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Hi, I have a 27 inch Dynex LCD TV model: DX-L26-10A manufactured (June 09) I've been using it for tv as well as an external display for my mac with an HDMI cord. The tv was working fine yesterday, then when i came to turn it back on there was sound from the TV, but no visual but my direct tv's 'please wait' then black. nothing and a high pitched frequency sound everytime i turn the tv on. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I've tried unhooking/rehooking the cords. still i get that so

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Hi, I have a 27 inch Dynex LCD TV model: DX-L26-10A manufactured (June 09) I've been using it for tv as well as an external display for my mac with an HDMI cord. The tv was working fine yesterday, then when i came to turn it back on there was sound from the TV, but no visual but my direct tv's 'please wait' then black. nothing and a high pitched frequency sound everytime i turn the tv on. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I've tried unhooking/rehooking the cords. still i get that so

... Dynex DX-L26-10A 26 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I had nothing but problems with my plazma since I bought it. But a couple months ago there was too much red on the screen so I adjusted the red to almost 0 and it was OK not great picture. Then the other day the whole screen turned green , no picture just green with sound. A few minutes later it went black no sound and said searching for signal then went off completely. I turned off and unpluged it over night. But now nothing at all just black.

Your main digital and sub digital have failed. incredibly expensive.there is one attempt that you can make to try (by chance) to save it temporarily.The digital and sub digital are the two boards in the center of the TV where the input ja ... Hitachi 42HDS69 42 in. Plasma Television

My Philips 26PFL5302D/37 will being working great then it will go black. For a few minutes it allows you to go to the menu but it will not allow you to turn the channel. Then it eventually just be black, blue power light is still on, and nothing will happen. I trying turning the tv off and unplugging it but I get the same power on but nothing on the screen. I wait half an hour or so and it turns on and works again. What do I do to fix this???

Hi,what makes the TV malfunctioning this way is because the TV is overheating....Overheating might be from capacitors or IC inside the TV set...To fix it, you will need to check the capacitors or IC if the dry joint soldering of th ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Hitachi 65f710 projection tv and is about 8 years old. We were watching it and it turned off on its own. When we try restarting it, it sounds like its going to turn on and then it sound like it shut off again. The screen remains black the whole time and no sound it heard. We did the whole unplug and replug again like the manuel states to do but nothing happened. What could it be?

... Projection Televisions

Lc52d85un turned off the tv last night . Turned it on only sound green light is on. volume won't change,black screen can't see anything on screen to change input nothing but a black screen help

... Flat Panel Televisions

Our Sony picture came on one day & after a few minutes the screen went black, the sound was still there & the stand by light was blinking away. After waiting awhile we can still turn the t.v on, the picture will apear, but after about 3-4 minutes the screen goes black with the sound still going as well as the blinking of the stand by light. It this something that easily be fix, or time to get rid of the tube & on to the flat screen. I really hate to see it go cuz we really - really love this t.

Often it is cold solder in c-board. have you tried to re-solder it..in few years of using your t.v it is normally electronics parts heats-up..then it will loose it contact from the base board or the PCB.if you have a basic electronics knowledge ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32FS120 32" TV

I have a Philips 42PFL5432D. HDTV. It is only 4 years old. Went to turn it on, it went on,off a few times then stayed on for about 2 hours. Then went black. With a high pitched squeel sound. Any Idea

... Flat Panel Televisions

Tv turns on, says please wait, then goes black and nothing happens

The firmware to your TV might have corrupted. It should be upgraded. ... Dynex DX-LCD32-09 LCD TV

Tv turns on, says please wait, then goes black and nothing happens

... Dynex Flat Panel Televisions

What's your problem?I have a 32 inch rca flat panel dvd player combo , turns on , but no sound and flashes a screen once saying please wait then goes black????

A complete model number would help with giving advice or an answer. ... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

My KDS 50A 2000 will turn on for a moment. Then the picture goes black athough the sound is still there. Turn the TV off and then on and nothing happens except the LED blinks a green continously. Any

Power supply failing ... Sony KDS-50A2000 50" HDTV

My apex tv when black and hear no sound but tv turn off and on then I trip my surge protector and sound came on and nothing else so I left it unplugged for a couple days still only sound what should I do beside thrown it in the trash

There might be shorted component/s in the power supply board. \012\012 Check this\012site for more details. "Electro-help"\012is the site name. Search it by google\012search. You can locate it, either at\012the bottom of the first se ... Apex Digital LD4088 LCD TV

My phillips flat screen tv model no 42pf9946/12 wont turn on when i try to turn on it only shows green led light but screen is completely black no sound nothing i have opened back panel to see and i have found two 330uf capacitors are looking floppy can u let me know how to fix this tv pls

... Philips 42PF7321 42 in. Plasma HDTV

My tv will not retain the input 4 setting to receive the signal from my cable box. When you turn the TV on it would say please wait and then the Input 4 box would appear ont he screen and then the picture would appear. The tv now flashes please wait and then goes black. When you press input on the remote, nothing happens.

