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All 3 HDMI ports aren't working showing "no signal" (my main problem), but only port(input/source) on whole tv that works is RCA input/source(A-V,Y-R-W cords)

\015 My frustration level is elevated by this cheap "tv". I should have known better going the cheap route on Black Friday and buying an "off brand" like Curtis, lesson learned. Luckily it's my smallest tv (and the only one with problems, guessing because it's a poorly made "off brand") and is probably used the least which makes the fact it's already falling apart terrible. Long story made short. I'll preface it with i'm technically savvy with electronics and I used to be a supervisor of "Cable Technical Support" for Cox Communications so i know how to set up any cable equipment, audio-stereo equipment, video game systems, etc with ease. I am familiar with terminology, troubleshooting, basics on how the technology works and the most up to date cords, equipment, etc. I've never had this problem and am trying to do research so i can hopefully repair it if it's cheap (i should just say screw Curtis and throw it in the trash) . Of course I bought this P.O.S. about 13 months ago and they only provide a 12 month warranty on their cheap tv. It started a couple months after i purchased (bought on Black Friday 11/2011) the television. I had my DirecTV box set into HDMI 1 and my PS3 in HDMI 2. My DirecTV equipment and my PS3 both have newer model, middle to top of the line HDMI cords BTW. Sorry if I'm being too detailed, i'm just trying to make everything clear. My first problem (of many that just keep compounding on this damn tv) was the HDMI 1 audio went out. Not that big of a deal, I've got 3 HDMI ports and usually only use 2. moved my DirecTV box to HDMI 3, while leaving my PS3 in HDMI 2. Next the HDMI 2 audio + video go out completely with a "no signal" message (all my inputs/sources currently except RCA-AV input/source say "no signal" now BTW as if nothing is plugged in or I'm on the wrong input/source and neither is true). I told myself that's what you get for going the cheap route, I usually play my PS3 on the big screen so i figured at least I had HDMI 3 still for my DirecTV and if i move the PS3 to the Curtis 32" then I can use HDMI 3 by switching it out or if throw it in the VGA(component cords/RBG) input/source. A couple months later HDMI 3 stopped working and giving me the "no signal" message, Moved onto VGA input/source(component cords/RBG) thinking to myself well it's not nearly as good as an HDMI picture, but it's still in noticeable HD. Well I think you get the picture that over the course of just over 12 months all of my input/sources (HDMI 1-2-3 + VGA) except old school RCA/AV composite input which gives about half the quality of video and audio. SO the troubleshooting that I tried BEFORE calling Curtis Technical Support (if you can call the barely understandable due to broken English and lack of knowledge of electronics...I shouldn't be giving an informational class when i call them for assistance) was verifying it wasn't an HDMI or VGA/RGB cord issue, attempted using multiple cords that work on every other tv I have and of course it wasn't a cord issue. My next step (that I do almost daily just holding onto hope that for some reason it'll work this time) is a routine power cycle of the Curtis LCD3227A to reboot everything to factory settings. I usually do the normal 15-30 second unplugging of the tv but have attempted longer power cycles too but nothing seems to work. I also attempted plugging cords in different sequences and turning on the tv/DirecTV box/PS3 all in different sequence. Someone with more knowledge on me i hope will help me out on this issue. As far as Curtis goes for quality of product and customer service/technical support it is bottom of the barrel. i spoke with 3 technical support reps who didn't have a clue. They were reading off a script (which was barely understandable and needed repeated numerous times including having to phonetically spell my name numerous times) and the only advice they could give me was try a different HDMI/VGA-RGB cord and power cycle (unplug the tv to restore factory settings which is common sense). I told them I had went through that numerous times and tried different sequencing on top of that and they swear that's the only troubleshooting you can do. The straw that broke the camels back was when I told them I believe it is just over 12 months, maybe 13 at most they found their "out" and just kept telling me that the warranty was only good for 12 months and there was nothing else they could do, After 3 different reps (they definitely weren't techies and couldn't give any help or information unless it was written on the script) giving me the some bullcrap I asked for a supervisor hoping he would have more technical information, maybe some tips or pointers, advanced troubleshooting skills...well i was completely wrong. The only difference between the "technical" support reps and the supervisor was he spoke English slightly clearer, i asked him if it was possible to repair the HDMI ports or since I was out of warranty (which he reminded me of every other sentence) if I could pay a minimal fee to send the tv into Curtis warehouse/repair shop/whatever, but that's only meant for tv"s under warranty. He didn't know if I could repair it myself or not and his only advice was to take it to a local television repair shop. IMO if I have to pay a tv repair shop to fix every input/source I might as well buy a new tv and make sure it's not Curtis made. I'm really considering writing a letter to their CEO or someone high up and tell him how terrible quality of a product I received, how terrible the customer service/tech support was (that they cheaply outsourced to India) and how I will tell everyone I know how terrible of a LCD tv that Curtis makes. Sorry for the rant but if you have any help, suggestions, ;links for further info i would appreciate it. I'm researching this on my own, but there's not too much info on Curtis tv"s (the online manual I found was a joke) because they"re such a terrible product. One last thing, before I had called Curtis tech/customer service line I had done some research and found tons of HDMI problems and audio problems with this specific model, LCD3227A. This should be a known problem with this model and should be treated like a car "recall"...Curtis should stand by their product, admit this model is faulty and spotty at best and should replace them, regardless of warranty status, with a better model with no commonly found issues. When i brought this up to the 3 reps and their supervisor that it's obviously a common issue and a bad model, they said they've never had a customer call with problems like these and it's a good model. If you do a two second Google search it'll beg to differ...I think i"m going to push this further up the chain of command of this corporation, it"s not the outsourced customer service reps faults they're just following orders with the 12 month warranty, it shouldn't apply to default/malfunctioning models\015

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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All 3 HDMI ports aren't working showing "no signal" (my main problem), but only port(input/source) on whole tv that works is RCA input/source(A-V,Y-R-W cords)

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