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Magnavox 32MD350B/F7 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with Built in DVD player. Purchased in November 2010. Just developed a problem in that the set is ejecting any and all DVD's that I insert. They go in for a moment, it looks like it's loading, but then ejects. I tried numerous DVD's to make sure it wasn't the DVD, also tried powering down for several hours. No luck. Any thoughts?

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The make of the tv DVD combo is tosumi tom1024. I try to play DVDs. It reads the DVD 3 times then ejects the DVD. I have tried loads of DVDs.

You may be inserting the DVD the wrong way - try flipping it over so that the label is facing you. Failing that, you may have to set the region that your DVD's are from in the Menu.Is this a new TV? Have you played DVD's on it before? ... Flat Panel Televisions

Magnavox 32MD350B/F7 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with Built in DVD player. Purchased in November 2010. Just developed a problem in that the set is ejecting any and all DVD's that I insert. They go in for a moment, it looks like it's loading, but then ejects. I tried numerous DVD's to make sure it wasn't the DVD, also tried powering down for several hours. No luck. Any thoughts?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Haier HLC19K1 19" tv/ DVD combo that won't read the DVDs that I put in. It makes a scratchy noise and then says that there is no disc. The DVD is facing the correct way, btw. But I've tried putting in different DVDs, restarting my tv, blowing into the DVD part, switching the power sources, but nothing works. How can I get the DVDs to work?

... Haier HLC19K1 19 in. LCD TV


Your lens needs replacement ... Panasonic PV-DF2703 Triple Play 27 in. TV/VCR/DVD Combo

Every time I put a DVD in, it makes a skipping noise and then says Disc Error. I tried cleaning it, using other DVDs but nothing works. Is there any way to fix it without replacing the whole thing because the VHS still works.

Hi abcgibbons,\012If you have necessary tools and test instruments, know safety precaution in\012basic troubleshooting try the steps below to solve your problem.\012Assuming that the disc is good.\0121.Clean the lens. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi I read an answer about unlocking a DVD player HCT 501U to make it regional free. Something makes me think there is something more. The answered was to a guy who bought the dvd player in USA and tried to watch european dvd's. Conclusion was that this dvd player cannot be unlocked because it is locked at hardware level. However, i bought it in USA and I started using it with european dvd, and it is working well. Now that I tried to use it with US dvd's it says "wrong code". Is this compatible

The "Lock" is firmware not hardware and controlled by the software, (the flag number of the control line from the Disc) situated within the uProcessor in the DVD/CD Player.Trywww.dvdexploder.comfor a list of codes. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I bought a LC DVD 199A in November for a Christmas present. Until today, I have not tried to used the DVD player because I haven't really had a chance. I put the source mode to DVD but the DVD won't load, I did press lightly, the DVD went in only part way and I removed it. Why won't it load? Also, it goes from DVD mode to TV mode in a matter of seconds which is frustrating as well. What can I do. Of course it is out of warranty. Help? Patty

The DVD player has a problem with the loading mechanism. Probably something has dropped inside it such as a coin or something else. It is really a simple problem. The reason why it would switch back to TV is because it is getting stucked. Get a flash ... Curtis Flat Panel Televisions

I borrowed a used TT 320 Progressive Scan Video Trutech DVD player from my neighbor today.I plugged it in &connected the color cables &everything.The DVD player turned on, but when I tried to play a DVD it wouldn't seem to play it &then after that I pressed the eject button to try to take the disc out,but the disc drive wouldnt open.I use an old I Insignia tv.It doesn't have cable I switch it to video on the tv to play DVDs.I basically need help getting my DVD player to work &play DVDs so Im abl

... TruTech Flat Panel Televisions

The dvd player won't work. Tried the memorex opti cleanser & that played through the steps. Also it will play cds, but just says loading & no disk when try to play a dvd.

The dvd laser is probably faulty. The CD laser is still working. The complete laser unit will need to be replaced. ... Memorex MLTD2622 26 in. LCD TV

Magnavox 32MD350B/F7 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with Built in DVD player. Ejects any and all CD/DVD's. I've tried several different CDs and DVD's to make sure it wasn't the disk. I have also tried powering the unit down(uplugging) for several hours. No luck. Any thoughts?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Alba lcd tv with dvd - model AELKDVD1988 - now saying no signal when trying to load dvd - was working yesterday ok

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a superscan tv vcr dvd combo and the dvd player makes a horrible screeching noise when i try to open it and play a dvd. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Either some foreign object is also inside or a problem with the mechanism---someone would have to peek inside with it in operation to see (or in this case listen) to see where it sound is coming from. ... Sylvania Combination Televisions

DVD player isn't working. A DVD can be inserted and ejected without any problems. WHen disc is inserted it continues to make a small wurring noise and continually displays "Loading". All other audio and functions work. Can the DVD player be fixed?

