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Hi, I have a kp53hs30 tv and a month ago, the image started "bouncing" up and down, both with the directv feed and with a dvd player. sometimes it bounces very fast and sometimes it goes all the way around like a vegas coin slot. It gets to the point where the top part of the image is seen at the bottom part of the screen, is there a quick fix for this? thanks!

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I do not think there is an easy fix for this. The problem you have mentioned is associated with the V-hold circuits or the CRTs itself. So if you would like to try a component level repair then let me know and I will guide you

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Hi, I have a kp53hs30 tv and a month ago, the image started "bouncing" up and down, both with the directv feed and with a dvd player. sometimes it bounces very fast and sometimes it goes all the way around like a vegas coin slot. It gets to the point where the top part of the image is seen at the bottom part of the screen, is there a quick fix for this? thanks!

I do not think there is an easy fix for this. The problem you have mentioned is associated with the V-hold circuits or the CRTs itself. So if you would like to try a component level repair then let me know and I will guide you ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an Acer AL2416W monitor which is playing up. When switched on it gets very bright after around 20sec and develops bright vertical lines. The images is frozen and the whole monitor goes dark (but backlight still on) within a minute. Seems like the t-con board? Has been serviced before with the same problem, but am not keen to put too much money in again. Likely to be the t-con, how much is it and where do I get it?

... Acer AL2416W 24 in. LCD Television

Hitachi 50ux26b. Top left corner looks pulled down and recently I see red ghosts or like 3D image. i used magic focus and it got part way through and displated a #5 in bottom right corner. Would like help with where I should start.

This is a common problem. Its called a convergence failure. You can get all the parts from www.TvRepairKits.com Symptoms:\012\012 ... Hitachi 50UX26B/27K 50" Rear Projection Television

SD Tech: Looks like your are the source for all things Samsung...I have a Samsung HL-R4226W that all of sudden started making that loud vibration/humming noise, and the picture started flashing pale, off color images of the show mostly in black and white. I shut it off before anything popped or stopped. Is this likely the color wheel? Any way to diagnose this for certain before I buy the part? Thanks in advance for the help - much appreciated.

It is definitely the color wheel. The flashing images and the wird colors confirm it. Replacing the color wheel should resolve the problem. As for the loud whirring noise, its due to wear and tear in the motor that spins the wheel. ... Flat Panel Televisions

There is a red shadow around the objects on the outside parts of the toshiba projection screen tv . Looks like the very middle is fine though . When tv first gets turned on it works fine then after 10

It sounds like the projector lens is getting hot and warping. Check to see if the cooling fan, openings, or dust collecting is inhibiting air flow. Also make sure you do not put stuff on top or close to the sides of the case! ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi WS-65411, there was a storm and we lost sound for several inputs, my husband worked around it by hooking up the stereo to one of the inputs that still works and we would get sound that way. We have several other things that we would like to hook up and we are running out of options. When we switch to ant a or ant b, there is the white noice, so speakers are working but the input on the front of the tv and all inputs to the rear have no sound. The input one two and three do

Inputs for this set are via a chip known as IC2K00 270P623010 IC - CXA2069Q. It is an signal input silicon chip and controls all of the inputs. The output is obviously working as are the speakers. Due to the work involved desoldering this chip and ... Mitsubishi WS-65411 65" Rear Projection Television

I have a HLR5656W Samsung. This question was asked before, but I never saw an answer. I have the same issue. "I have tried two different devices on the hdmi input and neither work. I am trying to find the part number for the circuit board that contains the hdmi input. Since I see no way to resolder or repair the connection I assume the board needs to be replaced? I was unable to get a part number over the phone. I was hoping to avoid taking the tv apart to get the board out and find the number

You need the service manual and you need to look at the exploded view to identify the board next\012go to the parts list if the part number isn't in the exploded view. ... Samsung HCM5525W 55" Rear Projection Television

My set is only 4 years old. when watching either a tv program or watching a movie from a dvd, the picture is like watching a very fast slides show. Instead of everything moving smoothly the movement is more frame to frame. the voices still match with what is being watched but its very choppy. That is the best way I can describe it. In addition every now and then when watching tv the screen goes black though you can still hear everything. the only way to get the program back in view is tapping th

Can you supply the model number of the TV? If it is a standard TV you have a bad connection in the vertical deflection circuit. If LCD then something more. Need Model number and Make. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a vizio vw37l hdtv20a. A few years ago shortly after getting it the TV made a sound almost like something popping, then just turned off. When i plug it in no lights come on or anything. It's been a few years, but I just decided to get it back out and try to fix it. Would this possibly just be a blown fuse? The TV was hooked up to my computer at the time also by the way.

... Vizio VW37L 37 in. LCD HDTV

I have a symphonic lcd television and i would like to no plz if my television support for me to watch movies that comes from my pc to watch on my television ??? is their any way that i can do that plz ??? , my acer laptop has an HDMI INPUT and another one but no name is writing on it but just an image , i think it is an image of a television , my acer laptop is : 5252 v305

Most HDTVs will support an HDMI connection. Here's what you have to do:1.) Obtain an HDMI cable.2.) Connect the HDMI to your laptop, and then to your TV.3.) With your remote that came with the TV, select "Input" and then choos ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hitachi 57uwx20b I have a hitachi 57uwx20b, it started do thing these are bad for doing, double image and bowed from the bottom and slightly from the top. anyways been looking at the convergence chips to buy found them for $18 shipped to the door, checked my resisters and RK58 is very much bad it is burnt looking and reading like 178 something and then RK62 is like 4.7. Anyways my question is should i change all my resisters or just these 2, the rest are reading around 2 give or take, i am goi

The resistors are all marked with bands which denote the value---just check them with a ohm meter===no need to replace out of hand.When you replace the chips: remove all the old white grease and apply fresh heat sink compound (thermal transfe ... Hitachi 53UWX10B 53" Rear Projection Television

I have a Phillips 42PF9966/37 Ambiant Plasma TV. This TV is about 8 years old. When you first turn the TV on the picture is fine and you have sound. After anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes of being on you will start to get green and red dots appearing accross the picture where images used to be. This continues until the entire screen is basically green and then it starts to turn black. At this point you really can't see any images on the picture. Sometimes you can turn it off for a cou

... Philips 42pf9966 42-inch Hd-ready Flat Panel Plasma Tv

Reading the convergence issue my issue seems to be in line with the IC chips going out. Is the a way to get the part numbers I would need or possibly need? I live in Mexico and to get all the pieces here could be a challenge. My TV is the Pioneer Pro-710HD.

