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Dead set ; fuse , ic regulator , horizontal output transistor , r2m diode replaced already. Still dead set.

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\012You need to confirm where is the trouble before replacing any parts.\012
\012Test the B+ on the H-out transistor.\012
\012No-check the B+ on 160v electrolytic cap.\012
\012If No B+ here then the trouble is in the regulator section before the chopper if it has.\012
\012Let me know the reading from your ohmmeter.\012
\012Thanks for using Fixya.\012

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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Dead set ; fuse , ic regulator , horizontal output transistor , r2m diode replaced already. Still dead set.

Hi,\012\012You need to confirm where is the trouble before replacing any parts.\012\012Test the B+ on the H-out transistor.\012\012No-check the B+ on 160v electrolytic cap.\012\012If No B+ here then the trouble is in the regul ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a AOC L32w761. Dead set. I replaced the radial fuse at f901. Plugged it in and the fuse blew again. There is no apparent damage to the board 715T2463-4. I am trying to repair this at a component level any suggestions?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Enerson lc401em2f blows fuse on board (BA01P0F0103 3) replaced 4 diode (1N5406, 3amp, 600V) Still blows fuse.

Buy a replacement and pay for the extended warranty. ... Emerson Lc320em1 TV

Dead set Replaced power supply still dead

Do what should have been done first: follow the voltage in and out of the power board and measure at turn on---too many people guess and buy a board and try it--dart game. ... Toshiba 32AV555DB 32" HDTV-Ready LCD TV

We were watching TV when we heard a loud pop and then the screen went dead (no picture, no light) but the sound was still on. I read my manual and it says that the lamp unit needs to be replaced after some time. I bought it in early 2007, so it is about 4 years working already. Before I go out to buy the lamp unit, I would like to know if that is really my problem or is there another possibility we need to explore. Also, if it is the lamp unit, where can I buy it? The manual says it is fair

... RCA M50WH185 Television

Hello, I have an Orion STV2763a with a solid line of white across the screen with about 2" of static below it. Found the LA78041 Vertical deflection IC to be bad, replaced it and d418 and d419, two 33 volt zener diodes and C414 [email protected] capacitor. still same issue, checked my voltages into the IC and are as follows. Pin 1 should be 3.9 v, varies from 2.4 to 4.6. Pin 2 should be 26v, is 29 to 31v. pin 3 should be 2.2v, is 2v to 3.2 v, pin 4 is ground, and has 0 v. pin 5 is vertical output, should

... Orion STV2763 27" TV

Sharp lcd tv 42 inches, got wet by water, open inside: cleaned power supply, check fuse ok and replaced diode and triac. still not work, any helping idea from expert would be appriciated Thanks- Tom Atlanta

How much water entered the set? and was it just the power supply board that was affected? I will make the assumption that it was the case. In the majority of cases that involves water damage the only way to correct this, is change the power supply bo ... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

Have an hp cptoh-0602 loud pop screen went black would not power up found a fuse burned out not sure what board it came off of, replace and set will still not turn on red light stays on it will click once when initially plugged in then it just stays red. no sound that i can hear

... HP PL4260N 42 in. Plasma HDTV

Have a lg tv, mod #21fj4rb,came in for repairs.found HOT shorted out,replaced it & HV started to come out at top of FBT ,replaced it & then tv starts up for about four seconds &then shuts down.cheeks where made & found that the screen resistor&diode were blown,also found a transistor&30 volt zener diode& ABL diode defective,replace all components & still tv shuts down, i'm at my wits as to know what is the problem?can anyone help?thanking you in advance! vic

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have an LG 42PC3D Plasma set. The set would not turn on so I did some trouble shooting and found and replaced all the capacitors on the power board. Some were bulging so I decided to change all of them. I also replaced the shorted IPM (the large chip under the heat sink) and related fuse on the YSUS board. I now have a working set again. The problem I am having is the much typed about "red sparkles" on the left side of the screen when a dark background is present. I have read many posts abo

... Flat Panel Televisions

Replacing fuse I have a 2010 tc p 50s2 with the 10 blink code,I replaced the sc board and still have the same problem!! Doing some research I found that it might be a thermal fuse issue??? are there any videos anywhere I can watch to see how to replace it???

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

I have a r52wm24 and have replaced the flyback. The main fuse continues to blow. I have replaced the two diodes on the MID (found faulty), Plugged everything in except the PSD board at MID powers ok. I have replaced many caps and some transistors to be sure they were new. I think the PSD have a direct to ground causing the diodes to fail. Im am at a lost, please help thanks.

Replace the deflection board you have the same deflection board as the R52WH74 model or the PSB-260 deflection board. You can get replacement deflection boards from www.tvrepairwo ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

My Sharp Aquos LC-26D44E-GY in the spare room has stopped working. It worked ok about 2 weeks ago, went to switch it on last night & its dead. We had a thunder/lightening storm last week? Ive changed the 13A fuse but its still dead. Is there an internal fuse that could of blown?

