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I have a Samsung LED 40 inch model C6620 and we have Sky HD box. All of a sudden we cannot switch off the TV from the Sky remote and also cannot control the volume or mute button. Everything else is worrking on the sky remote. What do I do ?

Answers :

Try this...Press tv on the sky r/c.
\015\012Then hold the select and red button at the same time,the red light should flash twice.
\015\012Then enter the code 1340,the red light should flash twice.
\015\012The press the standby button on the sky r/c,the tv should turn off,if it does then press select button on the r/c to store settings.
\015\012Hope this will work for you.

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I have a Samsung LED 40 inch model C6620 and we have Sky HD box. All of a sudden we cannot switch off the TV from the Sky remote and also cannot control the volume or mute button. Everything else is worrking on the sky remote. What do I do ?

Try this...Press tv on the sky r/c.\015\012\015\012Then hold the select and red button at the same time,the red light should flash twice.\015\012\015\012Then enter the code 1340,the red light should flash twice.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I want to control my VISTRON T.V.Model :- KDL32AP21Q With my Sky remote control, ie volume mainly.but cannot find a code for it?

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My sky remote volume control has stopped working also the text button otherwise its o.k.

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My Samsung Le32a656a1fxxu tv is switching itself on, when it comes on the volume is at 100 and you cannot turn down. Also, the menu comes up and takes about 10 minutes for it to disappear. I have tried 'info, menu, mute, power' to reset,but didn't work.

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I have a problem with my Toshiba CT-90295 remote. The upper left switch where the TV, Regza-Link, DVD mode is located is loose. I cannot switch to TV mode. i was thinking of getting a universal remote but then it might not pick up the correct signal or code for TV . Right now the volume controls and mute buttons are the only ones working. I would appreciate a speedy advice. Thanks!

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Remote cannot turn on/off, volume, mute on lg 42

... LG 37LG30 37 in. LCD HDTV

We replaced the IR sensor on our Vizio but still cannot control the volume via the remote (which has tested good). Any further suggestions?

Since sensor is receiving the signal of other inputs, there is nothing wrong with it. This looks like an incompatibility issue. You may have to retry using the original remote control. ... Vizio SV470XVT 47 in. LCD TV

Volume will randomly increase or decrease after this happens the volume cannot be manually adjusted with the remote control or on the tv volume control. The only way to fix the problem is to unplug the tv & reset it and that does not work all of the time.

Look for bad capaciotrs they will be vented or swollen on Top. ... Philips 42PFL5332D 42 in. LCD Television

1. the newstar universal tv remote contrlol i bought, cannot change the channel, although i can use the adding/minus the volume. 2. in as much as wanted to use also for te change of channel, i follow the instruction written at the back thinking it would be of help to make use for the change of channels. 3. but to my dismay the remote cannot be use either changing the volume or channel or it cannot be use anymore. 4. maybe their could be a program that i will follow to use again my remote. m

Unfortunately, universal remotes often do not work as well as the packaging says.... but all hope is not lost.\015\012First, try ALL the programming codes listed for your brand of TV. Often, one will work. Be sure to follow the programming inst ... Flat Panel Televisions

Cannot find the code for my toshiba remote control on sky for sound remote control

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Hi. My Sony KDL32EX400 started to have unusual problems few months ago. Channel, volume, menu, setting, controls stop functioning. (The little green led is flashing when trying to switch channels or control volume, but nothing else happens.) The only function works is the power. After I turn it off it shuts off but sound remains for another 30-40 seconds. Also sometimes display info remains on screen after TV turned on then the same problem happens, as mentioned above. I have to note that it do

Hi,Does Standby light flash/ blink on tv when it does not show picture or any display in screen?If standby light blinks, please count how many times it blinks after three seconds long pause to diagnose possible problem in tv.And if ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a logik L26DIGB1 26" tv and although i can change chanel through my sky remote i have to use my tv remote to control the sound how can I use my sky remote to control the volume

You need to find another code for the sky remote to control your TV. ... Flat Panel Televisions

The tv menu screen keeps popping on and off when watching TV. Sometimes the sound volume control screen will appear but you cannot control the volume. The set is only 4 months old.

