they have become electric similar to this example http://vickismithartist.com/images/paintings/azofadifferentcolor2009.png ). Next day they were back to normal, but after ~3 hours working it got distorted again and did not get back to normal. Should I call service or can I fix it myself? Thanks.

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung HL85688W DLP TV. Turned on the TV .....channel came on, color is good and audio is fine. Changed channels and found it was only getting 3 channels. Tried changing "source" got black screen until I got back to the 3 channels. Unplugged TV for 50 minutes to let it reset ..........turned back on and have the same problem. What do I try next??

... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

Hi I have recently got a Hitachi HDR255 250gb Freeview + recorder. The problem i've got is that when I am in live Tv Mode and I want to rewind it will only rewind back about 5-10 seconds and then automatically starts playing without me touching the play button. It has been doing this several times and I can't rewind back to the beginning of a program which the box says it can do. Please HELP Jim

Jim, it may say it on the box, but as i found out today, this recorder does not allow the rewinding of live TV. In fact, it seems that few freeview+ boxes do, even if the box says so. I had to return a hdr255 to Argos today for this very reason. ... Flat Panel Televisions

50pfp5332d got this tv not working. found no power when conected and decided to remove back cover. found blown PCB fuse and replaced it,turn the tv on and the picture came on for 10 seconds and when out but tv was still on since the logic board led was on,also noticed led on PCB started blinking. pull power cord off and then plug back in turn power button on and got picture for 10 second PCB relay clicked picture died and led on PCB started blinking again. what do you think?bad PCB or ba

Hello\015\012The power regulator PCB has some fault it it. It does not outs proper regulated voltages needed to the other PCBs in your TV. Normally Plasma TV power regulator PCBs are very difficult to repair, and PCB as whole should be replac ... Philips 50PFP5332D 50 in. Plasma Television

I bought a new samsung led 5 series tv but it keeps telling me i got no signal. the only connection i have is the antenna cable but it keeps telling me i got no signal even though iv done the whole auto store. i even bought a new cable thinkn it was the cable but still no luck. is there something else i need to connect or could it be the antenna?

Hi there, Do you live in a house or some sort of complex? If you live in a home, then I would suggest verifying the connection to the outside antenna. If you live in a complex (apartment, condo, etc.) then the possibility exists that th ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have the teac hdr2700t dual recorder and are having problems recording 2 shows at a time, and also pvr records only 1 show at a time instead of ie 7 shows preset please help asap, do I need another cable, looked at the back of the unit, and seems to be connected ok, or is it the connection at the back of the unit that is the problem apart from the above unit is working ok thanks justine!

... Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba 50A62 50-Inch Projection TV displays black lines across screen running from top-to-bottom and the resolution goes off the screen. When I apply force to the top of the television and or back of the television where the connections are made from my DVD Player, Xbox 360, etc. the lines go away for awhile and then come back. I read somewhere that, to fix this, I would need to do something to the area that makes the connection between the projection and the actual input. I am horrible with

Wadasdasdasdasdasdaw ... Toshiba 50A62 50" Rear Projection Television

My dp50747 started turning off, i could hear a click, if i hit the corner of tv it turns back on, then it finaly stopped turning back on, i can wait a few minutes and turn it back on but it turns back off. will stay on if no antannea,dvd ect connected to it.. replaced sub power board. no change.

You need to replace the primary power supply board..or you have cold solder on it. try to resolder that part ... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

I have a Mitsubishi LT-55265 LED TV with wifi capability. It keeps losing the wifi connection when I turn it off. When I try to reconnect, I have to retry several times before it finally connects. The error message says connection couldn't be completed due to network problems or incorrect password. Re-entering the password doesn't help. My wifi signal is full strength and my laptop and printer never have a problem with the wifi connection. When I first got the tv set up a few months ago,

... Mitsubishi LT-55265 55 in. HDTV LCD TV

I relocated to another state and I have a Sansui HDLCD1908 tv, I have this extra power cord I'm assuming it connects to the tv, all the other cords to all the other electronics are accounted for and connected. If this cord connects to the tv where does it connect to? Thnak You

It will connect in the back of the TV. You will see a female socket under the lip of the RCA connections and RF connectors. This power cord is just like the computer power cord you already use! Thanks for asking and show a few hands of support! ... Sansui HDLCD1908 19 in. LCD TV

I am having problem setting up my hdmi connection with my panasonic viera model TH-L32C10X2. i cant get it connected to my sony ps3. all cable connections are connected. set the tv to either hdmi1 or hdmi2. then tried setting it up on the ps3 console. but when i tried to change the ps3 setting to hdmi setting, the picture goes blank. and after 30 seconds goes back to its original picture. please advice what to do. thanks

I do not own a PS/3, but I will try to help just in case you dont get another expert at this late hour....\015\012\015\012It sounds like you need to save the changes on your PS/3. It is timing out and going back to default because the cha ... Flat Panel Televisions

LG 32PC5RA. Plasma back panel diagram to connect the 5.1 channel woofer system.......because the plasma is hanged in the wall and the back portion is not visible............. please help me by sending the back panel diagram for 32PC5RA.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I bought a Roku to stream movies. The directions tell me to connect the Roku to the TV with an HDMI cable. I bought one, but it doesn't fit any of the connections on the back of the TV. We have an HDTV SRS Model LT-3225. Is it possible to connect? Thanks for your help. Barbara

Hello,It's not compulsory you use the HDMI connection. There are other connection method you can use like RCA (yellow, white and red), composite (green, red and blue,) or S-video.So, it is possible to connect using other conne ... Norcent Technologies Flat Panel Televisions

Hello. my samsung HL61650A 61'' DLP tv is about 2.5 years old, and tonight it just shut off. tried to turn back on, got 2 'buzzing' sounds from the back, but it wouldn't turn on. unplugged, undid back cover, put blue switch to 'down', still no luck. now, it won't really even try to power on, and standby & lamp LED lights blink. do you think it is solely the Lamp that needs replaced? help!?

... Samsung HL61A650C Television

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