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Hello, I have an old Sony Trinitron KV25XS DC. It is without remoter now and I don't know how to tune the channels. I was able to scan the bandwidth and select the channel I wanted, I can even change the number of the channel on which I want it to be but then I don't know how to set it. How can I set a channel on a specific number?? What is the button for this? A combination of buttons? Thanks. Fra

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Hello, I have an old Sony Trinitron KV25XS DC. It is without remoter now and I don't know how to tune the channels. I was able to scan the bandwidth and select the channel I wanted, I can even change the number of the channel on which I want it to be but then I don't know how to set it. How can I set a channel on a specific number?? What is the button for this? A combination of buttons? Thanks. Fra

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an old zenith tv set that i bought from a local motel(model # H27C35DT). I want to change the default channel that the tv comes on whenever I turn the tv on. Currently, it is set to come on channel 54 everytime i turn the tv on. I have looked at all the available options in the menu using the master remote but I can not find anyoption that will allow me to change the defaul channel number when the tv is turned on. Pls help Thanks

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, so, this is the situation: I have lost my TV manual and I want to set the TV picture format to 16:9 for permanent, or even better, set it to "automatic". I have the Sony RM-833 remote control for the Sony KV-X2101D Trinitron television. So far, I have managed to change the picture format to 16:9, but it changes back to "Normal" (4:3 format I suppose) every time I switch channel. So, how can I memorize this16:9 format as permanent? Or even make the picture format change automaticall

Your TV's native format is 4:3 so to prevent burn in effect the TV will go back to 4:3 every time you turn it off or change channels. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My sister wanted to change our Toshiba TV to her favorite cartoon, Tom and Jerry. But after she entered the channel number, the TV went black and white. I've tried to get the TV working again but then I noticed that it was on TV 4, the thing is I don't know how to get it back to channel 3, PLEASE HELP!!

... Toshiba Standard (CRT) Televisions

We dont have a manual and we dont know how to change the channel or set the time

To set the clock on the unit, have the TV connected to power but not on. Then press and hold Mem/Clck Adj on the TV (it's the third button from the right in the top row of controls). Use the adjacent Tune/Clk (up/down arrows) to set the clock for 12 ... GPX KL858S 8.1 in. Under Cabinet TV

Luxor tv trying to change chanel on number keypad, tv recognises the numbers but doesnt change to selected channel. have switched off at the mains, and no joy. the only way to change channel is to bring up the channel description and scroll to the channel wanted.

Sounds like the main system control memory IC has damaged. Replace the same and check. It is a very small IC, having 8 solder terminals. Very cheap, and easy to get. Will look somewhat like this. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

My sanyo plasma did an update and now i have lost all my abc channels and i want to reset it to factory settings but i dont know my default password

Get into its service mode option. There you will get the option to clear the password. Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for more\012details. Click this li ... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

Changed the main digital board it was the same they told me on the tuners there is a number it should match the original one like my original is n7hf but i dont know if somebodey changed it before i change the board twice it was the same problem. now my question is if the tuner number is different what problem does and how iam gonna know what was the original number on it

If the part number and revision version match , then you can forget about everything else. The part number will be printed on the board itself or it will be on a small label on the board. Post all the numbers you see on both boards(the board that you ... Sanyo DP32746 32 in. LCD Television

I have a Sony Bravia KDL X2000 The channel selector changes the number at the top of the screen but the channel doesn't change as it used to I can change the channel using the menu Have I just sat on the remote and set something differently or has something gone wrong with the TV ?

Hi,Please intimate complete model number of Sony tv.Is it connected with cable direct from wall or cable box, I need to know connection setup as how tv gets tv channel signals to provide you helpful info to solve the problem.Thanks. ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

This set does not have coaxil plug at on the back of this set. I want to hook up my coaxil cable to this set and change channels using my TV remote. Am I missing a set up procedure to have my channels work on this set?

