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I have a Dynex Bluray Player and when I connect it with AV Cable it shows Dynex DVD Bluray Player Details and works then once I place a dvd inside play it and after a while stop it, it then switches off and when I power back on it powers button light up blue but no picture on TV..Is it the AV Cable or the Player? And the Player is in New Condition with Remote and Manual!

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I have a Dynex Bluray Player and when I connect it with AV Cable it shows Dynex DVD Bluray Player Details and works then once I place a dvd inside play it and after a while stop it, it then switches off and when I power back on it powers button light up blue but no picture on TV..Is it the AV Cable or the Player? And the Player is in New Condition with Remote and Manual!

... Dynex 32 in. LCD Flat-Panel HDTV

I have a dynex 32 inch w/ dvd & the red power button is on, but when I go to turn the tv on the blue (on) light comes on as normal but then no picture comes up on the screen. then the indicator light is completly blank & the red power light comes back on.

Power supply issue most likely bad capacitors you can get replacement power supply boards or repair kits from www.tvrepairworld.com ... Dynex 32 in. LCD Flat-Panel HDTV

I have a Gateway p46m103 flat screen television that will only turn on after plugging and unplugging the power cord many times. It would eventually turn on each time I tried this. Now, however, the green power light comes on, and I can hear it is on, but the screen is all black. I even tried pressing the Input button on the front of the television, to see if I had accidentally changed it, and even the icon on the screen will not show, to see if I am seeing the cable box, or the dvd player, etc.

... Gateway PLSM46TV 46 in. Television

My LG 42LC7D HDTV occasionally will not power up (remote or manually). I unplu it for a day or so then when its plugged back in, it turns on as if there wasnt a problem at all. No other games, dvd, or blue ray players are connected and i used cable from a dvr box.

Caps leaking on power supply ... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

A blue light is showing but the DVD player is dead, No response from remote or front control buttons. Previously the unit appeared to be overheating and showing a fault number which after switching the power off for a period of time cleared and worked normally.

Hi.Even without mentioning the model, I can tell you that the forced standby mode with the blue led on means that the unit is in fault mode. If the unit started overheating (to be sure you must have got a fan related code), then som ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a TFDVD2395 dvd television, and it won't turn on. The blue power indicator light lights up but the screen stays dark and none of the controls work.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a insignia 26inch lcd flat screen tvmodel number ns-ltdvd26-09 dvd combo and i turn it on with no other hookups just power cord ..and it powers up goes to blue dvd screen if i dont touch it it will stay on 20 60 seconds then powes off it does it every time ..and some times wont even come on ...and for the few seconds it does the screen is white with fat lines in it ...i look for a blinking diognostics light but have never seen it blink when tv is on stand bye the power light dont blink ..

... Insignia LCDTV26 26 in. Television

I have a URC 1056 Universal remote Control device which came bundled with a Digital Box (Set top) from Rogers Cable. (Cisco Explorer 8642HD). The Universal Remote should be able to control my DVD player, a Panasonic SC-HT75. With the help of the info at http://www.urcsupport.com/html.php?page_id=382, I identified the code for the DVD Player to be 0703. Now programmed to control the DVD player, the URC can start or stop a DVD from playing, but doesn't seem to be able to Power the DVD p

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a problem using a VGA cable to connect a laptop to my Insignia 32 LCD TV (model NS-32E570A11). I have found that the TV will power-on but "freeze" if I have a VGA cable connected to the back of the TV (regardless of whether the other end is connected to the PC laptop or not. The laptop is an Acer Aspire One D255. By freeze I mean power light is blue, but no display, no response on remote or side buttons and this requires the power cable to be disconnected, the VGA cable disconne

There might be some garbage in the monitor processor, so unplug it from the wall for 40 min. and that should reset it back to normal. ... Insignia IS-LCDTV32 32 in. Television

27" flatscreen apex tv. No power. Try to turn on & nothing happens. No lights on tv to show if on or off. Is connected to dish TV, a DVD player & Vhs player. I connected it directly to wall, s

Other than the fuse that is inside the set---replace the set if not real expensive---Every Apex set I have seen no parts were available. ... Apex Digital LD4088 LCD TV

Sony Bravia 46" NX810 shuts down no blinking red lights. The green light stays on a couple seconds longer than the screen is off. Then the green light goes off for a second and back on with the screen. Will happen a few times on fresh start up. Will happen randomly as the tv is on. Current connections are hdmi to Mac mini.. RGB to DVD player. Hdmi to dvi cable and occasionally a VGA cable. Has worked fine in the past with more connections.

