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I have a Bell & Howell tv headset XL. The radio signal lights have stopped working. The power light is on and the charge light is green, but the headset will not pick up signal. Got any suggestions?

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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I have a Bell & Howell tv headset XL. The radio signal lights have stopped working. The power light is on and the charge light is green, but the headset will not pick up signal. Got any suggestions?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a BUSH B320DTR (Freeview and HD recorder). Has stopped working . Has red light on, 0000 on display and flashing green button. TV just says 'no signal' but aerial is ok. So seems to be a programming problem. Trouble is, remote can't activate it, nor the buttons on the unit. It's stuck. Suggestions?

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Mitsubishi 52825 TV has new lamp. Green light goes on then it goes to red. Reset on front of TV and after several attempts had a picture. Recently, the green light was on with no picture I turned off then on and the timer light blinked green then green TV light went on and picture appeared. Any suggestions?

Try these first then we will check the internal components \012\012\012TV needs servicing\012\012\012CERTIFIED TV EXPERT HERE, follow this information I provided 3 long solutions to this issue/s Solution 1 Before we start taking things ap ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Replaced convergence fuse , resoldered flyback terminals..originally when tv went out it would not come back on..the power green light would blink a couple times then nothing..but finally TV came on..and showed convergence problem...after replacing suggested convergence fuse by tvrepair.com tried powering on the tv and the green power light blinks a couple times and shuts tv down...u can here a click ..but no picture. any suggestions?

Persistence pays off! What you found is very common and yes these sets are not real well made--good for you! ... Projection Televisions

I picked up a Mitsubishi Model No. WD- 62527. The guy said all it needed was the lamp replaced, I replaced it and the tv still doesn't turn on. Their is a green light that blinks were it says timer for about a minute then the orange light under lamp turns on. About a second later the green light under timer blinks three times then turns off and then the only light on is the lamp orange light. It will continue to do this hole scenario over and over again...HELP!

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I got a Sony Bravia KDL-40WL135. Blank screen. There's two LED lights: red standby and green power light. When I turn on the TV, green led comes on, then after about 30 seconds red led blinks once, then green resumes. The green led stays solid. I think that's a SONY error code, I tried to look it up but can't find anything useful. I have replaced the power supply, AU board, backlight inverter, logical board, and the second power supply board. Any suggestions? I haven't checked the t-con bo

Http://www.smpcshop.com/KDL-40WL135-KDL-46WL135-p-8895.html\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Above is a link for a service manual.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a WD 60735 replaced the bulb as the light was red but now my timer light flashes green when you turn the tv on than goes to solid green you can hear the sound, turn that up and down but the screen is all black and you can not change the inputs. The bulb light did come on red once. I have pushed the reset button but still no picture. Any suggestions

... Mitsubishi WD-62525 62" Rear Projection HDTV

My sylvania 32inch model#ld320ss8a makes a beep noise then shuts off then the green power light will keep blinking fast and sometimes comeback on other times i have to unplug for awhile and turn back on but it sometimes takes awhile cause green power light will blink faster and faster then go to red stand by light keep doing that till it comes on so any suggestions on whats wrong.

... Projection Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi Model WS-65511 the green light on the front was flahing (would not stop) I replaced the 7 Capacitors as was suggested. The light flashed for a while then stopped and turned green

I think I advised you before (on this page you will find a "make a comment button" which allows follow up questions and answers without posting another question.Green power light now comes on and goes out in few seconds:On front of s ... Mitsubishi WS-65511 65" Rear Projection Television

My philips 42pf9996 lcd is in a protection mode, it would turn on with the green light but the green light becomes blinking red. Do you have any suggestions how to fix it?

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

My LG 52sz8r tv wont turn on. It suddenly stopped working. I presumed the bulb needed replacing as the bulb light was on before it stopped working, but did not come back on. however after replacing the bulb the problem remains. After pressing the power button the red standby light comes on, but when i try to operate the tv the standby light turns green and blinks about every second and nothing happens. I can hear a small click in the unit a few seconds after trying to turn it on. any suggestions

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 60ux55k rear projection TV, and like other posts, it just "died". The power light comes on, but no picture or sound. I unplugged it as suggested, but still nothing. All the LED's on the board light green, except one which is red. Without an actual schematic, I am guessing it might be the surge protection circuit and has remained "stuck". Is there a non-expensive solution? Is there a way to obtain a better manual than what was supplied when purchased? Are there any detailed schematics a

... Hitachi 60UX54B/55K 60" Rear Projection Television

I have a Vivitek RP51HD41-A TV. Yesterday it made a pop sound then sizzling and the picture went out. I unplugged it, the plugged back in. No picture. Looked to see if lamp burned out but small green light is on inside. The front lights blink on and off orange. No message calme up to replace the lamp like in the past. Any suggestions?

