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Im trying to hook up my dvd recorder to my dish network dvr i have a jvc tv im using the red, white,and yellow cables but i dont get a pic or anything

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No problem. o.k. line in to Dish receiver, out of receiver into dvd recorder, out of recorder, into tv. all units need to be powered on to work with this set up. anymore help, find me on facebook, Mark D Villandrie

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Im trying to hook up my dvd recorder to my dish network dvr i have a jvc tv im using the red, white,and yellow cables but i dont get a pic or anything

No problem. o.k. line in to Dish receiver, out of receiver into dvd recorder, out of recorder, into tv. all units need to be powered on to work with this set up. anymore help, find me on facebook, Mark D Villandrie ... Flat Panel Televisions

42 inch Hisense Led LCD tv Says there is no device connected, Xbox is plugged into side with red white and yellow cables, can not get tv to do Anything! Xbox was recognized fine until I plugged something in using hdmi cord. Please help, Skyrim calls...

... Flat Panel Televisions

The tv turns on but will not show picture or sound screen goes black then back to blue. im using a reg cable cord from cable box, going to try and use the red yellow amd white cables next... hope it works

Try a DVD player etc connected to one of the rear audio and video inputs first to see if set is functional that way. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Given to us,i want to hook up a dvd player,but it appears to only have svideo,and jack plug ins(the yellow,red,white plugs),no rf plug (for antenna in/out),so,how do i hook up using the jacks? and will it work with a cable that has only 2plugs(white,red)? and...there is a place on back of tv where the rf cable went,is it broken or was this optional ? if so,can it be replaced? thank you and hope you understand what i'm asking,lol...

... Sylvania 6424TFS 24" TV

I have a 27N-S100 TV. It was given to me with no remote. The Cable plug thing in the back is completely broken off, but I was told the TV could work perfectly by using the 3 colored cables (I believe they are called A/V cables: yellow, red and white?) and going through a VCR. I have tried endlessly to hook these cables up with my VCR and I am getting nowhere. Not having the remote, I downloaded the owners manual and read through it and it showed how to access the menu through the two channel bu

What you're trying to do shouldn't work unless the VCR has a digital tuner in it or your cable company still hasn't converted over to digital as of yet. You will need to get a digital cable box from your cable company.Connect the av cabl ... Sharp 27N-S100 27" TV

The coax input on my tv is broken off how can I connect the cable to it other than the red white and yellow cords which don't have a good connection either I have my dvd player hooked up to hdmi is there a way to hook the cable up using the hdmi cord without a cable box just the line.

Hi, unfortunately the only ways to get the signal to the tv is with either coaxial, the red white and yellow rca cords, or hdmi and also the " RGB " inputs, also called "component video input ". some dvd players have component video outs-that could ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Panasonic TC-L22X2 LCD TV, sony google tv, a u-verse tv box, and a small JVC compact stereo. I have the sound from the uverse tv box coming out of the JVC stereo using red and white audio cables, but I also want the sound from my google tv to come out of the JVC stereo. The only way I've been able to get sound from the sony is out of Panasonic TV internal speakers. These speakers are low power and so the sound isn't very good. Thanks for your help.

Feed the audio from the google tv to your panasonic tv then the audio from your tv to your amp ... Panasonic TCL22X2 22 in LCD TV

I have an ILO - 32HD Television but the cable cord that comes from the wall does not have a place on the TV to connect to. There is an indentation labeled ANT in the shape of a USB port which it isn't, just shaped like one. How can this TV be hooked up to my cable service? Is my only choice to use the colored yellow, red, and white cords? If so, that is too bad because that means I can't hook up any other devices such as a DVD to the TV (without constantly interchanging them).

Your TV comes with HDMI, DVI, Component In and S video in. Since it has no Tuner built in you will have to use a Set Top box with either component out or if you buy an HD Set Top box with HDMI out. The later will be in your favor so that you can use ... iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

VOLUME STUCK I have the TV hooked up to my DirectTV cable box using the yellow, white and red audio/video wires (the cable jack on it is broke). I turn on the tv to find that the volume is stuck. When I try to turn it up or don, the volume bar comes up on the tv, but nothing happens. When I jiggle the wires, I notice that the right speaker goes in and out. How do I fix this?!

You use auxilry port in your tv as volume problem volume out from direct TV cable bos insert in tv auxilry port ... Panasonic PV-DM2799 27 in. TV/VCR/DVD Combo

My new PS3 wont seem to connect to either audio or video connections? is there a general problem with this tv model? i tried both the R/L audio's and for the yellow cable i tried that in all of the top "Y, AV, Cr, Cb" connections below the tv outlet. Im no expert in what these are for, Im used to the standard red-white-yellow....hence the confusion.

