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Set wont start up green and orange lights flashing ht voltage 144vs pulsing disconected lopt stage put load across ht cap c711 voltage reading 12 vs wont come out of stand bye

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Please tell me whats the make and model of the tv. The orange light flashing is usually a self-diagnostic code and I can tell you what that code means. Also count the number of blinks in between each pause and let me know

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Set wont start up green and orange lights flashing ht voltage 144vs pulsing disconected lopt stage put load across ht cap c711 voltage reading 12 vs wont come out of stand bye

Please tell me whats the make and model of the tv. The orange light flashing is usually a self-diagnostic code and I can tell you what that code means. Also count the number of blinks in between each pause and let me know ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Cyberpower CPS 1200 EI LCD Inverter output voltage is176V and varies with load and there are some times charging problems.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung rts-he10 dvd home theater system, when i put a dvd into it it takes time to start loading up then when it does it says wrong disk or disk erro, same when i put an audio cd into it too, have have tried putting a head cleaner into it but it still wont read the disks

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a hitachi 65swx20b projection tv. visual trouble diodes D964 SW+9v goes off immediatly when the set triggers protection. I have checked the voltage at PPS4 pin 1 and read 9.4 volts. all caps, diode, resistors check . Ic911 pin voltage good except pin 5 input is 12 volts not 10.4 .

After reading your entire problem, I clicked my "click here to unlock" option and it will not work. Please do not hold this against me- you obviously have a very strong knowledge of troubleshooting, and are an experienced tech who knows what they are ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

I have a Power Supply Unit in Westinghouse SK-26H240S TV. TV had no power prior to disassembly. This TV has the Delta DPS-210EP-2 power supply. I appear to have proper voltage on high side, but i am not getting 24v; 12v; 5v, and 5VSB on secondary side output. The Bridge Rectifier is putting out 53V DC. The filter caps have been replaced on PSU.

... Westinghouse LTV-27w7 7 in. LCD HDTV

I have a mitsubishi 55711 diamond series that the green light flashes. I replaced the 7 capacitors on the DM board per reading typical concerns and still same issue. I found the 125v 4a slow burn to be open circuit w/no continuity going through it. I dropped a bead of solder across and it popped 3 of the capacitors in about 5 seconds. is this a load bearing fuse or should i say a resistor of sorts or did it pop originally from something else in the tv and the capacitors was not the problem to st

Hi,\015\012\015\012F9B01(125v/4A) fuse was open because the DM power supply gone bad aside from the electrolytic capacitor that you've already been replaced. The faulty parts there are IC9B00(HIP6006CB), Q9B00(FDS6680A). Worst case cenario that ... Flat Panel Televisions

I Have sanyo 47xr1 lcd tv.it was switched off,but didnt turn on the next morning.however,i noticed that standby light turns blue from red.but no backlight nor displayall voltages are available.no blown caps,no dry caps nor any that looks suspicious.inverters are all ok and all voltages present.main control board warms up normally.but still nothing on the screen.what could be the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I had the TV upside down for about 5 minutes to take the stand off of it. I put brackets on to mount on my wall. I put the TV on the wall then plugged the TV in. There was a sound and then a puff of smoke coming out of the back of the TV. OOPS!! I let the TV stand right side up for about 15 hours. I turn the TV on and the screen comes on for about 3 seconds then fades out. About 2 seconds after the screen shuts down there is a clicking sound from the back of the TV. Then the Red power lig

Whoops, did you not use the right length screws.\012\012The mounting bracket screws will short onto some electronics if you fit screws that are too long and from your superb description, it sounds like you did everything right but do not ... Panasonic Viera TX-32LX70 32 in. LCD TV

Pioneer Elite PRO-520 HD... TV won't turn on. The red stand bye light is on but when the _ button is pushed the green light stayes on for a few seconds then turns off. The red stand bye button c

... Projection Televisions

I purchased a Bravia KDL 40W 4100 a couple years back and had it wall mounted. Now I want to put a 46" on the wall mount and move my current 40" on a tv stand. Only problem is the the firm I purchased the tv from and had them wall mount when delivered, did not leave the table top stand with us. So, looking for a replacement stand. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an lg j250r 50in which did not turn on.After searching on the panel i found they were 5 transistor which were short so i replace them from another 42in which had a broken screen.I also took the rf panel from the 42in and put it on the 50in..now its switching on but the screen is not full its just occupying an upper corner the rest is dark.Tried to adjust vs voltage port but no change.Vs voltage is 203v and Va voltage is 58v which seem to be normal.What shall i do? The Rf panel m refering

... LG 50PX4D 50 in. Plasma Television

I have a Vizio VP322 that doesn't work, Only the logo lights up when you turn it on. I have read JFRANDUBE's repair directions about he caps. I dont see and apparent caps. Howevere I checked the resistance between the metal cap body and the board ground. Some have measurable resistance to ground, most do not. Are the ones with resistance to ground bad? The most difinate ones in questoion are C234 and C105. Gordy

Hi Gaker,\015\012\015\012This symptom indicated of drop/missing of output voltages in the power supply section. You must check each output voltages in that section feeding the main board and other board to pinpoint where the fault came from and ... Flat Panel Televisions

We have had the tv on the wall so no need for the actual stand we now want to put the stand back on the tv but can't find it have you an actual tv stand for the model ld1915d

I suggest that you contact the manufacturer. Also there are some TV stands which do not require the original stand but have a TV mount attached to them.see herehttp://www.furnitureinfashion.net/images/bellevue%20tv%20stand.jpgor ... Portable Televisions

Why is it when i put in a disk it reads error can not read disk and this only started happening after i inserted a bootleg disk know it dosnt read regular movies what could be the problem?

