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I have a PowerPoint tv and DVD combo and have a PowerPoint remote I have a blank blue screen with a red lock in the bottom left corner after my daughter pressed some random buttons and nothing I can do is helping. I found a previous question like this but even though I have a PowerPoint remote I couldn't find the buttons mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated. SINEAD

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I have a PowerPoint tv and DVD combo and have a PowerPoint remote I have a blank blue screen with a red lock in the bottom left corner after my daughter pressed some random buttons and nothing I can do is helping. I found a previous question like this but even though I have a PowerPoint remote I couldn't find the buttons mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated. SINEAD

... Combination Televisions

Coby tft dvd 1973 - multiple problems. dvd player stopped playing disks soon after purchase. remote control stopped working soon after purchase. some buttons work on remote while most do not. station information stays up on screen with previous station id even though switched channels. bought a universal remote (rca) to replace remote but not all functions work and can't find code to make all functions work.

... Coby TF-DVD1540 15 in. TV/DVD Combo

Menu Popup When I attempt to watch tv or a DVD or use the TV as a PC monitor, the menu will pop up by itself. After awhile the menu will pop up and disappear randomly and I have to keep pressing the exit button on the remote to get it off the screen, most of the time it feels like a boxing match. Because of this I very RARELY use the TV. I have excluded the remote as the cause, I didn't even have the original remote out of the box for the last two years. I was using the remote supplied by

... AOC L32W861 32 in. LCD TV

My Maxdorf TV (MT-E113002) won't switch on with the remote (RC-A07). The red light is on on the TV. It's not the batteries in the remote (they work in other remotes). The TV was locked sometime ago and I'm trying to unlock it now that I found you have to hold the music button down for a while to unlock it. Problem now is the TV won't even switch on. Please help.

... Flat Panel Televisions

This is a crazy question but I have a Dynex DX-L32-10C. I like it fine, no complaints, but tonight I lost the remote and realized this unit does not appear to have any on/off buttons. I did eventually find the remote but know I'm worried. Is there no manual way to turn this on? (Because if I can't turn it on I can't program a universal remote should the Dynex unit get chewed by the dog!!)

Try looking at the bottom of the left side of the TV for control buttons. The on/off button would be at the bottom of the group. The manual for the similar DX-L32-10A is available online as a PDF at the Dynex support site: ... Flat Panel Televisions

SAMSUNG PN42A400C2D 2008 model In the past 3 months tv has started turning the volume all the way up & down by itself. Sometimes it stays at the highest level and sometimes it does not. I can eventually get the volume to stop moving with use of remote. BUT... now (this month) it is also changing channels all by itself too & it will not stop even with use of remote OR buttons on the side. Also while I am watching tv a box will pop up that says something like (this action/function not available).

Most probably a leaking electrolytic capacitor in the system control section, or the system Integrated Circuit chip itself needs replacement, have it checked by your friendly neighborhood (qualified) technician. Hope this helps ;-) ... Samsung PN42A400 42 in. Plasma TV

Our RCA 27 inch TV (F27227EM), purchased on 1992, is hooked up to our DirecTV DVR Plus box. A simple click of the "ON" button on the DirecTV remote has always turned on both the DirecTV box and the television simultaneously. Yesterday, the TV stopped coming on even though the DirecTV box still powers up. No sound or picture on the TV. If I get my ear close to the TV I can hear a very faint click as though it is trying to turn on, followed a few seconds later by the same faint click as if it'

... RCA F27442 27" TV

I am thinking it might be the Volume + button is stuck, but I can't seems to press just fine. I know it isn't the remote either because the batteries are not even in it at this point. I unplugged it and left it like that for a while thinking it might reset something but still nothing. If it is in fact the physical button how can I go about fixing it?

If its the button the front keyboard will need replacement. You can check the tact switch on that board. If the switch is working then the main board would be suspect. ... Seiki SC323FI 32"lcd hdtv,720p,60hz,3-hdmi,1-usb,pc,1-component,1-comp

We lost sound on our Sansui TVD2798 even though the speakers work. Mute button has no effect. Using the remote, we can't find any option for sound off or on.

There usually is an option for turning off the internal speakers as part of the TV setup routine...BUT you may have had a failure of the internal audio in your TV. Your Zenith remote might have a MUTE button which turns off TV sound and displays a mu ... Sansui Standard (CRT) Televisions

The TV remote doesn't work at all (not even the on/off button). I have even changed the batteries. The cable remote works partially. I can change channels with it but I cannot change the volume. The mute button doesn't work either, nor the TV on/off button. I can turn on/off the tv from the tv's own power button but when I press either the up or down volume button of the TV (not the remote) or the up or down channel button on the tv I getthe "Video Selection" window. The main problem, it seems,

The problem does not seem to be that of the remote more so coz the front panel controls are not working either. I really believe that this is an issue related to faulty microprocessor circuits which means that we have to replace the main A/V board to ... Toshiba REGZA 42 in. Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

My PT-60lc14 Shut down a few seconds after the lamp turns on and has 1 "lamp" LED blink every 5 seconds. This means it is either an open thermal fuse (not open when I tested it), a cracked lamp (looks like a big blister on the upper side of the lamp base), an abnormal ballast, or an abnormal main CB. The question: Can the bulb cause the shutdown even though it still lights? Is the shutdown from current sensing on the bulb? This is not explained in the service manual. Thanks!