The RED/WHITE (AUDIO RIGHT and LEFT), and the Yellow (Composite video) should go into the TV Video input signal AV1 or AV2. You should try feeding the TV with DVD player using the same cable to find out if it is the TV problem or the PS3 output signa ... ViewSonic N2750w 27 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Am not even getting a picture or anything hooking up PS3 to older Mitsu HDTV using supplied cords(red, white,yellow). Do I need a component AV cord?

... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Hotline I have an insignia 39" LCD TV and it is not recognizing my PS2's composite cables. I have correctly put the red, yellow, and white colored parts into their respective locations, but the insignia tv is not recognizing anything new when I turn on my PS2. I looked through every channel and input the Insignia had and looked around my settings page and still nothing. Is it a lost cause?

... Insignia 39 in. Class LCD HDTV


If the TV has serial port, try using that cable. You may have to go for a converter. Please consult your computer service provider. ... Emerson Lc320em1 TV

When I plug in my DVD using the Red, White, Yellow cables the picture is fuzzy. The female sockets on the back of the TV are loose. How can I tighten them

You can usually use some pliers to squeeze the outside of the RCA connector (when it is disconnected from your TV) to give it a tighter fit BUT, few things to keep in mind,\012\012\012All cables are not equal, a high ... Zenith Z35H86R/M TV


Dear user,i think if other ports are working den may be its your Av 1 issue. try other dvd with different cable ... Flat Panel Televisions

Have connected cable (white, yellow, red) from Conia DVD player to TV as component 1 and connected Sony VHS cable (white, yellow, red) to TV as component 2. What other steps need to be taken for the players to be recognised by the TV and how to move from watching TV to watching DVD or VHS? Thank you

Component video needs Red, Green, Blue to be connected on the DVD end and to the TV for video to display, also the Red and White audio out needs to be connected to the TV for audio to work . VHS has Red, White an yellow for Right Audio, Left A ... Flat Panel Televisions

Dvd connection have red,white, yellow cables connect the red and white but tv has green& blue were to put yellow in

... Vizio VO32LF 32 inch TV

There is a red, white yellow cable on one end and red, blue and blue cable on the other end

One side is standard, Other is HD. Red to Red Blue to White AND When you have Green it goes where Yellow would. Other Blue Would replace Green too. hope that helps. Pretty normal if your TV is HD Ready. Most DVD boxes are standard color coding. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 40 inch Sansui LCD TV. When i plug my dvd player into my tv using a hdmi cable the screen turns red but when i use RCA cables the picture is fine. What is the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 47 lg lcd tv bought in 09. When i use hdmi for xbox 360 i get picture and sound but with ps3 no pic no sound. I just bought a sony bluray and get pic but no sound. I bought a lg bluray and get no pic no sound. I have tried 2 or 3 different types of hdmi cables but nothing so far has given me sound and picture...help please.

... LG 47LF11 LCD TV

Honeywell 32 after connecting to hd cable box i have no audio (used hdmi cable and red and white audio cable) i do have a picture!

... Honeywell MT-HWJCT42B3AB LCD TV

I have one unit sony projection tv KDFE50. When i use the vivid picture, but there are yellow lines on my screen. No picture but i hear a voice. Before this, the picture is not clear, no red colour.

... Projection Televisions

I connected av receiver to sony bravia 40cx520 through 3 cable with red white and yellow colors but it didnt work

... Sony KDL 40CX520 40 CX520 Series Full HD BRAVIA Multi System LCD TV

I no longer have any Red color. Only yellow and blue. I've fixed a problem with a fuse on the deflection board. That fuse kept blowing so I re-soldered the FBT and it worked for several months. Now my red doesn't work. This just began last week and I didn't see any evidence of anything blowing. What are the potential problems, how can I narrow down what is the precise problem, and how do I fix them?

The most likliest cause would be a issue with the RED CRT drive board around 35.00 from www.tvrepairworld.com it could also be an issue with the RED CRT itself but thats doub ... RCA HD52W66 Projection Television

TV powers on but none of the controls work, either from the TV or the remote, no volume, no input selection or anything else. The TV was connected to a cable tuner so it still has a great picture. I now use the cable tuner to control the volume.

CERTIFIED TV EXPERT HERE, follow this information I provided 3 long solutions to this issue/s Solution 1 Before we start ... Mintek DTV-263 26 in. LCD Television

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