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I'm looking for a backlight inverter VIT68001.95 for my DYNEX DX-LCD32-09. I've found many different backlight for this model. Does it have to be the VIT68001.95 which is currently in it or can I use a different one and what's the difference?

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I'm looking for a backlight inverter VIT68001.95 for my DYNEX DX-LCD32-09. I've found many different backlight for this model. Does it have to be the VIT68001.95 which is currently in it or can I use a different one and what's the difference?

... Dynex DX-LCD32-09 LCD TV

I have just replaced the bulb in my Panasonic PT50LC14, I have used two different remotes, one that came with the TV, the other that came with Fios. I have held the vol, button down on the TV, while holding the split button down on the Panasonic remote, no message that the timer has been reset, I have used the other remote using the PIP button still nothing. I have held down the mute button on both remotes, and still nothing. Now what do I do?

Are you getting the "replace lamp" etc message on the screen? ... Panasonic Projection Televisions

I have a 52HMX84 DLP projection Television. The LED indication is... Green blinks at 0.3 second intervals - red light solid. Manual indicates the lamp is not working correctly so I ordered a new one and replaced it. The exact same result. In the past, the bulbs popped and it was obvious the bulb was used up but in this case both the current bulb and new one look fine. What could it be and is it worth fixing?

Hello,I think this time, your TV is having a power problem.The issue you describe is consistent with a power supply board issue. This is the board where the AC goes to. This problem may have occurred as a result of irregular p ... Toshiba Projection Televisions

I have a Rca 26LA33RQ upon initial use screen backlights bright white slowly fadeing to black. I do not know that the speakers work because I have not connect cable to it. I feel as if this could be the T-Con board. Or a low voltage production on my inverter board. I can find almost no information on this unit I repair al types of electronics being Navy trained leads me to try and find a publication to use but for this unit there is none. I am not even sure where the t con is on this one. There

... Flat Panel Televisions

I own a 50PL9126D/37 50 in DLP TV I bought used and the picture is dark so I took it apart because I was told it could be dusty or could be the lamp. After I cleaned the inside screen VERY carefully with a microfiber cloth I reassembled the set and now the power button or blue doesn't come on nor does the remote work anymore. Plus the TV is still dark, which I figure must be the lamp. I can turn the TV on by plugging it in and hitting one of the side buttons (different one every time) and then u

Dlp tvs have dark pictures,first thing u must be alway change the tv projection lamp.Specially,if u bought used,because u don't know how long the projection lamp been inside that tv already.After u change the projection lamp,still have problems or he ... Philips 50PL9126D/37B 50" DLP TV

Red is ghosting to the right. i replaced the convergence tubes about 6 months ago. went with the expensive ones "not the cheapy's" used heat sync putty stuff and everything. the problem is different then the one i experienced the first time, that was more of a wavy color problem. could this be a convergence issue also?

Yes,the tv problems it is the same,it is the tv convergence problems again,now it just color it is shaded in shadows pictures,instead of wavies mis colors R,G,B mis alignments.Yes.The tv convergence board it is the problems,must be repair again. ... Sony KP-57WS500 57" Rear Projection Television

Sansui hdlcddvd325b has sound no picture . well sorta a picture on one side you see the backlight light up but black screen on other side you see vertical lines of different colors

... Sansui HDLCDVD325 32 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

My set currently has black lines and red dots when in use any one any idea of problem thanks

Check this site for more\012details. It has more than 1400 posts to\012different brands of electronic entertainment and other equipments. All posts referrers ... JVC LT-40X776 40 in. LCD HDTV

I just bought a Mitsubishi WD-60738 everthing works on the tv with one problem my Sony BDV-E370 Sony 5.1 Blu-ray Disc System also new sometimes does not display a picture when i use my hdmi going to the tv. This is what i have been doing to get it to work i going into the tv and hard rest the thing and when it comes but up the hdmi works and then it goes out again causing me to rest and setup all over again. Can you tell me how to fix this with out resting or tell whats causing this.

The handshake between the two devices is being lost. Sometimes it takes going into the television's service menu for an industry initialization to remedy this problem. However the hard reset you have been completing is what is recommended first befor ... Mitsubishi WD-60738 TV

I received a Philips Dvd player/recorder as a gift, no manual was in the box. I have called your 'help' centers twice and been told that you no longer have these manuals, that I must locate and download them from online. I made two different trips into to town to the library to use their computer since I do not have one. I have been unable to locate the manual to download, nor has anyone attemting to assist me (who have much more knowledge in the area of computers than I do). I have gone to the

You have failed to indicate the model number of your philips DVD recorder. Without that, I can't find the manual for you. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi WS-55511. It will power on for a few seconds, then power itself off. Tried to reset, but it doesn't change anything. Error code is 2-3. Previous problem with set was one or more micro switches going out on the keyboard. Unplugged keyboard and have been just using the remote, which I can live with. Need help with current problem. Thanks

Hi jdbollinger,\015\012\015\012 \015\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very common caused of this fault is the dried-up/leaky electrolyt ... Mitsubishi WS-55511 55" Rear Projection Television

I have a Samsung BN59-00462a and am trying to program it for a Comcast Motorola DVR box. I need the codes for this device. I tried 070 which works for most buttons but not the "previous" button. Is this the right code or should I use a different one. Thanks, Bill

