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RCA LCD X2620W TV no picture and possibly no sound. TV has no picture and cannot see if speakers are turned off as I cannot get see menu's. Set has 5v standby and 5v switched. I also have 12v switched. I also see 24v that is present with set on or off?. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Answers :


The PSU looks OK. Double check that Volts are OK on all outputs.

Check if there is DC out from main to inverter.
If you have no back light: If there is no DC to inverter, then it is usually main board. If there is DC to inverter, and the inverter has no AC high voltage out , then the inverter.

If you have back light, and the screen is blank but illuminated, then the problem is either main board or panel. Panel fails rarely and main controller may be difficult to test. In that case if nothing is found, the tech usually replaces the main.

This model should not have TCon board (I could not find model in database), if there is TCon board, more testing is needed, as timing control failure may also result in no raster.

All this providing that the PSU is good.

Testing must be done by a trained technician.

Here parts for most Toshiba.



Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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RCA LCD X2620W TV no picture and possibly no sound. TV has no picture and cannot see if speakers are turned off as I cannot get see menu's. Set has 5v standby and 5v switched. I also have 12v switched. I also see 24v that is present with set on or off?. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Hi.The PSU looks OK. Double check that Volts are OK on all outputs.Check if there is DC out from main to inverter. If you have no back light: If there is no DC to inverter, then it is usually main board. If there is DC t ... Flat Panel Televisions

DP46849 Sanyo. I have checked all of fixya for solutions. I hane no sound or screen but have a green light when turned on. It will flash as if it is in protect mode. I have checked voltage and there seems to be 5v, 12v and 15v as indicated on power supply. I cannot find a 24v to read from but I did pull the master inverter to see if I had sound. Still the green light flashes and no sound. I suspect power supply only because when it is turned off I hear a high pitched whistle that slowly goes on

Hi,Power supply board seems defective and causing problem. Please replace power supply board to solve tv issue, required board is available in ... Flat Panel Televisions

Techwood 40940fhddigital Television, switch on problem. When I switch it on at the plug socket, an amber light flashes on the front of the set and until it stops flashing i cannot get it to switch on,

Try unplugging set but if brand new do not open as it will void the warranty--if brand new take it back for repair or exchange. ... Projection Televisions

Sabre 29he boiler cut out on low water pressure (constant red led) slowly brought water pressure up to between 1 & 1.5 bar Now in the off position green flashing led aprox every 4 secs as soon as I switch it to heating and DHW and call for heat or hot water LED flashes red aprox 0.5 secs. Ihave checked the water pressure switc the condense pressure switch and the high temp stat all are ok, I have also switched the boiler off and switched it back on after 3 mins to see if it would reset. Before I

... Flat Panel Televisions

Have a vzio e420va power at supplyboard goes up and down12v goes up then down 24v does same thing from 24v to 15v then back up to 24v also no 5 volt can this be capacitors can't see anybulging

Either the board or something connected to the board is drawing a load or creating a no load situation, if the area the voltage goes to opens up the voltage will go up .If you are a gambler replace the power board and find out. ... Sony BRAVIA Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony Bravia kdl 32w5500 and it periodically switches itself off whilst watching programmes on one particular channel (WIN TV AUSTRALIA). It goes into a kind of sleep mode or something and sometimes also switches off completely. When it first loses picture, and sound, the green light is on and you can change channel and the picture and sound comes back but when you go back to WIN TV it again switches of picture and sound and eventually the whole set, if left on WIN TV. The remote channel

... Sony BRAVIA KDL32V5500 32 in. TV

I have a Digitor 51cm tv Model G2100 which has had little use over the last two or three years we have had it (at a bach, so only used occasionally). It has started switching itself off at random intervals while watching it. I have checked the timer setting menu to see if anything has accidentally been set but that is showing 0 for all settings. Any ideas please?

See if the manufactur has a bios flash and download it save it on a usb drive plug in in turn on your tv run setup and do updates ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a LG 42PG6010 that will not let me change inputs, also when swithed on the green power light flashes 5 times before set comes on to digital tv. It will not change to Sky when box switched on and as stated I can not change through the AV input button although the graphic comes on screen allowing me to select AV1 (sky input) but on presing OK it freezes on screen, I then have to switch off and back on again. the other thing is it takes 20/25 seconds to switch off.

... LG 42PG60 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma TV

I can only get one av on my TEAC CRT TV model No. CT-M711S and when i connect my set top box I cannot get it to work - i guess it needs a different av but I have tried and tride with the remote to find it but can't. When the av comes on screen there is a red arrow below it pointing down. I have tried the set top box that came with it, which is a TEACDigital Terrerestrial Receiver Model No. SDB440. Also I have tried my previous set top box that I know works for sure because I had it working

... Projection Televisions

TV LG 47LHYR-TA Model:LPG4247-09S No 12v, no 24v, it has 1.2ohm betwen filters 24v legs and I dont see the rectifier for 24v.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sony 52S5100, cannot set to normal screen, cannot see hockey score or time left on screen, normal sellection is greyed out

... Sony BRAVIA KDL-52S5100 52 in. LCD HDTV

Just got a fairly new Sylvania lc32ossx from a friend, however, the remote was misplaced during a move and the owners manual is also. With the buttons on the tv I can pretty much do all the set ups except changing screen size of picture. The picture only sits in the center of the tv. I want it to be on widescreen or to take take up entire tv screen but cannot find settings for this manually. Can this be done only with the remote?