... Sony BRAVIA Flat Panel Televisions

Hisense tv i have a hisense lcd tv with built in dvd player, the stand by light comes on and when the on botton is pressed the blue indication light comes on, the hisense logo comes on the screen for bout 3 seconds then the screen flash's abit brighter and goes dark. if left on for awhile the blue light flickers and the on/off botton does nothing. any ideas what it might be and where i can get parts.

The problem with these poorly made (in my view) sets is they are made in China and the company there has gone out of business by my count 2 times---they make poor sets for export and no parts or service literature so when you replace it consider anot ... Hisense LHDN32V66AUS 32 in. LCD TV

I presume we had a power surge of some kind. The TV will not power up. All the components (TV, DVD player, VHS/DVD Player) that were linked to cable went out other components (stereo) are still fine even though the were plugged into the same AC power source. Is there any way to trouble shoot the issue without taking the unit in for repair.

You can only find out, if you can remove the back cover of the components not working. The best thing to look for, is to locate the fuses located in the power supplies of each component. If the glass fuses are open, and they are still clear, replacem ... Emerson LC320EM8 32 in. LCD TV

Hello, I just bought the KDL55EX720 LCD TV a few days ago. I originally hooked a DVD player up to it with the standard AV cords & it worked great. Lastnight I purchased a Blue Ray player and hooked it up with an HDMI cable. When I go to input it shows the HDMI connection, but when I select that connection the screen goes dark as if the TV is off so that I cannot go through the setup process with the Blue Ray player. I reset to the factory settings, but having the same problem. I have also tried

... Sony 55 KDL55EX720 3D LCD TV

Magnavox 42MD459B/F7, replaced the board onlleft side next to blue ray player and no power is showing on the led power light although the led shows red on standby light.

... Flat Panel Televisions

My Samsung tv won't recognize the hdmi connections for my phone or DVD player. it used too but stopped first the DVD player and now my mobile phone. I can't check to see if it recognizes my lap top anymore as the laptop is being repaired at the mo . it's q Samsung tv. model UE40D5500. it's telling me check connected devices power, cable connection, and source selection. help its driving me nuts.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have the samsung LN52A550. When I turn the tv on a blue screen appears. I tried changing the source with the menu button but does not display anything. The TV is about 2 years old. The sound works. When I try a different input(dvd player) same results(althoug I cannot change ths source because the menu does not display). The dvd is attached via a three cable. The directtv is attached via hdmi cable.

Try thisMethod one- with set on, hold down the exit button on the remote for 10 seconds. It will bring up the warning it will reset to the defaults it had when removed from the box and powered up initially. in the warning box it will show the c ... Samsung LN52A550 LCD TV

I have a Pioneer PDP-436SXE 43in Plasma and when I attach a samung bluray player it won't play the bluray discs. I use the HDMi cable why does it play normal DVd;s but not bluray?

... Pioneer PDP-436SXE 43 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

My neon lcd with built in dvd player will not come on power light is on but cant get any tv channels

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hdmi cable from bluray player to dynex tv not working

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sony LCD TV / PC Monitor MFM-HT75W manufactured 01/2006 On power up screen displays picture for 2/3 seconds then goes black/blank with power light on and sound transmission OK. Same if connected to PC or DVD player. Is problem backlight (CCFL ?) or invertor or PSU or other ? Other owners experienced same but looking for a solution .Please advise with details of spare parts and availability etc Many thanks

... Sony MFM-HT75W 17 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

I want to hook up a blue ray dvd player they told me to m=buy HDMI cable and this only goes to the tv, but doesn't have to go hooked up through the cable box

If you want to connect your blu-ray player to your tv, use the HDMI cable.If you want to connect your cable box to your tv, I'd use component cables or get another HDMI cable. You're right, you don't have to use your cable box to use your ... Insignia 50 in. Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV

I have a Dynex 19-10A and it powers up and indicates Please wait and then it goes blank, nothing. The blue power light is on. Is this worth getting it fixed, it's now just outside the warranty, not even two years old.

... Dynex DX-LDVD19-10A LCD TV

I have unplugged the power cord for 5 min. I have switched to different inputs, such as Sat receiver, Blue Ray player, DVD player and ant. All of which are hooked up to a completely different input on the TV and I still get the same 6 inch long horizontal lines up the left side of the screen.

Try tweeking panel corner to corner.see if it changes or goes away.if so bad connection on panel,bad panel ... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

Hi, i have a 42inch Dynex Flat Screen, the issue i have is that when i plug in my Tv, the little red indicator comes on showing that its ready to be powered up, but when i push the Power button the Blue indicator comes on but there is no picture and no sound, the screen does not light up and nothing is displayed when i press the volume, channel and menu buttons, how can i figure out what is wrong? I hope its just replacing a blown fuse or something, Can u help?

I will give you some general info and some ideas--let me know what you find or if you have questions.I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby chec ... Flat Panel Televisions

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