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I have a Samsung LCD TV - Model number LE37B679, which is great, but I'm having and issue with it. I can be watching ok for a while and then the picture goes & I'm left with a black screen. The sound remains. I find I have to turn the power off for 30 minutes or so then I get the picture back. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be wrong. I read something about a T-CON Video board issue, but I'm not technically expert enough to know if this is a red herring or not. Please help

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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I have a Samsung LCD TV - Model number LE37B679, which is great, but I'm having and issue with it. I can be watching ok for a while and then the picture goes & I'm left with a black screen. The sound remains. I find I have to turn the power off for 30 minutes or so then I get the picture back. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be wrong. I read something about a T-CON Video board issue, but I'm not technically expert enough to know if this is a red herring or not. Please help

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sound issue dvd part works fine vcr get sound, no picture. Kids had done something and could not extract tape, got it out but now get sound only no picture

Yes, someone needs who knows how to open vcr part and clear and clean the blocked video heads which are causing this problem. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I just got a Mitsubishi WS-A65 that has a issue, when I turn it on I dont get a picture, I do get some faint glow and some faint curved lines, I get error cod 1-2 which says no error and I have audio. When I turn the set on the green light goes to solid with no blinking, I cant see any menus so I cant adjust anything. Any Ideas

Hi, if you have audio and any kind of a blank/darkened screen then you either have a bad video hookup cable, defective video input, or a bad backlight system-bulb or power supply to bulb is probably weak from symptom you described. Hope this was of s ... Flat Panel Televisions

We have a JVC HD-ILA 61'' FLAT SCREEN TV Model # HD-61G787-the picture has been getting progressivly darker over the past week - we installed a new lamp about 3-4 weeks ago and then tonight we installed another new lamp we purchased from JVC. We have also adjusted the pic, color, brightness etc controls, however the picture is still thr same - any idea what is wrong

\015\012Below are links for service manual, you must obtain a copy, to have even a any chance of repair. Work through the troubleshooting flow chart in the manual, this will help you isolate your issue, going darker, is usually a loss of ... JVC Flat Panel Televisions

Picture on my Hitachi 50vs810 was fuzzy or distorted when I first turn the tv on. After it warmed up for a few mintues, it would work fine with a good picture. Finally I turned on and I get nothing on the screen although it seems as though there is a dim light on. When turning on the red lights come on like the tv is coming on and hey go out quickly and nothing. I replaced the lamp but not the issue. Any ideas

... Hitachi 50VS810 50" Rear Projection HDTV

Hi, i have a 42inch Dynex Flat Screen, the issue i have is that when i plug in my Tv, the little red indicator comes on showing that its ready to be powered up, but when i push the Power button the Blue indicator comes on but there is no picture and no sound, the screen does not light up and nothing is displayed when i press the volume, channel and menu buttons, how can i figure out what is wrong? I hope its just replacing a blown fuse or something, Can u help?

I will give you some general info and some ideas--let me know what you find or if you have questions.I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby chec ... Flat Panel Televisions

Ok I have a vizio 42in tv model# vo42oe. Its about a year n half old. Today I unplugged xbox from power outlet.(still hooked up to tv) Now the tv has no picture its only flashing. There is sound but no pic. Any idea what's wrong with it? Is there a reset button or something? Please help!

... Flat Panel Televisions

Our Mitsubishi wd-65833 tv turns on and makes a whistling sound like it is powering up-then the red lamp light comes on and it makes the whistling sound in reverse (kind of like the sound of a bomb dropping)and then turns itself off. Does is need a new lamp or is there something else wrong? We get sound but no picture.

This mechanical whining sound is typical of what is know as a color wheel fault. Color wheels are mechanical color disk that spins. generally if they do not reach a certain speed the set will shut down. It is a moving part and anthing that moves wil ... Projection Televisions

My sharp LC-C5262U something wrong with the screen . when its on the screen looks like its snowing , and then its start to have blue lines or snow looking dots . i still get picture tho is that fixable?

... Sharp LC-C5262U 52 in. LCD TV

Our Coby 524DVD player has been workig fine, but now it will not read the discs. We get a msg that says, "Wrong Disc". Any ideas?

This might be caused due to dust setting on the lens of the sensor, which  is used to read the disc. You could easily clean the lens by opening up the unit and using a small amount of rubbing alcohol.Another problem which some users seem ... Coby Flat Panel Televisions

I have a JVC HD-52FA97 projection TV. After about 10 seconds after turning the TV on the red lamp light and blue power light start flashing together rapidly. The TV sounds like it is turning on, but there is never a picture or sound. Any idea what is wrong and if this is something I can fix? I would hate to buy a new bulb and have that not be the problem.

The lights may be related to each other or their problem might be isolated.For the red lamp light, it is not necessarily a faulty bulb but an error which may affect the bulb. It could be because an error detected. The fan's temperature ... JVC HD-52FA97 HDTV

I have a sony bravia KDL52V51000 and today it decides not to read the HDMI inputs. just says no signal. it recognizes that there is something plugged into my 3 and 4 inputs but when i click each of them just says no signal. sometimes i can get my input 4 to work which is my comcast box and then when i switch a channel it will say no signal again. any ideas on whats causing this problem. thanks.

... Sony Bravia KDL52V5100 Compatible Swivel Wall Mount Free HDMI Cable

I've got a Nikkai a00hr video sender and now it has a permanent green light on which is something to do with the remote control indicator I think, but we now don't get any picture or sound upstairs? Any ideas from anyone? Jake.