First check your power outlet, try connecting the TV to a different power outlet. Then see whether the LED light on the TV is on or blinking. Anyhow, this might need attention by a qualified service technician. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Cant get proper Vs Va reading from my Hitachi 55HDS69, already checked original power supply and replacement board both fail, still no picture, suggestions?

... Hitachi Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba model 42hp66 Plasma flat screen Problem No picture or sound. Pushing on button 2 clicks are heard A slight hum is heard at the Z SUS board. Green power light is on (power light is red when unit is off) Slight clicking sound from Y SUS board. Now that I replaced the open Fuse. (Fuse 4AH250VP Found open on Y SUS board as looking at rear the Fuse on the left). Still no operation?

Do you still have the clicking noise? The tv turns on but no response issue is associated with the main A/V board 99% of the times if there is no clicking sound ... Toshiba 42HP66 42 in. LCD Television

Model ds31590 screen has a reddish purple tint whether it s on tv or video i have already tried to change all picture settings and set back to factory settings still has same problem,here is an example what is supposed to be green looks blue and white is reddish purple

Chances are real good that your picture is showing its age. There are three color beams in the neck of the picture tube. When these electrodes are operating correctly the will produce an arc, that will produce the proper voltage for color correction. ... Sanyo DS31590 31" TV

How do I find the power board in a 1997 big screen Sony TV to check the fuse? How do I check the fuse? I live in a house built in the 1890's, and last year there were 2 different tornados ,within 2 weeks of each other, that blew over trees on top of my power line twice in 1 month. My TV hasn't turned on since then. Is it the fuse I need to be checking? Should I replace the power cord, maybe just the cord is fried? It wasn't Although it was manufactured in 1997, it is still a very large, nice t

Here i like all responses to you post.Gazebo, Patio Heaters, ... Sony Standard (CRT) Televisions

My TV is showing convergence symptoms: the screen looks like 3D effects and as if someone is pusing in the middle of the screen. I've replaced my STK's, 2 pico fuses on the G board, and tested each convergence resistor along with the pico fuses on the D board--albeit they were still soldered in place. I desoldered two pico fuses and one resistor to test them in said manner, but they checked out fine. I've gone over every square millimeter around the soldered area of each STK with a microsco

One of two things:\015\012 Either:\015\012 a) The STK chips you put in are no good (not uncommon)\015\012\015\012or\015\012\015\012If you weren't careful you may have removed a surface mount resistor accidently whi ... Sony KP-57WS500 57" Rear Projection Television

Have a dlp samsung HLT6176S no picture already replaced the bulb still no picture what gives

Remove the lamp and look at the color wheel that faces it.If wheel is shattered or missing pieces set will know it is not moving or moving too slow and shut set and lamp off.Not all color wheels when fail make a sound ... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

I have a samsung hlp5085w with a light bulb symbol, my question is what else i have to change, i already replace the light bulb which was blown, i replace a color wheel too and still got the light bul

... Samsung HLP5085W 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Phillip 50PF9630A/37. I have a red blinking 7 times after a green light. i've allready replaced the 2 bulging cap on the bottom of power supply board and also a cap on the Y board (board on the left) although i sodered it backwards with negative on the wrong side, i imediately resodered it and it sitll doesnt work. i've even isolated and unplug the y board and x board independently to see if it will still give me a blinking red lights and it still does. i've checked every capacitors and fuse on

Hello sir Jose!!!!try to unplug the y sustain only and power ON your TV..and see what happen next..Please reply to this tread for immediate help.. ... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

My 50inch vizio p50hdtv20a that was bought in 2008 is no longer working. It has no picture, but does have sound and obviously still has power. I need to know how i can fix this myself. If its a fuse thats gone out or what i need in order to make the picture come back on. Has there been any recalls on this exact model tv i have possibly? This is the second problem i've had with a 3yo tv set that should be in perfect working conditions. Theres a green light on the back of the set that reads LED+20

How much time does it blink?it can be your video model.i am not too familiar with that set.but the module is on the right side of the set as you open the back.the whole of the module has to be replaced. ... Vizio P50HDTV20A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Pico fuses were open on deflection pcb by Conv. IC so these were changed first STK 932-560's. Set still don't come on and checked all 3 CRT pcb--unplugged one at a time--checked fuses on P.S. module also.

6 blinks is an indication of +5 volt over or undercurrent boltage. ussally on a or b boards ... Sony KP-51WS500 51" Rear Projection Television

I have a emerson 32 in tv with a bad board BA17F1F0102 3 it blows the fuse as soon as i plug it in i have just pluged in the board itself and still blow the fuse any idea what component may be bad i did check the diodes

It was Diode D611 for me. Was measuring 0.2ohms both ways on the board and 0.0ohms unsoldered. ... Flat Panel Televisions

250v fuse blown on ysus board replace fuse still no picture lg 42in plasma

... LG RU-42PX11 42 in. EDTV-Ready Plasma Television

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