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I have a element tv ELDFT551 Tv inputs not working or when you hit input tv input will not display on tv. tv tuner works ok but when you turn off for a while turn back on tv go mback to setup menu or a will say input are lock and ask for password

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I have a element tv ELDFT551 Tv inputs not working or when you hit input tv input will not display on tv. tv tuner works ok but when you turn off for a while turn back on tv go mback to setup menu or a will say input are lock and ask for password

... Element Electronics Flat Panel Televisions

Remote sensor on tv not responding I,have to turn on tv manually. change input manually,tv reception is ok. Volume cannot be controlled,it will lock in at full volume or drift back & forth,mostley full volume. If I use volume buttons on tv , it changes input (video 1 pc hdmi & so on) Once in a while setup screen will appear then disappear. I have changed batteries in the remote, I don't believe this is the problem.When tv is first turned on the volume icon at bottom off screen will go from 0-60

Have you checked your remote to see if its working? If you have a digital camera or camera phone, point the remote at the lense and see if it shows up on camera screen. If it is working then the IR sensor on the tv could be bad. ... Sylvania LC420SS8 LCD TV

My 42PFL3704D philips tv the volume will just go up to a maxium of 100 byitself,and you cant turn it down with the remote,and you cant turn the volume down with the side button so I have to turn it off,and when I turn it off with the side button and turn it back on again with the side button it will come back on,play for about 30 minutes and the volume will go back up to100 again,and if I can get the volume down,then the setup screen comes up and I have to go through the setup screen and it will

... Philips 42PFL7422D 42 in. LCD TV

T.V. all of a sudden started changing inputs all by itself. I was watching it one day and the menu screen popped up and started scrolling through input options then selecting one at random and changing. I never touched the remote!!! I tried turning it off and turning it back on and i still happened. I took the batteries out of the remote and it still happened. I even unplugged the tv for a while and plugged it back in and still doing the same thing. It happens every couple of minutes, any adive?

The only thing you can do is replace the Main Board, which will be about 1/2 of what you paid for the set. I don't recommend it. ... Insignia NS-LCD22-09 LCD HDTV

Hi. Lately my tv is turning on but once the video signal is recognized, the screen goes green with vertical lines. Then the set turns off, turns back on, and then I may see a picture but the colors and images are all distorted. After about 5 min of off and on, it would finally correct itself. It does this with any input such as my xbox and dtv. Now it is at the point where it keeps trying to turn itself on and off to seemingly correct the input signal. Each time I may get a green screen, blac

This is a foreign voltage issue. It's very high voltage with minimal current. Milliamps to say the least. It is not dangerous. The only way to test for this voltage is with a foreign voltage tester that low volt techs and electricians use to iden ... Samsung LN46A550 LCD TV

After watching for about 10 to 20 minutes the tv does something weird like your'e pressing the input button. It keeps switching from tv to vidio or whatever else happens when you press the input button. When the screen keeps switching like that it just goes back and forth so your picture keeps coming on for a second and then back off. If you try to press the input button to fix it nothing happens. You just have to turn off your tv. It has its own dvd player on the bottom. I'm wondering if that

... Westinghouse 46W1HD 46 in. LCD TV

My recently brought hannspree st321mnb lcd hdtv turns itself on minutes after i put it on stand by, and no matter what input source channel it is on when i turn it off it will always come back on and on the 'Computer' input source channel?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Input locked. Needs password to unlock. We did not set up a password. Is there a back-door password or a way to reset the password?

Try 1234 or 0000. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My TV turns on only if I disconnect several times power input, works well after all the time but when turned off and can not be turned back on with the remote control or manually.

I would start with having the power supply checked, especially the capacitors ... Olevia LT42HVi 42 in. LCD Television

Vizio VP322. Replaced 3 bulging capacitors on power supply. TV worked great for about 2 days. Now it wont turn on. The Vizio is lit up orange on the bottom but thats it. If I unplug the wiring harness going to the input board the screen will light up black but goes back out as soon as plugged back in. If I unplug all but the AC power cord I get 5V off power supply on one and 200 on both VS and VA. I'm not detecting power at those when all harness are plugged back in.

... Vizio VP322 32 in. Plasma TV

My sharp tv was accidentally locked with a password and now everytime the tv turns on there is a blue screen that has TV on please input password and I have absolutely no idea what the password is

There is a default password. If you refer its user manual, you'll get details about it. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Sony KDL32XBR4 keeps rebooting itself as if there was a Timer setting telling it to turn to a particular channel. It does this every couple of hours or so. There is no timer turned on, and the after the reboot it goes back to the same input option it was at. I'm wondering if that is a problem with a power supply or some kind of software issue.

