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I connected an expensive aentenna to my Philips 17PF9945 17" Matchline LCD TV - widescreen - HDTV Monitor. I do NOT have cable TV service. The reception is 4 very strange channel and very clear: Channel 6 with FM Station 87.72 is just music and the station Logo on screen, and Channels 23, 41 and 74 are paid programming that are very clear and sound is perfect. I want to be able to get my local Chicago TV Stations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and so forth. I went into the "Menu" and I cannot figu

Answers :

Go into the user menu and reprogram the stations. Make sure that it is set to program digital channels only. Not analog.

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I connected an expensive aentenna to my Philips 17PF9945 17" Matchline LCD TV - widescreen - HDTV Monitor. I do NOT have cable TV service. The reception is 4 very strange channel and very clear: Channel 6 with FM Station 87.72 is just music and the station Logo on screen, and Channels 23, 41 and 74 are paid programming that are very clear and sound is perfect. I want to be able to get my local Chicago TV Stations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and so forth. I went into the "Menu" and I cannot figu

Go into the user menu and reprogram the stations. Make sure that it is set to program digital channels only. Not analog. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 22' viewsonic tv. i'm getting a "channel blocked" message with four boxes showing. tv is about 2-3 years old. prior to this the tv will power off then on with a blank white screen. you can still hear the program. the only way to solve this is to unplug the tv and replug again. then it will work. but this time I push the channel up and down button before the tv could turn itself off. this is when I got the channel block on all stations with no sound.

... ViewSonic N3751W 37 in. LCD Television

Mitsubichi VS 45609. When I turn the TV on sometimes it comes on and has beautiful picture and sound. Then after 1/2 or so it goes to a black screen. While on the black screen I am able to PIP it and see the the PIP screen with a clear picture. Also I can watch DVD's and play the games with a picture and sound. I for the life of me can not understand what is going. Why is it coming on and off? It either goes to a black screen or fuzzy like there is no cable channels. But I can have a beautiful p

I have the same TV and what is happing is the TV has 2 recievers in it to allow the PIP, So you have a power pack gone on 1 reciever the other is working, Your set has 2 power packs,1 for each receiver.\012I had both of mine go, 150$ a piece to ... Mitsubishi VS-45609 TV

Hi. We have an old analog TV (Sony) which has a new digibox running through it (since the switch over). Was fine, but over the last few weeks, intermittently, the screen goes black with EXT 1 in the top corner, but perfect sound. Change channel, no picture, perfect sound. If we fiddle with the aerial cable, the picture jumps back. This happens sometimes after 30 mins of perfect picture, and sometimes after 3 hours.. sometimes not at all!Have replaced cable, no joy - same problem - and to be fair

Your picture tube is on the (Verge) Of going. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic Viera TC-L32C12 LCD TV The tv screen is dark. Sometimes a channel flashes on and off, sometimes with sound, usually with no sound. The remote will turn the tv on and off, but do nothing else. I wanted to rescan the channels, hoping that was the problem, but I can't get the remote to work with the tv. I tried new batteries in the remote and reconnected the antenna.

... Panasonic Viera TC-L32C12 32 in. LCD TV

New LG 32LD350 - Allowed TV to auto-program channels, and for some reason, it skipped past channel 4 during the tuning process. When I select channel 4 in the tuning options, it comes up as no signal. On the old TV, channel 4 came in just fine - it is a local station that we have gotten for years. Other TVs in the house connected to the same antenna get channel 4 clear as ever...Any thoughts?

When you are auto tuning the system will not store a channel which is week by its standard ( at least 60% signal strength ) This done to avoid grainy picture and hissy sound.You can go into manual tuning and store it. ... LG 32LD350 32 in. LCD TV

I have a Toshiba 32a33 TV, I have tried to program channels into the TV but it doesn't work. I tried to do it both manually and using the automatic channel tuner but it doesn't work. What should I do? It can't seem to find any working channels on either TV or cable. All it has is the white screen no sound.

