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I Have sanyo 47xr1 lcd tv.it was switched off,but didnt turn on the next morning.however,i noticed that standby light turns blue from red.but no backlight nor displayall voltages are available.no blown caps,no dry caps nor any that looks suspicious.inverters are all ok and all voltages present.main control board warms up normally.but still nothing on the screen.what could be the problem?

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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I Have sanyo 47xr1 lcd tv.it was switched off,but didnt turn on the next morning.however,i noticed that standby light turns blue from red.but no backlight nor displayall voltages are available.no blown caps,no dry caps nor any that looks suspicious.inverters are all ok and all voltages present.main control board warms up normally.but still nothing on the screen.what could be the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung 55 in LCD tv that keeps powering on & off. I checked the caps & they look good and have the higher voltage rating of 25 volts not 12 volts. Any idea what the issue could be?

The capacitors can fail and show no outward signs. You need a special meter to check them. Without a schematic and voltage test points it would be hit and miss trying to find the bad part without the right test equipment. ... Samsung LN55B650 55 in. LCD HDTV

SAMSUNG 46" LCD : How do you determine which board is bad? I know what I'm looking at and for. I'm not seeing any bulging bulbs / bad caps / burnt or blown areas on the board. Which board do I re-order?

Hello Jon,Before you start ordering and swapping parts check with Samsung, that model is covered under the terms of the class action lawsuit settlement over bad power supply boards. The power supply boards cause the exact symptoms that you ar ... Samsung LN40A450 LCD TV

MY Polaroid TLA-04641C power light blinks back and forth red then blue. I was watching TV and heard a pop, then the TV went out about 10 seconds later. I looked at the caps and nothing appears blown. Please help!!

... Polaroid TLA-04011C 40 in. LCD TV

I have Mitsubishi wt-42315, I have looked up how to do the self check to determine what may be wrong. It will cut on and a second later it cuts off. I did the self check and it does 2 blink 2 blink. I know 2 blink-then 2 blink-------SHORT PROTECTION** **2, then 2 is most common---usually means one of the fuses that protectthe Convergence IC or IC's is blown---set will detect no voltage to convergenceIC and shut down. How do we determine which IC fuse it is?

Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for more details. Check this ... Mitsubishi WT-42315 42" TV

Magnavox 32MF605W/17, flicks, no picture. Firts there was no picture, LED stayed amber. I opened it up, replaced 5 blown caps on mainboard, now when TV is turned on, LED is green, screen flicks white for half-second, then goes black, LED stays green. Does it look like inverter board is bad, can't light up CFLs? Thanks

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

Service manual Need a service manual for Vizio VT420M.The screen begins to light up,b but then goes off again. No image. Both boards inside look good. I don't see any blown up caps or anything burned on the PCBs.

Send your email address to me by Fixya comment, and get a copy of the service manual by return mail. ... Vizio VT420M LCD TV

42lc46 int no picture but sound I have repaced faulty caps and resoldered dry joints

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Philips 50PF9431D/37 red blinking light. no picture at all. opened panel and looked inside to see if theres any blown capacitor as what people have been saying related to this symptom. nothing looks like a blown capacitor.

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

My panasonic the fuse was blown out the cap 200v 560 mf and a resistance 1 ohm 7w i replaced them and the tv won't turn on

This is fairly straight forward---if it got the fuse, input filter (big cap!) and the fuseable 7 watt-----Understand (I do not know how savy you are) the power supply uses two grounds----on the primary side of the transformer (in power supply ... Panasonic CT-32SL14 32" TV

I was replacing caps and thought I looked at all of them and thought they were all the same but one is a different value. I need to know if anyone has anyway of helping with this.

... LG 50PC1DR 50 in. Plasma HDTV

My tv has audio but no image. Upon opening I have noticed there's a capacitor (d153) on the power board which is surrounded in brown residue (appears to be blown). There are also 3 empty connectors on various boards, P1, P101 and P806 are all empty. P806 appears to be a test point, but P1 and P101 look like they should be connected to something. The tv turns on and stays on everytime so I'm not entirely sure there's something wrong with the power board, but the (blown?) capacitor is worrying.

... LG 50PX4D 50 in. Plasma Television

Hello! I'm having the infamous black screen issue with my Viewsonic N3252W. I initially replaced the Power supply, because that looked like it was "the fix" for this particular issue. I powered it on, and I was getting the same problem. There was a faint picture (you need to look at the screen from a certain angle, with an appropriate amount of light shining on the screen.) with no back light! All of the voltages coming off the new PSU are right where they should be, including the 24VDC to the

You can do a simple test on the set.\012Turn the set on and place a bright flashlight against the screen. Look around the edge of the flashlight for a moving image. This will show you do not have a back light. If one of the transformers on t ... ViewSonic N3252w 32 in. LCD Television

My hitachi 29in ctv power supply 110vac had a problem on zener diode will blown if we switch on the tv. what spare parts to change so that the power supply zener diode will not blown again and the supply voltage remain in normal condition.

