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Hi expert. Ihave a problem thad I dont know what it is with the plasma tv . I have sound but no picture I trouble shoot the powersupply did not find no parts bad .can you tell me or explain me what the problely problem can be ? best regard rudy . ps the model of tv is plasma tv spn 4235 samsung

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I\015\012 am sorry to hear regarding the trouble.Unfortunately, this is a common \015\012problem i came across a couple of times in my shop.This is an internal \015\012fault and needs repair. Though, technician is recommended in these \015\012situations, however i could provide you with few details that would help\015\012 you even if you wanted to repair the TV. Be advised it would usually be\015\012 dangerous to work on these monsters.

Most probably it is an \015\012issue with Z and Y sustain boards in the TV.Replace the Z Sustainer \015\012Board, and replace the Y \015\012Sustainter Board, at the same time. If you replace \015\012one and not the other the bad one will end up shorting the good one and \015\012you'll lose your picture within a week. You can do this work yourself by\015\012 unplugging the unit and placing it face down on carpet (put down a soft\015\012 blanket to protect the screen) and unscrewing the back of the unit (a \015\012power screw driver works great for this job because there are a few \015\012screws involved). The cheapest place to buy these two parts are: www.discount-merchant.com , or www.avextra.net, or www.ebay.com

Before\015\012 you swap the parts, proper diagnosis would be required as there could \015\012be few other causes for the same, though probability is less for them. \015\012If you decided to repair it, kindly revert so that i could send you a \015\012link to buy service manual for the lowest price and add some pointers \015\012that would be helpful for you to fix the TV.

Let me know,if needed further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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Hi expert. Ihave a problem thad I dont know what it is with the plasma tv . I have sound but no picture I trouble shoot the powersupply did not find no parts bad .can you tell me or explain me what the problely problem can be ? best regard rudy . ps the model of tv is plasma tv spn 4235 samsung

Hi,I\015\012 am sorry to hear regarding the trouble.Unfortunately, this is a common \015\012problem i came across a couple of times in my shop.This is an internal \015\012fault and needs repair. Though, technician is recommended in ... Flat Panel Televisions

I Have a problem w/ my Sharp TV 20V-S200 they appear a video in only a seconds and it fade to blue screen the sounds is ok but the video is the only problem when i always turn on the power it always appear the video in only a seconds and it always turn into blue screen please tell me the parts that i need to change thanks in advance hope someone can tell me the problem

Dear Sir:This a problem with HSYN+VSYN, you must follow the signal, and then the RGC. see the diagramGod bless you ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a apex 32-inch tv model (AT3208S), This tv was connect to a converter box, the other day electric power went out in our area for about 8 mins or less, once the power was back on the tv screen was blue and have remain this way. I have disconnect, scan, unhook, chg to 3/4. I went to Best Buy, came home a connect, with the same problem. I called Best Buy Tec support, they tried different things, reset, unplug, disconnect ect, same problem the tv screen still blue. The tv is working and the c

OK, I have one of these TVs, and here's a thought: There's nothing wrong with the TV nor with the cable converter box. Please bear with me. Since I don't know how much you may know about TVs in general and this one in particular, I'm going to assu ... Flat Panel Televisions

My 32 LCD sony bravia tv now already 1 year and has shaking problem after exactly its finish the 1 year warranty... I seldom switch on my sony tv. can say once in 3-4 days.. One day I watched a movie using my sony tv...at first its its goes well but after 1-2 hour the tv starting to shaking... so can you tell me what exactly the shaking problem in my sony tv since I dont want to pay double for the repair.. the price for the repair is just same like the new one!!!... can you please tell me which

If you were to contact Sony they are very helpful and if it is on the brink of warranty, you may have a pleasant surprise.Good luck. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-46S2000 46 in. LCD HDTV

I wonder if there is anyone that can tell me why Haier 32in.flat screen tv just shuts down and the is still on but no sound or picture is showing could someone tell me what the problem is ?

... Haier HL32D2 32 in LCD TV

Black screen By the looks of all the inputs on this subject it appears that Samsung has a quality issue with their tvs. During my five conversations with Best Buy and Samsung, not once has any of them mentioned all these problems. I guess that if you do not admit a problem is present then, there must not be a problem. I wonder how many other Samsung products fall into this category.

... Samsung LN32A330 32 in. LCD TV

I have a lg blue ray bd550 home theatre system. I have been using it for a few months now. For some reason, my netflix has stopped working. Everything else works so I know it's not an internet connection problem. Whenever I try to use the netflix account, it reads "Cannot connect to Netflix. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit netflix.com/tvhelp on your computer." I have done this and it tells me I should connect LG. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Thanks!

... Flat Panel Televisions

LG 32LB9D Hi there, my name is felix and i just want to ask you for help, i changed already the bad capacipor on my lg 32lb9d but i still having the problem that i has to plug and unplug the power cable couple of time to have sound and picture on my tv or i have to leave it on for several minuts until warm up. could you tell some idea of what to do to fix the problem? thank you for your help. PS. if i desconnect one of the cable locate at the top right hand side and plug it back the picture and

... LG 32LB9D TV

I have a problem with my sharp lc 32l400m aquos i have a letter K and no channel can you give me the order for buttons and tell me how to fix this problem please.

Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for\012more details. Check this ... Sharp Aquos Flat Panel Televisions

My PT-50LC13's LAMP and TEMP light blinks 4 times and POWER light blinks 8 times continuously with 2 second intervals. I replace TY-LA1000 and FBL12G12L2CS Fan, but didn't fix the problem. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? thank you

Listen carefully to the TV after the relays click. If there is a mechanical ticking or snapping noise after power On, replace the lamp because HV is present (causing the ticking). If there is no ticking sound, replace the ballast. You can confirm thi ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Element Tv Model ELGFW551,I am getting a thin green vertical down the center of the screen.Can you tell me if this is a board problem or a connection problem eg. ribbons not making contact etc.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have same sony model, I have problem with vertical lines on LCD Screen, When i power recyle and switch on the TV, i can see the clear image , After on mintue and half the image fade and i can not see any image , some time the white background and some time i see the vertical lines, Can any body tell us whats the problem , how can it be fixed, Any help is really appreciated.

Unless you are really good in TV electronics, there is really no simple solution...the transformer for the video screen is heating and shorting out. I hope you have a warantee or guarantee on it! ... Sony 46 KDL46EX520 LCD TV

Hi, I need the best looking picture settings for the Coby TFDVD1995. My current settings are way off and I REALLY need to get the correct settings. If possible tell me the best gaming settings and the

... Coby TFDVD1995 19 in LCD TVDVD Combo

I have a Philips LCD TV 42PFL9803H my problem is tv not power up and waiting aproxsimitly 10 hours later turning on. first push to power button led blinks and extinguished What can I do this problem .best regards

... Philips 32PFL5403D/27 32 in. LCD TV

I have a relay in my panasonic ct27g12v. it rattles when i turn on the the tv. i then went to turn the tv on again and it did not do anything until i hit the relay and then it started to rattle again. it says DEG sdt-sh-1120m 12vdc tv-5 10a 250vdc on the relay. tell me if it is the relay, or how to check the relay to see if it is the relay. tell me also is it possible that it could be another problem

The part you have mentioned does not look like the relay. By rattling, do you mean it makes a high-pitched noise wirh intervals or a series of clicking noise? The high-pitched noise is usually associated with the flyback transformer where as the clic ... Flat Panel Televisions

MAGNAVOX DVD PLAYER DP100WM8B FAILS TO PLAY MY BURNED CDs from my Windows XP, pc that I have no problem playing on my pc. Can you please tell me the problem and what dvd player will play my cd?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I just bought a Mitsubishi WD-60738 everthing works on the tv with one problem my Sony BDV-E370 Sony 5.1 Blu-ray Disc System also new sometimes does not display a picture when i use my hdmi going to the tv. This is what i have been doing to get it to work i going into the tv and hard rest the thing and when it comes but up the hdmi works and then it goes out again causing me to rest and setup all over again. Can you tell me how to fix this with out resting or tell whats causing this.

The handshake between the two devices is being lost. Sometimes it takes going into the television's service menu for an industry initialization to remedy this problem. However the hard reset you have been completing is what is recommended first befor ... Mitsubishi WD-60738 TV

All 3 HDMI ports aren't working showing "no signal" (my main problem), but only port(input/source) on whole tv that works is RCA input/source(A-V,Y-R-W cords)

... Curtis LCD3227A 32-inch LCD TV

This TV was purchased in May 2012 from CURRYS as one of the best Model in year 2012 for Pounds 1950/-What's your problem?but inside parts including chassis not belonging to this Model but an older

... Projection Televisions

TV hit by lightning. Will Best Buy replace without questions?

Ask and see but I would not mention the lightening---if its 3 months old the LG warranty should cover the repair or replacement.They will not know at all it was lightening unless you tell them."This thing just stopped working" they w ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Once powered off (night or day), set will not power up except by intermittently pushing the power button (from 10-25 minutes). Have replaced bateries in remotes, checked menu functions, and disconnected VCR. Can you tell me what is the problem.

Witut,\012\012Since this is a Sony if there are any problems during startup the standby light should be blinking an error code. It will blink at approximately one second intervals for the code (1 to 10) followed by a 3 second pause, then ... Sony Projection Televisions

I have a 46HX83 Cinema Series Rear Projection HDTV, when I turn on the set the picture is on but the entire screen is a purple color with wavy lines and stays that way. Can you tell me what the problem could be and is it worth repairing?

... Toshiba 46HX83 46 in. Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

My picture screen looks dirty. from the inside, as the outside is perfect. its a 3+ year old tv. can't tell if the bulb might be dirty or the back of the screen. anyone else had this problem?

Please do us a favor and rate this solution after reading. Projection TV sets have two very common problems. One is convergence ( 3D/Warped video) the other is CRT fluid ( Dull Video). Here are more d ... Philips Magnavox 50ML8105D 50" HDTV DLP TV

Hi I am having problems with the color settings on my Polaroid HDTV Model 3700. I went into the settings and screwed up the Red, Green and Blue settings. I was trying make some adjustments and now the pic shows red and green. Can you tell me what numbers should they be set on. As well as the hue and the saturation.

Hi,\015\012\015\012If you go to the Video Settings again where you altered the hue and saturation, there is an option for "Picture Mode". It probaby says "User" at the moment, but if you highlight this option and then use th ... Polaroid FLM-3734B 37 in. LCD HDTV

My tv turn on about 1 muniute than black out ?plese tell me what's problem with tv Sony KDF-E60A20 60

Hi Tommy, it sounds like the inverter board is going out. Depending on age of television, it would be worth getting an estimate from service company. Try and recall if there has been any power outages, power surges, electrical strikes, etc. that may ... Sony KDF-E60A20 60 in. LCD HDTV

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