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My Maxdorf TV (MT-E113002) won't switch on with the remote (RC-A07). The red light is on on the TV. It's not the batteries in the remote (they work in other remotes). The TV was locked sometime ago and I'm trying to unlock it now that I found you have to hold the music button down for a while to unlock it. Problem now is the TV won't even switch on. Please help.

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My Maxdorf TV (MT-E113002) won't switch on with the remote (RC-A07). The red light is on on the TV. It's not the batteries in the remote (they work in other remotes). The TV was locked sometime ago and I'm trying to unlock it now that I found you have to hold the music button down for a while to unlock it. Problem now is the TV won't even switch on. Please help.

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Hi, Can anyone recognise or diagnose this problem we are having with our Samsung LA32A450 LCD TV? It wont power up, no power on lights. Switch on side of TV wont turn on. Remote wont power it up. This may be the key ..... My wife tells me that my 3yo was playing with the remote & the buttons on the side of the TV Would there be any strange combination of buttons pressed that could have rendered it useless? Could close proximity remote activation have caused anything?

Hi g_coopster,\015\012Samsung LA32A450 LCD TV wont power up or no power on lights that indicated that no power line.\015\012First of all, check the power line, cable AC cord is it installed properly, change ac cord if necessary. If you ... Samsung LA32A450 32 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I Have A .AWA MHDV2411-03 When I Turn On The Mains Power Switch On The Tv - To On . The Red Stanby Led Lights Up As Normal Then I'll Press The Power Button On The Remote The Standby Led Lights Changes From Red To Green As Normal And The Tv Works Fine.When I Switch The Tv Off From The Remote Or The Mains Switch The Tv Switches Off As Normal. Now When I Go To Turn It Back On Again The Green Led Is On All The Time And The Tv Wont Work . When I Leave The Tv Switched Off And Disconected For Sev

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Hi my teco 32 LCD Tv wont respond to my remote control and also the buttons on the television.on the screen it just says 'switching to DTV' and wont seem to go off that.Ive even switched the tv off and on a number of times and taken the cables out and in could you tell me what else i could do to reprogram the tv.

What you see if the sign of a corrupted firmware - the small program that runs the tv. This is caused by the failure of the processor of the tv. All you can do is to try a reset: press the menu and channel up buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. I t ... Flat Panel Televisions

Why wont my sentry RMC10 remote switch inputs on my emerson tv? It will change channels and volume. But it wont do functions like the menu button or input switch button.

Not all remotes will program for all sets or if do will be missing certain key features the original remote had. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Hitachi plasma model# 55hdt79 that went black out. No display at all. Sound is ok. We checked the power supply unit and found out that 90v output is missing. We changed the power supply unit assuming that this is the cause, but still the 90v is missing. All the LED lights on in sequence and switch off after loading when I switch on the main power switch. This means no error. The TV can be switch on and off by the remote. Which board is probably the cause of this issue?

It sounds like the transformer on board has gone out (not the one in the power supply) and is no longer charging the panel. the board internally that holds the transformer will have a model number on it, any decent repair facility should allow you to ... Hitachi 55HDS69 55 in. Plasma Television

Not all of the buttons on my remote for my Celestial G6C52H-C1 work and I have accidently selected panal lock on the tv. Now I can't use the buttons on my tv and the broken buttons on my remote wont allow me to scroll down the menu to unlock it. Please help because I can only watch a few channels and that is it. I can't even change volume or put it on av to watch a DVD. The enter button on the remote doesn't work either. Thank you. Liz.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung LE22B450 wont switch on with remote

... Samsung LE22B450 22 in. HD-Ready LCD TV


... Flat Panel Televisions

Tv wont switch on with remote or the button on top of the tv. The standby button is on (red). sometimes it comes on by itself and switches off by itself (onto standby mode) not sure of the model as its a friends tv, think its about 46cm

It could be one of a couple of problems really, the first one may be \015\012that your analogue signal is being switched over to digital which is \015\012happening across the UK at the moment, buying a digital receiver would \015\012resolve this stra ... Sanyo Standard (CRT) Televisions

