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I have a lg blue ray bd550 home theatre system. I have been using it for a few months now. For some reason, my netflix has stopped working. Everything else works so I know it's not an internet connection problem. Whenever I try to use the netflix account, it reads "Cannot connect to Netflix. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit netflix.com/tvhelp on your computer." I have done this and it tells me I should connect LG. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Thanks!

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I have a lg blue ray bd550 home theatre system. I have been using it for a few months now. For some reason, my netflix has stopped working. Everything else works so I know it's not an internet connection problem. Whenever I try to use the netflix account, it reads "Cannot connect to Netflix. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit netflix.com/tvhelp on your computer." I have done this and it tells me I should connect LG. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Thanks!

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I have an LG 26LZ5RV TV. I have connected it from the RF output of my Sky+ box (using a coaxial cable) to the "Ant In" socket at the back of the TV. The RF output on the Sky box is set to Channel 35 and the power is on. I know that the output is working, as I have tested it on an old portable TV with manual tuning. My problem is that I cannot get my LG TV to tune in to the signal, using either auto or manual tuning. I have used System "I" and tried setting the Channel to 35 then searching b

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

My Emerson TV-DVD combo powers on and runs a channel search or tries to change settings on its own. It also over-rides signals from the remote. It switchhes modes so that I cannot watch DVDs. Occurrences of the problem are random day and night.. I have tried covering the sensor with aluminum fois and by hanging a CD in front of it. I have changed it's position in the room and the direction it faces three times. Nothing works! It is not connected to any input media, I only use it for watc

I think problem not from remocon.\015\012Switches on front may cause it.\015\012Open than replace switch may solve this problem. ... Emerson EWC13D4 13 in. TV/DVD Combo

I am using a gateway 2wire416 wireless router and have not had any problems, but now when I try to get the new Philips wireless ready tv linked up to my internet it fails. The tv finds the 2wire416 network but cannot connect. I have put in the wep # many times and it still does not connect.

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I am trying to connect my laptop via VGA cord to my 65" Mitsubishi Medallion, but when I click on the VGA device selection in the device menu, it goes to a blue screen and says "Warning: Turn on screen saver. Refer to TV owner's guide." Problem is I cannot find my owners guide at the moment. Please help me on successfully connecting my laptop to my TV via the4 VGA cord.

Press the Windows key + P on your laptop.Or, if that doesn't work, look on your F keys for something that looks similar to a monitor.Press the FN key and that key.This should bring up your laptop's display on the tv. ... Mitsubishi WS-65809 65" Rear Projection Television

Hi, I have a Sanyo tv. Turned it on this morning and have no sound! I have sky and a PS3 but cannot get sound from iether! I can get sound from the PS3 using my headphones! I've tried as many different things as I can find online to fix the problem but cannot get the sound back... I've turned everything on then unplugged the sky box for 5 minutes and plugged it back in-nothing I've tried resetting all audio options-nothing I cannot rest the tv as a unit as I am using an universal remote . Can a

Have you checked its speakers? If not, check them. If they are found OK, then there should be some fault to its audio output circuit. Check and replace damaged component/s, or, change it a card bassis. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I am having problem setting up my hdmi connection with my panasonic viera model TH-L32C10X2. i cant get it connected to my sony ps3. all cable connections are connected. set the tv to either hdmi1 or hdmi2. then tried setting it up on the ps3 console. but when i tried to change the ps3 setting to hdmi setting, the picture goes blank. and after 30 seconds goes back to its original picture. please advice what to do. thanks

I do not own a PS/3, but I will try to help just in case you dont get another expert at this late hour....\015\012\015\012It sounds like you need to save the changes on your PS/3. It is timing out and going back to default because the cha ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an LG 37LC2D TV. I was connected to Direct TV with no problems, then we had DISH with no problem...now we are connected to Time Warner and I am having all the problems described re : picture flashing on and off..unable to get tv menu to come up..sometimes will work for a few hours or just a few minutes...sometimes the screen is just black.Is there some kind of re-programing I could do with the original LG remote control? Any hints? Even when I unplug everything and just try to use the T