... Sharp LC40E77U LCD TV

When I turn on my dynex tv the blue led lights are on but nothing else is, no sound, no screen it's just black. Then when I try to turn it off the blue led light stays blue and you can't do anything the only way is unplugging the tv but the whole process keeps on going I NEED HELP

... Flat Panel Televisions

Whenever i turn my SANYO LED 32XR10F On it flicks once then nothing but a black screen. i can hear the sound. i have used another outlet but still the same problem. Now the blue light stays on and nothing is on my the screen. please help!

Bad led ballast transformer on power supply, loose connection from either led strip cable, or bad main bd./controller bd. experttech /:Sam ... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

I have a vizio vp422 that made a loud pop and now doesn't have any picture or sound. When you power it on the vizio display light turns from amber to white but that's it. U have to unplug it to turn it off. I have checked the fuses and they are good. The capacitors look good visually. There are a couple on the power supply board that have a black cover over the top, so I don't know about those. I changed the main board and made no difference. Someone please help!

Replace its power supply regulator board as card basis. ... Vizio Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Samsung HLT6176s and the lamp went out. I bought a new one, then 2 days later the screen faded to black then cycled off and on with no picture. I left it alone for a few minutes then i it turned back on and it sounded like the lamp was making a high pitch noise. I'm sketchy about turning it back on. What's wrong now?

Remove the lamp especially if you heard a high pitched whine/fan like sound or even a grinding noise.Look where the lamp faces and examine the color wheel (common failure part in these sets) to see if pieces are broken and missing or the whee ... Samsung Projection Televisions

No sound at all on Mitsubishi LT-52151. Fixed before by unplugging, waiting 30 seconds, plugging back in. Was occurring more and more often to the point of having to do this every time I would turn it on. Have let it go several minutes and tried plugging it back in. Nothing getting the sound back this time.

Just fixed this on my TV today! (after 2 months of the sound intermittently failing to turn on and failing completely yesterday) Go to Mitsubishi-tv.com. Go to support. Enter your model number. You will be directed to the documentation for your model ... Mitsubishi LT-52151 52 in. LCD HDTV

Tv went completely black while using DVR, sound was o.k., but now there is nothing, we will turn on tv, shows light for 1 second, and then black.

It can be the power supply, T-CON BD, MAIN BD., INVERTER BD.\012First, look at the screen in darkened room to see if you can see any slight glow from the screen, if it does, then the problem can be the T-CON (not getting the 12vdc) or the ... Envision L32W761 32 in. LCD TV

Toshiba 40rv525rz shut off while playing xbox. When it shut off i could see a small white line on screen then went black. Tryed to unplug it for 5 minutes and would not turn back on. All it was doing was flashing the lit toshiba emblem up and nothing else! Talked to a couple of people and they told me it sounds like a power supply problem! So opened up the tv and saw that the power supply had a burnt resistor and there was also sut on the backlight inverter so i ordered a new power supply and in

... Toshiba 40RV525R 40 in. HDTV

Pioneer Elite 50 inch plasma TV - turned TV on, no picture and no sound. On bottom of screen a box appears with a yellow triangle with ! in the center ( on the left side of the box). On the right side the words "PLASMA DISPLAY" and across the bottom the words "Starting up. Please wait." This stays on the screen and nothing happens. Please help! Thank you!

... Pioneer Flat Panel Televisions

Bush btvd91186b screen goes black whislt watching tv or dvd, but sound continues. Nothing brings screen back on other than turning tv off and then on again

... Bush Flat Panel Televisions

The I went to turn off TV by remote, but nothing, then it was off . Now all I get is the W then it goes black, no sound or anything.

... Westinghouse Electric SK-32H570D 32 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

All works well when 1st turning on. within 30 seconds the screen goes black yet sound still works. have unplugged. wait. plug in. try again. same results. same exact time frame of issues each try...

Hi,First make sure to hit the menu button on the TV's remote while the screen is black, and if you have sound, and nothing is there then friend while the set is on turn a bright flashlight on and shine at angle into the set push the TV me ... Polaroid TLX-01511C LCD TV

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