I've suspect that you have a problem on the ff:\012No disc error can be a DIY like the following steps.\012\012Assuming that the disc is good.\012\0121.Cleaning the lens. - Sometimes because of dust the lens\012can't rea ... Panasonic Combination Televisions

I have a TH50PX60U with the red light flashing 10 times. I went through the diagnostic flow chart to where it said replace the PA and DG boards. I replaced both and still have the 10 flashing lights. SInce that flow chart didn't seem to work I started checking the feeds from the power supply. I noticed on the PA10 that as soon as I plugged in the AC, the voltage read 15V. Then the voltage started dropping fast and went down to zero. Is this normal or should the voltage remain at a cons

... Panasonic TH-50PX60U 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I turned my tv on and put put the cable channel on that my grandma watches, and i went into the kitchen to do the dishes while my grandma finished getting dressed in her room. ( the tv is in the living room) i finished up the dishes and went into the empty living room and the tv was off. i was only gone for 5 or 10 minutes so the cable box would not have gone into sleep mode, but every time i pushed the power button the light on the front of the tv would turn green then flash back to stand-by. i

... Sylvania LC260SS8 26 in. LCD Television

Television would not power on one day. no sign of any problem previous to this-it just wouldn't turn on . I started troubleshooting by confirming voltage present at the outlet it was plugged in to , then checked continuity across the power cord and from the power port on the unit to the first fuse(f1) and across the fuse itself. all checked out ok. what should i do from here? tv is a SOYO DYL032D LCD

Next is check the power supply section/board replace all bulging capacitors from the power supply.use the same value and rating of capacitor.Resolder also all the components from the power supply.re tighten all the connectors..you can also replace th ... Soyo DYLT032D 32 in. LCD Television

I have not serviced one of these models before, 26XR9DA. The problem is no Picture Sound OK. The Bachlights come on for about 3 Seconds with Sanyo LOGO visible then go off with the High Voltage inverters powering down. 5 12 and 22 V lines are clean and steady I have changed a few electro caps but this TV seems too new for the common caps problems The B ON pin sits at 3.2 Vs and never changes during startup etc. Im hoping there is a common fault for this symptom. Any help is most welcome

Hi mroulston,\015\012\015\012First check the brightness of the logo when it's first come on, you will notice that there was a slight changed in brightness if the one of the backlights was already busted. This is the very common fault I've encou ... Flat Panel Televisions

I bought a LC DVD 199A in November for a Christmas present. Until today, I have not tried to used the DVD player because I haven't really had a chance. I put the source mode to DVD but the DVD won't load, I did press lightly, the DVD went in only part way and I removed it. Why won't it load? Also, it goes from DVD mode to TV mode in a matter of seconds which is frustrating as well. What can I do. Of course it is out of warranty. Help? Patty

The DVD player has a problem with the loading mechanism. Probably something has dropped inside it such as a coin or something else. It is really a simple problem. The reason why it would switch back to TV is because it is getting stucked. Get a flash ... Curtis Flat Panel Televisions

Hello I have a Samsung 50" HD Plasma that has been on the wall for a few years. We are moving now and I need to put it onto the stand (before we eventually hang it back on the wall) but I cannot find the screws that came with the it. What size screws can I use to attach the tv stand to it so it will be secure? where can I find them at? Thank you for your time.

... Samsung PN50B850 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a Haier HLC19K1 19" tv/ DVD combo that won't read the DVDs that I put in. It makes a scratchy noise and then says that there is no disc. The DVD is facing the correct way, btw. But I've tried putting in different DVDs, restarting my tv, blowing into the DVD part, switching the power sources, but nothing works. How can I get the DVDs to work?

... Haier HLC19K1 19 in. LCD TV

Replace caps on power supply (15) caps. Voltages are all there but no picture. Any suggestion

You did not mention if you had sound; if you do, then the inverter for the backlight or the backlight CCFL has failed. The inverter is often on a separate board since these are often outsourced. ... ViewSonic N3752w 37 in. LCD TV

My RCA Model 27F530T is turning on and off after being on for only a few minutes. When it turns back on, its ususally on a different channel. I read the manual, the only thing thats comes close to sounding like this is a high or low voltage in my apartment. What else could it be, my voltage is fine.

Hello\015\012The fault you reports indicates some voltage problems inside it itsef. Check first, for any loose plug in point on your wall power socket. if it all found ok, there will be some loose soldering contacts inside your TVs power inve ... RCA 27F530T 27" TV

Hi, my machine is a little confused. When I put in any dvd, it says it cannot read it. When I take the dvd out & close the dvd draw it tries to read when no dvd is in it & it shows the dvd disk symbol as if there is one inside. So it appears to think it has a dvd inside??? Please help!

This is most likely a mechanical problem with the drive itself. The easiest and least time consuming way to fix this is to buy a new dvd drive. They are very cheap now and they are relatively simple to install. A good place to buy a new drive would b ... Flat Panel Televisions


Hi,\015\012 replase the 7 10MF/16v capacitor. if u can get the other capacitors, also try to change them all.\015\012ok ... Mitsubishi WS-65869 65" Rear Projection Television

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