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Have an Element LCD model number flx-3210 that loses raster after 1 minute. Audio is fine. No blink codes and all caps are fine. Checked ESR and replaced common failing caps already. ec17 and ec18 450v 10uf. Also changed d10 and FETs q17 and q16. Nothing changed. When I lose raster, the LED D13 on the power board lights solid. I do NOT have any backlights on. Dark room tested and backlights go out completely when this happens. I also tested the two transformers on the inverter side of the pow

Answers :

Hi Jeramy.

These TVs are indeed re-branded Polaroid. You will not find the service manual under Element. You must find the equivalent Polaroid TV.

The Polaroid Flx-3202 is the same as element flx 3202 and 3212 the FLM-3237 is slightly different. Element were re-branded for Circuit City.
Polaroid service manuals won't be a great help, they are written to do board swapping. This TVs are cheap, and board swapping is all the repair that Polaroid ask the technician to do.
The service manual for 3237 is available on the Internet, but it is quite different, check if the two units have the same 37 pins sub, that is the part to be tested if PSU is OK, and there is no power to display (user upload Here Polaroid Service Manual-no t a great help). The other two are not available. Service manuals and bulletins can be ordered through Polaroid service contact.

When inverter and PSU are integrated, you check PSU voltages. There should be a control line from main board (or circuit). It may be passing through a sub board. If you have sound and LED on the AC main and DC-DC sections of the PSU should be OK, in DC-DC, check if there is power to the section going to the backlight (it is not a proper inverter). If that section has power in and no output, then the fault is likely in there.

If PSU is OK, a main failure is possible, but uncommon, the faulty part when PSU works well is the LCD panel.

Hope this will help.

Bye .