Either the tuner or the video IF stage circuit of your TV is faulty. Tuner has no repair, can be replaced as a unit. If the fault is with video IF stage, it can be repaired. But, both the work is skilled one. You must have through knowledge in el ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I bought a TOSHIBA 32KV500B tv. At the Initial Installation mistakenly I selected "yes" for 'do you want to search analogue channels?' guestion. And then I lost all my automatically selected digital channels and I cannot go back to retune the channels. I have no SETUP in the main menu and then no INSTALLATION option. I have 6 main thing: picture, sound, feature, install, program table, Source: tv. I have tried to use the APS but this one retunes the analoge chanells only. Please help me how I c

I had this problem and searched the internet for hours looking for an answer and was given the initial same reply as this and it does not work. To solve this problem all you simply need to do is press source button on the controller followed by press ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I have a JVC LT 32 EX 18 TV. When connecting my laptop over HDMI, playing on a playstation or WII the sound and picture work perfectly. When I want to watch normal TV over cable though the problems start arising. First, I am able to watch TV, I receive all the right programs but the picture is black and white, sometimes very fuzzy and instead of sound all I receive is a constant buzzing sound. Is there anything I can do so I can finally start watching TV?

If the rear inputs work consider connection for the channels with a box using one of the rear inputs--sounds like a tuner related issue and going to the rear inputs bypasses that. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an LG 42PB4D-AA Plasma. All stations perfect except for GEM and 7Mate which have perfect picture and no sound. I've read lots of posts which indicate this is very common with this model. One writer said he phoned LG and they sent him a stick which, when plugged into the TV, fixed the problem. Another said he went online and downloaded a software fix. Your suggestion? I assume you get paid for this? Cheers

Most major manufacturers supply manuals\012and software updates online so if you were to log on to the manufacturer's web site, you\012may be pleasantly surprised as usually, if available, one is able to\012download, by model number, Custome ... LG 42PB4D 42 in. Plasma HDTV

White screen My screen is white but I still hear sound coming from the speakers. I can also bring up the cable tv channel guide and can see that perfectly fine.

It sounds that the digital processor section to video at the main board is faulty. Contact any service technician. ... Pioneer Elite PRO-151FD 60 in. Plasma TV

My Vizio SV471XVT worked perfectly last night. Today when turned on it initially started but within a few seconds the bottom 3/4 of the screen went to grey vertical bands in various shades. The top 1/4 of the screen has a clear picture and sound works normally. Tried unplugging for 5-10 minutes but no effect.

Hi.open the back cover of your TV and access the main board.If you can find a small tap switch at the main board press it while the power switch is on it will reset the system back to normal...If resetting dont work you need to t-con board same error ... Vizio SV471XVT 47 in. LCD TV

Sony KDL-60ex700 When viewing any program ... there will be a randomly pop up at the bottom of the screen a YELLOW BAR .. "VOLUME" with vertical red dashes! If you change station will go away ... then sooner or later it will pop up again ... very annoying ... goes clear across the bottom of the screen! Appreciate any help

... Sony KDL60EX700 60 in. TV

My tv screen is flickering light constantly. It looks like it's blinking lights off and on constantly. It doesn't matter if I'm watching a Blue-Ray or a cable program. It does it on every channel and with every component used on it. And yes I've already called my cable company and had them come out to make sure there was nothing wrong there. I KNOW the TV is the problem. It's almost like a lightening storm going on behind the screen. What do I do? The TV is only five years old, I paid ove

It will need indepth troubleshooting, it can be the dyin power supply problem due to bad caps with domed tops, that will be the first place to look.\012If you are going to DIY and have proper tools, electronics knowledge, and know safe ... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

The screen goes black. On every channel. Sound is perfect. Is the TV dead

Ok---let me describe something and you tell me if your case: Set comes on and has audio--after 2-5 minutes if you look closely at the screen do you see a odd and faint band of noise top to bottom and to the right of the center of the screen?I ... Panasonic PT-47WX49 47" Rear Projection Television

I have a sharp aquos tv it analog channel get sound an picture however on the upper channel where we should have the digal channel we have perfect picture but no sound is it a tunner problem or progra

... Sharp AQUOS LC-C4654U 46" LCD TV

Turn on TV, sound from program but no picture, just a bright screen. Picture begins to fade. Brand new led TV, was working perfectly fine last night.