This set has a tuner so a careful scan of the rear is required as ther is a coax socket, somewhere!\012\012<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="JavaScript" \012SRC="http://ad.uk.doubleclick.net/adj/geo_cnet;sz=728x90;adch=CNET: ... Westinghouse LTV-32w1 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

I have all possible favorites entered, all HD channels, most are 600 numbers (my carrier is Comcast). They have stopped working: it'll get as far as the 6 and then go to channel 6. Sometimes it will get the second digit, but never the third. Also, entering in the channels manually on the number pad doesn't work either. I changed the batteries but still experience these symptoms. To avoid channeling up from 6 to the 600 series I access the onscreen Guide, but even arrowing down through that

The firmware on the cable box has become corrupted. The only thing you can do is to perform a general reset, update the firmware as explained in the manual (follow the procedure to the letter) and try to scan and arrange them again. If it fails even ... Flat Panel Televisions

My LG 55" LV9500 loses sound when switching from a standard def (480p) channel to a high def (720p or 1080p) channel. Then if I switch it back to SD the sound will come back. Yet EVERY time I want to watch a channel in HD I have to either turn my tv off and on again or go into my output resolution settings and uncheck 720p/1080p then recheck it again (even though it's already set to automatic). Is it the hdmi cable? The tv? The cable box? Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's driving me

... Flat Panel Televisions

How do you reset a Eaton Viking TV Channel is locked on number 2 want to change it to Channel 3 on mode number 5448-14CR

Try to direct enter channel three (03 enter) to get to that channel--if that works go into menu and find where to add the channel into the set memory.Also can try in the customer menu to "Auto-program" which should restore ALL CHANNELS AVAILA ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Soniq iV190T and want to change the country from Australia to NZ so I can tune in NZ channels - does anyone know how to do this?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I can only change channels using the up & down keys on the remote button. But if i press the channel number, eg. Channel 17, if i press 1 and 7 on the remote button, it will not change channels. O

U have to press the enter button after entering the channel number ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

How do I change the set up to 1080I, right now is on 480. I have changed cables, connectors but don't know how to change the TV itself. Had channels that now I don't I think because of this.

... Panasonic TC-32LX85 LCD TV

My set has no coaxil input? I want to connect my cable coaxil directly to my set and be able to change channels through my set it self. How can I do this?

Every TV set has at least one screw in coaxial cable input.\015\012\015\012Check the backagain and on the sides aswell. Make sure it's not hiding under a little protective shield.\015\012\015\012If you can provide the exact mo ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hisense HL81V88 Have just disconnected my Austar Box and plugged in for normal TV. Have auto tuned the Tv several times however channels not being picked up. Have checked to ensure antenna coax connections are correctly installed. Have now reset to factory settings. have auto tuned again and still no result. Thought it maybe related to the system setting needing to be set for Australia BG however dont know how to bring this screen up to check this. Cannot bring the TV back to original first time

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Curtis Mathes Tronics TV model CM 19022s and my volume is set to very loud. I do not know how to fix this. I was flipping through the channels last night and it the tv switched to ant stereo in french. The setting was originally set for English. The volume scroll line will appear on the screen going up and down, but the volume never changes. It is stuck on loud. Please help.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have Nippon Japan t.v ang brought here in da philippines. my son is changing channel w/ the remote.. and it will power on & off by remote control.. but only 1 channel is on. i saw a red key appears on da screen (tv) . i dont know what to do please help me. thank u !

Try to download the user manual to your tV fro net. It sounds that the TV is locked for other channels by improper key pressings. User manual will have details about how to unlock it. Search for it in net, with its exact model number at its back c ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

H i have no remote for hannspree tv, tried scanning channels with buttons on the side of tv, dont know what i touched,but now its wont do anything just says scan channels. wont even turn off

Remove power for about 30 seconds and try again. ... Hannspree Flat Panel Televisions

Colour settings Tv screen flashed, went blank, came back in setup mode- retuned tv but now on all the picture modes i get a blue or green tint throughout the screen, the only setting that i get a desent pic on is in intelligent sensor mode but even this takes up to 20 secs to righten itself each time i change channel?

Good day!!!!That problem is usually cause of faulty capacitors on the power supply board..Just follow this instruction to fix your TV..1. Open the back cover of your TV.2. Look at the power supply board..Its normally c ... LG 37LC7D 37 in. LCD HDTV

How do you set a remote code to a zenith tv, i dont know the model number ,but its a square black tv ? i am trying to set a spectra jumbo remote to my tv

This is the that gives you a code for your universal remote control thank you very muchhttp://www.universal-remote.net/sony.html ... Zenith Flat Panel Televisions

I am trying to hook up a gamecube to a toshiba tv. I don't know the model number but it has 3 inputs in the back and one in the front. I have tried all of them and tried changing the input on the tv to one of them but it only stays on tv. I don't have channel 3 and I don't know how to add it. I have unplugged the cable cord also seeing if that would work and nothing. Please help.

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I have an NEC NLT-40HDB2 with some odd issues, the input (changing to hdmi/ avi) and channel up buttons don't work even when using a logitech universal remote, the buttons on the side of the set d

... NEC Flat Panel Televisions

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