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My Samsung le40s71bx Flatscreen LCD tv, will not switch on. When i connect power cord, led flashes a few times, then the light in the screen switches on, for about 5 seconds. This continues forever,.. i have left the tv like this for 6 hours. it does not make any loud clicking noises .

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My Samsung le40s71bx Flatscreen LCD tv, will not switch on. When i connect power cord, led flashes a few times, then the light in the screen switches on, for about 5 seconds. This continues forever,.. i have left the tv like this for 6 hours. it does not make any loud clicking noises .

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hitachi 37ld8500 tv television switches on and off every few seconds continuously and will stay like that till its switched of. 24 volts are present at psu output

... Flat Panel Televisions

Please help,I have a panasonic lcd tv model-TX-32LXD1 8yrs old.I left it on standby with red light on,I switched the tv on by the power switch the red light went out but thier was no click like when i

Not knowing any more than what you've said, an 8 year old tv is bound to have problems. LCD televisions just don't last the same as CRTs used to. If you feel the need to repair, a past/known issue is a great start. Still, you might rethink repair and ... Flat Panel Televisions

42pfl3704d/f7 The TV has a white line that goes vertically on the left side of the screen. The picture also flickers. It will flicker more if I shake the tv. When I am going through the menu the previous words will fade out. What I mean is if I switch from one menu to the next the word will take a few seconds to fade out so it looks like there is two sets of words overlapping each other.

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

Hi I have a used Phillips DPTV335. Was working fine until yesterday. Now when I power it on it clicks like it is trying to start up but then there is no audio or video. Only a high pitched chirp every second or so continuously. I do not see any tubes lighting up inside but the power button is illuminated. Any ideas?

The high-pitched chrip that you have means you have a malfunctioning flyback transformer. I have seen this many times before. The part cannot be repaired and replacement is the only option. It costs about 50-75$ and should be handled only by a qualif ... Projection Televisions

I have a Olevia lt37hvs, When i plug it in the blue(olevia)light comes on then goes off and the screen will be blue for 5-6 second then go black for 1-2 seconds then screen goes blue again and it just keeps repeating this process. i hear the big transformer on the power supply clicking like its being overloaded then the screen goes black. When i disconnect the main board from the power supply the clicking and flashing stop. Any ideas?

Tried to connect again the supply for main board and disconnect the supply for the inverter board of back light. and turn on the tv, if the indicator stay the inventer board was the cause of voltage drop at the power supply board. ... Olevia LT37HVS 37 in. LCD HDTV

The TV is 52 inch SAMSUNG LCD and is 3 1/2 years old.The on/off switch at the front continously clicks , but the tv wont come on.I have left it for hours and occasionaly has come on.Currently happily clicking away in my sports room but unable to fire up...is it ready for the bin ?.cost me 2 grand 3 1/2 years ago so no warranty left.....

This is what's happening in your tv: a part inside your tv has failed; when you try to start the tv the failed part gets powered and starts to draw way too much current than what it's supposed to do; this triggers the protection system of the power s ... Flat Panel Televisions

After watching for about 10 to 20 minutes the tv does something weird like your'e pressing the input button. It keeps switching from tv to vidio or whatever else happens when you press the input button. When the screen keeps switching like that it just goes back and forth so your picture keeps coming on for a second and then back off. If you try to press the input button to fix it nothing happens. You just have to turn off your tv. It has its own dvd player on the bottom. I'm wondering if that

... Westinghouse 46W1HD 46 in. LCD TV

Hyundai 32 Television was working fine until a few minutes ago. I tried to change the channel and since then it has started switching itself to and from standby. TV Switched on for about 3 seconds with channel 21 showing in the top left corner before switching itself back to standby again. the strange thing is that it will switch itself back on from standby. Anyone know what might be causing this?

That problem is usually cause of faulty capacitors on the power supply board..Just follow this instruction to fix your TV..1. Open the back cover of your TV.2. Look at the power supply board..Its normally connected to the power co ... Flat Panel Televisions

Westinghouse LD-4680 Turn TV on this morning, heard the normal click sound of it turning on, saw red LED glow coming through bottom grill - like normal....then about 5 seconds later, heard another click, and red LED glow turned off(TV turned off). That was using remote. Tried turning it on with power button on TV itself, heard the click when it turns on, and just as fast, heard click indicating it turning off. Now, it does absolutely nothing - acts as if it is not receiving electricity. This T

... Westinghouse 46" Class LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV,2.14" ultra-slim LD-4680

When i turn on samsung model HL-5675s sounds like it wants to turn on but doesnt. i opend the back. and they light turns on for like 3 seconds. the fan turns on. but thats all . not sure what it could be? and befor that it got a white dot on the left side of the screen. also turnd off by its self that last week and when i turnd it back on it did but sounded like it struggeld to turn on.