It should be under warranty still but if not and menu comes up on its own I would suspect a problem with the keyboard where the buttons are---they may look and feel fine but they usually are the cause of this kind of problem----In several cases I hav ... RCA 32" LED HDTV LED32B30RQ - ON Corp US, Inc

Remote sensor on tv not responding I,have to turn on tv manually. change input manually,tv reception is ok. Volume cannot be controlled,it will lock in at full volume or drift back & forth,mostley full volume. If I use volume buttons on tv , it changes input (video 1 pc hdmi & so on) Once in a while setup screen will appear then disappear. I have changed batteries in the remote, I don't believe this is the problem.When tv is first turned on the volume icon at bottom off screen will go from 0-60

Have you checked your remote to see if its working? If you have a digital camera or camera phone, point the remote at the lense and see if it shows up on camera screen. If it is working then the IR sensor on the tv could be bad. ... Sylvania LC420SS8 LCD TV

LG 1080P tv turns on by itself. Also when turning it on volume will surge to 100% and can't control volume or change channels

... LG 47 in. Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

I have a Toshiba 26AV52U, the volume bar stays on all the time at the highest volume setting. Cannot change volume using the controls on the TV either. Is there a way to fix this?

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Volume control using my Direct Tv remote, I am unable to adjust or mute the volume on the TV set. I can manually adjust the volume on the TV set.

Not all remotes will program for all sets and if do may not have key features wanted or needed. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Philips 26pfl5522d/05 turn the tv on, blue screen once warmed up and DIGITAL TV the only menu option that works from the remote is the volume bar. Cannot Factory Reset as cannot access menu. Turned on tried once on holding and releasing MENU (on TV control panel button) nothing. Cannot select HDMI source (cross in grey square displayed), the tv has locked me out!! Please Help

... Flat Panel Televisions

LG TV model LH373000. When I adust the volume using either my SKY+ remote or the TV remote the volume goes up (or down) by itself. It works OK if I use the volume control on the TV itself.

... LG 37LH3000 37" HDTV LCD TV

My t.v. has volume issues. Volume between channels and also within one channel (while viewing) not even. Happened when connected to basic cable and now when connected to just an antenna for reception. Is this fixable or should I buy this product to resolve: Terk VR1 Automatic TV Volume Controller? (looks like it would be a 2-fer purchase: take care of the loud commercials as well)!! THANKS!

It is fixable the sound may depend upon the channels also but the antenne might not beeing catching signals properly so by changing the face of antenna u can remove this problem ... Panasonic TC-32LX85 LCD TV

M26ivp remote does not control tv. cannot turn tv off or change volume with remote or control on back of set. changed remote batteries twice with no results

... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

The TV remote doesn't work at all (not even the on/off button). I have even changed the batteries. The cable remote works partially. I can change channels with it but I cannot change the volume. The mute button doesn't work either, nor the TV on/off button. I can turn on/off the tv from the tv's own power button but when I press either the up or down volume button of the TV (not the remote) or the up or down channel button on the tv I getthe "Video Selection" window. The main problem, it seems,

The problem does not seem to be that of the remote more so coz the front panel controls are not working either. I really believe that this is an issue related to faulty microprocessor circuits which means that we have to replace the main A/V board to ... Toshiba REGZA 42 in. Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

TV turns off by itself while watching movies and volume randomly goes to the max without assistance. cannot control volume it will not turn down through the remote or on the panel

... Insignia 42" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV

Tv picture is fine, the volume control on the remote shows on the screen as increasing and decreasing when pressed, but no volume at all. I clicked the mute button, it has no effect. I have "component 1" as the viewing input.

You need a seperate audio feed as well as the component connection use the white and red connectors for the sound ... Vizio Gallevia GV42LF 42 in. LCD Television

Had this TV for a couple of years now. We bought it new. It has started switching itself on and off standby. When you press any button on the remote control the screen goes black then comes back on again a couple of seconds later Cannot turn volume up or down for this reason Cannot access the in-built programme information We could switch to HDMI and watch things on the playstation last night, but now it has stopped allowing us to do this too. Changed batteries on remote Please

With no make or model, it is a little difficult to try and decide what the problem might be but, I would disconnect the touch button panel on the TV, if it has one. That could be the fault. ... Flat Panel Televisions

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