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My zenith plasma 42w46x tv. doesnt show pic. the sound is there but no pic. I opened it up and founf out the the board on the right side of the tv(looking at it from the back) has two fuses, one of them is blown out, and when i replace it, when the tv is turned onit make a slight buzzing noise and the the power is turned off. but if i dont put no fuse in the box it turns on with the screen black.

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The board you are talking about is called Z-sus. Its role is to sustain power to the plasma panel. If the Z-sus board fuses keep blowing, then the board is usually shorted, and the repair is done replacing the board.
In some case a defective PSU can cause the Z-Sus fuses blowing.
When the Z board is failing, the Y board must also be tested.
The Z board should be the same as this one. Check model and test the part before purchasing.


\015\012This is the X-systain board replace this board and your problem will be solved. The part number can be found on a white sticker some where on the board. Get the number and google it or enter it on E-Bay because alot of shops sell these boards when the get units with bad screens. Or try www.shopjimmy.com for a new board.

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My zenith plasma 42w46x tv. doesnt show pic. the sound is there but no pic. I opened it up and founf out the the board on the right side of the tv(looking at it from the back) has two fuses, one of them is blown out, and when i replace it, when the tv is turned onit make a slight buzzing noise and the the power is turned off. but if i dont put no fuse in the box it turns on with the screen black.

Hi.The board you are talking about is called Z-sus. Its role is to sustain power to the plasma panel. If the Z-sus board fuses keep blowing, then the board is usually shorted, and the repair is done replacing the board.In some case ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sylvania 6420FF 20" color TV that will not turn on. I can hear a slight buzzing when it is plugged in if I put my ear to the side of the unit, so it is getting power. When I push the front panel power button - it will not turn on. It is 5 years old and has been in our condo and used very little. Is there a fuse that can be replaced? Other thoughts? Much appreciated.

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I have a LG rear projection tv model 56dc1d-ab .when it turns on it makes a loud buzzing noise and no picture .I replaced the bulb but it still does the same thing also it turns off after about 1min .

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This is about the PN50A450. Last night the television started making a loud buzzing noise, the picture turned into red fuzz as well. I turned the television off (buzzing stopped) and back on, with the buzzing returning but without any picture now. It is not obstructing the sound coming from the surround sound speakers, but instead coming from the TV itself. In fact, the buzzing stops when the TV makes its start up noise and then starts again. The TV has been unplugged in every way but the proble

... Samsung PN50A450 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Vizio GV47L...when i turn on the tv, the screen stays black. The vizio light turns white and it makes the click noise like normal but after a minute of it doing nothing the light turns back to amber. I can turn it on and off using my remote. I read other problems where people had to unplug there tv to turn it off. Mine will turn off. Would the problem be the power supply or the motherboard. The slave inverter was making a squeeling noise and i replaced it like 2 months ago.

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After reading several forums when my LG 42PC3D died, I went in thinking I had the answer. It would turn on, but then off immediately. The Y-sus board had a blown fuse. I didn't want to risk frying anything else, so I replaced the board rather than just replacing the fuse. When I disconnected the board, it would turn on and stay on. Now, with the new board, it powers up as soon as I plug it in (doesn't actually turn on, just powers up) but won't do anything. The screen is backlit with just

Y and X-sus boards should be replaced at the same time due to they way they communicate with eachother. I suspect that the x-sus is also faulty.Thank you! ... LG 42PC3D 42 in. Plasma Television

Buzzing noise Just recently, my Canon 40D w/ 300 2.8 IS began making a buzzing noise when I press the shutter button. It will do it for a while, then act normally. I tried turning off IS, and using manual focus, but it still make that buzzing noise. The photos are coming out fine. Just concerned that it might be something serious.

This is posted in the Projection TV section---to get real help post it again in the section of this site for Cameras. ... Projection Televisions

My tv model sony trinitron KV2192M3 suddenly turned off and remained with a hissing sound.I then replaced FBT and the problem seems to be solved but after one month same problem occured, this time it was not FBT but i noticed protection fuse N25 from B+ and fusable resistor near fly back which is connected to 200v supply to G1 control grid is blown off. After replacing these fuses FBT tuned on but there was excessive brightness on the tv screen with sound ok and after little while tv turned off

Hello, First appreciate your work that you done yet, Secondly, According to the symptom please check the given two solutions:1- Check At FBT ABL resistance value .47ohm find and replace it.2- At C Board mounted on the ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Vizio VO47L and at first when I would turn it on the picture would be really dark and the TV would make a bad buzzing noise for a few minuets then it would go back to normal. Now the picture just stays dark and the TV continues to make a bad buzzing noise

