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How can I fix my Element Plasma 42 inch PLX4202B facing the tv on the right side there is a black 2 inch black line I ordered the driver board for the right side and installed it but still it seems to be the same.. what else could it be? Please help.....

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I have a 40" element tv and it is about 3mo. old and it has two screens on it and they are on the wrong side of the screen how could i fix it it works but the picture is messed up

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How can I fix my Element Plasma 42 inch PLX4202B facing the tv on the right side there is a black 2 inch black line I ordered the driver board for the right side and installed it but still it seems to be the same.. what else could it be? Please help.....

I have a 40" element tv and it is about 3mo. old and it has two screens on it and they are on the wrong side of the screen how could i fix it it works but the picture is messed up ... Element Electronics PLX4202B 42 in. Plasma TV

PLEASE HELP! I awoke this morning to find that some how half of my tv doesn't work. The left side of the screen is red and blinks on and off, while the right side works perfect. The sound is still fine, just seems to be the picture. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You for your time.

Check the screen back light as will as the inveter board which have loose contact or dry joints. ... Samsung LN46C530 TV

We have an LG 47LBX. Recently we have notice that the right side of screen (The right 1/3 of the screen) doesn't seem to refresh as fast. The images are slow moving and sometimes several seconds behind. It will also get lines running inch from the bottom. It usually fixes itself within a minute. This is becoming more frequent, almost every time Its turned on. HELP!!!! Please.

Hi,Usually it is problem of lcd panel (screen) of tv but some times T-Con board replacement solved this issue. T-Con board is also part of lcd panel but some spare parts shop sell it as individual board to reduce repair cost.If t-con boar ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a panasonic 50 inch plasma TC-P50G20 and after about 90-minutes it has 1/3 of the right side with colored vertical lines w/ no picture and turns black. It eventually rights itself,but is it a sustain board that needs replacing or capacitor? Still under warranty and would hate to have this keep on happening more frequently.

Hi billwyatt25,\015\012\015\012Yes you're right, the affected parts is the sustain board.\015\012\015\012The connectors from this board may also has a loose connection, it needs to isolate from this fault by checking and ensuring the conn ... Flat Panel Televisions

There are two rectangles on the left and right side of the screen going half way down the screen about 9 inches in from the edges and are about 5-6 in thick. They pulsate and have some discoloration. There are many other horizontal lines underneath as well that seem to pulsate too. There isn't any physical damage to the screen itself. Can someone help me!?!?!

Your panel is bad. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have had my Sanyo DP46848 for 3 years now. Shortly after moving about a year ago my TV began to mess up. When I first turn my TV on the left side of the TV is mostly black and the picture that you can see on the left side of the screen has very bad ghosting effects. The blackness seems to be in 3 horizontal bars covering the whole height of my TV. The right 1/3 of the TV looks normal and the right side has never looked wrong. The black bars will disappear starting at the top bar and final

Why not return the television back to where you brought from that they rectify the problem. ... Sanyo DP46848 LCD TV

I have black line down right side of 42 inch hitachi lcd tv screen

... Hitachi Flat Panel Televisions

Hello i got a toshiba lcd tv (52hl167) and all of a sudden i saw a black vertical line in the center of my screen and now it got worse the half left side plays perfect however the right side of the screen has alot of colorful lines on it and blinks sometimes cant see and picture on the right side...a local technician told me its the t-con board...i bought it and replaced it and same thing but screen is darker now can u help me please

Hi,I'm afraid it is problem of LCD Panel (screen) and lcd panel will be replaced to solve this issue.I'm sorry for breaking this news but there is no way to fix lcd panel.Thanks. ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 50 inch hLn5065w ,when i turn it on a very lous noise and vibration seem to be coming if your looking at the back of the tv its coming from the right side looking from the back.i know its not a fan thats right in front of that bulb looking thing because i unplugged that fan just to make sure it wasnt.but whatever it is seems to shut the tv off after 10 seconds of the noise and loud vibrating,do you have a clue what it could be?

I have a 50inch Samsung TV\015\012need color wheel for projector TV Samsung 50" Tantus model HLM 507w SVC model version\015\012Need part # and cost to replace damaged unit. Thanks for your prompt respons ... Samsung HLN5065W 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Samsung SyncMaster 305T One-half of the screen (the right-hand side) gets dark. It turns black and I can barely read the text in a document. This problem is NOT consistant. In other words, some of the time the right-side lights-up and looks normal. I have read some of the other expert answers and it seems the flourescent back-light bulb is the problem. My questions: 1) Where can I find the part number for this bulb and who sells them? 2) Is there another part in the circuit that may be the

This problem is, as you suspected, almost certainly a problem with your monitor's backlight.\015\012\015\012However, there are a number of possible causes for a backlight problem besides a bad fluorescent bulb. The bulb must receive a goo ... Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30 in. LCD Television