... Samsung DLP HL-P4663W 46" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Received this TV from a friend, was working when it left his house, I have place on tv stand, plugged it in, hit the power button, it came on for a breif second. Now the on-timer light is blinking, I can hear the (possible) tube kicking (a clicking sound) but can not get the tv on, nor can i get the tv to stop blinking the on-timer / power light. At times it is a fast blinking (once a second), other times it is blinking slower, (once every 3-5 seconds). I do not have the original remote, but hav

Did u ever find a solution? ... JVC AV-32150 32" TV

I have a panasonic thp50u30a plasma June 2011 model and it has developed a fault. When switched on I hear 3 fast clicks with a 4th click which comes in about 10 seconds later. While this is happening the standby led flashes repeatedly until the fourth click and then the standby light flashes red 7 times. My research has led me to believe that either the SC, SU or SD boards are faulty.. If not one of them then a combination of all of the could be a fault. Thinking that it was the SC at fault, I w

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a SONIQ QSP500T Plasma TV. When I turn it on you hear it click off again even though the blue light says. When it does not click a second time it comes on with sound only. If I leave it like this for 10 minutes. I can turn it off and back on and get picture aswell. Would this be something that can be fixed by software?

Hi tinsley_shan,\012\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. This can't be fix by software/programming because it is a hardware malfunction. The very\ ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sony Bravia KDL-32S2010 comes on for one second, sound lasts another second or two, and then switches to standby (little orange light). Can turn off only by unplugging. Discovered this after returning from three week vacation: it was fine when we left. I have not looked inside. What problem do these symptoms suggest?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Have a samsung lN46A650AIF when to turn on this moring and all it will do is click. Tried to unplug for bit and plug back in samething. click continues for a few seconds after tv is unpluged.will not turn on.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic viera amber light flashing continually then it clicks like its turning off ( how ever light continues to flash through out)

First suspect is the power supply board in the set--voltages in and out would have to be checked--no simple answer as trouble shooting consists of testing things first and then deciding which board has to be purchased and tried.You might be b ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung LN52A750 It has worked for about 3 years until the other week I turned it on to a blue screen (wrong input setting) and left it alone for about 10 mins on that screen after which it turned itself off. Since then it won't turn on, I try and turn it on and it clicks red light activates like its going to turn on it clicks again and it never actually turns on. Thoughts.

This is the famous bad capacitor problem on the power supply board. Samsung has a semi-official policy for repairing these, free of charge. Go here http://www.samsung.com/us/capacitorsettlement/ to find out how to make a claim. We recently had the is ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have an acoustic solution 32 inch HD TV. model number is LCD32805HD. power supply: AC 220-240V ~ 50Hz max:180W. The problem I'm having is. When I plug it in. The blue stand by light comes on, all appears fine. But then I go to start the tv up, it sounds like its booting up, but then I start to hear a clicking sound, the screen flashes to what appears to be a snowy screen. Then goes back to stand by. This all happens in the space of aprx 10 seconds. I have done some research and it looks like t

... Flat Panel Televisions

Vpw 425 viewsonic, have owned this Plasma, for several years, has always operated fine. Today it won't turn on. Main power switch is on. Standby switch is red. When I push the standby power button, it changes from red to green, I hear a click, then within 2-3 seconds the standby light turns back to red. I removed the back panel and tried to start again, after several tries there is a red indicator light (inside the panel) labeled "main power" that comes on and stays on.

... ViewSonic VPW425 42 in. Plasma HDTV

The problem that I am having with my Emerson PL-P42W-10A plasma tv is that allof a sudden it would not turned on one morning. When you turn it on the tv clicks like it is coming on then you get three blinks of the power on light before it clicks of about 15 seconds later.

3 blinks indicate that the power source is in protected mode because one of the components of the tv has failed and now acts as a short. The only way to know for sure which is the failed part is to open the tv and measure the voltages on the output l ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo DP42746 TV - I get the black screen and no sound (like many others). What I've tried so far, 1)checked all the fuses, 2) Checked PWB input and out (118 vac), unplugged the power cord waited a few minutes and plugged it back in. I get the click when I turned it on and a few seconds later another click. Then, the error led blips 12 times (Time Out error). Any ideas Matt?

... Sanyo DP42746 42 in. Plasma Television

When the power is turned on, the red indicator light flashes continually. It will not go to solid red. There was a clicking noise from the back of the set, which stopped shortly afterwards. I have pressed the on button on the remote, have turned it off at the wall and left for ten minutes and retried, still same result. It continues to flash red. Is there anything I can do or is it a service job ? Hope you can help. Jeremy

Sounds like your capacitors are bad. Samsung will replace them for free if you call them at 1 800 Samsung. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a JVC 37 inch LCD TV MDL LT-37X688 that shuts off as soon as the screen appears. When it shuts off you can hear a click that sounds like a circuit breaker. After about 20 to 30 seconds you can here the click again and the stand by light comes back on.

... JVC LT-37X688 37 in. LCD HDTV

My panasonic TH-42pz70B set will not switch on this morning. The set looks like it is going to switch on and flashes green on the standby light then just reverrts to red a few seconds later. Thanks

... Panasonic CT-32HX42 32" TV

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