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My television is just over 2 years old and it started that it would switch itself on and off 3 times before it would stay on and it was randomly switching itself on if I didn't need it to. I phoned the Samsung support line and they told me to reset the television which has only made it worse! It is now taking around 2-3mins to switch on and that is only IF it switches on. Then around 5 mins in it will switch off then stay on. Please help!!

Answers :

There are four capacitors on the power board that the switch is connected to that are failing, eventually they will go completely and the set wont turn on at all. You need to replace the capacitors and the problem will be resolved. Find someone to replace them for you, they will cost less than \302\2434 GBP to buy if you can do it yourself (or someone you know) probably over a hundred to get an engineer to do it
Your TV probably has a faulty power supply. Get it repaired before it gets worse and damages other components.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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My television is just over 2 years old and it started that it would switch itself on and off 3 times before it would stay on and it was randomly switching itself on if I didn't need it to. I phoned the Samsung support line and they told me to reset the television which has only made it worse! It is now taking around 2-3mins to switch on and that is only IF it switches on. Then around 5 mins in it will switch off then stay on. Please help!!

There are four capacitors on the power board that the switch is connected to that are failing, eventually they will go completely and the set wont turn on at all. You need to replace the capacitors and the problem will be resolved. Find someone to re ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sometimes when turning the television on the standby button flashes, there's no picture and just stays switched off. You have to repeat the switching on step numerous times before the television actually turns on and stays on.

... Panasonic TX-32LM70 32 in. LCD TV TV/HD Combo

For about a month when I press my vizio on switch the tv would click on the vizio emblem would light up,then it would immediately click off and the emblem would go dark...I would have to repeat this process 10-15 times to get the tv to stay on, i went on vacation for a week and now the tv doesn't come on at all when I press the on switch, nor does the vizio emblem light up

Unplug the TV. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, repeat. Plug it back in and try again.More troubleshooting can be found at www.vizio.com ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have a toshiba cinama series big black old school television. Now when we turn on the tv screen it just goes black w... as a quick fix i used to be able to hit the tv and the screen would come backand stay on...but now when i hit the tv on the back the screen will come back on for a few seconds then go black again and not stay on. I have a feeling something is loose in the inside of the television... When i remove the back panel what should i look for to tighten? I am a single mother with four

... Toshiba 55H70 55" Rear Projection Television

I have a flat screen television model no UT3219A but when i switch it on it just switches itself on and off simultaneously then eventually it will stay on but it wont have a channel for quite a while. then it will keep keep going on and off from the channel, what could be the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I have a 42 inch NEC plasma tv I purchased about t years ago, about 6 months ago every now and then the sound would become slightly distorted like a swishing noise shortly after the tv was turned on. Now recently the sound does not come on at all when the tv is switched on. If the tv is left on the sound may come on eventually by itself after around 30mins till up to 3 hours after being turned on. And on occasion the sound will come on straight away when switched on. The are no other issues

From your description, it is likely that power supply operation is becoming erratic. Because your TV is new, it probably would be worth having it fixed ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hitachi 37ld8500 tv television switches on and off every few seconds continuously and will stay like that till its switched of. 24 volts are present at psu output

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi WS-65411, there was a storm and we lost sound for several inputs, my husband worked around it by hooking up the stereo to one of the inputs that still works and we would get sound that way. We have several other things that we would like to hook up and we are running out of options. When we switch to ant a or ant b, there is the white noice, so speakers are working but the input on the front of the tv and all inputs to the rear have no sound. The input one two and three do

Inputs for this set are via a chip known as IC2K00 270P623010 IC - CXA2069Q. It is an signal input silicon chip and controls all of the inputs. The output is obviously working as are the speakers. Due to the work involved desoldering this chip and ... Mitsubishi WS-65411 65" Rear Projection Television

Toshiba 50A62 50-Inch Projection TV displays black lines across screen running from top-to-bottom and the resolution goes off the screen. When I apply force to the top of the television and or back of the television where the connections are made from my DVD Player, Xbox 360, etc. the lines go away for awhile and then come back. I read somewhere that, to fix this, I would need to do something to the area that makes the connection between the projection and the actual input. I am horrible with

Wadasdasdasdasdasdaw ... Toshiba 50A62 50" Rear Projection Television

My Vizio M261VP was purchased three weeks ago. A week ago, the audio on channels other than the digital HD channels are very low. For example, an analog channel or Netflix via the VIA the volume needs to be set to the high 80s to hear anything. However, when I switch to a digital channel the volume can be heard reasonably at around 20-24. Should I just return this television or is there a firmware upgrade?

I would return the Set ASAP! TV has a factory defect,take it back and get you another TV, \012and If it happens to do the Same thing Then Company might have more then several TVs that must be returned to Factory. \012I had a Friend of mi ... Vizio M261VP 26" LCD TV

Hi, the picture on my hisense hsl8129hdi LCD tv has gone completely white. It started off with the picture getting really dark like the contrast was right up then it got even worse everytime I watched it, sometimes when I first switched it on it was okay & after about 15 mins it got bad. Just wondering if you can tell me what's going on & around how much it would cost to get fixed? Thanks :)

... Flat Panel Televisions

A message came up on my sony bravia KF-42E200A saying that the projection lamp is nearing the end of it's life. It recently stopped working it would switch on but no picture came up and it made a

... Sony Bravia KF-42E200A Rear Projection TV

I just switched over from cable to an HD antenna. Everything was working fine for about an hour, but now my SHARP LC-42D62U is stuck on channel 21.2 and none of the buttons on the TV work (including the power button). I unplugged it overnight hoping that the television would correct itself, but the problem persists. Any suggestions on a fix?

