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Magnavox 32MD350B/F7 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with Built in DVD player. Ejects any and all CD/DVD's. I've tried several different CDs and DVD's to make sure it wasn't the disk. I have also tried powering the unit down(uplugging) for several hours. No luck. Any thoughts?

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Magnavox 32MD350B/F7 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with Built in DVD player. Ejects any and all CD/DVD's. I've tried several different CDs and DVD's to make sure it wasn't the disk. I have also tried powering the unit down(uplugging) for several hours. No luck. Any thoughts?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Magnavox 32MD350B/F7 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with Built in DVD player. Purchased in November 2010. Just developed a problem in that the set is ejecting any and all DVD's that I insert. They go in for a moment, it looks like it's loading, but then ejects. I tried numerous DVD's to make sure it wasn't the DVD, also tried powering down for several hours. No luck. Any thoughts?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My 32 inch phillips lcd tv thats about 6 years old. Last week the menu screen popped up and can't get out of it. I have tried taking power cord off and waited 8 hours. When i plugged it back in the menu screen went away for about 5 minutes then it started back up again. I checked to make sure menu button isnt stuck and took batteries out of remote to make sure it wasnt that but still keeps happening. How can i fix the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sizzling,smoke,sparks ...horray. Tv starting making a sizzling sound. Turned it off then back on later to see if i could figure out area of tv the noise was coming from and make sure it wasnt just a speaker getting fuzzy. Bright flash came from top left of back of tv and smoke came out. Ive had the tv for 2 years, im 3 weeks over my warranty (of course right?) Now there is no sound or picture. Easy fix? Worth fixing or get a new one? Oh also took the back off to see if anything was noticably bur

Thats the Inverter board. Your model used several different types which are not interchangeable. You can get the correct Inverter Board for your model by contacting the guys over at ... LG 32LD450 32 In. LCD HDTV

When i plug up my hdi componet and switch over to my hi def the color is yellow and blue. i have tried adjusting the color, tint, and contrast, and i have also tried the cords in differnet places to make sure they where in right.

This is almost certainly a bad cable or input/output jack. Try a new cable and if you are still having the problem, then you likely have one of two issues.Issue #1, The HDMI slot on your television is bad. If you have used other devices ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 40 inch proscan lcd tv which i connected a dvd player to it but i would also like to connect a vcr player to but dont know how. I've tried several times but not sure how can you help?

I have a 40 inch proscan and I wanna take the stand off so I can mount it How do I do it? ... Proscan 32LB30QD 32 in. LCD TV

I have a vizio model GV47L FHDTV 20A LCD TV. We purchased it 4 years ago, this morning it began making a hissing sound while we were watching it. The picture also got dark and distorted. I've tried troubleshooting the problem and have realized that the sound remains constant regardless of the volume level, or input( even muted). I'm sure it's not an issue with the cable, because the problem persists with the cable box off. I've disconnected all inputs and and the sound bar, but the problem is th

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a technika lcd 24-621 it was working fine. All of a sudden lost its channels and now says no signal. I have tried retuning it several times and also restoring factory settings. Still just says no signal. Any ideas? Or is it a common fault with this make??

The tuner might have faulty. Your set need service. Just check in this site. Some times, it may help you to do this work by yoursef.Type in "Electro-help", in ether Google or Yahoo search box and click search. Pull uo older posts there ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Sharp Aquos 40E67UN. We came home yesterday and although the TV turns on and our directv box turns on, the tv just has a blank screen where you can go to different inputs, but none of the hdmi inputs work. I also tried hooking in my DVD player via 2 different hdmi cords to make sure that it was the direct tv box that was the issue, but the DVD wouldn't work either....just a blank tv screen (but its on). Any ideas on what could be wrong? I can change the channels, the remote is still

It's possible that you have a faulty component on one of the circuit boards inside your tv.\015\012\015\012It sounds like your backlight is working OK since the screen is lit up despite having no video so the fault is either with the MAIN ... Sharp Aquos LC-46D62U 46 in. LCD HDTV

Hi, My tv is am Australian SONY Bravia KDL46XBR - 3100, I purchased it in 07. My problem is when I try and turn my tv on there is sound for 30 seconds but no picture then it switches itself off with a 5 blink fault code. Sometimes the sound doesn't come on either, but also occasionally the TV turns on and works perfectly but it's very few & far between when that happens. I have an extended warranty with a 3rd party, but it doesn't cover lamp replacements so I want to make sure it is or

Hello,Below are the interpretation of Sony TV blinking codes, so check the one yours fall under. Also, note that your warranty would be void if you open the TV back or unscrew the TV back cover. And to fix this problem, you must open the ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Silo LT32-SL601 and am trying to program my Comcast remote. I have tried all the Orion numbers with no luck . I also tried the remote to search for the number and it gave be 10463 which also did not work. I hope I didn,t buy a lemon!

... RCA Silo Digital LTSL3220 32 in. LCD TV

Zenith L20V34S Completely DEAD Zenith LCD flat screen 20in Model: L20V34S Manufactered: Oct 2005 Listed HealthCare Facility TV Hello all, TV wont turn on (no red light either)after turning it off from the night before. Heres what i've tried: WHEN AS IS -Checked to make sure on/off switch on rear of TV was indeed "on". -Tried using the remote and the actual TV "on" buttons. -Checked of course all my outlets and made sure it had power and had good connections. -Used voltm

Repair of the Zenith L20V34S\012The power supply is responsible for 90% of failures on this model.\012Symptom 1\012TV cannot be turned on. It will act as if it is completly dead.\012Repair\012Replace capacitors C5 and C6, rated at ... Zenith L13V36 LCD TV

Making a crakling sound while trying to turn on... green light keeps blinking, and power is running, but no picture. Also, still makes weak crackling sound occasionally while trying to power up every min if I keep power on.