Your power board is bad it about 35-40 dollars at shopjimmy.com have a handy person install it be sure to unplug the tv first ... Vizio VO47LF 47" TV

I have Polaroid FLM-4234BH 42in. It just turned off one day. So I checked out the power supply board. Two Caps. were blown. I replaced them but it still wont turn on. Should I replace the whole board or is it something else. thx

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I wonder if you can give some advice. Please. I have a Samsung DLP HLT5076S that is 3 1/2 years old. I replaced the lamp in November 2010 from a bulb site on line because I had no picture and three flashing lights. After reading several forums this seemed the solution. After that seemed to work well. However, shortly thereafter I began to hear a very slight buzzing noise. So I researched that and most things pointed to color wheel. I didn't hear the high pitch whining though just a slight buzz.

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both - either can cause transformer buzz and / or inability to power up.Any caps in these sections (or any other section for t ... Flat Panel Televisions

It's my Sony 60" model number kf60xbr800 LCD projection tv. June 2003 It makes a click noise as it would everytime you turn it on but instead of turning on it just makes a buzzing noise Or like so

The power supply regulator board should be troubleshooted. Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for\012more details. Click this link. View it in \0 ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Dynex DX-19L200A12 tv makes a buzzing noise when I turn the volume on, it doesn't matter if it's high or low. I plugged my PS3 in using an hdmi cabl, turned the volume up to 1 percent and the buzzing sound started, could someone help?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung dlp model hls5086wx/xxa that recently stopped working. Lamp light came on so I assumed the lamp needed replaced. Replaced the lamp and still won't turn on and lamp light blinking. It also make a whining noise when turned on but I don't get a picture. Is it the color wheel or ballast? Any suggestions?

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MY HL-r4667w makes buzzing sound when turning on, then shuts down and restarts itself but never actually gets going. ???

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Samsung 63 inch hdtv progressive monitor makes a loud buzzing noise and wont turn on then restarts and tries to do it over and over again.

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Why does my Panasonic 52 inch rear projection TV make a clicking noise with no picture after turning on the power? I replaced the lamp a year ago with no issues.

You might want to look at the lamp again to see it is intact and not shattered----2,000 hours or 2 years is normal life for a OEM lamp but a generic or cheaper version lasts about a year and picture is usually not as bright as with the original ones. ... Panasonic PT-52LCX66 Projection Television

My tv will not turn on. The red light turns blue when the power button is pushed then the light quickly turns back to red. Is the bulb blown if so where do i look to get the bulb out and replaced?

... Hisense LCD1504 15 in. Television

Jvc gm - v42 42in dosent turn on just makes buzzing sound when power is put on

... JVC GM-V42 42 in. Plasma Television

Haier 32in tv screen turns black with no sound and makes buzzing noise while running

... Haier Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, My tv is am Australian SONY Bravia KDL46XBR - 3100, I purchased it in 07. My problem is when I try and turn my tv on there is sound for 30 seconds but no picture then it switches itself off with a 5 blink fault code. Sometimes the sound doesn't come on either, but also occasionally the TV turns on and works perfectly but it's very few & far between when that happens. I have an extended warranty with a 3rd party, but it doesn't cover lamp replacements so I want to make sure it is or

Hello,Below are the interpretation of Sony TV blinking codes, so check the one yours fall under. Also, note that your warranty would be void if you open the TV back or unscrew the TV back cover. And to fix this problem, you must open the ... Flat Panel Televisions

I replaced the STK chips and one pico fuse that was blown on the input power board (the fuses and resistors near the STK chips are fine). I turn the power on, no screen and I get sound for 1 second, then it turns itself off. The power LED blinks 4 times, long pause then repeats. What should I look at next.

A blink of 4 times is an error code that there is no vertical deflection. There may still be a problem with the + or - 15 volt supplies. This error is generate when the vertical deflection pulse is missing. there might be a problem with ic 8003 ... Sony KP-51WS500 51" Rear Projection Television


... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung Big screen mod. HL-P6163W made load pop, then buzzing sound with screen going to black and white. Make buzzing sound and no picture when turned back on?

This set has a problem with the color wheel falling apart, which if one of the segments should fly off while the set was on it may sound like a loud pop, and the buzzing sound could be mechanical in nature with the wheel being off balance. If smoke ... Samsung HL-P6163W 61" TV

I have a technika tv which when turned on makes a buzzing noise and then the screen turns of have stripped the unit down and found yhe noise comes from a board connected to the back of the screen anybody any ideas

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