Hi,Sounds like the TW box is the problem try swopping the box with a new one.Good luck ... LG 37LC2D Television

Samsung 40 inch 5500 model bought 1 month back. While the TV is connected to internet and I play videos using the web browser (eg youtube or anyother video sites) after some time the session ends and it says restore session or start a new session. Please help me how to resolve this. However while I play videos using you tube application, there is no problem. I have interruptions while I use the web browser and the session ends. I have connected the TV with Internet LAN cable directly.

Look for timing set for loading of games. If this is too short, you can get into such problems, if the line is not speedy enough. ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

My new PS3 wont seem to connect to either audio or video connections? is there a general problem with this tv model? i tried both the R/L audio's and for the yellow cable i tried that in all of the top "Y, AV, Cr, Cb" connections below the tv outlet. Im no expert in what these are for, Im used to the standard red-white-yellow....hence the confusion.

The RED/WHITE (AUDIO RIGHT and LEFT), and the Yellow (Composite video) should go into the TV Video input signal AV1 or AV2. You should try feeding the TV with DVD player using the same cable to find out if it is the TV problem or the PS3 output signa ... ViewSonic N2750w 27 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

When i try to connect to netflix, it says it is unable to connect to the server, but when i test the connection, it is connected but cant download. help

... Vizio VF550M 55 in. LCD HDTV

Hi, I have a Sharp Aquos LC-19DV28UT given to me as a gift. I connect the cable from the cable box to the TV, give the remote the proper code, and the TV turns on OK. But then the picture flashes for a brief second, then the picture goes away. The sound is still there. Whenever I try to display any type of menu, it does not display. I tried the TV on 2 different cable connections that work with the current TV, and same problem. I have a feeling there's some setting I need to adjust, but c

... Sharp LC19DV28UT 19 in LCD TVDVD Combo

I tried out two different TV (Panasonic and Dynex) and noticed an odd screen problem: the screen shows a bright 2 pixel shadow above and below certain lines. It's almost like it has a form of image sharpening that cannot be turned off, although I disabled it in settings on the TV. Here are the full details: Here: http://www.uploadgeek.com/share-BB9C_4DB0BB02.html or here: http://imgur.com/a/gvyw6 Note: I saw this same problem using HDMI on the Dynex and using flash memory with pictures

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Panasonic Blu-ray DMP-BDT210 and I am trying to connect to my existing Netflix account. When I try to access Netflix I get to a user name and password screen on my tv, but cannot input the information, as no letters are available on the remote control. What do I do?

Hello - The following link to the Panasonic support website will give you step by step video\015\012instructions on how to setup Netflix --\015\012\015\012 ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

Sony kd-36xs955 Turn tv on all channels fuzzy,once warmed up,everything is good.Now when you try to use the hdmi port for PS3 nothing there.The tv has had problems before like it would shut off and blink red lights.It was difficult to get it to come back on.Now it doesn't shut off anymore, but the above described problem still exist. I don't mind the blurry channels,but it won't alow me to use my PS3 anymore? Please help don't want to get rid of tv?

Count how many times the standby light blinks at one time. These blinking are fault indication. You can get an idea about the faulty circuit part inside, from these number of blinks. After make it sure, if you wish to get more details about Blinki ... Sony FD Trinitron KD-36XS955 36" TV

Hello everyone.. I have a samsung le37a456c2d and i am trying to connect my PC to the TV USING HDMI to HDMI direct connection,i have got the graphics card to recognise the tv(ati radeon hd 5450) however the tv does not recognise the pc connection and there is no pc mode source to select??what could be happening here..please help.one of the reasons i specified the video card was so that i can watch hd quality through PC on my TV.