I would based on model number indicated here first have a look at the lamp this model uses and also at the ballast that powers and is connected to it. ... Sony Grand WEGA KF60DX100 60" Rear Projection Television

I can only get one av on my TEAC CRT TV model No. CT-M711S and when i connect my set top box I cannot get it to work - i guess it needs a different av but I have tried and tride with the remote to find it but can't. When the av comes on screen there is a red arrow below it pointing down. I have tried the set top box that came with it, which is a TEACDigital Terrerestrial Receiver Model No. SDB440. Also I have tried my previous set top box that I know works for sure because I had it working

... Projection Televisions

Mitsubishi WS-65809. Yesterday, plugged into the wall in the first outlet, I powered off my modem and computer (trying to get Cox to fix my internet connection) that were attached to a power bar in the second outlet. TV was turned on. Once I got my internet connection working, realized that the TV was no longer turned on, and would not turn on. Made sure plug was seated right, but no dice. Checked the outlet to make sure it was working, and sure enough it was. Plugged the TV to another outlet, n

Hi mikalkintner,\015\012\015\012Is your tv haven't a led light in the front panel? I need to know to assist you further.\015\012\015\012Jdvillanueva ... Mitsubishi WS-65809 65" Rear Projection Television

Screen I cannot get the closed-captions to work. They were working but now I get nothing. I've tried all the different captioning options to no avail. I tried to power cycle it as well, also no use. Not sure what else to try.

... Sharp LC-32AV22U 32 in. LCD TV

My sharp aquos lcd tv does not recognize the remote control, already tried the following: changing battery and making sure its in proper position, turning off the tv,unplugging,wait for approx. 10 sec

Try to clean the IR sensor on TV..if not help you can try to replaced IR sensor board assembly..Hope it helps.. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Luxor tv I had my TV on its was working fine but then it just switched its self off, At the front of the TV where it lights up it keeps flashing blue. I have turned it off at the wall and back on again and it doesn't make no difference also i have tried pressing the power button on the control which also doesn't work. Please help as soon as possible.

There is a short ciruit inside its circuit board. It sounds that the horizontal output transistor has gone leaky. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Samsung model hlr4667wx/xaa. Will not turn on. I can hear it try. It makes the loading up sound, lamp turns on, but screen is still black. At first everthing would power up ok including picture, but a few moments after shut off. But now...just the noise. It also originally went from three blinking lights to two. Its not the lamp. Had already tried that.

Have you had a issue where you heard a high pitched whine or fan like sound?Examine the color wheel- can be done with lamp removed--look in the opening the lamp faces---is wheel intact or missing any pieces?The set will turn lamp on ... Samsung Standard (CRT) Televisions

Hl72a650 Hi I have a Samsung hl72a650. Replaced lamp a year ago. Tv suddenly one day started to shut itself off and back on again. I have tried everything else I have researched online. Took lamp out and back in several times. When the tv comes on the picture is very bright and clear then suddenly the picture begins to loose color and shuts off and back on several times untill all 3 lights start blinking. I also started the tv with mute 182 power and selected options clear lamp, reset user setti

Color wheel issues replace light engine ... Projection Televisions

Samsung le37a686 we have this model tv it wont turn on anymore using the remote we have to have several attempts then end up unplugging it from the wall then plugging back in then trying again it makes a high pitch noise and sometimes when we turn it off it turns itself back on several times and we have to take the plug out from the wall , the tv is 4 years old

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Vertical lines and picture blurry, i tried re-setting it and it do not work also i tried unplugging it for several hours and it doesn't work

Try to replace y-sustain board ... Panasonic TH-42PX75U 42 in. Plasma Television

Have a samsung lcd 46"....turns on fine and picture looks good but no sound. I have checked the mute and also have checked that sound is turned on from the menu. Also checked to make sure no head phon

The main board will need replacement. Audio signal are produced on the main board so replacing the main board should solve the issue. You can get replacement main boards from ww ... Samsung LN46A530 46 in. LCD HDTV

No Signal Watched a DVD, when we switched back to watch TV there was no picture and it said no signal. I tried another TV to make sure the problem was not the antenea or the cable. All checked out fine. It did this once before and we found all the stations were one point off, for example 10.1 was now 10.2. We manually restored all stations and all has been well until now. I have tried many things and I can not get a picture back. In diagnostics it says my signal strength is zero. Thank you, Greg

Have you checked on all inputs including the rear audio and video jacks? ... Sony KDF-50E2000 50" HDTV

Hitachi 50vs810 has a blinking temp light. I already pulled the lamp fan and verified that it is running. I also ohmed across the temp sensor for the light and it is open. I'm not 100% sure if that is the proper way to test the temp sensor. I tried opening and shorting the temp sensor circuit. I'm wondering if there are multiple issues here

Check fuse see if its not blown. ... Hitachi 50VS810 50" Rear Projection HDTV

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