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Hi - I have the samsung 46"LCD 550. I have the problem I'm hearing about with the turning on and off repeatedly by itself and then eventually it going to a loud screeching noise. The TV then has to be unplugged. I have heard that some people are doing some kind of software fix through the usb port for this problem. Any ideas?

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Can you get me the the complete model number like 46LNA550? It can be found on the label at the back of the tv. It can be the firmware or it can even be the inverter, but lets begin with the firmware

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Hi - I have the samsung 46"LCD 550. I have the problem I'm hearing about with the turning on and off repeatedly by itself and then eventually it going to a loud screeching noise. The TV then has to be unplugged. I have heard that some people are doing some kind of software fix through the usb port for this problem. Any ideas?

Can you get me the the complete model number like 46LNA550? It can be found on the label at the back of the tv. It can be the firmware or it can even be the inverter, but lets begin with the firmware ... Flat Panel Televisions

Have a 32 inch emerson flat screen tv that will not turn on when you touch the power button it flashes a few times and then goes directly to standby. the tv was bought the day after Thanksgiving at Wal-mart. I have heard that alot of people are having the same problem what can I do?

Tries tv unplug,replug it back like an hour later.For the tv to do a resetting it back to the tv factory setting.The tv should be working again now,if not.Tv have power supply board problems,that the board where the power a/c cord plug into it.Tries ... Flat Panel Televisions

Replaced the balast, tv not longer turns on and off but now it has a kind of pulsing picture. Am I looking at a new bulb? a new color wheel ? or some other surprise that I haven't heard about?

Lamp is possible especially if the ballast was bad--it powers the lamp.Color wheel will usually display some issues--high pitched whine or fan like noise---with the lamp removed look where it faces--color wheel is there--any broken or missing pie ... Samsung HL-67A510 67" DLP HDTV

M220va wont turn on when plugged in and has a small white led light on the bottom right of the front panel that slowly flashes on and off. i've heard this light will come on when there is any problem with any of the boards, kind of like a safty shut off indicator. this makes it hard to diagnose since you cant look at any of the symptomes. sooo... i was wondering if there were any "common problems" with this model that might most likely need to be replaced (power board? main board?) fuse se

... Vizio M220VA 22 in. LCD HDTV

The people are green on My Vizion L32 HDTV. There does not appear to be any red showing on the screen. I tried to adjust it, but it does not help! Do I need to replace a lamp (bulb) for the red to show up? What kind of bulb do I need? Is this something we can do, or is a technician required?

... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have a Toshiba 26LV610U TV/DVD and when I turn it on the image is not steady...I can heard dialog but the image 'moves' or kind of freezes. it's the same if I have it on TV or with the DVD. If i leave it on for a LONG time at some point the image is normal. (?)...today I turned it on and first it was black, then gradually turned white/gray and continued to slowly change until i got images but moving...... (?)....I can't accurately describe the image situation but is as if the tv "stutters"...

... Toshiba 26LV610U LCD TV

Our Hitachi hd1080 ph41211 has stoped working. Yesterday as I was watching t.v. I heard a noise which kind of sounded like a cross between a snap and a lightbulb going out, anyhow at that moment the tv went out. From that moment on the t.v. won't work it just blinks the blue "power light." Does anyone have any suggestions or answers they'd be greatly appreciated!!

... Projection Televisions

I have a HP PL4260N Plasma HDTV, I was watching tv and heard a pop then no picture, no picture at all, just sound... what do you think? is this an expensive repair, what do people do with their old HDTV sets if the repair is more than a replacement.

... HP PL4245N 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

My Sony KDL32XBR4 keeps rebooting itself as if there was a Timer setting telling it to turn to a particular channel. It does this every couple of hours or so. There is no timer turned on, and the after the reboot it goes back to the same input option it was at. I'm wondering if that is a problem with a power supply or some kind of software issue.

Usually it will only do this when it is overheating, that is the only other time I have heard of this happening. Your also not in store mode are you? You can check this in the menu settings or you can reset your general settings, I have a Sony Bravia ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

Sony kdsr60xbr1 standbuy blinks red 6 times. Pulled lamp out, it was broken. I heard lamp pop. Do I just need to replace lamp or is it something else as welll?

If your not sure, google name and make of tv and "red light blinks 6 times". That usually is a code for what is wrong.....My money is on the lamp....especially if it was working fine before. Hope that helps and gd luck to ya ... Sony KDS-R60XBR1 60" Projection HDTV

Westinghouse LD-4680 Turn TV on this morning, heard the normal click sound of it turning on, saw red LED glow coming through bottom grill - like normal....then about 5 seconds later, heard another click, and red LED glow turned off(TV turned off). That was using remote. Tried turning it on with power button on TV itself, heard the click when it turns on, and just as fast, heard click indicating it turning off. Now, it does absolutely nothing - acts as if it is not receiving electricity. This T

... Westinghouse 46" Class LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV,2.14" ultra-slim LD-4680