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Viewsonic n4060w black screen, no video sound ok. So I've been reading this forum about the problems others have faced with this tv. I decided to purchase pair of inverter boards. After installing them the same problem, no difference. I swap the boards to see if I can find a defective one, nothing. I can see the black backlight on, I have replaced caps on the psw before. Can I suspect the psu once again or am I missing something?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I'm using a Sewell SW-23000 PC to TV converter to connect my Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 PC to a Zenith B25A24Z TV. This converter converts a VGA signal to an RCA one. A scrambled signal comes through on my Zenith when the PC is on and it changes when the computer monitor picture changes, but remains scrambled. Changing the PC display settings doesn't help - I tried several different resolutions. My PC's video card is an Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset. Do I need a new video card? (that wasn't suppo

Hi,you can try to use different TV if you have an LCD tv try connecting it to your converter just to isolate the faulty.replace the RCA cord use a new one the RCA cord might have a problem.If your TV has two video input try to plug the a/v cord to a ... Zenith B25A24Z 25" TV

My VE727 TV used to but now does not find any ATSC/digital channels. it does find one NTSC channel. Is there some sort of reset? We have power failed it and tried 2 different antennas. It worked for about 1 year before this failure.

... Audiovox VE727 7 in. Under Cabinet TV

I have a Maxent MX-58HPT51 model P58H10NJA. I bought it in 2007, have been using it for years. I recently moved houses and brought the tv with me. When I plugged it into power at my new house, the LED did not light up and the TV will not turn on. I know the outlet is hot, tried different plugs. I currently have the back cover off and none of the boards or transformers look like they're fried. I'm stumped, please help. Thank you, Matt

Try resoldering the parts at the power supply section and check also connectors make sure that there are no loose connectors.press down fuses make sure it have contact on the board If you have a multimeter measure the continuity of the power cord rep ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony KDL-46S4100 LCD that was given to me that doesn't work. It powers on and the power LED is green and the backlight to the tv works and stays on as well but I get no picture or on screen display such as the menu. I can hear sound from the speakers when the input is set to the correct one. I purchased a replacement T-CON board but the problem persists. If I do the LVDS cable wiggle test I can see noise come up on the panel. It varies from vertical lines of different colors to whe

... Sony KDL-46S4100 46 in. LCD TV

No Video Signal - Black screen with Blue Bar that reads "No Video Signal". Eversince we got a new HD reciver to view our new Toshiba 40" tv in HD, we have been having this issue! Lately it has been during startup, so when the tv sits overnight and I turn it on in the morning, the No Video Signal is on the screen. Leave it for about 5 minutes and the channels will then come on, or I have used the remote to go through the different inputs, and go back to the one the HDMI cable is in and it may

One of the things an HDMI connection does is allow the TV and equipment to talk back and forth to each other. When you turn the TV off it ends this connection but when you turn it back on, it doesn't communicate correctly. The analog inputs don't do ... Flat Panel Televisions

How do i connect an hdim to my tc-20la2? I need to connect my playstation 3 to it, they said that to have better resolution I can use an HDIM cable to fix the problem. What I am worried about is that I am not sure if my TV has the entrance for it, since i do not want to buy the cable and not use it. If that one does not works Is there another one I can use? Thank you, Ivonettte

... Panasonic TC-20LA2 20 in. EDTV-Ready LCD Television

I just bought a new 55 inch led tv and i was so stoked it worked great. i went to work and my old lady went to the app store a installed a couple of basic free games and it worked fine then one of the apps wanted to update and i said ok to it and i have no idea what game it was and now can not access any of my home menu, when i use either remoe to go to my home screen it will go there one time, and it will scroll one time and once youu hilight anything and click it it locks and will not do anyth


My 37 inch Vizio has no signal using the HDMI inputs, but works ok using the RCA. I used a different source to the HDMI also. Its a E371VA I replaced the main board already, but that didn't help.

... Vizio E371VA - 37" E Series LCD TV - widescreen - 1080p - E371VA

Uneven backlight Sansui SLED4680 led tv. Backlight much brighter on the right side of the screen. I've tried to adjust with different brightness, contrast and backlight settings but the picture is always much brighter on the right side. Is the a solution to this problem or is the set defective? Bought floor display model today from ShopKo in Billings Montana. Thanks: Del

... Sansui Flat Panel Televisions

I have a tv Yusmart JC328AB. I do not have original remote but I have two remotes one MADEFORYOU 4:1 4:1 .. AND ONE BRAVO CONTAINS NO charging CODES CAN USE ONE OF THE TV .. S CAN YOU HELP ME FIND THAT MAY COD .. THANK YOU

... ViewSonic N3251w 32 in. LCD HDTV

When I turned on TV after about 1 week of not using it, it took a long time to start up. Then, I noticed a flickering in the picture. I checked all the Picture settings and noticed that I must turn Backlight all the way off or on lowest setting 1 to stop the flickering. The higher the Backlight setting, the faster the flickering becomes. However, the picture is too dark on Backlight Off or 1 and increasing Brightness to 100 does not solve the problem.

... Samsung LA40A330 40 in. LCD TV

I have a Samsung PS-42C7HD 42 inch plasma TV. I have one HDMI Slot and want to connect two or three using a splitter but can't find one that works. I have tried one but it just said not supported on s

See the diagram attached and use the converter with one input +3 output HDMI. God bless you ... Flat Panel Televisions

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