Hi, before one can even begin to entertain to DIY a modern TV set, one simply must obtain a service and repair manual for the exact make and model. It is almost impossible without it, if only for the parts numbers that must be given to obtain spare parts.\015\012
\015\012\015\012Hi, well I applaud you for wanting to have a go, but you must make sure that you are starting in the right place, That is The Power Supply, as, if, that isn't right nothing else can be. But you simply cannot do anything without a Service Manual. In this it has everything one needs to repair the set. OK if it is shutting down, after that amount of time, of working and then faulting, then it is most definitely a "Thermal" problem, the way we "Find" problems such as this is "Freeze Spray" you use this on each component that is suspected of being the "Culprit" and you will soon,find that errant component. Now also not every fault is a Capacitor, I see many, many people that think, that Capacitors are always the "Culprit" now while that may be true in a few cases, a faulty Electrolytic Cap, or ordinary, Cap goes faulty, this is only a SYMPTOM, something has damaged those caps causing them to "Fail". One MUST always find the root "Cause", otherwise if you just treat, the SYMPTOM, the "Cause" will just make the "Symptom" come back, in short order, as the prime cause still, hasn't been fixed., Now Capacitors hate AC ripple, or Over Voltage. That's it. Oh.. and Heat, if these Capacitors, are too close to a Heat Source, then that's a prime cause of failure. Resistors, hardly ever go faulty, and if they do, it is generally obvious. However it doesn't hurt to check values with our Multimeter. Remember though resistors are made, with up to 20% tolerance from stated value, as such, are not too critical, unless in Timing circuits etc. Always check, the Values, of resistors, as with any other component, with the power OFF. Now Diodes especially "Zener Diode", are another thing to check, those and ordinary "Signal Diode" should always be suspect. next we have Transistors and IC's. The Transistors MUST ALL be checked to see if they have a good, "Junction" this is done, with our meter set to "Diode Test" and usually are about 0.6 to 0.7. With IC's you must check, voltage levels, or Logic Levels, going in and out, have a look at the circuit diagram, and it will tell you what they should be. It is a good idea to always measure the Power Supply voltages, see if a "Rail" is Low, that will be because some component has gone somewhat or all short circuit, to Earth, now, if the "Rail" is Higher, suspect an "Open Circuit" component, like a Diode, or Transistor. The voltages expressed in the manual are spot on, ANY variation MUST be investigated. I have been doing all this for over 30 years now, and I do indeed wish, we could have a set of "Symptoms" and be able to say.. "Oh that's the so-in-so and replace this" however unfortunately this although does happen, most "Symptoms" can have literally tens, of "Causes" all often "Interlinked" One simply has to do a methodical troubleshooting procedure, and always think, "are my Voltages Correct" as this is how, you Fix the problem, by making them so. Keep up the good work. If that link above doesn't furnish, a Service manual, it is imperative you get one, even if you must pay for it. It will pay for itself in about 2 mins. \015\012The Tools you will need are A SERVICE MANUAL a Good Multimeter, a Signal generator, a Signal Tracer, pref an Oscilloscope, Soldering Iron, De-soldering iron, Probably, too, A SMT Hot Air desolderer (for the Surface Mount IC's), Compressed Air, An Anti-Static Wrist Strap, (MOST IMPORTANT, to prevent ESD), Cutters, Screwdrivers, sometimes, Torx, drivers too. Tweezers, are real handy, a magnifying glass, or eyepiece, a good strong white Light. OH, and you MUST have the original remote control too, (Sometimes one must obtain, purchase, a special "Servicing remote") as one needs this to "Program" the Computer in the TV, after, and during servicing, and to be able to put the TV, into "Service Mode" too.\015\012
\015\012When servicing try not to let the entire thing overwhelm you as one, treat the set as a conjunction of "Units". Meaning that we can break the unit up into sections, for instance we have a Power Supply, and Audio section, a Remote Control section, we have a Input Control section, we have a Video Control section, and so on. Now all these connect to specific parts of the circuit. Some have no relationship with each other and some are dependent upon each other. What we need to do is try to understand our "Fault" and isolate it to at least an "Area". Now when we have isolated the apparent problem, we then need to check our "Input" to that section and also the "Output" of that section, also we must first check that sections supply voltage and current, are correct. Depending on the unit being serviced, the Repair options, may be limited to changing a "Board" to clear the fault. Often these boards are exchangeable, and you get a rebate back, if when you purchase the new board, you send them you old broken board, and they then repair that, and around it goes. Other times, one must go down to "Board level" to effect a repair, always double check, before determining some component is faulty, it is best to isolate/remove, the component to test, often an "in situ" test can give erroneous reading due to "Other" components connected, altering the readings. Always replace with as good if not better components that you are replacing, skimping of component costs is counterproductive, in the long run. \015\012
\015\012It can often be a great troubleshooting method, to completely isolate the "Faulty" part of the circuit, if you can, isolate the in & out, and also remove, the "Native" power from, it too. You power from and external source, then also you can provide an External "Drive" to this circuit which you will NOW, be able to test under a, "know good" situation, which is so important to gain a benchmark for operation.\015\012NEVER EVER simply replace a Board or Component without ascertaining WHY, it has failed, as seldom does anything spontaneously fail, unless placed under stress at all operating times, such as a power Supply or the like. \015\012
\015\012So, thats about it, Also to remember that you are dealing with a unit, that can cause a fire, or an explosion, or both, this is not to be undertaken, lightly, for instance if one services a unit, and for whatever reason say, it caught fire, and burned, say, a house down, and heaven forbid, killed, someone, the REPAIRER of the UNIT is Criminally LIABLE, just a little point to remember, to ensure you ALWAYS DO A PROPER JOB. \015\012
\015\012it is my professional opinion though that everyone should take their units to their manufacturers approved service center, contacting a head office, of your unit & getting an approved service center is just SO important, even worth the extra to ship it, you see, at those places, the Engineers, are trained on the equipment you have, they usually have parts on hand, and do the job quicker. Anyway do that and get a "Quote". This way, at least, you'll know weather to repair or replace.\015\012
\015\012right click on that link, Choose "Open in new tab" and there are many sites to choose from\015\012
\015\012Your Red Drive has obviously "Failed" This is a common enough problem I see in my shop from time to time. However the actual "Cause" for this "Symptom". Can be a number of "Causes" and NONE of them are any sort of "Easy Fix". It is my professional opinion, that you should, first, contact, the local head office, of Sony, and ask for a referral, to an Authorised Service Center. Then, obtain a "Quote" for repair, from them. Now IF you must move it, I hope you have kept your original packaging, as suggested on box. in any event a unit such as this MUST, MUST, be VERY VERY gently handled. Ideally it should be packaged as similarly as possible to the way it came. When transporting, go very carefully, if possible Suspend it somehow, so that it doesn't receive any Jolts etc at all. Of course the best option is to get the set looked at "In Situ" as it were.

