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Hallo, The tv was manufactured in 2007 and aboult a month ago it turnet off it self and the power ligth keeps flashing green and red and if I try to turn it on it just keeps flashing and never turns on and somentimes it turns on by it self in the middle of night so I need to take it out of the outlet wall and sometimes it stops flashing and works fine for about 4 hours or so. Please let me know if there is somthing I can do or if I need to take it to repair. Thank you bso much.

Answers :

Please replace power supply board in tv to solve this problem, required power supply board is available in shopjimmy.com for $80

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Hallo, The tv was manufactured in 2007 and aboult a month ago it turnet off it self and the power ligth keeps flashing green and red and if I try to turn it on it just keeps flashing and never turns on and somentimes it turns on by it self in the middle of night so I need to take it out of the outlet wall and sometimes it stops flashing and works fine for about 4 hours or so. Please let me know if there is somthing I can do or if I need to take it to repair. Thank you bso much.

Hi,Please replace power supply board in tv to solve this problem, required power supply board is available in shopjimmy.com for $80 ... Element Electronics FLX3711B 37 in. LCD TV

Luxor tv I had my TV on its was working fine but then it just switched its self off, At the front of the TV where it lights up it keeps flashing blue. I have turned it off at the wall and back on again and it doesn't make no difference also i have tried pressing the power button on the control which also doesn't work. Please help as soon as possible.

There is a short ciruit inside its circuit board. It sounds that the horizontal output transistor has gone leaky. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a 42 inch Sanyo LCD dp42840. I have had it for about 8 months and it was working fine until a few days ago it keeps on turning off by itself. Sometimes it wont turn on at all, then I'll try a couple of hours later then it works fine for a minutes sometimes hours. The T.V has not been moved or gotten wet, just out of no were can u help

... Sanyo DP42848 LCD TV

My 2001 Toshiba TV will at times work fine. Other times the screen goes black. When it goes black after repeated times of unplugging/plugging it from the wall (no obvious process makes it work - it seems random) it will then start working fine as long as I keep it turned on. When the TV is in it's "Black Mode" I can't even get the OSD to display. When it's been "warm and working" I can turn it in and off at will and it performs properly. Starting cold, I have go through repeated plug/unplu

These Sets are well known for Poor Solder Connections pull out chassis and resolder the Board and this should fix the problem. ... Toshiba 36A60 36" TV

I have a 9 yr old D52W20 RCA tv. It turns on and is fine for about 35 minutes. Then it turns off and then right back on again. it takes about 15 seconds from the time it turns off for the picture to reappear. It will stay on anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds before turning off and back on again. I had a repairman come in and he said it was not the capacitors but said he needed more information. At that time the unit would be fine for a couple of hours before it would start acting up. Any thoughts

Try resoldering the flyback transofrmer the pins tend to develope solder cracks and can cause that symptom. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

We have an NEC LCD TV model number NLT-32HDB2. It has been working fine, and I turned it off with the remote last night as usual. This morning the red light below the screen was flashing, and the TV wouldn't start. I turned it off at the wall, waited about 30 seconds and turned it back on. Rather than the single red light, an orange light was flashing, and the TV wouldn't turn on.

Hello,If your TV won't turn on, then it means it having a power problem. it might have worked fine in the past, but that's electronics for you. Power surge, irregular power supply, excess power supply, etc can affect the unit thereby not ... Flat Panel Televisions

Philips Magnavox 9P6031C103 projection tv quit working 2 years ago (before, the picture began to shink and expand until it finally quit completely with no audio nor video -- turned it on two years later to double check the symptoms (whether there was any chirping sound) so we could order a repair kit and the tv worked perfectly fine for a couple of hours and then I turned it off, thinking the problem had worked itself out and no fixing was needed (must have been the bad Suddenlink connection th

Based on what you described I would say your TV has the "shrinking and expanding" fault. Its a common problem on that model and the symptoms can range from the video shrinking and expanding or no video or no audio....You can read more about this fix ... Philips Magnavox 9P6034C 60" Rear Projection Television

I have a Vizio VF550XVT1A. First problem was a flickering screen that ended with the TV turning off. I replaced both invertor boards and the TV seemed to work fine for a few weeks. Now the TV works fine for approx. 30 minutes then the screen goes black but the sound keeps working. This cycle repeats itself after the TV has been left to sit for a few hours.

Good day sir Alfred!!!!If your screen turns to back after a minutes but the sounds is normal..That problem is very common to all flat panel specially to LCD TV..OK,I need to know first if your TV having a back-light when the picture w ... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

My rca r52wm24 Tv turns on but after about 20 minutes the screen goes black but I still have sound. Sometimes the picture will come back up and work fine after 10-30 minutes but it will go to black screen again. Then sometimes the picture will be fine for around 20 min utes agin flash to black then flash right back to normal. rnWhennthe screen does go to black it slowley fades out takes about 10 seconds to go black

Hi mcpheeters16,\015\012\015\012First to isolate the loose connection from fault, check the cable connectors from the lamp and the ballast board. Pull-out the cables and then re-insert. Also check the ballast board from bad solder joints (crack ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

I have a Sony Bravia KDL52W5100. When I turn on the tv sometimes everything is fine but other times there is no pic only rainbow stripes. I have to turn off and on the tv several times or unplug the tv to get a picture. I have tried rebooting the entire system it worked fine for couple of hours then the problem came back. Sometimes while I am watching a show the screen will gradually change into the rainbow stripe. Do I need to replace my screen and is it worth it?