... Panasonic PT-60LC14 60" Rear Projection HDTV

Hi i have a very bad connection between my cello 32" tv-dvd combi and remote control It takes forever to change channel or do anything else, its started to drive me crazy and Im loosing my patience with it !!!!!! And yes i've changed the batteries just in case even though its been like this from brand new Thanks

You must read the instr. manual according. please to and download for to see the schematic connection. www.fitness.manualsonline.com or www. retrevo.comGod bless you ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Panasonic tv my tv went into standby mode about a year ago i found a solution online and it was like hold power button in for so long and press something else on remote and it came back on now its doing it again and I can't find taht solution anywhere its stuck in standby mode blinking 10 times

Try couple of things .hold the volume button on the tv and at same time press the menu button rapidly 3 times.if this does not get into the correct screen try holding the volume button on tv and press the zero(0) button 3 times rapidly and another is ... Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ80U Plasma TV

Not all of the buttons on my remote for my Celestial G6C52H-C1 work and I have accidently selected panal lock on the tv. Now I can't use the buttons on my tv and the broken buttons on my remote wont allow me to scroll down the menu to unlock it. Please help because I can only watch a few channels and that is it. I can't even change volume or put it on av to watch a DVD. The enter button on the remote doesn't work either. Thank you. Liz.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba 32AF44. While watching a baseball game yesterday, the volume bar appeared by itself and scrolled down to zero. The bar will not disappear. It's like someone is holding the down button. Tried using the TV remote to raise the volume, change channels, turn TV off. The remote changes nothing. So, I took batteries out of remote to isolate the problem to the TV. Using only the buttons on front of TV: On-off button will not turn off the TV. Volume-up button works until I release, and then

... Toshiba 32AF44 32" TV

I have an NEC NLT-40HDB2 with some odd issues, the input (changing to hdmi/ avi) and channel up buttons don't work even when using a logitech universal remote, the buttons on the side of the set d

... NEC Flat Panel Televisions

I have programmed my remote to an older JVC television. everything works, but i cannot change the input from the remote. I have a ps3 hooked to the tv. anytime i want to play my ps3 i have to manually press the menu button like a million times until i finally find the input option. is there a way to get the input button working? or at least find input in the menu? the menu button works on the remote.

If the tv has an input button on the side it should let you scroll through all the inputs without having to go through the menu. Hope this helps. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My samsung M8 tv remote Tv button keeps flashing. the remote is usless and wont work regardless of what button is pushed. the TV power light flashes also as though it searching for the remote. have replaced batteries and reset button also?? any help would be great

Hello, there are basically two reasons why this is happening; 1. it's either the TV's timer is on accidentally or 2. your TV is having a power problem.Check the timer settings on your TV and make sure it's set to off. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have cox cable. I wanted closed captions so I started pushing alot of buttons on my remote. Found the closed captions but now for example if I push 33 on the remote the tv will only accept channels beginning with the #1 BUT I can use the channel button on the remote to go up to a channel higher than 19.

... Proview HV-147 14 in. EDTV-Ready LCD Television

3 questions : 1)My LCD is switchin off itself after 10 or 15 minutes when it is watching. 2) How can I buy a new remote control for LCD3210AF. 3)How to unlock the buttons in the side when they don

A universal remote control won't work to unlock the side panel buttons. You must have an original one to do this. Contact the authorized service centre to your brand TV, to buy an original one. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

My HCT tv will not change channels.When I push the channel buttons it changes the source like A4, A11, video1, video 2 etc. Is there a reset I can do? I don't have the original remote and the universal remote does the same thing when the channel button is pushed. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

... Conair Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have tried to retune my acoustic Solutions freeview tv/dvd player (model astvd-31199-s2-id-hd), and it is now unresponsive. I pressed 'tv menu', selected 'settings' and 'auto retune'. It seemed to work, I.e., it produced a progress bar which over a few minutes completed. Tv then went black, and standby led began flashing. The tv will now do nothing else. Unresponsive to pressing remote buttons or tv buttons, won't even switch to an alternative mode (I.e., dvd mode). Tried unpluging and even re

... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv seems like a button is stuck or something? my remote stopped working too! When I push button on remote red light works on t.v. but no volume or channel change happens?

... Samsung LT-P326W 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

I have a 19in Hitachi TV, I bought it yesterday... Everything went fine, I pressed some buttons and then the number 7 keeps on appering on the top left side of the screen and it doesnt allow me to go to another channels or even switch it off with the remote control or even the button tv... I had to unplag it an when I switch it on, those numbers keep on appearing ont he screen.

Try changing the batterys ... Hitachi P50H401 50 in. Plasma HDTV

When on button is pressed on the tv remote tv may or may not turn on, but it can be turned on manually with on/off button. Even tried a new remote, with no luck. Any idea? Thanks.

It may have bad IR receiver board located on the front of the TV, or worst case will be the main board that is not processing the signals from the IR receiver properly, so far I cannot locate the repalcement IR receiver for your TV yet. You may have ... Sony Bravia KDL-26L5000 26 in. LCD HDTV

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