The tv needs to be rebooted then when you scan for channels you will need to manually erase 21.2 from the tuner, and call your cable company to report that this is happening.Call 877-332-7867 to have a case file created and to be walked t ... Sharp Aquos LC-42D62U 42 in. LCD HDTV

We have a Samsung LE32A457 T.V which is currently 2 years old. Whilst watching the t.v tonight all of a sudden a line across the centre of the screen appeared and from that line upwards the picture went faulty and it was unwatchable. We switched the t.v off and a white line appeared across the centre, we disconnected the scart lines from the back of the t.v and just left the ariel connection, this made no difference, any help or advice would be grateful.

Your TV has an internal problem. Check with the manufacturer to see if you're under warranty and or if they can repair it. ... Flat Panel Televisions

LE42EC04A My wife left a show on before we left for a movie, we have owned the TV for about two years. Never been dropped and never had any situations with the Television. When we got back the TV wasn't working at all and our babysitter said it just turned off...When you turn the TV on using the power switch the LED's on the front display near the volume/channel controls isn't defaulting to RED (OFF). The LED is staying solid (BLUE) and always on. We know the power control board (168P-P47T4K-20)

... Hitachi 42HDT51 42 in. Plasma SLC1551AW

The Power button on my Bush HD LCD Television is not staying on. It shuts off when switched on. What could be the problem please

There is some short circuit inside it. It might be due to component /s short, or IC damage. Seek tech support. This is skilled work. ... Bush Industries IDLCD26TV16HD LCD TV


Power board will need to be replaced. ... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television

The TV would not stayed turned on. Then the screen made a popping sound. Now my RCA L26HD31 doesn't come on at all. Is it fried, or is there a part I can replace?

I would start with finding online and replacing the power board. ... RCA L26HD31 26 in. LCD HDTV

I am wondering, I would like to hook up a very small pair of speakers to a ts3260c magnavox television, there are out puts on the back that are rca connections. i was wondering if when i plug in rca cords on the audio outputs,do the TV speakers shut off or do they stay on? thanks

They will stay on if you are just hooking up the speakers. If you want the TV speakers to shut off, use a stereo system or something to switch audio inputs. ... Philips Magnavox TS3260C 32" TV

Hi, I have a panasonic Viera television and it seems as though the picture is zoomed in, which cuts off the bottom of the picture and the tops of peoples heads. no adjustments were made to the tv, i turned on the tv the other night and the picture was zoomed in. i would love some help, thanks a lot.

If the picture only cuts of att the top and bottom, then use the V-size feature . Lower the V-size value to adjust it. You can also try changing the aspect ratio which can often be accidentally changed with the press of a button ... Panasonic Viera TH-42PX80U Plasma TV

Hello - i have an LG Rear projection television model: RT-56NZ23RB we purchased the tv around 2004.. The red light on the tv comes on but there is absolutley no picture or sound coming from the tv (wont come on !). Usually when the red light on the tv is on - we use the remote to turn it on - so the light turns green but this is not happening at all , cahnged batteries in remote etc... what could be the problem and how much would it cost to fix ??? many thanks sue

Replace the Power supply/Deflection Board .\015\012Zenith Exchange Moduels 1-800-844-7871\015\012I use this company ,to change out zenith boards . Its cheaper in the Long run.\015\012The board I am talking about is the one with the ... LG Projection Televisions

Vizio VO370M will not power on. Vizio log stays yellow when power button pushed. Problem occurred following lightning storm, so suspecting the PS, but not certain. No physical damage apparent to either the PS or mainboard (fuse is good, no bulging/leaking caps, no burned spots, etc.). When testing PS, 5v connectors supply good 5.3v. 12v connectors have no power, but not certain if they always supply power or only when switched on. Is this more likely to be the PS or the mainboard? Would r

Did you ever finish the repair? ... Vizio VO370M LCD TV

We had a low power surge that took television off and all electrical items running on low voltage when electric came back on the tele would not switch on .they say they have had to repair inverter connections and re solder dry joints could this have been caused by the power surge

Hello, if you had a power cut, the fuse in the tv might have blown there are 2 types, a glass type and a soldered in type, you will need to check these with a multimeter. also there are fuses on the inverter board. i hope this helps regardsshaun ... Sharp Aquos LC-32G4U 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Hi I have a sony kp-53HS10 TV. When i turn it on it use to make a clicking noise and than the tv would turn on, but now the clicking noise is gone and nothing comes on. A red light under the tv stays on. But the television itself never comes on. I just need some help on what to do to fix it. thanks for your time

... Sony KP-53HS10 TV

Panasonic PT-47WX53 47 in. Rear Projection HDTV Television and the power will not turn on it just worked last night. I left it unplugged for an hour and tried to turn it back on and it stayed on for a minut and then turned off and the power light blinks several times like a code or something. Is this tv saveable i don't mind trying to fix it because it has been a great tv but just don't went to spend a lot on a old tv. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

... Panasonic PT-47WX53 47" Rear Projection HDTV

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