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I have the teac hdr2700t dual recorder and are having problems recording 2 shows at a time, and also pvr records only 1 show at a time instead of ie 7 shows preset please help asap, do I need another cable, looked at the back of the unit, and seems to be connected ok, or is it the connection at the back of the unit that is the problem apart from the above unit is working ok thanks justine!

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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I have the teac hdr2700t dual recorder and are having problems recording 2 shows at a time, and also pvr records only 1 show at a time instead of ie 7 shows preset please help asap, do I need another cable, looked at the back of the unit, and seems to be connected ok, or is it the connection at the back of the unit that is the problem apart from the above unit is working ok thanks justine!

... Flat Panel Televisions

My LG 37LC2D issue: when I power it up it takes a very long time to show a picture (now about 10 minutes), (as if it needs to warm up) if the TV have been on for a while I can power it off and then back on with no long wait, it is only when the unit is cold or have been off for a long while.

Check the capactors on the power supply. I changed C208 because it was bugled on the top I put a 25 volt in place of the 16 volt. The green light should flash 7 times then picture is present. See http\015\012 ... LG 37LC2D Television

SunBrite Modle 2310 HD intermediately looses one color (green turns orange). Later it will turn back to correct color. The unit was in the shop for 2 weeks and did not loose color. This time the color has been lost for 2 weeks. I have changed the Direct TV box and the cable connection. What do I need to do?

Its video output section should be troubleshooted for any loose solder terminals. ... SunBriteTV 2300HD 23" TV

We were watching TV when we heard a loud pop and then the screen went dead (no picture, no light) but the sound was still on. I read my manual and it says that the lamp unit needs to be replaced after some time. I bought it in early 2007, so it is about 4 years working already. Before I go out to buy the lamp unit, I would like to know if that is really my problem or is there another possibility we need to explore. Also, if it is the lamp unit, where can I buy it? The manual says it is fair

... RCA M50WH185 Television

I have a 9 yr old D52W20 RCA tv. It turns on and is fine for about 35 minutes. Then it turns off and then right back on again. it takes about 15 seconds from the time it turns off for the picture to reappear. It will stay on anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds before turning off and back on again. I had a repairman come in and he said it was not the capacitors but said he needed more information. At that time the unit would be fine for a couple of hours before it would start acting up. Any thoughts

Try resoldering the flyback transofrmer the pins tend to develope solder cracks and can cause that symptom. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

My screen flickers off and on, some times going out but the audio from the tv is still playing. This happens for all video sources and diff hdmi ports and cables. It flickers more than going completely off but one time I noticed some picture on the screen in light but tv still looks off. Next time it happens ill shine a flash light at it. What do I need to fix it?

You have inverter board problem,,try to replace it and will fix the problem.. ... Samsung LN46B650 46/49.5 in. LCD HDTV

Viewsonic n3290w-au Initially digital audio and video were out of synch, and epg was showing no information for all channels. Ran the auto tuner again and it won't find digital channels at all. Analogue is fine. Have checked cable from tv all the way back to antenna on roof, can't see any problems. What can I check next? Trying to get hold of another tv to check if signal from antenna is okay. Haven't tried a different fly lead, but if analogue reception is perfect then surely the cable is fi

... Flat Panel Televisions

My Panasonic TC-P42X1 television was just connected (after a lengthy move) to cable and the picture has a slightly wavy pink/purple line(s) that moves from bottom to top of the screen (barely visible most of the time, however) and a slight buzzing sound. I did not have this problem at my previous house and the cable company claims it has nothing to do with their connection (I have a different television in another room with no problems). I am looking for ideas as to what may be causing this prob

Hi,\015\012\015\012To confirm where the fault came from, use the tv in video mode (DVD player). If the symptoms didn't appear in video mode, this is only indicates that the problem is not in the tv but in the reception of the cable signal. Let ... Panasonic TC-P42X1 41.6 in. Plasma HDTV

Our tv will not recognize the cable cord attached to it. We hooked another tv to it. The cord is not bad. We attempted to search for channels and it says there is no cable attached. Is there a button that needs to be pushed. I dont have the owners manual so I am not sure what to do? Is there a switch in the back? The people that owned this tv before ux had satelite. Please Help.