Picture with no sound on Samsung LNS-4692DX. Samsung was of NO help. I followed the excellent instructions posted by fun2 and Ida2 but I did not prepoerly remove one of two orange ribbons on the T-Conn board and when I installed the new Tconn, the right half side of the screen has a green tint that distorts the picture badly. The left side is fine. My questions is does anyone know if I need a new orange ribbon and if so, how do I replace the old one at both ends? Otherwise, is the ribbon fixable

... Samsung LN-S4692D 46 in. LCD HDTV

Th-50px25 4 inch at the right side black,picture move at left side in half

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

LG 32LB9D Hi there, my name is felix and i just want to ask you for help, i changed already the bad capacipor on my lg 32lb9d but i still having the problem that i has to plug and unplug the power cable couple of time to have sound and picture on my tv or i have to leave it on for several minuts until warm up. could you tell some idea of what to do to fix the problem? thank you for your help. PS. if i desconnect one of the cable locate at the top right hand side and plug it back the picture and

... LG 32LB9D TV

Produtools.com my diboss tv has sound but no picture only black screen after warm up it starts to show a skipping picture image I just recently got hooked up to the internet and had a cable connection installed it was from this time that my trouble seemed to start peter model no l t 261 HMF 24 v there seems to be a small image on the left hand lower side of the screen with 3 tiny green lights on it

... Flat Panel Televisions

Vertical lines I have a Samsung LCD-TV model LN52A550P3F that have vertically 1/3 of the screen on the right side is blank out (Black color), the other 2/3 on left side is working normal. Any HELP is appreciated. THANKS

You could have a faulty LCD/t-con ribbon connection, or a failing LCD panel. I would suggest you try and reseat the ribbon cables to the panel and t-con, if you are comfortable doing this! ... Samsung LN52A550 LCD TV

I have a 52 in Sanyo LCD HDTV, and recently it has started showing black lines and bars that are very spuratic the lines start from the left (vertically) and go all the way to the middle of the screen, however when I wiggle the tv or change the pixelation to a size where the color is not touching the far left or right sides, the black lines disappear, it does this on every channel and on any device I use, but like i said it stops when I make the screen smaller or when I wiggle the tv. help plz

Loose solder ... Sanyo DP52848 52 LCD TV

42 inch lg tv keeps going black on one side and then starts flashing stripes of colour , eventually it comes back on but its happening more often. The others side of the tv is fine. can any body help?

... LG Electronics 42 in. LCD Tv

Pioneer Elite 50 inch plasma TV - turned TV on, no picture and no sound. On bottom of screen a box appears with a yellow triangle with ! in the center ( on the left side of the box). On the right side the words "PLASMA DISPLAY" and across the bottom the words "Starting up. Please wait." This stays on the screen and nothing happens. Please help! Thank you!

... Pioneer Flat Panel Televisions

I just bought a used Loewe TV model number ACO938PB. I can;t get the picture to fill the screen. I've changed the settings inside the TV and the 6X9 format works best, but there are still bars of black on the sides. I checked with At&T (my cable oprovider) and their zoom feature doesn't help either. Please help.

I had a similar problem, and I fixed it with my new Sony flat screen by going into the zoom mode and then menu on the tv remote. You can then access settings such as horizontal and vertical and change them so that your screen can adjust. The only ... Loewe Flat Panel Televisions

I have Sony's 43 inch Projection TV, its model no is KP-ES43 ME1. Problem with it is that it has lost Blue color from its pictures. Anything that is of Blue color turns into different shades of Green color. But one important thing which i would like to share is that when we turns on PIP (Pictue-in-Picture) mode, images on the right side of the TV screen looks absolutely fine but Pictures on the Left side of the screen still have the same problem. I want to know what is the real problem and its

... Sony Projection Televisions

My flatron m1910a lg monitor /tv will not display anything. it seems to lightly flash the screen but then goes black right away. If I power it off with the power button it seems to want to power itself back on without my help. I have tryied to unplug it and plug it back in. It is now currently working for me but it did the same thing yesterday morning as well. can you suggest anything or need more information

... LG M1910A 19 in. LCD Television

My LG 42 inch flat screen is almost black on the right side, what can we do about it

... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

I have a 12 inch wide black band on the right side of my picture of my Samsung S5087W.

... Samsung HL-S5087W DLP TV

Hi iam connecting my wii to bush tv by the side colour socket but it has no colour the picture is black and white have tried using the back sockets but still does not work can you help

I think you need to switch video setting from PAL to NTSC... or vice versa. ... Flat Panel Televisions

There is a black gap between the actual picture and the right edge of the monitor and it also "pushes" the picture into the left edge a half an inch or so, rendering it unviewable on the left side. Is there a way to move the picture around on the monitor?

The "horizontal position "control has been tampered with .but locating it and setting it can be hazardous so only a qualified person should do it . ... Samsung DynaFlat TX-R2035 TV

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