LTV-32W1 kind of works Westinghouse 32" LCD

After reading this detailed description, it sounds that something wrong with either its power supply regulator board [loose solder terminals] or like something, or a loose connection to flat cables connected between LCD panel and T'Con board. Anyway ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sharp aquos 42 inch lcd, too much red thro certain areas in the picture that should be dark. I have heard it needs eeprom reset how would i do this please, if anybody could help xx

Contact Sharp to see if it can be a "reset" issue and to see if this is a known problem in this model----more likely than reset would be a possible software upgrade but it depends on what actual issue is---maybe a bad board somewhere in the set. ... Sharp Aquos LC-42D62U 42 in. LCD HDTV

Sony trinitron kv28ws2u turns on but has no display sound can still be heard through the stereo

If you have a DVD player etc hooked to one of the rear inputs see if it works---if it does suspect signal source is down (ie if using a box of some sort unplug it and plug it back to let it reboot.) ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Hisense HL55T tv picture has waves both in front and behind people as they move, the faster people and cars move the more destorted it gets.

The digital processor board should be checked. In most cases, a replacement might be needed. Contact any service technician. Products powered by electricity\012should be serviced or repaired only by experienced professional technicians.\012Any attem ... Flat Panel Televisions

40 inch ktv model ltw40eh1b. When plugged in the light the blue light will come on but when I hit the power button I hear a multi note tone and nothing else will happen. I can unplug it and can go through the process but same result. I have heard that it may be the media board and also have heard that it may be the power supply. Tthe thing is I cannot find a wiring diagram or also where I may be able to purchase these items. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

... Flat Panel Televisions

My Hitachi L19H01UB enters a white screen when turning on stating that "Software UART Upgrade Application 52232- (dev) " It also states it is Checking for new software on the inserted media, yet there is no inserted media. Can you help

... Flat Panel Televisions

What kind of. Charger fits my vmbo70 and how much Watts. Or vottsWhat kind of. Charger fits my vmbo70 and how much Watts. Or votts

... Sony Portable Televisions

We have a toshiba 72 dlp tv. We were in the living room in which tv is in we heard a pop. When we went to turn the tv on we heard sound but no picture and the yellow light on the front of the tv blinks 16 times then goes off when push the power button. The tv seems to cycle 16 blinks then goes off.

Good day!!!\015\012\015\012 \015\012 Your color wheel is clapped out. The\015\012 part is not directly replaceable - they seal it in the light engine and\ ... Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba model 42hp66 Plasma flat screen Problem No picture or sound. Pushing on button 2 clicks are heard A slight hum is heard at the Z SUS board. Green power light is on (power light is red when unit is off) Slight clicking sound from Y SUS board. Now that I replaced the open Fuse. (Fuse 4AH250VP Found open on Y SUS board as looking at rear the Fuse on the left). Still no operation?

Do you still have the clicking noise? The tv turns on but no response issue is associated with the main A/V board 99% of the times if there is no clicking sound ... Toshiba 42HP66 42 in. LCD Television

I have a Vizio VP42 HDTV (inside says LG PDP42X3U400). One day I turned on the TV and heard a pop. I took off the back of the TV and inspected the main power supply board (P/N 6709900019A). Capictor C802 had totally blown up. The tv would not power on at all. I removed U801 and when plugging in the AC cord I heard two relays turn on and then back off after 1 to 2 seconds. I gave up troubleshooting that board and bought a new power supply board. When I installed this board and plug in the

If Va and Vs are missing even when the Y-sus board is disconnected from power board then the new board is defective - return it. On the original one the board is shut down (the relays are disconnected) because there is still a short on one of its out ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a year old 42" DP42849 Sanyo HDTV with sound but no picture. I have checked all of the capacitors and they appear to be ok. Is there a software issue with this modle TV, I read about someone be sent new software to install and I also saw that there were patches to download.

I am afraid you will probably find its a board itself that has gone rather than a few capacitors ... Sanyo DP46849 46 in. HDTV

The picture I receive on my TV enlarges the faces and heads of the people on the TV. Their heads are actually cut off. I can not seem to diminish the size. How can I reduce the size of the people on my TV?

It sounds like you have the Zoom feature in the wrong mode. There should be several levels of zoom that you can cycle through with your remote. These were designed so that you can fill a 16:9 aspect screen with a 4:3 picture if you want to. You a ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hi , was watching my 42 inch VIORE Plasma TV last night, when I heard a click noise and the picture went immediately but the sound remained fine, I could switch channels but no picture, would you have any idea what the problem is. thanksrn 42 inch VIORE Plasma TV - Lost picture but sound still can be heard!

... Toymax Viore 42 in. Plasma TV

I have a lg model pdp50x30010 plasma, 2006 while I was watching it I heard a pop then the screen went dark. Then two minutes later I heard a second pop, there is sound but no picture. What could be the problem, or which boards need replacing? Thanks Sparky

The pop you have heard from has come from the buffer boards. When one buffer boards goes back, the other goes out automatically. I suggest that you not turn on your tv as the sustain boards will be taken out as well if you do. Replacing the high and ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

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