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Have an Element LCD model number flx-3210 that loses raster after 1 minute. Audio is fine. No blink codes and all caps are fine. Checked ESR and replaced common failing caps already. ec17 and ec18 450v 10uf. Also changed d10 and FETs q17 and q16. Nothing changed. When I lose raster, the LED D13 on the power board lights solid. I do NOT have any backlights on. Dark room tested and backlights go out completely when this happens. I also tested the two transformers on the inverter side of the pow

Hi Jeramy.These TVs are indeed re-branded Polaroid. You will not find the service manual under Element. You must find the equivalent Polaroid TV.The Polaroid Flx-3202 is the same as element flx 3202 and 3212 the FLM-3237 is ... Flat Panel Televisions

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Check the CCFL back light tubes. ... Toshiba 32AV502R LCD TV

I Have sanyo 47xr1 lcd tv.it was switched off,but didnt turn on the next morning.however,i noticed that standby light turns blue from red.but no backlight nor displayall voltages are available.no blown caps,no dry caps nor any that looks suspicious.inverters are all ok and all voltages present.main control board warms up normally.but still nothing on the screen.what could be the problem?

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I have a HLT6187SAXXAA when I turn it on it does its little tune the n the fans come on for about 5 secs the reboots, it does this 3 times then it goes to all 3 lights blinking, my modle has no lamp but it has 3 leds, red , green and blue. I tested the voltages from the power board the powers the leds and all the voltages were fine but no leds. i tested a 3 leds with a 9 volt battery and they all power up so I replaced the led driver boarn with a new one and now it does the same thing what else

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Sharp tv has vertical lines back light works fine, picture no just lines. Looked at everything can't see any caps bulging etc. I think it's the t con board or a cable. I heated with hair dryer and got picture momentarily tried to appear. Any ideas?

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I have a mitsubishi dlp wd65735 and the lap light is red. i replaced the lamp and it worked for a month and now its red again. the lamp is fine. i did check the caps on the board and they have a white stuff at the bottom of them. Does that mean they are bad?

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I have a lg 47 lcd tv. model num. 47LD500. only about a year old when this happened. Was working fine and just shut off by it self. will not do anything at all. no sounds lights nothing. Have checked power cord and all ovious things. Remover back cover and checked fuse and all capacitors look ok. Is there any downloadable test spect. and instructions for the power board. I have a good meeter and pretty good knollage of electronics. any help would be great. Thanks

Check power supply ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Hi Cindy Wells, the Sanyo DP19648 LCD TV failed at 2 yrs and 8mth that I bought for my parents. I can see a faint image with a flashlight and there are no apparent burns on the the board that powers the LCD lights. My question is: If you see the faint screen , as in your fix, should I test the bosrd output as well? Also, I went to inventgeeks.com, he was fixing a monitor is it as easy as he should us? Mom's got a new TV, bought her a toshiba LCD with Visa so I've double here warranty but I hate

IF you can see a faint image it means that the backlight of the tv is not operational, usually due to failed inverter board. Replacing the same should help you resolve this problem. In this particular tv the backlight inverter is part of the power su ... Flat Panel Televisions

When I turn the TV on a solid green light comes on for about a minute. I can also hear the tv is working just no picture. After about a minute the sound will go off and a solid red light comes on and stays on, the green light also went out at the same time the red comes on. Does this mean that it is possibly just the bulb?

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My Vizio P42 plasma has no picture but has sound. I removed the back panel and removed fuse FS1 on the Y sys board as well as fuses FS1 & FS2 on the Z sys board and they passed the continuity test. I also did continuity on surface mount fuse FS3 on the Y sys board without removing it from the board and continuity was ok and the same with FS3 on the Z sus board. I know that testing a fuse on the board is not the best way but it seems that it is the only way to do it on the surface mount fuses.

... Vizio P2 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

The television power light flashes green when turned on, then the power light becomes a solid red and the lamp light begins flashing red. I don't know if there is any signifigance to this but the "card" light is a solid red as well. The tv was working fine last night, please help.