... Flat Panel Televisions

The picture mode on my tv is stuck to wide. When I try accessing this feature through the remote's "p-mode" or "p-size" buttons it gives me an message on the screen that says "not available." I've also tried accessing this feature through the menu on the remote and on the side of the tv but I still keep getting this same error message. I tried reading through the manuel, but there is nothing under the troubleshooting area that helps or addresses this issue. Is there a way to reset the tv t

If it says "not available" then you have to try the settings of the input source such as a cable box or something. Chnage the aspect ratio to 16:9 . If you can get me the model number of the box I will see if I can get your precise instructions. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv has a distorted picture to it the longer you leave it on. Its fine when you first turn it on but then slowly gets bad. The blues and whites seem to look the worst. I replaced the lamp but that didnt seem to fix it. Do you have any idea what is wrong?

If your TV looks 3D, warped, or distorted it likely has a convergenge problem. If however it just looks dull, washed out, redish, greenish, or blueish or if it looks like objects on the screen have halos the fluid in the lens has soured.Y ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

I am having issues with my RCA Scenium D52W135D (playstation 3 connection). Recently, I have been having a very specific problem with this combo. I have it connected using HDMI to a Pioneer receiver (model# VSX-821-K). From this, an HDMI to DVI cable to the TV for HD picture. In the past, no issues at all. Recently, I can play DVDs/bluray discs and get full picture and surround sound. I can play PS2 games and get picture and sound. When I try to play PS3 games, I get sound through the rec

Had the same problem. With mine the other day you probably moved your Playstation 3 too another tv and set your 1080i,720,480 to high deaf on settings in Playstation. You have to change them back to automatic that TV says HDTV but it only plays Plays ... RCA D52W135D 52 in. TV/DVD Combo

I have an older Mitsubishi TV, model VS-50605, that has been giving me problems. I am not able to consistently get a picture and/or sound through cable. All my other inputs work properly. I can play my Xbox on it and my DVD player works fine. Every now and then I get sound but no picture. On the rare occassion I get a picture through cable, it only lasts about 15 minutes at the most and then it cuts off. I've tried switching between ANT-A and ANT-B but had no luck resolving the issue. Any sugges

U have a pay boxes from those Telicoms,cables or satalites compannies?Yes,tries unplug,replug those boxes back about an hour later for it softwares to updates it softwares,should solved this problems or if not trade it in for a new box. ... Mitsubishi VS-50605 50" Rear Projection Television

I have a Samsung DLP TV (model HLT5076S). When you turn it on there is no picture for several minutes (5-10 minutes) and then there is no sound once the picture comes on. You need to turn the TV back off & then restart it to get both picture and sound. Sometimes you need to do this several times before the TV turns on, you hear a click, and then you get picture & sound. It seems like it is waiting for something to warm up? The problem is not the bulb (fairly new) or with the electrical outl

This is because the CRT that is the cathode tube ray oscillator is taking time to warm up ... Samsung HL-T5076S 50 in. TV

I have no idea how to explain this. I have a blinking light issue, and did the dm board fix. It still has a huge issue with the picture. I have a Mitsubishi WS-55513. The picture has strang spiked distortions horizontaly throught it that very in count, and move at verying speeds up or down. I can take pictures an video to send if required.

Post the photos on a photo sharing site like Photo Bucket and provide a link.Also let me know if issue is on all inputs--tuner and AV. ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

46LD550 After about 15min or so the picture to my Lg I get alot of horizonal bars and the picture cuts out. If I tap on the tv the picture comes back on but continues to cut in and out, I still get sound tho. Any Ideas???

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have aWega KE-42M1 and I get sound with no picture. I have replaced the G2power supply and still get no picture. any Ideas?

If the power supply did not help instead of guessing it may be time for a shop to look at the set. ... Sony WEGA KE-42M1 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I have a samsung HLN5065W dlptv. My wife turned it on one night and no picture. we did get sound. i noticed when I turn the tv on, it shuts down and restarts to no avail. I see a blinking lamp light and after a few restart attempts, i get the three blinking lights. I have replaced a lamp supplied by samsung parts. still no picture. same three lights blinking. do you have any ideas?

The tv also have a board that call the Ballast board could be dead too.This Ballast board only job are to ignite the tv projection lamp. ... Samsung HLN5065W 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

The screen on my plasma tv cracked. i looks very minor but when i turn on the tv the power light flashes a few times and then finally comes on but there is no picture. is there something i can do get get the picture back or is my tv finished.

I am sorry to give you the bad news..... Your TV is finished.\015\012\015\012Plasma sets operate by creating a plasma between two glass panes spaced very closely together. A vacuum is created between the two panes and is it backfilled wit ... Insignia NSPDP50 50 in. HD-Ready Plasma TV

Reading the convergence issue my issue seems to be in line with the IC chips going out. Is the a way to get the part numbers I would need or possibly need? I live in Mexico and to get all the pieces here could be a challenge. My TV is the Pioneer Pro-710HD.

Www.tvrepairworld.com should be able to assist with the convergence ICs and they do ship to other countries. ... Pioneer PRO-710HD 64" Rear Projection Television

My TV turns on shows picture but shortly later cuts off. During the time while its on I can change channel, inputs but I get no sound. I took panel apart and found a blown bulb. I changed the bulb and still the same issue. First I was getting 13 blinks and after replacing 1 bad bulb it only gives me 8 blinks. Please help me solve this issue and fix my TV.

Please tell me whats the make and model of the tv so that I can tell you what the 8 blinks error code means ... Flat Panel Televisions

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