... Sylvania LC320SSX 32 in. LCD TV

My JVC LT-47GZ78 will not turn on. When I press the remote power or the main power switch on the set button the blue LCD light on the front of the TV lights and then starts to blink, the TV does no come on. Also there is a cliccking noise coming from behind the set. I'm in a country with 220v power supply.

The blinking indicates that the protection system of the power board from the tv has detected a short on one of its outputs and has cut the power to it to prevent further damage - the clicking is made by the main power relay being disengaged, repeate ... JVC Flat Panel Televisions

THe SOYO TV flat screen remains black when switched on, at a later time the sound was also permanently lost. When turning the set on one fast ficker is noticed over the bottom 1/5 of the screen. The 31 " set is approximately 3 - 4 years old. I am the original owner. the input goes through a fios box.

Hello\015\012Please provide the exact model number of your Soyo TV; to me, by Fixya. OK. ... Soyo Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, I have the bluesky lcd tv with code BS3705HI. We recently moved and thereby also moved the tv. Now we have small picturemode, so we changed it in the settings. However everytime we change channels the picturemode switches back to small size. Also when we turn the tv on and of. We tried the lock function but it doesn't work. Someone please help!

... Flat Panel Televisions

Philips DVP630 won't switch on. It started being 'sticky' opening the DVD tray. Now we cannot open the DVD tray. We also can't even switch it on. When you press the on button, it flickers off and on for a while and then reverts to red. Does anyone have any ideas? thanks!

`ello, if you can gain access try a compressed air spray on all parts, while`st you`re at it, maybe clean the laser lense with surgical spirit on a cotton bud. Worth a try. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Acoustic Solutions 32in LCD32761HDF TV Headphone socket entry in the audio menu not hightlighted so cannot use my headphones!! Also aspect ratio settings in HD channels are not right. i.e. 720 on the V box leaves black lines on the tv display and 1080 wide makes objects look too tall! What are the settings for Virgin V Box (HDMI) and your TV? andd how do I change them in the picture menu? Carole

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an Hitachi Projection TV Model #60SBX72B purchased new in Nov 1997. This has been an amazingly dependable set....moves to 6 different homes and not one service technician call has ever been needed. Recently, we have been seeing horizontal static lines across the middle of the screen....randomly and frequently, but not contstant. It happens on all stations. We are also seeing a red and blue blurred rainbow effect in the upper left corner of the screen. Additionally, there are times wh

Http://s100-manuals.com/search.asp?q=60sbx72b\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012service and repair manual at above link.\015\012\015\012"moves ... Hitachi 60SBX72B 60" Rear Projection Television

Our 2004 rca tube tv screen went recently went out on us. When you turn on the power, you can hear the tv and you'll only see a blue line in the middle of the screen that shrinks and fads out and the tv eventually turns off completely. We cannot see anything on the screen besides the blue line and only for about 3 seconds. We would like to know how to fix this in the cheapest manner possible. I looked online before and it said something about the tact switches possibly needing replacement?

Hello\015\012It is reparable problem. You see a blue line across the middle of the screen I thinks and posts this solution. The fault is due to the absence of vertical scan. In your set, there is an IC used for this purpose, and it has been d ... RCA TruFlat 27F520T 27" TV

I have a Samsung LED 40 inch model C6620 and we have Sky HD box. All of a sudden we cannot switch off the TV from the Sky remote and also cannot control the volume or mute button. Everything else is worrking on the sky remote. What do I do ?

Try this...Press tv on the sky r/c.\015\012\015\012Then hold the select and red button at the same time,the red light should flash twice.\015\012\015\012Then enter the code 1340,the red light should flash twice.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I recently purchased a used Pioneer Pro150FD and was told it worked. Now that I have plugged it in, I get a clicking that the power is on, but there is nothing coming on the screen. I also see a small red light illuminating from within (through the back panel) when the power is switched on. I am using a "osiris" remote that came with it and the control says "PIONR" but the switch doesno't work. I have installed new batteries in the remote. Any thoughts?

... Pioneer PRO-150FD 60 in. HDTV-Ready Plasma TV

I cannot see the entire picture even with Full Pixel setting. Only with the side by side PIP can I see the entire screen. I already reset the tv

Hello\015\012You can use the 'Wide Mode" function of the TV to adjust 4:3 image to fit the entire screen.\015\012Press the "wide" button on the remote control repeatedly to step through Wide Mode settings WIDE:ZOOM:NORMAL:FULL, and ZOOM. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-52S4100 52 in. HDTV LCD


... Hisense Flat Panel Televisions

Hi i got a vhs/ dvd recorder from a friend who upgraded,but dont have a manual,i have set it up to my portable tv upstairs,which has a set top box,but dont really know if i have the cables right. the problem is i can watch the videos but cannot record them to dvd,when watching them the dvd button does not record,but when you switch to dvd the record button works, im sure i have the cables in wrong. please can you help me audrey

Hello Audrey,\015\012\015\012If you can watch the videos on the TV, your cables are correct, but you don't generally record a video to DVD using the record button. Most VCR/DVD combinations have a DUBBING button on the front of the ... Flat Panel Televisions

My screen is white instead of blue on startup. Some of my inputs are missing from the menu. Can barely see background on pc setting and cannot see tv at all. It's the aoc lh24

... AOC L24H898-24 LCD TV

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