The secondary output voltage comes out from is more than it should be there. That is why, the protection zener diode blows off, as soon as you switch ON the set. First find and repair the power supply regulator, for correct output voltage. Refer i ... Hitachi Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a 32AV502R Toshiba tv that when I turn it on the screen flickers on and off for about a minute and then the tv is fine the green light doesnt blink just stays solid green can anyone help? Im thinking possible caps gone bad but looking for advice before I change the caps thanks.

Check the CCFL back light tubes. ... Toshiba 32AV502R LCD TV

I have a WS-65611 that I have replaced the caps on the DM board. Before I did that, the power LED flashed non stop, Now it does the normal 70 seconds but when I attempt to turn it on, it shuts right back off. After attempting a power up I checked the error code I got a short protect error. I then removed the DM again and verified the caps were not shorted to the shield and checked the pico fuse and found everything to be good. Any ideas of where I should start looking??

Did you run the error code operational check? In not unplug the set and plug it back in. Press and hold the DEVICE and MENU buttons for 5 seconds and release. The LED should flash a certain number of times a short pause and another series of blinks. ... Mitsubishi WS-65611 65" Rear Projection Television

Ln32b380c5d whhen pluged in only red led flashes slowley dead tv,looked at caps and all look good ,but noticed that antena connector has been bent downward

... Samsung LN Flat Panel Televisions

Vizio VW42L HDTV. I lose audio and video after several minutes but the power light remains on. If I turn power off and on right away, the screen flashes and then nothing. If I wait awhile, I get audio and video for several minutes then the same thing happens. I looked at the power supply board and it doesn't look like any of the caps are bulging.

Please replace power supply board that seems defective and causing problem.Required board would be available in shopjimmy.com ... Flat Panel Televisions

My mitsubishi ws-65513 picture makes a pop noise then goes out with the sound but can still see video source info on corner of screen. then i have to turn tv off wait a couple of seconds then back on then tv will work for a shourt time before picture goes out again. i have looked at the four caps on the Dm board they dont look faulty or bulging but dont know if that is the problem

... Mitsubishi WS-65513 65" Rear Projection HDTV

If the caps looks ok, what else should I look for before replacing the power board? Problem is turns on then turns off

Any heated or burnt area, also shorts can cause this problem. sometimes caps can be bad and look good. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a hitachi 65swx20b projection tv. visual trouble diodes D964 SW+9v goes off immediatly when the set triggers protection. I have checked the voltage at PPS4 pin 1 and read 9.4 volts. all caps, diode, resistors check . Ic911 pin voltage good except pin 5 input is 12 volts not 10.4 .

After reading your entire problem, I clicked my "click here to unlock" option and it will not work. Please do not hold this against me- you obviously have a very strong knowledge of troubleshooting, and are an experienced tech who knows what they are ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

I have a samsung ln-t4053h that had a bad caps. I replaced the caps and the tv turned on fine and i put a flashlight to the screen and the screen turns on but the backlight is on 10 and it looks like its not on at all so that leads me to believe the backlight inverter. As I was testing this the power board slipped and touched a metal part in the back of the tv, sparked, and now the tv wont turn on at all. I figure that i shorted out the power board. If I replace the power board will me tv turn o

... Samsung LN-T4053H 40 in. LCD Television

Set wont start up green and orange lights flashing ht voltage 144vs pulsing disconected lopt stage put load across ht cap c711 voltage reading 12 vs wont come out of stand bye

Please tell me whats the make and model of the tv. The orange light flashing is usually a self-diagnostic code and I can tell you what that code means. Also count the number of blinks in between each pause and let me know ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have not serviced one of these models before, 26XR9DA. The problem is no Picture Sound OK. The Bachlights come on for about 3 Seconds with Sanyo LOGO visible then go off with the High Voltage inverters powering down. 5 12 and 22 V lines are clean and steady I have changed a few electro caps but this TV seems too new for the common caps problems The B ON pin sits at 3.2 Vs and never changes during startup etc. Im hoping there is a common fault for this symptom. Any help is most welcome

Hi mroulston,\015\012\015\012First check the brightness of the logo when it's first come on, you will notice that there was a slight changed in brightness if the one of the backlights was already busted. This is the very common fault I've encou ... Flat Panel Televisions

Replace caps on power supply (15) caps. Voltages are all there but no picture. Any suggestion

You did not mention if you had sound; if you do, then the inverter for the backlight or the backlight CCFL has failed. The inverter is often on a separate board since these are often outsourced. ... ViewSonic N3752w 37 in. LCD TV

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