Good day to you!!Did you try to check if the disc have many scratch?please check it then replace it or try another kind of disc (original) if possible so we can find out where the problem is, in the disc or in the DVD itself.. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, i have a mxt mdv901 player. I can play sony dvd-r dvds but it comes up with unknown disk when i try and play a verbatim dvd-r dvd. Is there a reason for this??? Its weird because the only difference is the brand.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Bought rca rcr311w remote control but it did not come with any instructions on how to make it work. was told to come here for the instructions on how to install code in tv so as to make this work on either tv or dvd player. have tried everything but will not work. need the instructions on how to make it work.

Well, here is the user manual for your remote; http://www.retrevo.com/support/RCA-RCR311W-Universal-Remotes-manual/id/402ci571/t/2/ ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Emerson TV-DVD combo powers on and runs a channel search or tries to change settings on its own. It also over-rides signals from the remote. It switchhes modes so that I cannot watch DVDs. Occurrences of the problem are random day and night.. I have tried covering the sensor with aluminum fois and by hanging a CD in front of it. I have changed it's position in the room and the direction it faces three times. Nothing works! It is not connected to any input media, I only use it for watc

I think problem not from remocon.\015\012Switches on front may cause it.\015\012Open than replace switch may solve this problem. ... Emerson EWC13D4 13 in. TV/DVD Combo

I have a Polaroid 1921-tdub 18.5 inch falt panel tv with a built in DVD player. About 6 months old. All of a sudden, the DVD player won't work. Tries to load forever then says "Unknown Disc". Any Ideas please?!?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sharp Aquos 40E67UN. We came home yesterday and although the TV turns on and our directv box turns on, the tv just has a blank screen where you can go to different inputs, but none of the hdmi inputs work. I also tried hooking in my DVD player via 2 different hdmi cords to make sure that it was the direct tv box that was the issue, but the DVD wouldn't work either....just a blank tv screen (but its on). Any ideas on what could be wrong? I can change the channels, the remote is still

It's possible that you have a faulty component on one of the circuit boards inside your tv.\015\012\015\012It sounds like your backlight is working OK since the screen is lit up despite having no video so the fault is either with the MAIN ... Sharp Aquos LC-46D62U 46 in. LCD HDTV

Lt-32d200 Please help! My side-loading built-in dvd player won't play most discs any more. (My P90X videos work fine, but all the other discs won't play). It sounds like they get stuck when they're trying to load and then I get a message that says "can't read disc". This happens even to brand new discs...

What you are describing is a bad/damaged optical unit in the player--some are sold but only as a complete unit. ... JVC LT-32D200 LCD TV

Samsung model hlr4667wx/xaa. Will not turn on. I can hear it try. It makes the loading up sound, lamp turns on, but screen is still black. At first everthing would power up ok including picture, but a few moments after shut off. But now...just the noise. It also originally went from three blinking lights to two. Its not the lamp. Had already tried that.

Have you had a issue where you heard a high pitched whine or fan like sound?Examine the color wheel- can be done with lamp removed--look in the opening the lamp faces---is wheel intact or missing any pieces?The set will turn lamp on ... Samsung Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a magnavox mdv 430 model dvd player. I cannot get dvds to play on it anymore and when i try to, a text box reading "disc error playback feature not available on disc" pops up. It does this for all dvds. please help!

... Philips Magnavox 50ML8105D 50" HDTV DLP TV

I have a toshiba rd-xv48dtkb hdd &dvd /video cassette recorder. My problem is thst when i try to load DVD-RW Discs i get the error message stating that i can't record onto this disc, attempted to format discs, to no avail.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, I have a CyberHome 300 dvd player. The unit was brand new and playing dvds perfectly. I decided to go through some older VCDs (mostly 2.0) that I had and it played the first one fine for a few minutes. So I put in another and it played for a bit and the image suddenly stuck/frozen. I've tried ejecting and powering off/unpluging the unit several times and all I get now is the "Bad Disc" message. Even with regular dvds. Not sure what to do now.... It's like the lenses or opti

U could have damage the laser eye data reader,because u tries old VCDs with a different version of device data informations disc.Tries device unplug,replug the device back like an hour later for the thing for resetting itself back to the factory sett ... Flat Panel Televisions

We bought this lg dv586 dvd player in mexcio, as this is where we live, but we are canadian and have all canadian and usa movies, the dvds will not play, is there any wya to make the dvd player region free or change it to region one? thanks

Yes, there is a way:-turn on the LG DV586\012-eject the tray, and leave it ejected\012-point the remote at the dvd player and press "0" seven times\012-a screen will come up asking you (in your language) what region you ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung rts-he10 dvd home theater system, when i put a dvd into it it takes time to start loading up then when it does it says wrong disk or disk erro, same when i put an audio cd into it too, have have tried putting a head cleaner into it but it still wont read the disks

... Flat Panel Televisions

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