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Bought phillips computer speakers, they connect to my Mirai tv through a regular 3.5 mm headphone jack, however upon trying various different audio sources, I realise there is a problem with the TVs earphone out. Is there any connections I could buy that I could connect my new speakers to so that I could use them with my tv?

... Flat Panel Televisions

FixYa: Thank you for choosing to chat with an expert. FixYa: Please describe your Flat Panel Televisions problem in detail so we can match you with the best expert for your needs. I have got a TV manufactured in 1996. I want to use it with an indoor antenna. But I could not adjust the channels, I have just tried several different indoor antenna. What kind of indoor antenna do I have to use? How can I scan the channels available in my area? I'm living at Virginia, USA. Thanks. .

You will not find any channels with this old TV. All channels in the USA switched to digital 1 1/2 years ago. You will need to connect a digital converter box to get any channels. ... Zenith SY2768S TV

Charter email I cannot get past "please standby" when I try to check my charter email from the Charter Website. Those two words stay on the screen forever! I have no problems getting my email from outlook, but I would like to be able to make some changes and in order to do so, I must be able to access my charter email from their website, and I cannot. Anyone have an answer?

... Flat Panel Televisions

In the process of my move, lost my Niko power cord to my OTP-2011-R flat screen. When the cable man tried to hook up my cable connection he used a universal power cord. Although we were able to get sound, there was absolutely no picture. The day before my move, the TV was working perfectly. Is the problem in the universal cord connection or in the TV? Niko seems to be out of business as all of the phone numbers for that company have been disconnected. Is there someplace I can buy a power

Using a different AC cord did not hurt your TV. Something more than likely happened internally during your move. ... Niko Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, I just bought the KDL55EX720 LCD TV a few days ago. I originally hooked a DVD player up to it with the standard AV cords & it worked great. Lastnight I purchased a Blue Ray player and hooked it up with an HDMI cable. When I go to input it shows the HDMI connection, but when I select that connection the screen goes dark as if the TV is off so that I cannot go through the setup process with the Blue Ray player. I reset to the factory settings, but having the same problem. I have also tried

... Sony 55 KDL55EX720 3D LCD TV

Issues with LG 26LE5300 26 in HDTV LCD TV Both audio & video flicker off & on when connected to PC via an HDMI cable. No problem when in TV or AV (DVD) modes. PS. worked fine on Day 1, did not use HDMI on Day 2; problem arose morning of Day 3. I've tried the other two HDMI ports to no avail. I've disconnected and reconnected HDMI at PC. I've rebooted both TV and PC.,

I tried this.. and it works perfect for the video.. but there is no audio.Is there any specific setting to be made in TV or my laptop?I have Dell laptop with Win7, because I dont see any option to enable audio.. ... LG 26LE5300 26 in. LCD HDTV

I am trying to play movies from my computer using a HDMI cable, I have visual but have no sound from the TV, is it a problem with my computer or is there something I have missed with the TV, I think I have tried everything with both items, Help please

Check in the settings for the graphics card, with nvidia once you open the control panel, select change resolution and look for the connecter drop down, Mine shows hdtv-Audio enabled ... LG 42LG50 42 in. LCD HDTV

Hello! We have a Sharp 27U-F510. It has been working very well. We have only been using the remote to turn it on/off and for volume. We are using a digital converter box for channels. My wife tells me that she may have depressed and held the "lower volume" button prior to the problem. The TV turned off, and she noticed she was pressing that button. I have tried turning the power on with the remote and at the front of the TV. No effect. I have checked the power connection at the wall, an

The on\\off stwich may bad or powertransistor and eleccapacitor are bad ... Sharp 27U-F510 27" TV

I have a Insignia DVD player connected to my Emerson HDTV. I used the channel Video1 to play DVD to see movies. It worked well until my son randomly pressed the Insignia DVD remote control. Now whenever we try to see movie using the channel Video1, the screen shows ' not supported format'.

Hello did you try to reset the system of your TV?go to the menu page and look for the reset command..thank you ... Emerson LC320EM9 32 in. LCD HDTV

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