Www.tvrepairworld.com should be able to assist with the convergence ICs and they do ship to other countries. ... Pioneer PRO-710HD 64" Rear Projection Television

Your website said free to ask but if i want an answer i have to pay ya im not giving my card number over this site solve it and i do have a phone you may contact me on i have an rca 52 hdtv the picture has double images blurry looks like it is round or curved at top and bottm of screen was watching tv last night heard a small snap of a noise and the picture looked like that is this a piece i can replace myself or need a pro and approximate cost of part

Press menu and then scroll down to setup and then enter setup and see if the Auto convergence option has disapeared from the setup menu. If so you may only need to replace the FL231 fuse and then resolder the flyback. I a, pasting apicture of where ... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television

Hi, the picture on my hisense hsl8129hdi LCD tv has gone completely white. It started off with the picture getting really dark like the contrast was right up then it got even worse everytime I watched it, sometimes when I first switched it on it was okay & after about 15 mins it got bad. Just wondering if you can tell me what's going on & around how much it would cost to get fixed? Thanks :)

... Flat Panel Televisions

Green line on left side of an image and a red line on right. Such as around a face. Colors just don't line up and picture is very fuzzy. Had another old rear projection and it had a way to align it. Can not find the way on this tv.

Your other model was more than likely a CRT projector where you coulod manually align the Red/Green/Blue guns. The one you have now is more than likely an LCD projector which can't be readily aligned. Sounds like the panel is failing. ... Zenith R57W46 57" Rear Projection Television

Sony Bravia XBR46HX909, there is a ghost outline around the text and images. like a clear shadow that has the appearance of double image. Prominent for example in the score board of a game

Convergence needs to be aligned up thru menu ... Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic viera th-42pv500b remote has stopped working again and would like to know if there is a way to reset the remote or something to get it working again

Unplug the TV from AC mains wall socket. This must set TV to a hard reset. Check after that. ... Panasonic Viera TH-58PZ700U TV

I have a Sony KP-57S510 and need to get to the service menu but dont have the remote. Is there a way around using the remote to access it?

On that model I believe you need an original Sony projection remote or one of the "magic tv remotes" that support the convergence function. ... Sony KP-57WS510 57" Rear Projection HDTV

Why does my TV flicker when I first turn it on, to the point you can't see the image and gets a little better after being on for a while

... Toshiba Projection Televisions

Hi. Lately my tv is turning on but once the video signal is recognized, the screen goes green with vertical lines. Then the set turns off, turns back on, and then I may see a picture but the colors and images are all distorted. After about 5 min of off and on, it would finally correct itself. It does this with any input such as my xbox and dtv. Now it is at the point where it keeps trying to turn itself on and off to seemingly correct the input signal. Each time I may get a green screen, blac

This is a foreign voltage issue. It's very high voltage with minimal current. Milliamps to say the least. It is not dangerous. The only way to test for this voltage is with a foreign voltage tester that low volt techs and electricians use to iden ... Samsung LN46A550 LCD TV

How do i adjust the picture size for my panasonic ct-27sx12 television. It seems that the top and bottom of the picture is slightly being cut-off and sometimes I can't see the text at the bottom. Seems like it's a matter of re-adjusting the size of the image (zoom out a little) a touch smaller. Don't see any external access points to be able to adjust this setting.

... Panasonic CT-27SX12 27" TV

No matter which picture size I select, I cannot ever seem to get the picture from the DVD to fit the screen. For instance, I am watching a DVD right now that is in wide screen, and when in "Normal" size, the picture is sitting at the very bottom of the screen... and some of the picture is missing. However, if I change to other sizes, large parts of the picture are cut off. Is there any way to fix this? I have tried different things in the Menu... nothing seems to adjust where the picture sit

U tries used the DVD player remote to fix this problems,could be the DVD movie?Have the same problems,with the regular tv incomming broadcasting signal?Yes,than the tv Tuner signal board is the problems and the causes it dying and shorted.Tries websi ... Sansui SLED2280 22 in. LCD TV

I am trying to reinstall a Magnavox HDTV converter box on my television. and when I get top the part in the several instruction sites I've visited after 'turn on box' everything goes in the toilet. My remote has no 'Autoscan' or 'Scan' or anything else remotely like that. All I have on mine is 'Setup' (which produces NO result) Still, display and EPG, whatever the heck that is. I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

Which model do you have? The EPG is an electronic program guide. The Magnavox TB100MW9 digital to SD analog converter works as given below. The manual is available here: ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Toshiba 32a50 TV (2000) that will not work with its remote. The remote works on other TVs but NOT the one it came with. Is there a way to 'reset' the sensor or is there a part that has gone bad I can get fixed?

\015\012 \015\012\015\012\015\012hi, usually its the infrared receptor that need to be replace, he is placed near the stand by light. in a rare case the problem is at the 5v voltage that ... Toshiba 32A50 32" TV

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