... Epson Livingstation LS57P2 57" Rear Projection HDTV

I have an ELCHS321. My backlight started to flicker. The inverter board is JLS-05-32EI. I have the back open and noticed that the LED on the inverter board was blue and flickering as well. As the set warms up the LED turns white but still flickers. The LED goes solid white and the flickering stops. Is this caused by the inverter board or or the backlight. Is there anyway to load the inverter board output to isolate th problem.

I would suspect and check first the voltages going there to see if low when cold and come up and if they are moving up and down when it flickers----points to problem in power supply ... Element ELC-HS321 32 in. LCD TV

Hello, i have a samsung 42' plasma tv model #pn42c450b1d. the tv doesn't want to turn on. i plug it in and you hear a clicking noise se a red power light. also when you press the power button on the tv in the back u see a green light come on for a second on one of the circuit bords( the one under the power board) and simutanously you see a red light come on and and off at the same time on the circiut board with the av, hdmi, inputs. i looked and thier doesn't seem to be any bulging capaciters. a

Hi.As you know the TV is in protect mode because an internal fault has been detected. I think that you already tried leaving power cable disconnected for ten minutes. After connecting back restart the TV with no device attache ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, can you help me with this TV please. Hi, I have a Olevia 232-T11 LCD TV. First my TV wouldn't turn and the blue light just stayed on. I replaced the power supply board and now my TV turns on and the screen lights up but I get no picture or sound. The slave backlight inverter board has a blue light when you turn the TV on but goes away shortly after. The screen stays on but I have no sound or can't control the channel, volume or source button. Please help.

If the tv is not coming on but there is no picture or sound then it is a 100% guarantee that its a problem with the audio/video main board of the tv. I am sure that replacing the same would resolve the problem. Please get me the part number that is p ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, I have a maxent mx50x3 when i turn it on there is a steady green light for power and the left and right boards also have stesdy green lights, I here all relays click and the screen primes,I think cause it lights up slightly but evenly..I hear a buzzing coming from the board on the left as you look at the inside from the rear and after a few minuets you can see flashing rainbow lines horizontaly across the screen...but no menu will pop up and no picture ..please help..

Hi,\015\012\015\012I am sorry to hear regarding the same. Unfortunately, this is an internal problem and TV needs to be repaired. It is highly suggestive of power supply board, however as you could see colored lines, it could indicate a f ... Maxent MX-50X3 50 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

Hello, I have a maxent Problem with the Maxent MX-50X3 50 in. HDTV-Ready Plasma Television hello, I have a maxent mx50x3 when i turn it on there is a steady green light for power and the left and right boards also have stesdy green lights, I here all relays click and the screen primes,I think cause it lights up slightly but evenly..I hear a buzzing coming from the board on the left as you look at the inside from the rear and after a few minuets you can see flashing rainbow lines horizontaly ac

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My 50PC3D will not start. Worked fine. I heard a pop and it shut down. When i push the power, the green light flashes and i can hear the relays kick, but after about 3 seconds, the green light turns to a steady red. All the caps look fine and the fuses are fine.

Replace the power supply via ebay type in your model in Ebay search bar ... LG 50PC3D 50 in. Plasma Television

Suddenly my HMDI connection soes not work? Tested cables and they are fine. Component signal from DVD is fine. Imputs are fine- Tested other DVD player and it also no signal- I have two HDMI ports and neither worked. What is up? What can I do?

... Panasonic TCP42C1 Plasma TV

I have a vizio vz37l tv. When i turn it on the screen lights up, however there is no picture on the screen. the sound works, its just no picture on the screen. I read on a couple of the posts on here, and figured the proper course would be to replace the t-con board. I just finished replacing the tcon board and still the same thing. I called vizio about the problem and they say that if the screen lights up then the problem wouldn't be the backlight inverter boards, that it might be as simpl

Its the main board... ... Vizio VX37L Television

Samsung lnt4665fx xaa video prolbem apperas main board has been zapped visible burn marks on hdmi port 2 blue light under samsung still comes on and red light flashes and relay clicks but no audio or video replaced caps in power supply did not help should the main board be replaced? should the main board be replace any suggestions would be helpfull thanks

... Projection Televisions

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