Usually it will only do this when it is overheating, that is the only other time I have heard of this happening. Your also not in store mode are you? You can check this in the menu settings or you can reset your general settings, I have a Sony Bravia ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

My philips 240b powervision tv, about 10 years old, while watching, all of a sudden the screen video turned into slanting horizontal whilte lines. the input is from setup box. I guess it happened when i was tying to put the volume down from setup box remote.

Slanting horizontal lines indicate that the horizontal hold is out of adjustment. As the components age they change values and don't have the same effect on the circuit. some units have a horizontal hold adjustment pot on the back that can be adju ... Flat Panel Televisions

Was watching a movie and our cat stepped on the power strip and turned it off. I turned the power strip back on, but tv says I have no signal. Changed to different inputs and even tried another dvd player. Still the same.. What's next???

... Flat Panel Televisions

My dynex tv won't let me change the input. Every time I press the input button on my remote the tv just flashes & turn right back blue

... Flat Panel Televisions

I bought a 40 inch Westinghouse led TV. It keeps going back to set up mode. when I am watching something and I try to turn up the volume the TV goes back to set up mode (doest always happen... i would say every three times i do, it does) where I have to scroll down to "connect a game, Blu-Ray, DVD or other player then select my input". its very frustrating. I thought it might be a quirk in the remote so I tried getting a universal remote but it wont connect to the tv at all. I have tried severa

... Westinghouse Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung ln46a630 turns on perfectly then after 30-45 seconds the screen goes black. Audio is perfect. No menus or anything appear and occasionally it will pop back on for a few seconds. I have replaced two main boards in the back of the tv (the big brown one and one that connects to the side inputs)

If the screen is going pitch black, you may have a back light inverter problem ... Flat Panel Televisions

My vizio internet apps tv .When turned on it blinks the VIZIO light word for about then shows internet apps logo then turns off after a bit. I have tried unpluging it for 30 seconds like the mauall says but no change. It will not respond when the input or power buttons are pressed on the side of the TV. During this time. It will then power off, and power back on, on its own, but continues with the same issue. Is there a solution for this?

I Am having the same issue did u find a fix ... Flat Panel Televisions

The white, Parental Control Password screen is frozen on screen. I have tried changing the password/turning password on and off/ the square white screen remains frozen. I've unhooked cable box/changed antenna settings, etc. Every time I turn TV back on the screen remains while the regular channel plays in the background (around the edges)

That\015\012 problem is a factory defect in the if and video section of the tv only \015\012the manufacturer could remedy that.take it to a tech so that the video \015\012board and the IF board be replaced ... Pioneer Flat Panel Televisions

Lost picture Lately,after about an hr1/2 the picture suddenly disappears. I still have sound but the screen goes black.. no warning, just picture gone. new batteries in the remote. I shut the system down (set top box&tv) then turn it back on and so far the picture's been coming back. I've had the set since '05.I'd appreciate your input. Thanks.

Try unplugging everything and then plugging it back in. When my xbox had the "ring of fire" my brother asked me to fix it and I just unplugged and re plugged it worked and came back to life. (be careful that you either have the instuction menu for se ... Protron PLTV3250 32 in. LCD Television

I might of hit the wrong button when i was trying to switch inputs... The screen asked for 4 number password but i never had set one. So i just turn the tv off and on but now my tv shows vizio on the screen then turns off. it is a Vizio E472VL 47

Dear Sir:Follow this step:\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011Turn on the TV and grab the remote. In most cases, you will \012need the original remote to unlock the TV if ... Flat Panel Televisions


Hello\015\012Just reset all settings to default. This will eliminate this display. To do it get into its Menu and follow proceedings according to its user manual. OK. ... Hitachi 51F510 51" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hello i have a 56hm66 , the tv was work fine sometimes the lighting would dim just a little then brighten back up it would do this several times then stop. well i turned tv off came back several hours later, blue light black screen no sound, switched through inputs and ant 1 got blue pink green screeen. thanks for your help

Hi.From your description the TV looks faulty and should be tested by a technician.Problems that can be seen are a fault concerning source inputs and a problem related with voltage to the lamp.The first think that s ... Toshiba 56HM66 56" Projection HDTV

I have toshiba 26AV502R and none of my remotes will allow me to push enter... i turned it off for a while and turned it back on and it's on the same initial setup?

... Toshiba 26AV502U 26 in. LCD HDTV


It is determined by a box if used, a setting in the box or set and in some cases the box automatically determines the 480/1080.I can also be use of the correct input (component versus HDMI) Often overlooked if a box is to reboot the b ... Daenyx Flat Panel Televisions

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