Check all the flat cable connections from T'Con board to panel, for loose connections. Re-seat them all. ... Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL-52W5100 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

My 42inch when I turn it on it some times just turns the red standby light off and nothing happens or it try's to turn it self on and the green light flashes and keeps going back to red it I have to turn the power on and off before it will work

This sounds like a very common issue.If set is hard to turn on (takes several tries)but will eventually turn on hereis what my guess would be.Every set has a standby powe ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

RCA L46WD22YX5 TV worked fine, turned off overnight..got and TV won't come on..Green Light comes on, screen flashes as if it trying to come on and stays blank...try to turn off with button and it won't turn off. keep tapping on/off button and the green light goes red, and then green again by itself

Click the link below :----http://wikisolutions.blogspot.in/2012/02/get-free-answers.html ... RCA L46WD22 Television

Samsung FP-T5884 Plasma display 5years old is not working. When i turn on the TV it stays on for a couple of minutes and then it starts to flicker on and off. A couple weeks ago it would stop flickering in about 10 to 20 minutes and works fine. Now it takes hours and it still does not work. What is the problem? and can i repair it myself???

... Samsung FP-T5884 58 in. Plasma Television

My LC-37SH20U was working fine. Then, when I gor home from work and turned it on, I heard the usual volume and the "click" from inside, then the picture comes on. After only 4-6 seconds, the screen went black but the volume stayed for about 3 seconds. Then I hear a click again, and evrything goes off, but the power indicator keeps flashing green. When I hit the power button both on the set or on the remote, nothing happens. model are sharp LC-37SH20U

This is a fault solution which can be checked and corrected by you assuming that there is no component failure. There is a high possibility that the components over a period of heating and cooling, tend to bring on a problem of dry soldering ... Sharp LC37SB24U 37 in. LCD TV

HI i have a JMB LCD TV MODEL 42883 today it started turning its self, on and off standby,the standby light is flashing on and off i've even tried taking out remote battery but nothing works sometimes picture will stay on for a few minutes then randomly turns on and off again

Hi I have a JMB LCD TV MODEL 42883which has only worked for one week b4 the screen was cracked by accident everything else is perfect.would solve one of your problems your having with your tv.will sell it at reasonable price.07719651554 if interestd ... Flat Panel Televisions

My PDP-4280HD Pioneer Plasma keeps shutting off and the blue like flashes 12 times pauses then continues to flash 12 times and so on. I turn the tv on it works fine then shuts off after 10 to 15 minutes. Please help.

... Pioneer PDP-4280HD 42 in. Plasma Television

I have a Luxor Lux-40-914-TVB and i got it for christmas and was working fine but now when i go to turn it on, the red light just keeps flashing and doesn't stop. I've tried unplugging it but i still can't turn it on. Please help!

I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all thes ... Flat Panel Televisions

The stan by light on my Toshiba 40BV700B 40-inch keeps flashing, and the sorce button on the remote doesnt work if i turn it off and back on at the wall it stops for a while and the sorce button works but after a while it happens again! please help

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Panasonic PT-51630T CRT projection TV, 50" screen. It was manufactured in 1995. I had picked it up from our town clean-up (people come to throw away trash and old stuff they don't need or want anymore; pretty much anything you can think of). I got this TV last Saturday and I plugged it in to make sure it worked before loading it up in the truck and bringing it home. It turned on and the picture looked completely fine. Once I got it home, I used it for a couple of hours or so until sud

CRTS tubes projection tv,don't have a projection bulb.Only have 3 CRTS tubes guns like R,G,B crts tubes.The tv have picture a couple hours than dies and have a high pitch sound,that mean the tv have a bad and dying or a cold soldering to the (FBT- th ... Panasonic Projection Televisions

When i turn the tv on it sometimes takes and hour or more for it to come on. The power light keeps flashing green/red and repeated pressing of the remote does not have an effect on it

You need to inspect the power supply module for bad caps with domed tops, that is more likely to be the cause of your problem.\012If you are going to DIY and have proper tools, electronics knowledge, and know safety precaution then ple ... LG 37LD450 37 in. TV

Philips tv model 32pfl5322D/37 when i try to turn it on i get a red light that flashes 6 times.If I keep pushing the power button off and on it will eventually come on. Once its on everything works fine

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

50hm66 There is a new bulb in the TV, and it is working. However, it takes several tries to light the lamp before it will start up. If, after I turn the unit off, and come back to it in a couple hours, it will not start at all, and I just keep getting the yellow blinking light over and over, as it tries to start up. Eventually I will get the red blink with solid yellow. If I wait a day, the unit will start again after a couple tries.

Some possible reasons include: New lamp is generic and or has a issue----excessive dust or dirt inside the unit on fans etc.Some of these units had a feature in the menu for quick on where lamp is lit at low level all the time---this shorten ... Toshiba 50HM66 52" Television

Our humax pvr-9300t keeps cutting out every few minutes & turning itself back on. We did have a power cut last night for a couple of hours but it was working fine this morning. Would be grateful if you had any suggestions, many thanks.

... Projection Televisions

Hi I have Toshiba REGZA 42HL167 42-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV, It stopped working one day and customer care is saying something wrong with system board. when I turn it on yellow light flashed and then screen becomes dark grey and then after few secs the screen becomes black. where I need to take for repair If I cant repair by my own

Try to inspect first for any bulged capacitors inside.. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Sony KDP-51WS550 will come on and work just fine sometimes. Most other times, it doesn't come on but the red timer light flashes about 5 times and the iLink light just stays on. Sometimes it will have sound but no picture for about 7 seconds then it turns itself off again. Should I reset something or just take it in for repairs?

Hi Kimber, \015\012The main reasons of your problem is the bulb which is\015\012already faulty to its end. The unit wi ... Sony Grand WEGA KDP-51WS550 51" Rear Projection HDTV

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