Hi ryser,\015\012\015\012Pop sound is coming from the parts either on the ballast board(lamp's driver) or power supply(ballast board supply). It means that you're bulb is not the issue that's why you've not encountered the led lamp indicator. C ... Vivitek V37655 56" DLP TV

Tv turns on no picture or sound, the light signal is green, but turns off and thr red light appears after 5 seconds.

The set is tripping and can be due to problems in the drive or the output section. You need to disconnect power to trace this and requires some knowledge of the circuit to go about. Since the set cuts off there will not be audio as the power is cut o ... Sony KDS-60A2020 60" HDTV

My TV is automatically turning off. I first thought it was getting a signal from a remote, but that's not the case. It turns off then is in a type of sleep mode for about 10 seconds with a red light indicating "standby / Temp" staying on and the green light indicating "lamp" stays on also.

It sounds like you are having a problem with a cooling fan. ... Samsung HLP4663W 46" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a Mits WD-57733 that won't turn on. The green light (timer light) blinks constantly. Resetting the TV doesn't work. I've done some research and this TV does NOT have a DM board (there were a lot of listings for bad capacitors on the DM board). So the TV has no video, no sound. Any suggestions?

It's possible that you have a fried diode on the secondary side of one of the power supply transformers. Look for one that reads like a wire on an ohmmeter. Note that some diodes come in TO-220 packages so they look like plastic power tra ... Mitsubishi WD-57733 57" HDTV

I have a kdf-e42a10 TV. I repaired the optical block, however the does does not come on. When I turn on the TV, I get a continous green blinking lights and then it resets itself. I hear the ballast trying to fire up the lamp for a second, but lamp does not light up. The lamp is good. (my friend has the exact same TV and we swapped out the lamps.....no problem there) Any suggestions???

Double check all connectors and terminals for possible loose connection, make sure that all of the board are properly placed, ... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-42WE655 42" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a KDL52S4100 - it is about 15 mo old. Everything has always worked well, today all of a sudden I turned it on and no picture or sound and the normal red light, blinking, not there, only goes directly to the green light. Any suggestions?

... Sony BRAVIA KDL-52S4100 52 in. HDTV LCD

I have a NEC Television Model PX-42VP5A that when I plug in shows and turn on will show a green power light. It tried to display a picture, flashes omething real quick on the screen and than just powers off showing red indicator light. Any suggestions? Also do you know where I can download a free copy of the manual?

... NEC PlasmaSync PX-42VP5A 42 in. HDTV-Ready Television

I have a Vision Quest 32 in: TV the green light comes on but I get no picture or sound any suggestions?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I just purchased my Mitsubishi WD52628 projection television used as it only needed the bulb replaced. I replaced the bulb, however now it will only run for a couple of minutes then the remote and all selection buttons will freeze up and it turns itself off. After turning itself off, the green timer light flashes rapidly. Once it has stopped flashing, I can turn it on again only the problem is the same. I have tried the reset button on the front, no change. Any suggestions?

Factory reset with remote, power up tv immediately enter "MENU 1,2,3" ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Sony 42 in LCD Projection TV will not come on. The green light comes on but there is no click or visual display. Any suggestions?

You need to replace the defective electrolytic caps on the power supply, or just replace the power supply module. ... Sony Grand WEGA KF-42SX300 42" LCD TV

I have a Vizio P50 HDTV20A, this TV is 2 years old this month. TV will not turn on in the morning after being off for hours. The green power light comes on and you can hear a sound like the TV is turning on but the screen in black, no picture, no sound. I ususally can get the TV to come back on after unplugging it 20 times but when it does turn on it makes a static sound, I see a quick flash of a grey screen and then the TV works. Any suggestions to what might be the problem?

... Vizio P50HDTV10A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have the exact same issue as the unsolved problem below on this page: I have a LG 42LC7D that is about 3 years old. A Problem with the LG 42LC7D-UB Television I have a LG 42LC7D that is about 3 years old. A few weeks ago it started this: When turning on, the green light blinks a few times and then a blank screen appears. I then turn the tv off. After doing this 4-5 times, it finally turns on normally and operates fine. Any suggestions? Thanks

The power on problem is a cap in the power on circuit. The loss of signal for an areal is delayed. Nothing you can for DIY.It needs repair shop visit. ... LG 42LC7D-UB Television

The TV turns on and shows a picture that you can watch and within 10 minutes the TV loses its picture, however, the light is still green. If you turn the TV off you can get the picture to come back after you wait like 20 minutes or so but the TV will lose the picture again in 10 minutes or so. Any suggestions?

... Hitachi 42HDT52 42 in. Plasma HDTV

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