Check in the menu under picture or video settings and see if there is options for the inputs. some tv's allow you to disable inputs for faster switching. if you only have a dvd player but your tv allows for 8 input devices, you're always having to pr ... Proscan PS27500 27" TV

I was given a Sharp TV model LC-26SH12U which was purchased Nov 2007. When I turn on the TV there is sound but no picture. I am using the HMDI input from my cable provider. I do get a picture at times. It seems as if I turn off and on the tv eventually the picture will show up. I have worked tirelessly with the cable provider and it seems to be the tv as when there is no picture I also hook up another tv and get picture from the provider while I'm getting no picture from the LCD tv. Is

Contact the nearest authorised service center for Sharp. You TV need service. ... Sharp LC-26D43U Television

My Viewsonic 4785P is out of warranty. Problem is showing in different ways: image stays but sound goes then comes back, or not; everything shuts down and then comes back, or not; other times there is a very strident sound as if the set will explode. A tv tech suggested on the phone that the mother board could be either about to die or corrupted by my cable device and advised to shut down everything for 24 hours. Went very nicely then ... for 3 days and the same thing starts same way again What

A problem like this can be caused by RF interference. Shut it all down again and move the converter, any cordless or cell phones, wireless PC's, routers, etc. so nothing is within 3 feet of your set. A poor ground on your converter can also cause RF ... ViewSonic N4785p 47 in. LCD TV

I have a Sony Bravia KDL52W5100. When I turn on the tv sometimes everything is fine but other times there is no pic only rainbow stripes. I have to turn off and on the tv several times or unplug the tv to get a picture. I have tried rebooting the entire system it worked fine for couple of hours then the problem came back. Sometimes while I am watching a show the screen will gradually change into the rainbow stripe. Do I need to replace my screen and is it worth it?

Check all the flat cable connections from T'Con board to panel, for loose connections. Re-seat them all. ... Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL-52W5100 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

Samsung SyncMaster 305T One-half of the screen (the right-hand side) gets dark. It turns black and I can barely read the text in a document. This problem is NOT consistant. In other words, some of the time the right-side lights-up and looks normal. I have read some of the other expert answers and it seems the flourescent back-light bulb is the problem. My questions: 1) Where can I find the part number for this bulb and who sells them? 2) Is there another part in the circuit that may be the

This problem is, as you suspected, almost certainly a problem with your monitor's backlight.\015\012\015\012However, there are a number of possible causes for a backlight problem besides a bad fluorescent bulb. The bulb must receive a goo ... Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30 in. LCD Television

Hello there. I need some help with my tv and any help will be much appreciated. I hava a samsung LE46M87BD with a picture problem. I'm getting some black patches on the screen. This patches are not there all the time and sometimes if you tap the back of the tv they go away and then few minutes later come again. This happens from a 1/4 of the screen down. Googling it it looks like it could be the tcon but not sure. Anyone with same problem and sorted it? Thanks

The problem here is that it is intermittent--you may have to gamble and try that board and if fixed are done--if not go for another board--way of the world with these sets ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung DV3 tv only shows static. I'd unplugged it to put in another room. Now back in its original place with correct connections. How can I acquire code for rc unit?

Try searching online for the remote owner's manual using the remote's brand and model number. The owner's manual will have the codes you need to reset your remote. Check out ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I want to use my iSymphony LCD26iH56 26" TV as a computer monitor and switch back and forth using it as a tv (connected to cable) and at other times as a Computer monitor. I have a VGA connector, but I cannot test it right now, need to know if it will work before I try

Http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E168891500042 HDMI, VGA, USB PortiSymphony LC261H56 is an HDTV. [ ... iSymphony LCD26iH56 26 in. TV

I have an 60PP9202 Rear projection HD TV and the inside of it needs dusting. Is there any instructions available on how to do this? The unit was purchased in 2004 and was vaccumed several times on the back as in the manual.