Hi, Your TV have problem with its T-Con board. T-con board is one which drives the LCD Panel Pixels in rows and columns. As you didn't specified the brand and model number its not possible to give you the exact picture of T con board How its l ... Flat Panel Televisions

TV picture is breaking up. Used to work perfectly. Sometimes the fault clears when we switch on the attached DVD recorder. Then the update stations option shows on screen. No matter if we choose yes or no for the update, the picture then goes back to unwatchable. The loft aerial has a booster attached. I have checked all connections and all seem fine including the booster. It is the fact that the TV used to work OK but something must have changed to make this happen. None of our neighbours are e

... Panasonic TX-32LXD70 32 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

Put up a digital HD antenna outside on a 20 " ft pole. Used it on an older TV with the assistance of a SDTV Digital to Analog converter box. Recieved upwards of 30 channels very clear. Decided to hook the same antenna minus the converter box assuming this 2 year old HD LCD Flat Screen is Digital ready and have no need to convert anything to analog. I hooked the antenna lead into the ANT 1 (air) IN connection. Activated the Auto Program and it indicates that it searched for all available cha

Hello\015\012Although your Samsung has HDTV comailant tuner inside, it must get sufficiant signas strength to memorize all the HDTV channels. Normally HDTV signals are weak compare to analogue transnsmission signals, and contain more details. ... Samsung LN-T4061F 40 in. LCD HDTV

I have a bush tv/dvd combo series x5d, the picture keeps disappering and eaves me with a black screen, the sound is perfect and the remote changes all the channels still??

... Combination Televisions

Screen on Philips Flatscreen HD has turned green there is sound on all Freeview stations only, no picture but DVD player works perfectly well and in full colour Why is this and what needs fixing. Freeview box is Logic

If the hookup is HD from a box you have Green(video) Blue and red--check first they are connected properly at both ends. Component would also use two more cables for audio.If HDMI maybe a bad cable or issue there. HDMI has issues with and c ... Flat Panel Televisions

My RCA flat screen was working just fine and than as I was watching TV the screen flickered off and the it started flashing unusable signal. I did a rescan of the channels a couple come back that I have never had before. The sound doesnt work on the few channels that I do get and the picture and sound doesnt work on the ones I use to get. I also tried to put a dvd in. The sound works but not the picture doesnt. What do I do

... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Westinghouse 26 inch LCD tv model ak-26h240s. We watch only 2 channels on this set twice a day. Lately when we turn the TV on we momentarily get sound then the sound goes off. We tried other channels and they work fine and we receive sound...but not on our preferred channels. During different times of the day we will turn these two channels on and everything works perfectly. BTW, this television is in our bedroom and we use it to watch morning and nightly news.

... Westinghouse 26" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV

Hello friends...i have a 15 lcd of alba company..model no alcd15tv2 ro3sx2...i m having problem with my tv sound as when i connects to tv through rf in sound dosent come...and when i join a dvd or any other through av in then sound is been heard clearly..the problem is with tv no sound comes form it..in tv mode startin chaneels have this problem and last channels which are not clearly viewed their sound is like *************** nly blurr sound comes nothin else.....plse friends help me out of thi

You have something in the set's menu set wrong--if sound ok with a DVD set is ok---look in menu for something like SAP= most sets have Mono-Stereo-Sap settings.Sap is secondary audio program which is for a second language to be broadcast (Fre ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

JVC LT-37E488 no picture, clear sound. Turn it on and the logo blinks on and screen goes black, still clear sound. Disconnected coaxial cable and DVD input, reconnected still no picture only clear sound from both. Cannot access menu - no picture.

You will need to do in-depth troubleshooting, please read below:\012First, look at the screen in darkened room to see if you can see any slight glow from the screen, if it does, then the problem can be the T-CON (not getting the 12vdc) or ... JVC LT42P789 42 in. LCD TV

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