Picture I was litening to music threw direct box,vacumming,different outlet then tv. turned it off,& used converter box buttons to change channel. got no pic no sound. pushed more buttons,turned it off, then on hit reset, pulled card out put it back,then turned around to get remote, and saw my 82 yr. old dad holding remote as far out as he could,as if he was trying to get around me! I asked him what button he pushed & he said none. now we have sound no pic. it turns on deep blue screen no menu

I assumes that there is a confused memory IC inside, due to improper data inputs. Try a hard reset to this set. Unplug it from AC mains wall socket, and re-plug it back after 10 minutes of so. This must make it a hard reset. If it do not help you ... Samsung 50 in. Plasma TV

Polaroid 900t the light is orange and wont turn green, I replaced the remote and still nothing. Power switch wont turn the tv on either.

... Polaroid Flat Panel Televisions

Technika lcd40-920 My tv has switched its self off and wont switch back on again although the standby button is still on (was flashing but now on with no flashing) ive tryed turing it on with the remote and using the touch buttons on the side and turning the mains off for 10mins to see if it resets or something but still nothing. Please help. I really dont want to have to buy ANOTHER TV! GRR! Ive done my research and what ive seen is people saying its the board with the hdmi etc and theres no po

Thissounds like a very common issue.If set is hard to turn on (takes several tries)but will eventually turn on hereis what my guess would be.Every set has a standby p ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 39 inch insignia flat screen. I cannot play my dvd player on it and my remote does not work. It is a brand new tv it wont switch to input.

The mainboard is bad ... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung LE22B450 wont switch on with remote

... Samsung LE22B450 22 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

My techwood tv was working fine untill my daughter got hold of the remote now it wont allow me to play dvd's at all it opens them as folders and i cant seem to get it off any help would be great thans

... Coby TF-TV3201 32 in. LCD TV

My son got hold of the remote and now when I switch the telly on I get a blue screen and a no signal countdown from 5 mins. Please tell me how to resume normal function as I have tried everything I can think of.

Have you done a factory reset to this set since?. If not do it. Refer its user manual for details. ... Hitachi Standard (CRT) Televisions

My nec hdtv go's in standby and wont switch on i have no remote

... NEC NLT-26HD1 26 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV

I also support fixya i have a polaroid fla3232b which wont let me use remote or buttons on side other than power button on tv...it said it was locked, but i dont know how to unlock it and the manual doesnt say either...was in storage for a week, before that we only used av input...i think before we bought it 2nd hand it used to be in a hotel. Help please as polaroid cant help me at all.

... Flat Panel Televisions

My child lock my LOGIK 54cm Model: RS 17 and i am unable to unlock it. There is no music button on the remote.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi my TV has a picture of a padlock and i cant unlock it tried to use remote it wont work it is a magnavox 29inch

For unlocking your tv you have to reset its v-chip. just do the following:-Philips sets use a four digit code to control the v-chip. The override code for Philip sets is 0711, although it may say "Incorrect code" the first time to t ... Philips Magnavox 20MT133S 20" TV

I have been through my settings on my BUSH RP40 TV ,gone onto controll panel lock and locked it ,it now will not even switch on just has the standby light on . Plus i have no remote . How do i unlock

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

My grandson opened the door under the power switch and i think he hit something under there (input, menu,volume,channel etc) but the power light just blinks red and the tv wont turn on. I have tried hitting all those buttons and using the remote. please help our tv is Hitachi 57 in. Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television.

Un plug it for 30 seconds and see if that helps. ... Hitachi Flat Panel Televisions

Why does the volume always get so loud when music comes on but the words are so low in volume this is very irritating having to constantly hold the remote and turn the volume up and down constantly

... Vizio E420VA 42 in. LCD HDTV

Hi i have a 19 in viewpia tv and my son put child lock on and now i carnt turn tv on i only have a universal remote for it left it unplugged all night and still wont switch on would you have any suggestions please.

... Flat Panel Televisions

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