You will need to remove the back cover. Here you will dust the lens with a pressure can of air only. Then you proceed to clean the lens with an eye glass damp cloth Get these from an eye doc). As for the mirror, you must use real caution. This mirror ... Philips 60PP9202 60" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Want to connect my thinkpad to the Olevia 532-B12 CD TV. Cables I have found show 15pin conenctors for the video and signle RCA plugs for audio. The back of the TV indicates it needs an audio splitter for left and right - is this correct?

What connections to you have on your computer? because it is best to match connections with tv to computer. s video? hdmi? they sell av or color stream cables with a splitter to connect to computer color stream is just for picture av (RCA input) is f ... Olevia Flat Panel Televisions

We have a 48 inch Philips LCD TV. We've had it approximately 14 months. The picture started going out but we still had sound. If you turned it off it would come back on. Then the other night it went out and started smoking. There was a strong smell of ozone. Now it will not show a picture at all just sound. I really can't afford a new tv at this time and need this one fixed. Any suggestions?

The power supply module or the backlights inverter board may have burnt out. Shop repair will run you $150 and up plus parts.\01214 months old is really bad, I would contact Philips to see if they willing to repair it under warranty, you may no ... Philips 47PFL7403D 47 in. LCD TV

Some times when turning it on from the standby mode, it will flash blue into the on mode and then go back into the red standby mode. Some time I need to turn it on and off 50 times to get it back on. Could it be the main board I'll need to change?

This sounds like a very common issue. If set is hard to turn on (takes several tries)but will eventually turn on here is what my guess would be. Every set has a standby ... Hitachi 42HDS69 42 in. Plasma Television

Hello. I have a LG 47lg50-ua that when turned on, the right half of the screen goes white. The left half still plays fine. The warrenty had just expired so. I took the back of the tv off and looked around. I noticed that the top left ribbon cable (looking at the TV from the back) attached to the T-Con board (a CMO 35-D020223) had puffed up a bit. I took the bad ribbon cable out and put the good ribbon cable on the bad side. After the TV was turned on, the right side of the TV stayed white and wo

If you changed the Ribbon cable and its still the same then the T-Con board would of probably gone faulty. Lots of weird screen problems can be accounted for the T-con board. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I am having problems getting cable on my TV. The cable man told me on the phone to change it to either #4 on the back of my cable , and then the cable will work. The problem I have is when I look into the back of my Shart Flat TV I could not find where I am suppose to switch to #4. Right now I cannot get cable on my Sharp Flat TV. Can you help with this, getting the cable working on my TV?? Where can I find this switch #3 or #4 behind my TV Monitor? Sharp Liquid Crystal Flat TV digital Mode

Like i said in ur other post u have to find the input or source buttons on ur remote. Also fyi it's never a good idea to post ur phone number on the internet. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a PHLIIPS 42PFL5432D/37 TV When I first turn it on it shuts right back off I repeat 3 4 maybe 5 times then it stays on for the rest of the day. The more time goes by the more times I need to fight with my tv by turning it back on.

... Philips Magnavox 15MF400T 15 in. LCD Television

Hitachi tv will not show cable channels after being unplugged and plugged back in. cable is working everywhere else but this tv, the tv acts like it is on the wrong settings, how do I get it back to picking up cable channels

... Flat Panel Televisions

Why does my tv screen appear gray with no picture, but the sound is okay? It's not the cable. The cable company came out and said the problem is the tv. All wires are correctly plugged in. The screen is gray then a white block, dark gray block, and then another gray block. The sound for tv shows is on, you can hear what shows are on, but can't actually see the show displayed. This wasn't in the troubleshooting section of the manual. Please help? Also, you can't see the menus or input menus or an

... Polaroid Flat Panel Televisions

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